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Christopher's Story

Copyright 2002 Eric Draven®

Chapter Seven

  For the next week, things got a little hairy around the house.  Dad came home from Chicago in a weird mood.  I suppose it wasn't all that weird when you thought of the fact that he'd left his wife there.  It was just strange to see my father in such a bad mood.  He'd always been a happy guy.  He usually never had anything bad to say about anything, and he was always smiling at us.  He didn't smile at us much at all that week.

    One problem was that Evan and I had taken to walking around the house nude while he was gone.  We stayed nude while we were in our room almost all the time.  One morning, I didn't think about Dad being downstairs, and I walked down to the kitchen completely naked.  My father was sitting at the breakfast table in his robe.

    "Christopher, where are your clothes?" he demanded in a tone of voice that I rarely ever heard.

    "Um," I said, trying hard to think of some reason why I would be naked and finding none that made sense.

    "Get upstairs and put on a pair of shorts," he said, turning back to his newspaper.

    I went back upstairs and closed the bedroom door.  I sat on my own bed, because I didn't want to wake up Evan.  I couldn't believe that I'd walked naked in front of my dad.  I didn't know what had been running though my mind.  I certainly hadn't forgotten that he was home.

    "Why are you making that face?" asked Evan, yawning as he sat up in his bed.

    "I walked downstairs naked, and Dad didn't like it," I replied.

    "Ah," he said.  "Don't worry. I'll talk to him."

    With that, Evan got out of his bed, scratched his ass, and walked out of the room.  He didn't bother to put on any clothes.  I couldn't believe that he was just going to walk downstairs naked after I had just told him about Dad being upset that I had done the very same thing.

    I wasn't about to walk downstairs now.  Not even wearing clothes.  I didn't want to be anywhere near my father for a while.  I was sure he'd be angry with me.  I couldn't believe Evan would do this.  I sat there waiting for the yelling to begin, but it never did.   I didn't know what was going on, but I wasn't about to go downstairs to find out.

    My father had never raised his voice to me before, and I didn't like it at all.  To top it off, I was really embarrassed about him finding me naked in the kitchen.  It instantly made me think about seeing him naked in his den and then dreaming of sucking his dick.  That deepened my embarrassment.

    Trying to delay going downstairs until I absolutely had to, I sat at the computer and checked my email.   That was one good thing that came out of my father coming home.  He'd had the cable internet installed, so now we had it in our room, and he had it in his den.   Another thing was that he'd gotten us our own telephone line.  Now we didn't have to go all the way downstairs to use the phone.

    There were emails from a few of my friends, and two from Tommy.  The first was asking me all kinds of questions about Alex, and the second was telling me that he had sucked James's dick.   He went on to say that James didn't suck his dick (that didn't surprise me), but he hadn't hesitated to let Tommy suck his.  It seemed that during the time that I was sick, Tommy had been spending a lot of time with James.  I laughed thinking about how he he had plotted and schemed for so long about something that turned out to be very simple.

    I sent a reply telling him about the night that Alex had sucked Tommy's dick while I sucked Alex's.  I then answered a few of his questions about Alex, but not all of them.  Some of his questions about Alex were very personal, and there were some that I just didn't know the answers to.  I told him that when he actually sat face to face with Alex, he could ask him those questions.

    Shortly after I sent the email, Tommy replied.  He told me to log on to the messenger service so we could chat.  When I did, he started telling me not to be so secretive about Alex.  I replied that I wasn't being secretive.  I told him about not knowing some of the answers and thinking that he should ask Alex the others personally.  After that he calmed down.

    Then he wanted to come over.  When I told him it wasn't a good time, he asked me to come to his house.   I thought about that one.  It would keep me away from Dad for a while, and I wouldn't have to worry about walking around naked.  At Tommy's, we were never naked.   There was never even an opportunity for us to lounge around naked.

    The only time that we were ever naked at Tommy's was when we slept.  Sometimes, we would get naked while we sucked each other off when his parents were both at work, but we usually waited until it was bed time for that.  It was safer that way.

    I told him that I would be over in just a little bit.  Then I logged off and got dressed.  I wasn't particularly thrilled about passing Dad on my way out, but there was no other choice.   I couldn't just leave without telling him where I was going, so I had to face him.

    Gathering my courage, I opened the bedroom door and walked down the hall.  I took the stairs slowly, listening for any conversation between Dad and Evan.  There didn't seem to be any, so I kept going.  When I got to the bottom of the stairs, I saw Evan sitting in the living room.  He was gloriously naked and watching television.  Dad was nowhere to be found.

    "Where's Dad?" I asked him.

    "He's in the den talking to someone on the phone," said Evan not looking up from the television.   "He's trying to get the pool installed."

    "I'm going over to Tommy's for a while," I said.

    "K," he said.

    I walked out of the house without another word.  Evan had still been naked when I came downstairs, but Dad wasn't in the room with him.  Maybe Dad had already been in the den when Evan had come downstairs.  I was certain that Dad wouldn't have allowed Evan to sit around naked.

    Our father was usually very absent minded.  He could go for days without noticing something that was right under his nose.  Many times, my mother would change the furniture or buy something for the walls, and my father wouldn't notice it for months after it had been hung or rearranged.

    He wasn't like that now, though.  Since he'd returned from Chicago, Dad seemed to notice everything around him very quickly.  I wondered if there was more going on between him and Mom than they'd told us.  He was definitely acting different.  I couldn't say that about my mother, because I wasn't around her to know anything.  I wondered about it while I walked the six blocks to Tommy's house.

    Once I got to Tommy's house, I didn't have an extra minute to wonder about anything.  Tommy can be a very hyper guy, and true to form, that day he was hyper.  He showed me all of his new school clothes that his mother had bought the day before, and then we talked about classes that we thought we might have.  Our schedules were due in the mail any day, so we wouldn't have to wonder about our classes much longer.  School was set to start in another week.

    Then he wanted to talk about Alex and James again.  He listened intently as I described, again, the events of the night that Evan and I stayed with Cole and James.  He was very interested in what Alex's dick looked like and what it was like for me to suck it.  When I told him that Alex wasn't circumcised, he really wanted to know more about the way it looked.   He didn't seem to worried about James's dick once I told him that Alex was uncut.

    The next thing I told him was about the night before I'd had my little bout with sun stroke.  His eyes bulged out when I told him that Alex had spent the night.  He made me give him every detail of what happened between us.  I told him all about the workout.  I described what it was like to see Alex's muscles straining as he lifted the weights.   Then I told him about the massage.  I had to tell him about Alex's every movement during that.  Then he wanted to know about the sex.

    I noticed that the entire time I was telling him about sucking Alex's dick, he was rubbing his crotch.   I continued to tell him about it while I watched him rub himself.  It was clear that he was hard, and I was starting to heat up.  Evan and I hadn't done much with each other since I'd nearly collapsed on Cole, so I was pretty sex starved by then.

    "You want to?" he asked when I was finished with the details.

    "Your mom," I said, looking at his open bedroom door.

    "I'll lock it, and we'll turn on music," he said, getting up from the bed.  He closed and locked the door, and on the way back, he turned on his stereo.

    When he got back to the bed, he pushed me down onto my back and grabbed the waistband of my shorts.  I was surprised by his aggressive approach.  Normally, Tommy was the timid one.  Not today.  In seconds, he had my shorts off, and my hard dick was in his mouth.

    He took as much of my dick as he could.  Not having Evan to teach him how to do it, Tommy still couldn't take my dick into his throat without gagging.  I didn't care.  I was satisfied to just have his mouth on it.  It had been so long since I'd gotten off.  I knew that I wouldn't last too long.

    Whether Tommy realized this or not, he took his mouth off my dick and started to lick it from the base to the head in slow strokes on the underside.  This was still stimulating, but it wasn't constant, so I wasn't in danger of cumming too quickly.

    He circled my balls with his index finger and his thumb and tugged at them slowly and lightly.  I had taught him that one on my own.  We did that to make sure that we kept the balls away from the body.  I believed that this would delay the orgasm.  If it was true or not, I still hadn't learned.

    After licking the underside of my dick, and making me crazy, he went back to sucking my dick.  He actually got more of it in his mouth this time, and I started to feel the tell tale signs of my orgasm almost instantly.  He understood, too, since he was still trying to tug at my balls.  He took my dick into his mouth as far as it would go just as my balls let go, and cum shot from my dick.  He swallowed and swallowed, not losing a single drop.

    After I came down from my orgasmic high, I returned the favor.  I pulled his shorts off of him and started to lick his dick from the base to the head like he had done to mine.  I didn't tug at his balls, because I didn't think he was going to cum too quickly, but as soon as I took him into my mouth, he moaned and his body tensed.  I took all of him into my mouth, and I could feel his dick throb as cum shot down the back of my throat.

    "Wow," he breathed when he stopped cumming.  "Hearing about you and Alex really got me hot."

    "I could tell," I said, wiping my mouth.

    "So are you going to get us all together?" he asked.

    "Huh?" I asked, still thinking about sex.

    "Alex and James," he said.  "Are you going to add them to our little club?"


    "Don't be stupid, Chris," he said, flashing his eyes at me.

    "Alex probably wouldn't mind, but I don't know about James," I said.  "He is really rude about it, and I don't like it."

    "I'll work on him," said Tommy.

    No matter what I would have said to him, I knew that Tommy would approach James as soon as he could.  I just hoped that James didn't punch him in the face.  James had come to check on me when I was supposedly sick, but I still couldn't help remembering the way he talked to me the night that Evan and I stayed at his house.  I didn't like that, and I was very close to not liking James.

    Tommy and I both got dressed and went downstairs.  It was fortunate that we did, because his mother was about to come upstairs to get us.  She had made us lunch, and she wanted to know if Tommy could stay at my house that night.

    "I'll call my dad and see," I said.

    "Thank you, Christopher," she replied.  "We were hoping to have a night away tonight. It would be great if Thomas could stay with you."

    "I'm sure it won't be a problem," I replied.

    When I called my dad, he was busy with Kyle and Josh.  Evan talked to him for me and relayed his answer.   When I told Tommy that he could stay, Tommy's eyes lit up.  I knew exactly what he was thinking about.  He'd been wanted to have sex with Evan since the night that I'd sucked his dick for the first time.  I kept telling him that it was never going to happen, but he told me to never say never.

    After lunch, Tommy and I headed over to my house.  His parents were leaving as soon as his dad got home from work, so I figured we might as well go ahead.  When we got there, Dad, Kyle and Josh were standing in the kitchen looking at a blue print.  The sight of Josh stopped us both in our tracks.

    He was dressed in a pair of jeans, but his t-shirt was hanging from a back pocket.  His arms were hugely muscular, and his chest and abdomen were just a muscular as his arms.  When they noticed us, they all turned toward us.  Josh smiled, and I swear that I almost came in my pants.

    He wasn't overly tall, but he was slightly taller than Evan, and his hair was darker.  His eyes were like pools of chocolate, and he had a mustache and goatee.  He was by far the most attractive guy I'd ever seen.  I know that I must have stood there gawking forever.

    "Chris," said Kyle.  "This is my friend, Josh."

    "Hi," I said, hoping that my voice didn't shake.  I couldn't help sweeping my eyes over him again.

    "How's it goin'?" he said.

    "This is Tommy," I said, nudging Tommy.

    "Hey," said Josh.

    "We're going over the plans for your room," said my dad.  "Do you want to take a look at what we have so far?"

    "Sure," I said although the plans for the room were the furthest thing from what was really running through my mind.

    Josh stepped back when I stepped up the table, but he got closer to me as I bent over to look at the plans.   He touched me as he spoke, telling me about everything they were going to do.   He pointed at this and that, and by the time he was finished explaining it all to me, I had no idea what he'd said.  All I had been aware of was his hand on my back.

    "We're going to start on the rooms upstairs tomorrow," said my father.  "Evan is upstairs now with Cole and James moving the beds and dressers into Kendal's room. That's where you'll be sleeping until we get this done."

    Tommy poked me from behind when my dad mentioned James.  I was sure he was about to rush up the stairs and attack him.  We walked up the stairs together, and Tommy whispered about James the whole time.  I wished that he would listen more.  James could be mean, but Tommy wouldn't hear it.  He insisted that James just needed the right prodding.

    When we got to my room, I didn't recognize it.  They had most of our stuff moved already.  I didn't know how we were going to fit it all in Kendal's room.  Her room was smaller than ours, and we had a lot of stuff.  It hadn't seemed like it before, but now that most of it was gone, I could really tell.

    "Hey, Buddy," said Evan as he walked into the room.

    "How is all of this going to fit?" I asked.

    "Our beds are downstairs in the basement," said Evan.  "They wouldn't fit. I told dad that we wouldn't mind sharing a bed, so that's all settled."

    "What about our dressers?" I asked, thinking of the great big one that was in Kendal's room.

    "One of them is downstairs with the beds," he replied.

    "Yours or mine?" I asked.

    "Mine," he said.  "I didn't want to go through yours without you here."

    "I wouldn't have cared," I said.

    "All the same," he said.

    "Hey Chris," said Cole as he walked in.

    "Hey," I replied.

    "There really isn't anything for you guys to do up here," said Evan.  "You guys can go out to the back yard if you want. Me and Cole can get the rest."

    "Yeah," said Cole.

    Tommy and I headed down the stairs again.  I was a little surprised that James followed us, but I didn't say anything about it.  I figured that when Cole and Evan said they could handle the rest, they knew what they were saying.  I wanted another look at Josh, too.

    Unfortunately, they were in my father's den, so I didn't get to see him.  We grabbed sodas and went out to the patio to sit at the umbrella table.  We were all quiet for a while, and I knew that Tommy was trying to think of a way to talk to James about sex.  He seemed to be obsessed with it now.  It was hard to believe that he'd been so reluctant that first night.

    "So you and Alex have been spending a lot of time together," said James, breaking the silence.

    "Yeah," I replied, not knowing where this was going to go.

    "He doesn't come over to my house as often, so I figured he must be over here," said James.

    "We work out together," I said.

    "Cool," he replied.  "Want a third?"

    "I don't see why not," I replied.  Something was strange about this, but I wasn't sure exactly what it was.  James had never wanted much to do with either me or Tommy before, and now all of a sudden, he wanted to workout with me.  Part of it was probably because of Alex, but I suspected that there was a bit more to it.

    "Chris, do you think I could, too?" asked Tommy.

    "Sure," I said.  Tommy was my best friend, and I wasn't about to leave him out of anything.

    "That'd be cool," said James, surprising me again.

    "You never talk to us," said Tommy.

    I had to hand to him.   He was always the more out spoken of the two of us.  Leave it to him to get to the heart of the matter very quickly.  I was actually very interested in what this conversation would develop.  Evidently, Tommy was thinking along the same lines as I was.  Maybe not exactly, but close.

    "I am now," said James as if that was the ultimate answer.

    "But why?" asked Tommy.

    "Maybe I just needed a reason," said James.

    "Alex?" I asked.

    "Partly," he admitted.  "He's my best friend."

    "You don't act like it," I pointed out, thinking of the rude ways he talked to Alex.

    "We never have any problems," he said.

    "Well, if we are going to be friends, we need to get a few things straight," I said.


    "First of all, Tommy and I won't put up with being treated the way you treat Alex," I said, looking at Tommy.  He didn't know anything about what I was saying, but he nodded just the same.  "Second, no name calling. My name is Chris, not cocksucker or fag."

    "You called him a cocksucker?" asked Tommy in disbelief.

    "I was being a dick," he said.  "I was jealous, I guess."

    "Because I was sucking Alex's dick?" I asked.  "You don't suck his dick."

    "And how do you know that?" he asked me.

    "Because he told me so," I said flatly.

    "His dick's not cut," he said.

    "And if it was, you'd suck it?" I asked, knowing that he was just making an excuse.

    "Maybe," he replied, looking away.

    "Wow," said Tommy.

    "Stay calm, Tommy," I said quickly.

    "What?" he asked.

    "Nothing," said James.  "Look, I don't suck his dick, but he never complains about it. Why are you?"

    "I'm not," I replied.  "I was just making an observation."

    "Whatever," he said.

    "Look, I'm not trying to be a dick," I said.  "I just won't put up with you treating me and Tommy like you treat Alex. I don't like the way you treat him, but he's a different person, so he can take care of himself."

    "And Tommy can't?" asked James, smiling.

    "I didn't say that," I replied.

    "It looks like we are all going to be spending a lot of time together," said James.  "I guess we should at least try to get along."

    "That's more like it," I said.

    "Cool," said Tommy.

    "But don't expect me to hang out with the brainiacs at school," said James.

    "What?" asked Tommy.

    "Tyler Simmons and Sheldon Atlas," he said.  "You guys sit with them at every lunch. I don't like those two, and I won't hang out with them."

    "Tyler and Shel don't have anything to do with this," Tommy said.  "We don't hang out with them, we just share their lunch table from time to time."

    "Well, from now on you can share mine," he said.

    I had the distinct impression that he was trying to take charge of something.  I didn't know exactly what he was up to, but I was going to make sure that he didn't get what he wanted.   We would sit with him and Alex at lunch once school started, but I wasn't about to let him have "control" of our group.

    I was also wondering just what this little group would be like.  James hadn't as much as come right out and said that he wasn't going to suck dick, but he might as well have.  That left me, Tommy and Alex.  I made up my mind that if James wouldn't reciprocate, then I wasn't giving him anything.

    For the rest of the afternoon, we sat on the patio talking about school.  It would be starting in just a few days, and for some reason, James wanted to make sure that we all hung out as much as possible.  I didn't understand it, but I didn't oppose it.  It would be nice to have a group of friends for a change, but there was something going on with James, and I didn't know what it was.  I was weary of him.  I decided to discuss it with Evan.

    After a while, Evan and Cole came and got me, so I could see what they had done to Kendal's room.  I was very interested in where all of my stuff went.  It turned out that I needn't have worried about it.  Evan had all my stuff in one box that sat on top of my dresser.

    With the computer and my dresser in the room, it was really cramped.  There was only Kendal's double bed, and I smiled at that.  It would mean that for just a little while, Evan and I would have a little more room in bed at night.  Not that we'd actually take advantage of that room.  Cuddling was something that we both just fell into each night.

    After we had all sat around the kitchen table eating sandwiches, Cole and James went home.  Evan went up to take a shower, and Tommy and I parked in front of the television.  We were both being quiet, and I know he was probably thinking about the same things I was.

    I was thinking about this new friendship that was being forged between us and James.  Alex would fall in with us naturally, but I suspected that it was going to take a lot of work to get to like James as much.  I just didn't trust him, but I really didn't know why.  Yeah, he'd called me a few names.  He'd been a dick to Alex, but he'd never been out right mean to me.  Still, I didn't trust him as far as I could throw him.

    "Didn't I tell you that they were probably sucking each other off?" asked Tommy finally.

    "Be quiet, stooge, you want my dad to hear?" I asked, looking at the door to his den nervously.

    "Well, didn't I?" he asked.

    "You did, but only Alex is sucking dick," I pointed out.  "James doesn't suck at all."

    "Give him time," he said, smiling at me.

    "Whatever," I said.

    That was all that was said on the matter.  He kept smiling, and I kept wondering just what it was about James that I didn't trust.  I figured I would eventually find out, but when I did, I didn't think it would be the easy way.  I was going to have to talk to Evan.