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Christopher's Story

Copyright 2002 Eric DravenŽ


Chapter Nine

   After staring at the computer screen for what seemed like forever, James finally decided that he was tired enough to go to bed.  He said that he didn't want to sleep in Evan's empty bed, because he knew how mad Cole got when someone slept in his bed when he wasn't home.   That meant that he would be sharing my bed.  This wasn't new for me.   Tommy and Alex had slept in my bed with me several times.  I'd slept in both of theirs with them, too.

    "Which side do you sleep on?" he asked, standing there in only his briefs.  I had to admit that James was attractive.  He was thin with a swimmer's body and close cropped dark hair.   His brown eyes always looked indifferent, and there was always a certain air about him that I couldn't quite put my finger on.

    "The wall," I replied, still looking at his body.  I dragged my eyes away long enough to get dressed and slide under the covers.  I scooted all the way over in the bed until I was against the wall.  For some reason, I wanted to make sure that there was no contact between me and James at all.

    Tommy and I had always slept close to each other.  Even before we'd started sucking each other off, we'd usually wake up in a tangled mess.  We never thought anything of it before.   Now, with James so close to me in my bed, I was almost terrified to even touch him.   Maybe it was the attitude that he had, or maybe it was what Evan thought about him.

    After a while, I knew that I wasn't going to be able to get to sleep.  I was just too conscious of him lying there beside me.  I wasn't aroused by it, and I didn't think I could be, but there was something that didn't feel good about sharing my bed with him.  I was thinking about sleeping in Evan's bed myself.  I just didn't want to move for fear that I'd touch him.

    It was silly, I know, but I couldn't help it.  I was even starting to wish that he hadn't come to spend the weekend with me.  As lonely as I'd have been without him there, at least I'd be asleep by now.  I couldn't believe how uncomfortable he made me.

    "You awake?" he asked, startling me.

    "Yeah," I said quietly.

    "You don't have to stay scrunched up over there by the wall, Chris," he said.  "I won't bite you."

    "I know," I replied, but I still didn't move.

    "Do you sleep like that when Tommy or Alex stays over?" he asked.

    "No," I said.

    "Well, what's so different about sleeping with me?" he asked.

    "I don't know," I replied.

    "Is it because I made fun of you for sucking Alex's dick?" he asked.  "Because I'm sorry about that. I really am."

    "That's not it," I said.  I really wasn't so sure that it had nothing to do with it, though.

    "Come closer, Chris," he said.

    I slid over a little, but not enough to touch him.  I heard him sigh.  I wasn't really sure just what he was trying to accomplish.  It had already been established that he was not going to suck any dick.  What could he possibly want now?

    "Why did you make fun of me for sucking Alex's dick?" I asked him.  I don't know where the question came from.  I certainly didn't intend to ask it.

    "I don't know," he said.  "I guess I was just trying to prove something to myself."

    "What?" I asked.

    "I don't know," he said.  He turned on his side, facing me, and propped his head up on his hand.  "Alex doesn't stay at my house much anymore."

    "Why not?" I asked, knowing full well why Alex didn't stay with James all that much.

    "I guess he just likes staying with you and Tommy," he said.

    "Because we suck his dick," I said.

    "Probably," he replied.  "He never even asked me to suck his dick before."

    "Would you if he'd asked?" I asked him.

    "I don't know," he said.  "Probably not."

    "Don't you think that it's kind of rude to make him suck yours if you won't at least return the favor?" I asked.

    "I never made Alex do anything," he said.  "Did he say that?"

    "No," I replied.  "I just thought . . ."

    "Well that's never how it was," he said.  "Me and Alex have been friends since we were really little. We hung out constantly and played all sorts of games with each other. He used to have a tree house, and we'd spend a lot of nights sleeping in it during summers."

    "Was he always so quiet?" I asked.

    "Not always," he replied.  "He got like that as he got older. I don't know why, though."

    "You think something happened that made him not want to talk so much?" I asked.

    "I don't know," he said.  "He used to talk non-stop. You couldn't get him to shut up. Then one day, he just started to get real quiet. Not like now. He'd just zone out on everyone for a while. When anyone would ask him why he was so quiet, he'd say he was thinking. He never told anyone what he was thinking about."

    "I wonder why he is so quiet," I said.

    "Me too," replied James.  "I've asked him, but he just tells me he doesn't know."

    "That's what he said to Tommy, too," I said.

    "Tommy asked him?"

    "Tommy will ask anyone anything," I said.

    "I bet," James giggled.  "Tommy is almost as outspoken as I am."

    "Yeah, I'm starting to see that," I said.  "He's getting even more outspoken now that he hangs out with you."

    "He's getting into more trouble, too," said James.

    "I know," I said.

    "It isn't all my fault, Chris," he said quickly.

    "He didn't get into trouble much before you started to hang out with us," I said.

    "I'm serious," he said.  "It isn't all my fault. He gets into trouble when I'm not even around."

    "I know," I said.  "His mom is threatening to send him to stay with his aunt in Texas."

    "He told me that," said James.  "I keep telling him he better straighten up before he gets into serious trouble."

    "I think he does this stuff just to impress you," I said.

    "Why do you think that?" he asked.

    "Whenever he's over here, he talks about you all the time," I said.

    "He does?" asked James.

    "He thinks you are so cool," I said.  "I usually tell him to shut up, because I get tired of hearing about you after a while."

   "You wanna know something?" he asked.

    "What?" I replied.

    "He talks about you all the time when he's with me," he said.  "I probably know a lot more about you than you think."

    "Knowing Tommy, I bet you do," I said.

    "He says that you have a big dick," said James.

    "That was nice of him," I replied embarrassed.

    "He says it's bigger than mine," he said.

    "How does he know?" I asked before I thought about it.

    "Don't be silly," laughed James.  "He sucks my dick all the time. The boy has a mouth like a Hoover."

    "I know," I said.

    "He doesn't do it as good as Alex, though," he said.

    "I know," I replied.

    "So, about your dick," he said, reaching over and grabbing it through my boxers and making me jump.   "Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you."

    "What about my dick?" I asked, trying really hard not to think about the fact that he had my now very hard dick in his hand.

    "Is this ok?" he asked.

    "Sure," I said, thinking that it was really a silly question.

    "Will you take it out for me?" he asked.

    I lifted my hips and pulled down my boxers.  I couldn't believe this was happening.  I wondered what other surprises he had in store for me.  His hand wrapped around my naked dick, and he stroked me really slow.  It felt good, and he applied just the right amount of pressure with his hand.

    "It's thick," he said.  "He said it was real thick."

    "Is that what you're doing?" I asked.  "Are you trying to find out if he was right?"

    "Something like that," he laughed.  "He said he has a hard time sucking your dick. I bet he does."

    "Hmm," I said, wondering if he was going to test that too.

    "Does Alex have a hard time sucking your dick?" he asked.

    "No," I said.   "He can take it all the way down."

    "Yeah, Alex gives great head," he said.

    "He sure does," I replied.

    "You can handle mine," he said.  I could feel him pulling his briefs down with his other hand.

    "James, I not going to suck yours if you don't suck mine," I said.

    "I know," he said.  "We'll just lay here and stroke each other for a while."

    "Alright," I said, reaching over and taking his dick into my hand.  It was warm and stiff.   Unlike mine, it was completely straight.  There was no curve in his dick at all.

    "That's nice," he said.

    I didn't reply.  I concentrated on what I was doing and feeling.  I thought about all the things that he'd said.  I still thought that there was something about his dad that he didn't want to talk about.  I wondered why he would be so upset about his dad and Josh making movies like that.  What did he care? Was he afraid that kids at school would find out? I didn't see how they would find out.  It wasn't like there was a big deal about porn stars in Springfield.

    Then there was his attitude.  He'd been really nice most of the night.  I had to admit that he was a lot more likeable now.  I didn't understand why he was always so rude, but I thought that I'd figure it out in time.  Evan couldn't be right about him being just bad news.  I couldn't accept that.  There had to be at least some good qualities about James.

    I decided that I would spend a little more time with him from now on and find out just what those good qualities were.  Surely they existed.  I'd find them.  It couldn't be that hard.   I just had to find common ground with him.  That wouldn't be too hard to do.

    "This is how me and Alex started out," he said, breaking into my thoughts.

    "Huh?" I asked.

    "Me and Alex," he said.  "When we were kids, we used to jack each other off all the time."

    "Oh," I replied.

    "He's the one that finally just bent over one day and started sucking my dick," he said.   "Completely blew my mind when he did it. I didn't say anything, because I was afraid he'd stop. I'd never felt anything like it."

    "He does do things just out of the blue," I agreed.

    "Has he given you a massage?" he asked.

    "God yes!" I sighed.  "He's got the best hands in the world!"

    "I know," he agreed.  "He used to give me a massage after baseball games and stuff. That was a long time ago."

    "We work out together a lot now, and he massages me after every workout," I said.

    "Cool," he said.  "Maybe I could come work out with you guys."

    "You'd have to ask Alex," I said.  "It kinda became 'our thing'."

    "Yeah, Tommy hasn't said anything about it, so I guess he isn't working out with you guys," he said.

    "Nope," I replied.

    "Can I ask you something, Chris?" he asked.

    "You have my dick in your hand, James," I laughed.  "You can ask me anything you want."

    "Do you like girls?" he asked, shocking me.

    "I like them, but I don't like them," I said.  "What about you?"

    "I haven't really thought about it much," he said.  "Missy Becker wanted to go to the movies with me, but I told her that I couldn't go."

    "Why did you tell her that?" I asked.

    "Because I wanted to come here instead," he said.

    "You wanted to hang out with me instead of going to the movies with Missy?" I asked.

    "Yup," he said.

    "Why?" I asked.

    "Why do you think?" he asked, squeezing my dick again.

    "You are a hard person to figure out," I said.

    "Why?" he asked.

    "Because you come across as one way, and then you do things to make me think you might be another way," I said.  "It's confusing."

    "There's nothing to be confused about, Chris," he said.  "I like you. I always did like you, but you just never seemed to be the kind of guy that would hang out with me. Now I find out that you are, and I'm happy about that. Getting to hold your dick, and maybe hold you while I sleep would be great. If that makes me gay, then I guess I'm gay. I don't care either way."

    "I like you, too," I said.  I really did, too.  I just hadn't really thought about it much.

    "Good," he said.  "Just be patient with me. It might take me a little while to get to where you are."

    "Where I am?" I asked.

    "I mean about sucking your dick," he said.  "I'm not saying never. I'm just saying not now."

    "James, sucking my dick is not a requirement to being my friend," I said.  "I have plenty of friends who don't suck my dick."

    "Yet," he laughed.

    "What's that supposed to mean?" I asked.

    "You'll have Ben and Sheldon sucking your dick before the school year is out," he said.

    "What makes you say that?" I asked.

    "Those two are definitely gay, Chris," he said.

    "And why does that mean that they will be sucking my dick?" I asked.

    "Look at a mirror, Chris," he said, letting go of my dick.  "You are a very good looking guy. I'll even go so far as to say you are sexy. You and Evan are like the hottest guys I've ever seen."

    Once that was said, he slid even closer to me and wrapped his arms around me.  We lay like that for a while, and then I heard his breathing slow down, and I knew he was asleep.  I really didn't know what to think about him now.  This was all getting way confusing for me.

Well guys, there you have it.  Sorry it took so long to get this chapter out to you all.  I have been having some personal problems, but everything is back to normal pretty much.  I'm hoping that there won't be so many delays with this story in the future.