Cliche Cousins

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Part 1

I hated Florida. Of course I'd only been here 3 days, but I knew I hated it. Or at least I knew I missed Wisconsin. My mom had moved us down here because she missed her sister, who had moved down here like 10 years ago. But all my friends were in Wisconsin, and I was miserable. Of course, I was almost always miserable. Being 16 and gay in a small town didn't seem to leave much room for any other emotions.

I suppose I should have been happy. After all, a new place meant new chances right? At least that's what my mom was trying to tell me. I wasn't sure I was buying it. I was too busy sulking. In fact, I'd barely left my room since we'd arrived, ignoring my mom's requests to visit with my aunt and her son.

See, I had just met somebody right before we left. Sixteen years in that town, at least 5 years knowing I was gay and desperately afraid someone would find out. Desperately afraid, also, that nobody would find out and I'd spend my life alone. And then I'd met Brett. He had moved into town a few months earlier, but except for noting he was kinda cute, I hadn't really noticed him at all. Too caught up in my own private hell.

Then one day I was running down the hall at school, late for class, when I whipped around and corner and slammed right into him. Books everywhere. We laughed and helped each other pick up our things. After that I seemed to notice him a lot. At lunch, between classes. Finally, he asked me to come over to his house after school for some Xbox. To make a long story short, we ended up kissing. Just once, but man it was enough to make my heart soar. Finally! I thought. That night I still felt like I was walking on air when my mom told me we were moving. Talk about crash and burn. A week later we were here. I'd barely even had a chance to say goodbye. So if I wanted to lie in my bed and cry a bit and hate my life, well my mom was just going to have to live with it.

Sigh. Of course it never turns out the way you want it to. I was layin there feeling wonderfully miserable when my mom pokes her head in the door, without knocking(!), and says, "Toby, you can't stay in here forever. I've got your swim things. We're going over to my sister's. You can be miserable over there if you want." Don't you hate it when moms are right? Twenty minutes later I'd forgotten all about Brett.

My cousin Josh was 11. Or 11-3/4 according to him. Of course, I'd met Josh before. He usually came to Wisconsin with his mom once a year for Thanksgiving. They hadn't actually made it last year, `cause Josh was sick and they didn't want to travel, so I hadn't seen him since he was 9. Man, what a difference 2 years had made. I mean, well he wasn't like Dawson's Creek hot, but he was cute as hell. He was probably 4'10", making him a full foot shorter than me. He had short but wavy brown hair, and green eyes. Killer green eyes. A short, sharp little nose and full, pouty sorta lips. He was slender but ripped for a little kid. Lean little muscles on a swimmer's frame. He had a great tan, and I kept finding myself watching the way his skin glistened with the water. And did I notice some appreciative glances at my own body, or was that my imagination?

I had been sorta pissed about being dragged over there, but when Josh saw me he was just so happy about the fact that I'd moved down there and couldn't wait to show me his room and then the pool. We'd quickly changed into board shorts and headed out to their nice sized pool. Just a couple minutes with Josh and I was smiling for the first time in weeks.

Like I said I'm about 5'10 and I've got about the same build as Josh, lean and muscled. So I had no problem picking him up and throwing him around the pool. He thought it was great and was laughing like crazy. I gotta admit I was enjoying the feel of his skin on mine. Which really got me thinking. I mean... I was basically perving on a little kid, and my cousin at that. Ok, I liked looking at younger guys, but never really thought about doing anything with one, you know? But Josh was so cute and funny and nice and warm and... there. I was having a great time.

After a couple hours we were both pretty pruney. Josh said he was gonna get out. He wanted to show me his Xbox. I was sitting on the stairs in the shallow end and he walked up past me and out of the pool. I turned to watch. So I'm sitting there talking to him and he strips right out of his board shorts and starts drying off right in front of me. My eyes must have bugged out or something cause he gave me this weird little smile and looked down at his dick. Of course that's where my eyes went too. Even after a couple hours in the pool it looked nice. About 3 inches long, slim, hairless, with small loose hanging balls. I swallowed hard.

"Not allowed to drip across the living room," he explained. "Gotta dry off out here."

"Uh... ok," I croaked.

He stood there with his hands on his slim hips, grinning at me, daring me. "Are you comin?"

About to, I thought. To him I said, "I'll be right behind ya."

He smiled at me a moment longer and then shrugged. "Ok, but hurry! I wanna show you this new game I got!" And then he ran into the house, with my eyes glued to his pert little ass, so much paler than the rest of his tanned body.

I got out of the pool and peeked into the house, seeing that my mom and aunt were in the family room and wouldn't see me if I ducked into the bathroom. I quickly stripped out of my shorts. My 6 inch dick was about half hard, pointing straight out. Drying it off only made it harder. I quickly wrapped the towel around my waist and dashed into the house.

The house was shaped a bit like an L. The pool sat between the two wings of the house with large sliding doors open to both wings. Luckily the wing to the left had the door shut, probably so my mom and aunt could talk without having to listen to us screw around in the pool. The right wing opened into the living room, with the kitchen to the left of that. Across the living room from the pool was a short hallway with Josh's bedroom the left, an office to the right, and a bathroom in between.

I got my hand on the doorknob of the bathroom when Josh's bedroom door opened and he popped out dressed in just a pair of tightie whities. He glanced down to where my hard cock was tenting the towel and giggled.

"Toby's got a boner!" he teased in a singsong voice. He shook his hips and did a little dance, singing it again.

"Hush, brat!" I snapped with a smile and ducked into the bathroom, followed by his giggles.

My boner thankfully was not a topic of conversation by the time I'd dried off and changed. I found Josh dressed in shorts and eager to show me his room. While we played video games I couldn't help glancing over at him. His tan skin seemed so smooth and touchable. I eventually managed to scoot over a bit so that our thighs pressed warmly together.

The truth is, I'd never really gotten this close to another boy before. Brett was the first boy I'd ever kissed, and that came and went so fast I barely had time to register it. I'd somehow missed out on all the sorta personal contact Josh and I had had today, casually touching one another. From time to time when we'd been out in the pool together he'd wrapped his arms around my neck, and his legs around my waist, just holding me like that. I think that more than anything is what was exciting me now. That closeness.

Before I knew it we were called to dinner. Josh insisted I sit by him, and I noticed the amused smiles from both our mothers as they saw we were getting along so well. All too soon dinner was over and after saying our goodbyes and promising to return tomorrow, we left for home.

That night, as I lay in bed, thinking about the day, I figured I'd end up jacking off. I mean, I almost always jack off at night anyway, and I certainly had tons of fuel from today. The image of Josh's naked body kept flashing behind my eyes. But instead of getting all worked up, I just felt that same sense of warmth and closeness I'd had sitting with him in his room. I drifted off to sleep without a tear spilled for the first time in weeks.

* * * *

The next day I was up early and with a decided bounce in my step. My mom was quick to notice. "Going to see Josh?"

"Yeah, figured I'd go swimming some more."

"I'm glad to see you hit it off with him. He's really been looking forward to you coming to live here. He looks up to you, you know."

"How could he? He barely knows me."

Mom shook her head and smiled. "Men!" she said with a long-suffering sigh filled with humor. "Honey, you're a bit of a hero to Josh. You know he lost his dad very young, just like you did."

"His dad died," I pointed out. "Mine was just a jerk who walked out on us."

"In any case, Josh has always seen you as a bit of an older brother. Your Aunt Kathy has told me he comes home after each Thanksgiving and can't talk about anyone else for weeks. He thinks you're really cool, dude." I cringed a bit whenever my mom tried to talk `cool'.

"Well, he's pretty cool. You know, for a kid. So anyway, I'm gonna go over there, ok?"

"Do you need a ride," she asked?

They actually only lived about 3 miles away, but I had my motorcycle. It was just an old 250cc Honda my dad had left behind. I learned to ride it when I was 12 but had just recently gotten licensed for it. "I'm gonna ride," I informed her.

"Ok, honey, but be careful out there. There's a lot more traffic than you're used to."

The bike wasn't anything special, but it was mine. I'd learned all about bikes starting when I was about 9, when I realized that the bike would one day be mine. I maintained it for years before I was ever allowed to ride it. I learned to ride practicing on a friend's dirt bike. By the time I was 13 I was sneaking the bike out on occasion, when I knew my mom wouldn't be around to catch me. The day I got my license was one of the happiest I'd ever had, and I'd been riding every chance I got since then. I loved the feeling of riding it. It was so freeing.

I pulled up to my aunt's house to find her outside in the front yard, doing something in a flower bed. She was dressed in shorts and a bikini top with gardener's gloves. She was really attractive, but it was lost on me of course.

She turned and stood when I pulled into the drive and wiped her brow on her forearm. "Hi, Toby!" she smiled. "So that's the infamous motorcycle, huh?"

"Yeah," I said proudly, switching off the engine and lowering the kickstand. "Mom told you, huh?"

Kathy chuckled. "It terrifies your mom, you know. She's sure you're going to die on the thing."

"She worries too much. I'm really careful," I assured her.

"I'm sure you are. I see you're dressed for swimming." I was wearing my board shorts from yesterday and shoes and nothing else. "Josh is still in bed. Too early for that sleepyhead."

"Oh," I said, trying to keep the disappointment from my voice. "Should I come back later?"

"Don't be silly," she replied. "It'll do him good to get up early for once. I swear, all that boy does is eat and sleep. Besides, he couldn't stop talking about how much he enjoyed spending time with you yesterday."

I actually felt myself blushing. "Uh, well, yeah. We had fun. So should I go in?"

"You go ahead," she said. "I think I'm going to go to Home Depot here soon anyway. You won't mind watching him for a bit while I go?"

"It'll be my pleasure!" I grinned.

"Thanks, Toby. Oh, there's soda's in the fridge. If you want anything else just ask Josh."

"I will," I informed her and then I went into the house.

As I walked through the quiet house I thought about Josh sleeping in his room. Did he wear pajamas, I wondered? Did he jack off? I wondered if he was too young yet or not. Maybe he jacked off last night, thinking about me. I shook my head to rid it of silly fantasies. Josh was just a normal kid with maybe a bit of hero worship. He certainly wasn't a burgeoning fag, perving on his older cousin.

I had to get a grip.

Still, as I came to his bedroom door, I found myself twisting the knob as quietly as I could. I carefully eased open the door and slipped inside the dimly lit room. I could hear Josh's soft breathing and see him clearly enough though the only light was that which leaked around the closed blinds. I just stood there for a minute, listening, watching, breathing. The room smelled so much more... Joshy, than it had yesterday. Warm and close and slightly musky. Sorta caused a bit of stir down below to be honest. I moved a bit closer.

Josh was lying on his back, left hand on his stomach, right one underneath his pillow. His right side faced me. Without even realizing what I was doing, I found myself kneeling down beside the bed. His light brown hair was mussed from sleep. His eyes shut and I could detect the slight movement under his eyelids which told me he was dreaming. His mouth was open slightly. I found myself looking at his hairless armpit, and bent over to take a quick sniff. I had an urge to lick that smooth skin but managed to control it. His dime-sized nipples were brownish and mostly smooth, showing just a slight bump in the center. I knew from watching yesterday that they would shrink even smaller when they got stiff.

The sheet was pulled to about halfway up his stomach. Glancing down, I felt myself gasp just a bit. Did he have a hard-on? It was sorta hard to tell in the gloom, and with the way the sheet was bunched around his waist, but I could swear I saw a dick-shaped lump down there between his legs. Not very big, but about the size I would have guesstimated given my free show yesterday. I briefly played with the idea of pulling his sheet down, and then his underwear and then... but better not to go there. My cock was already beginning to grow in my shorts and the last thing I needed was to be outted by my aunt while perving on her innocent young son.

Still, I couldn't help reaching forward and placing my hand on his smooth, warm chest. Just for a moment I ran my thumb across the hairless skin of his armpit. He squirmed in his sleep. Back to his chest and I shook him a little.

"Josh," I called softly. "Yo, Josh, wake up, lil dude."

The boy grumbled in his sleep, so I shook him a bit harder. His legs moved, causing the sheet to shift and making me almost 100% certain that was a hard dick under there. I was staring intently between his legs when he said, "Hey, Toby!"

I guiltily snapped my gaze back to his face and caught his sleepy smile. He stretched, slow and languid, putting his whole body into it, like a cat. A quick glance downward. Oh man, that was definitely his dick. My own cock felt like a steel rod in my shorts. I used the cover of my position to quickly straighten it out and sighed with relief.

"Hey, kiddo," I smiled. "Your mom told me to come in and wake you up. Hope you don't mind."

"It's cool," he smiled. He sat up on his elbows. "Did you wanna go swimming again?"

"Sure," I smiled. I stood up as Josh whipped back his sheet and hopped out of bed. My eyes instantly locked onto his white briefs, so bright against his tan skin. His stiff little cock was clearly visible, poking insistently against the thin cloth. I felt my own cock lurch at the sight.

Josh caught my gaze and glanced down. "I got a boner," he grinned, reaching down to clutch himself through his underwear. "Wanna see?" he teased. Then he glanced back at me. "Just kiddin," he said, as if he was assured I wouldn't actually want to see it. "Let me pee and change and I'll meet you in the pool!" Then he skipped out of the room.

For a minute I just stood there, feeling my dick throbbing in my shorts. I heard the bathroom door shut behind me. Trying to get a grip on myself, I hurried out to the kitchen and grabbed a Mountain Dew out of the fridge. Keeping an eye on the hallway where Josh was, I stuck the can down my shorts. I gasped at the shock of it, and tried to will my cock back to limpness. It wasn't working. So when Josh came out of the bathroom I pressed myself up against the kitchen counter to hide my condition. It really wasn't that visible in the loose shorts, but I didn't feel like taking any chances. I popped open the soda. "Want one?" I asked, having a brief fantasy of his lips and tongue against the can I had just had against my dick.

"Sure, grab me one ok?" and he raced out the door and jumped into the pool.

I grabbed him a can from the fridge and went to join him. But before I made it out to the pool I found myself drawn to the bathroom. Shutting the door behind me, I quickly spotted Josh's briefs on the floor. Feeling like a total pervert, I picked them up and looked at them. Hanes, size 10-12. No skidmarks, which was good. Unable to help myself, I lifted the crotch up to my nose, and I swear I swooned a little, inhaling his musky boyish scent. Reluctantly, I put them back on the ground where I found them, flushed the toilet just in case, and went out to join my cousin.

So we swam and we played and I think maybe I started to fall in love just a little. Josh was such a great kid. Funny, smart, affectionate. He was always hugging me or hanging on me, and I didn't mind a bit. Around noon Kathy called us out for lunch. We sat by the pool and ate McDonald's. Josh was nibbling fries like he was a squirrel, as he caught me smiling. I was leaning back in my chair, my feet up on the table.

"Your legs are sure hairy," he said, staring.

They weren't really, unless you compared them to his, which we both did. "Not that hairy," I said. "There was this one kid in school named Matt Corelli who was so hairy we used to call him Wookie."

Josh laughed. He had the cutest laugh. In fact, his voice was great. Sorta raspy and sexy. "You've got hair in your armpits, too," he pointed out.

My hands were behind my head and I glanced to each of my pits in turn. Again, they weren't really hairy compared to most guys I'd seen, but they probably seemed so to an 11 year old. Josh was looking at his own smooth armpits.

"You'll get some soon enough," I assured him.

Josh grinned and gave up his hopeless search for pit hairs. "And then I'll get some down there, huh?"

"Down where?" I teased.

Josh stuck his tongue out at me. Man, I even liked his tongue. "Down in your pants. I bet you got tons."

"Not much," I told him.

"Like a jungle," he teased. I laughed. "Like Bigfoot down there," he laughed.

I grinned. "It's not that big," I told him. Josh thought that was hilarious.

After he stopped laughing he looked me over and said, "You should really get some sun. You're like an albino or something."

I really wasn't that pale, but I wasn't nearly as dark as Josh. "Do you lay out or something?" I asked.

"Nah, just swimming like normal and runnin' around. Can't wear board shorts all the time tho or you get pale legs."

I'd noticed he was wearing different shorts than yesterday. They were black and green and a bit shorter than the ones I'd seen him in before. The green really brought out his eyes. Remembering my view of his naked bod yesterday, I realized that he was only pale about where underwear would cover.

"So what else do you wear?" I asked, having visions of him running around the pool in wet tightie whities.

"I usually wear Speedos at home and board shorts only when I'm at the beach. We should go to the beach!"

I ignored that last, stuck on the mental vision of Josh in a Speedo. "So why aren't you wearing a Speedo now?" I asked.

He shrugged. "I saw you had boards, so I wore mine. You have Speedos? You could work on your tan. You know... before somebody gets blinded from your albino legs."

"I'll show you albino when I spank your albino ass!" I yelled and jumped from my chair. Josh squealed and jumped up. We started chasing each other around the pool, laughing.

Before I knew it, Kathy was asking me if I wanted to stay for dinner. I said I would and then watched once again as Josh climbed out of the pool and stripped, trying not to stare as he dried himself. I once again waited for him to disappear into his room before getting out. Then I realized I didn't have anything to change into. Embarrassed, I explained to my aunt. She had me strip and wrap a towel around my waist while she threw my wet shorts into the dryer.

I spent the whole meal feeling pretty exposed, praying I didn't get a hard-on or lose my towel. I didn't, but had a couple of close calls when Josh made a grab for my towel. On my way out of the house, once again in dry shorts, Josh saw my bike and begged for a ride, but his mom said it was too late and I promised him a ride on the following day.

* * * *

The next morning I got stuck running errands with my mom and it was nearly noon by the time I was able to get over to Josh's house. I was dressed once again in my board shorts, but this time I'd brought along an extra pair of regular shorts for later. Parking my bike I walked into the house and immediately heard high pitched voices and splashing coming from the pool. Passing through the living room I saw Josh and another boy at the same time my cousin spotted me.

"Toby!" Josh cried. Then he swam to the edge and climbed swiftly out of the pool. He was wearing a pair of Speedos, blue with green stripes on either side. I tried not to stare at the delicious little lump his cock made in the tight fabric. Dripping wet, he grabbed my arm and pulled me out to the pool.

"That's Michael," he said, pointing to the other boy, who was just climbing out of the pool. Michael, I was to confirm later, was 10. He was smaller and skinnier than Josh, with dark blonde hair and a cute elfin face. He was also dressed in a Speedo, solid red. Michael waved and smiled.

"Come in and throw us!" Josh begged, pulling me towards the pool. "He can throw me really far!" he bragged to his friend.

So I threw em. Man, talk about a workout. I felt like a catapult. Michael weighed a lot less than Josh and I could really get some distance with him. The boys each had their own favorite throws. We named them. Josh liked the shot put. He would curl up in a ball, hugging his legs to his chest. I'd grab two handfuls of ass while his back rested against my chest, then launch him up and over my head backwards. Michael preferred what we called the slam dunk. He made a much smaller ball of himself, and I'd grab his tiny ass in one hand, back of the neck in the other, lift him up out of the water and then slam him back down head first. My personal favorite was what I called the stiffy, which always brought a case of boyish giggles. I would have the boys lie flat on their back, hands at their sides, making their bodies as stiff as possible, hence the name, then I'd lift them, flipping their legs back up and over their heads. The stiffy had a duel meaning for me, because while they were flat on their backs, I was staring straight down at their barely covered crotches. And though Michael was only 10, I enjoyed the sight of him almost as much as Josh. I was turning into a full fledged pervert.

After awhile I had to call a break, and I headed to the shallow end to sit and relax a bit. Josh and Michael continued to entertain themselves, laughing and splashing and occasionally looking over at me and giggling. While I was relaxing, Josh got out of the pool and ran out the screen door into the yard. There was a small shower set up there. It quickly became apparent that he was taking a piss. He finished up and ran the water a bit before coming back and jumping into the pool.

"Did you just pee out there?" I asked him.

"We always do," he informed me. "Mom knows. Easier than drying off to run into the house and do it."

Thinking about that, I decided I could use a piss myself. Climbing out of the pool, I made my way over to the screen door.

"Are you gonna pee?" Josh asked.

"You said it was ok," I said.

"It is," he replied, and then I heard some giggles from him and Michael.

I quickly saw that the ground was just a couple paving stones set over gravel which was set over sand. The water, and piss, would just drain into the ground. I untied the drawstring around my shorts and was just starting to push them down enough to fish my dick out when I heard whispers and the screen door opening behind me. To my right I caught a hint of motion, and there was Michael, eyes eagerly searching the front of my pants.

He saw my glance. "I need to pee too," he informed me. Then he quickly came over, pressing his left side to my right, and pushed down his Speedos and fished out his little cock. There wasn't much there, but it was cute enough. While he watched, I pushed my shorts down further and grabbed my dick. We both started to pee. I kept expecting him to say something. His eyes were locked on my cock. It was all I could do to keep from getting hard in fact.

Have you ever seen a little boy pee? They go like gangbusters, and then, bam! Done. Just like that. From a stream to empty. I was still shaking myself off when Michael pulled up his Speedo and headed back to the pool. By the time I got my drawstring retied and rejoined them their heads were together, whispering and giggling.

I stopped at the side of the pool and looked down at them. Michael whispered something to Josh, whose back was to me. The older boy turned and looked up at me, grinned, and said, "Hi Bigfoot!"

I roared and attacked them both amidst screams of laughter.

About an hour later Michael was called home by his parents and Josh begged me for a ride on my bike. I quickly checked with his mom, and she gave us the ok, making me swear I'd be careful. With a whoop of glee Josh ran to my bike.

"Should I get changed?" he asked, looking down at his Speedo.

"Hell no," I grinned. "Give the old folks something to talk about." I started the bike and helped Josh get situated in back of me. "Ok, two rules," I told him. "One, hold on tight to me ok?" Josh nodded. "Number two, don't lean into turns. You're gonna want to. Just hold on and let your body move with mine."

With that I put the bike in gear and took off, while Josh cried, "Woo woo!"

I took it easy through the neighborhoods, loving the feel of his arms around me. My short blonde hair didn't exactly fly in the breeze, but it felt great just the same. "Where to?"

"The beach!"

"The beach it is. Hang on!"

We had reached a major thoroughfare and I put on the throttle. Josh yipped and yelled with delight, while he molded his body against mine. The nearest beach was about 15 minutes away with traffic. Residential neighborhoods gave way to strip malls, which finally opened up to water on each side of us. At one point we zipped up over a long drawbridge, the metal grating beneath us causing the whole bike to vibrate. Josh clutched me tightly and I could swear I felt his hard dick pressing into me.

"Having fun?" I asked over the sound of the bike and the wind.

"It's great!" he laughed.

A minute later we had reached the main beach drag. "Go right," Josh instructed. About a half mile later he pointed up ahead to our left. "Over there!"

Over there was a public beach access set between a Holiday Inn and a place called the Castaway Motel. I parked the bike and started to climb off, but Josh gripped me tightly by the shoulders and pulled me back down. "Wait!" he squeaked.

"What's wrong?"

"Uh... nothing," he stammered. "Let's just look for a minute first." He pulled back a bit so that he wasn't pressed against my back.

"Ok," I said amiably. "Let me know when your boner goes away and we'll go to the beach."

"Toby!" he cried, shocked and I think pleased. I turned around a bit and glanced down at his crotch. His hands were buried there, as if he would push his hard on down by force.

"Don't worry about it, little dude," I said, turning around with a happy grin. "I always get a hard-on when I ride."

"Is that so you can use it as a kickstand?" he asked. He was a silly boy.

"It's not that big," I told him again.

"Bigfoot!" he cried, then jumped off the back of the bike and went running for the water. I chased after him.

* * * * *

We didn't end up staying at the beach for long. It had been great watching him run through the surf though. He got quite a few looks from folks at the beach, running around in that skimpy Speedo. I thought maybe I got a few myself from folks wondering maybe what an older boy was doing with one so young, playing and hugging each other. Let em look, I was in love.

When we got back to Josh's house I found my mom there as well. Seems they had decided to have a dinner party the next night to sort of introduce my mom to some of Kathy's friends. As there was gonna be drinking involved, they had apparently decided that rather than having one of them driving home afterwards, they would have the party at our house, and Kathy would spend the night over there while I stayed here and watched Josh. They wanted to know if I was ok with that. Easy enough to guess my answer to that one, huh?

* * * * *

Note: Part 2 is already complete. Should be up soon. Hope you liked this enough to stick around for more.