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Part 2

I'd been able to go over and spend some time in the pool with Josh and Michael earlier in the day. I also gave Michael a quick bike ride around the neighborhood, `cuz it wouldn't be fair if I didn't'. That afternoon, though, I was busy helping my mom. She had me helping to square the house away, unpacking the last few boxes, and basically getting the house presentable. I even helped her do some cooking.

I actually tried to avoid any activities that would be considered `gay'. I didn't dance, or sing. I didn't sew, or worry about whether my clothes were fashionable. I kept my hair cut short so as not to be seen brushing it. Silly, I know, but I was paranoid. I purposefully avoided anything that could be remotely construed as stereotypically gay so as to avoid suspicion. Everything but cooking. I really loved to cook. So sue me.

Late that afternoon I packed a bag with my toothbrush and some extra clothes and I rode over to Josh's house. Kathy met me at the door. "I appreciate you doing this, Toby. It's nice to give your mother a chance to have a little fun."

"My pleasure," I assured her.

"Ok, now I know it's summer, but please don't let Josh stay up past midnight. And no scary movies. He'll have nightmares. I know he'll swear he won't, but he will. I'm sure you'll both be swimming, so don't let him go to bed without a shower, it's not good to sleep with chlorine still in your hair and skin. Let's see... I left money for a pizza. Josh knows the place to call. You can sleep in my bed. I changed the sheets for you. Hmm, I think that's it. Any questions?"

"Shower, pizza, no scary movies, midnight." I grinned. "Got it."

"Ok, honey. You boys be good now."

And then she was off. Josh was really excited to have me over. We ended up playing Xbox until about 7 o'clock and then I ordered the pizza. When the pizza arrived we popped in Spiderman 2 and watched that while we curled up together on the couch. The movie ended around 10. It was dark out. I was putting away our dishes and looking out at the pool. I hadn't been over here at night before, and the pool looked cool and dark and mysterious.

"Wanna go swimming?" I asked. "Do you go swimming at night?"

"Sure, all the time. There's a light in the pool so you can see fine."

"Do you ever swim without the light?" I asked.

"We can," Josh grinned, like this was some great adventure. "You wanna?"

"Sure," I said, stripping off my shirt and draping it over one of the barstools on the other side of the kitchen counter.

"Do you wanna go skinnydipping?" Josh asked, whispering the last word.

I was immediately alert. Trying to act casual I said, "Sure we could. If you want. Do you do that a lot?"

Josh giggled. "Only once when it was dark like this and mom was asleep. Oh and once me and Michael did it, but only for a couple minutes cuz he got scared."

"Well I'm game," I said, stepping out through the doorway to the pool area. It was really pretty dark out there. To make it even darker I reached back into the house and shut off the living room lights. We were plunged into darkness. Josh giggled and I could hear his zipper. Mine quickly followed. Naked, I carefully inched my way towards the pool, willing my eyes to adjust faster to the darkness. I caught the hint of moonlight on the railing leading down the pool steps, and assured of my position, dove into the water.

I came up in the deep end and could hear Josh swimming towards me. I could just barely make out his dark form as he neared, and then he was next to me, a warm presence in the dark, pizza breath blowing near my ear.

"Are you really naked?" he asked softly, as if the whole neighborhood was listening in on our conversation. "I am," he assured me.

"Yeah, I am too." Reaching out in the dark, I found his shoulder. Trailing my hand down to his, I pulled it under the water and slid it over my bare hip. "See?"

Josh giggled. "This is neat. Let's go under water."

Letting out my breath, I slowly sank to the bottom of the pool. I sat there, half sitting, half floating, silence all around me. Slowly my eyes began to adjust to the gloom. As my air ran low I pushed myself to the surface.

"You were under there forever," Josh said, breathlessly. Apparently he'd tried to stay under as long as I and hadn't met with as much success. Details of his face were beginning to become visible in the wan moonlight. "Let's race to the other side."

"How about we just go slow," I suggested, enamored of the dark and quiet. "Like stealth submarines."

"Yeah, or like sharks," Josh suggested, his voice low to match mine. "Looking for prey."

His sleek young body occasionally bumping mine, we made our way slowly to the shallow end of the pool, heads underwater, enjoying the silence. Reaching the other end, we sat with our backs to the wall, staring up at a quarter moon.

"Submarines back," I suggested, and once again we floated across the length of the pool. And once again we fell into silence, each thinking our own thoughts.

"I'm glad you came to Florida," Josh said softly, a couple of minutes later. I turned and studied his still face. He was staring up at the moon. "You're my best friend."

"I thought Michael was your best friend," I said.

Josh shook his head. "Michael is just a kid," he said. "You're my real best friend." A pause and then in a quieter voice, "Am I yours?"

"My very best friend in the world," I assured him.

Soft sound of displaced water, and then Josh was next to me, his arms searching and then wrapping around my neck. A hug and then a quick, shy kiss on my cheek. My heart began to thud loudly in my chest. I couldn't move. Or at least most of me couldn't.

Josh giggled. He leaned in close, put his lips right against my ear and whispered, in a sing-song voice, "Toby's got a boner, Toby's got a boner." And then I felt small fingers wrap around my dick. My breath caught in my throat. "Geez, Toby," Josh breathed, "it's ginormous!"

I forced air back into my lungs and managed to croak, "Josh, you shouldn't be touching me there."

"It's ok," he said, small hand beginning to explore up and down my shaft. "Mom says it's normal to `speriment with dicks and stuff."

"She... she did?" I could feel his head nod against mine.

His fingers slid into my small pubic mound. "Wow, you got lots of hair." Then, "You can touch mine if you want."

Stunned I might have been, but I wasn't letting that suggestion go unanswered. Reaching down my hand found his thigh. I slid inward, and then up, marveling again at how smooth and silky his skin felt. Josh gave a little gasp as my fingers found his small balls. I rolled them between my fingers, loving the feel of his hairless sac. Then I moved upwards and my fingers found the focus of my desires. He wasn't big, but he was desperately hard. I wrapped my fingers around the slim tube of flesh, feeling his pulse beating like a small bird's. I gently explored his short length with my fingers, and then slowly began to jack him up and down.

"That feels good," Josh breathed.

Turning my head, I sought out Josh's mouth with mine. My lips grazed his cheek, and then I placed a gentle kiss on his mouth. Josh's hand stilled, while he apparently considered what had happened. Then I felt him squeeze my cock as he tenderly returned the kiss. I moaned just a little as my mouth moved against his, and hesitantly I slid my tongue between his lips. He seemed startled for a moment, and then slowly eased his mouth open, accepting my invading tongue. I pushed my tongue against his, urging him. This was so new to me, but felt so right. Meanwhile I continued to slowly jack his turgid little prick.

We broke apart for air, both of us breathing heavily. Josh's hand left my cock and he tried to squirm away from me. "Stop for a minute, Toby," he gasped. "It's feeling funny."

"What?" I asked, not understanding, moving against him, wanting his warmth.

"My thing," he croaked. "My dick. It feels funny. Stop for a minute. I gotta pee."

"You don't," I assured, understanding dawning in a rush of excitement. "Just hold onto me. You'll be ok, I swear."

I didn't even give him a chance to argue. Pulling him against me with my left arm, I kissed him deeply while my right hand increased its speed on his prepubescent cock. He groaned in my mouth and began to squirm against me, the feelings coursing through his young body not allowing him to be still. My left hand drifted downward, squeezing and rubbing his glorious ass, and then my fingers found his cleft and dove inside. Quickly then, while Josh made mewling puppy noises in his throat, my index finger found his rubbery little sphincter. I felt him stiffen in my arms and he pulled back from our kiss and gave a half yell, half gasp as he shuddered in my arms. His tiny asshole quivered against my finger and in my other hand his boycock jerked spasmodically.

I began to slow my jacking hand as Josh's head fell to my damp shoulder. His breath was hot and heavy against my neck. I could still feel his small body shuddering. Then his arms wrapped around me in a fierce hug, trapping my own throbbing cock between us.

Finally I heard his soft voice say, "T-Toby. Wha—what happened?"

"It's called an orgasm," I replied, holding him gently.

"That's a orgasm?" he said, wonderingly. "I thought it just made sperm squirt out. I didn't know it made you feel like that!"

I laughed softly. "Why do you think people want to have sex all the time?"

"Was that sex?" he asked. "Did I squirt sperms?"

"I don't know, Joshy," I replied. "You're kinda young. Plus we're in the water so I can't tell. Maybe you did tho."


And then we just held each other.


After awhile I became aware that Josh's dick was poking rather insistently against my stomach. My own cock had softened by this time, lost as I was in the sensation of just being held. But feeling that hot little prick pressing against me reminded me that I hadn't even gotten a chance to see it.

"Hey," I said softly. "You wanna go take a shower? Your mom said you had to take one."

"No," he mumbled, hugging me closer. "I wanna stay with you."

"I meant go take a shower together," I smiled.

He was instantly alert. "Can we? Yeah let's take a shower! I'll race ya!"

Then he was out of my arms and swimming hard for the shallow end. I just jumped out of the pool where I was and raced around the side, easily beating him into the house. He jumped up on my back just as we passed through the doorway, and I grabbed his legs to help him stay up on me.

"Yeehaw! Ride em, cowboy!" he yelled.

I galloped to the left, taking us through the living room to his mom's bathroom, as I'd noted earlier that she had one of those big walk-in showers. "Go get us towels," I said as I flipped on the lights and went to turn on the water. The shower was nice and roomy, with a little tiled bench built out of the wall to sit on.

I got the water just right and turned to find Josh behind me, fingering his stiff prick. His eyes immediately locked onto mine. "It really is big," he said, stepping forward and taking it in his small hand. It immediately started to grow, which made him giggle. "Geez, Toby, it's like a foot long!" As it reached its full length he began to slowly jack me up and down. I was really proud of my dick. It wasn't the biggest, or the hairiest I'd seen around school but I liked the shape of it, and the thickness. I was cut, as was Josh, but then I'd rarely seen an uncut dick.

"More like half a foot," I laughed. "And you have about a quarter of a foot." Indeed, seen clearly in the light, Josh's stiff little member looked to be almost exactly 4 inches, and not quite an inch thick. The spongy little cockhead was bright pink and the only sign of approaching puberty was the fact that his olive-sized balls had separated and hung a bit low. "Now c'mon, we're supposed to be getting clean."

Releasing his hold, but not his gaze, from my swaying dick, we entered the shower and started rinsing off the chlorine. I grabbed the shampoo and squeezed a bunch into my palm, then began to lather Josh's hair. "Close your eyes," I told him.

"I know," he said, squeezing his eyes shut. "Mom washes my hair all the time."

"She does?" I asked, surprised. That struck me as a bit odd.

Josh shrugged. "She says I do a crappy job of it."

I decided not to explore that, instead enjoying the way his silky hair felt and concentrating on keeping the shampoo from sliding down into his eyes. Reaching out blindly, his hands once again found my cock. The sight of this little kid, one hand jacking my cock, one hand gently exploring my lightly haired balls, was perhaps the most exciting thing I'd ever seen.

"Do you think mine will get this big?" he asked.

"Sure will," I assured him.

"I don't even got hair yet," he complained.

"You will soon enough," I promised. "You already seem pretty big for a kid your age."

"You think so? It's bigger than Michael's."

"You've seen Michael's all stiff like this huh?"

"'Course," he said. "I told you Mom said it was normal right? It was `cause she caught us doing it."

"Caught you doing what?" I asked, excited by the thought.

"Just looking mostly. We didn't do orgasms or anything." After a few moments of silence he asked, "Can you make sperms?"


"Can I watch?"

I had to squirm away from his hands. "Keep that up and it'll happen any second," I warned. "We're supposed to be getting clean."

"You're no fun," he grinned. Then he grabbed a bottle of body wash off the shelf and started lathering his chest.

"Let me," I said, taking the bottle. I moved over and sat on the bench, pulling him over till he was standing between my knees. For a second I could only stare at his cock. I couldn't remember seeing anything quite so sexy as that stiff little prick rising up from a hairless base in the middle of that lean, wet body.

Squeezing out a dollop of body soap, I began to lather up each of Josh's arms. The soap smelled like citrus. Made me want to lick him. Josh giggled as I soaped each smooth hairless armpit, then squirmed as I washed each nipple, then down across his flat stomach, which rippled with the beginnings of a six pack.

"Turn around," I instructed. I washed his shoulders, and his slender back. Down lower, until I had two handfuls of young ass. Josh had a great ass. A nice little bubble butt. It was actually something we had in common. I quickly washed down the outside of each leg, from thigh to calf, and then back up again, doing the inside on the return trip. Josh spread his legs wider.

I carefully avoided touching Josh's balls, instead diving my soapy hand into the cleft of his ass. I began to move up and down that furrow, fingers skipping only lightly over the tiny pucker within. Up and down, each trip a little shorter, until I was rubbing back and forth at his puckered anus.

"That feels weird," Josh said, squirming.

"But good, right?"

"Butt good?" he laughed.

"Mmmm," I agreed. "Butt gooood."

I continued to rub back and forth, before finally pressing the tip of my finger against the tightened sphincter. With only a bare hint of resistance, it popped inside.

"That's inside my butt, Toby!"

"Just relax, little dude," I soothed as I began to slowly work my finger in and out, plunging each time just a little deeper. Reaching around my with my left hand, I found his quivering prick. Wrapping my hand around the short length, I began to slowly jack him in time with my invading finger.

Soon I was in to the second knuckle, and Josh's small dick was throbbing in my fist. Josh was making little gasping grunts. Keeping my finger in place, I managed to turn the dazed boy around. His little dick was an angry red. I desperately wanted to take it into my mouth, and was about to when Josh surprised me. His legs went out from under him as he began to convulse.

"Toby!" he grunted. "Doin it again!" I grabbed him under his arms before his knees could smack against the ground and pulled him against me. His cock pressed against mine and I held him while he shuddered out his pleasure.

"Oh man, oh man, oh man," he was softly chanting. He was humping himself against me, desperately driving his spasming cock against mine.

Finally he pulled away a bit and I released him. He knelt back on his heels and looked down at his cock, fingering it in wonder. Then he looked up at me and grinned. "Can we do this every day?"

I laughed. "Sure, Josh. Whenever you like." I smiled and wiped a wet lock of his hair out of his eyes. Those eyes then dropped to my powerfully throbbing prick.

"How do I do it to you?" He reached forward and started to jack me, too fast and rough.

I grabbed his wrist to slow him. "Easy. Start off easy."

"I don't have to put my finger up your butt, do I?" he asked, suddenly shy. "That's gross. I mean... it felt good. Felt weird. But it's still gross."

"Just keep doin what you're doin," I told him.

He did, his small fist moving up and down the length of my cock. I showed him how to wrap his fist under the head, using the bit of excess skin there to jack up and down over the sensitive cockhead. I really wanted to ask him to suck, or at least try licking, my cock, but didn't want to go too far. I wasn't sure how he would handle the request, and besides, the sight and sensation of this small boy jacking my prick was going to be plenty to get me off. And it wasn't like I'd ever had anybody masturbate me before, so I was in heaven.

I felt the churning in my nuts that told me I was going to be coming soon. I had leaned my head back against the wall and let my eyes drift shut as I concentrated on the feelings Josh was giving me. Now I opened them again and looked down at Josh. His gaze was focused on my prick. He was now using both hands on my cock. They just barely fit. He felt my gaze and looked up at me and grinned.

"I'm gonna squirt really soon," I warned him.

His eyes lit up. "What do I do?"

"Just keep doin that," I said. "Man, Josh, your hands feel so good."

"I'm doin it ok?"

"You're doin it great. Just a minute more. Maybe go a little faster."

He eagerly picked up the pace. I didn't try to hold it back, but willed it forward, eagerly anticipating the moment of explosion. And just like that, it came. I grunted as my balls convulsed and the first ropy squirt of cum blasted out of my prick.

"Whoa!" I heard Josh cry, as I squirted, four, five, six times, cum flying upwards to land on my chest and stomach and then dribbling out, to flow over Josh's fingers. I'd never had such a powerful orgasm.

I didn't realize my eyes had closed. I opened them to find myself covered with jizz. A stray shot had caught Josh on his cheek, and he was rubbing at it with fingers already covered in milky cum.

"It's slimy," he said, not in disgust, as I half expected, but in wonder. He rubbed it between his fingers. Then, to my amazement, he flicked out his small pink tongue and tasted it. He rolled the flavor around his mouth for a moment before shrugging. Then he looked up at me and grinned shyly. "Tastes weird," he announced. Then he laughed, "Man it's all over you." He reached forward and began to smear it all across my chest and stomach, and slowly deflating cock. They never taught this sort of finger-painting in school.

I had to laugh myself. "Stop making a mess, brat," I grinned. "Let me get cleaned up."

I stood and got myself under the shower. I began to wash at the slimy mess while Josh got a handful of body soap and began washing my chest. "You do that, I'll shampoo," I told him.

Josh did a pretty good job soaping me up, but he paid more attention to my cock than to the rest of me, so that by the time I finished rinsing the shampoo out of my hair my dick was once again hard as a rock, and very clean. His was too, I noticed, but then I don't think his had ever gone down. Made me wonder again if he could squirt or not. Once again I'd missed an opportunity to see.

I turned off the shower, and Josh allowed me to dry him off. He smelled so delicious, and looked really tasty as well. He giggled when I dried his armpits and his dick stayed hard throughout.

"So what do we do next?" Josh asked as I finished drying myself with his help.

"I'm kinda beat," I said, not a total fabrication. "I thought I'd go to bed."

"Cool, I'll go get you an extra pillow!"

"Actually, your mom wants me to sleep in her bed."

"But... well can I stay here with you? I mean... well I thought... you know."

"You can stay if you want, of course. But what if your mom comes up and sees us in bed together?"

"It's ok, I spend the night with her sometimes. I'll just say I got scared cuz she wasn't home."

"Ok, well at least go get your pajamas or underwear or something."

Josh pouted. "But I wanted to sleep naked with you."

"You can, silly," I smiled. "But if your mom comes home before we get up, you'll need something to wear when we get out of bed. Or do you want her to know you slept naked with me?"

"Good point," he grinned. Then he raced out of the room. I grabbed a pair of underwear from my bag, and stuffed them under my pillow, where I could get to them quickly if I needed them. Then I turned off the lights in the bathroom and bedroom and slid under the covers. Kathy had a great bed; really soft.

Josh came running back into the room clutching a pair of briefs. I had him go out and turn off the lights in the rest of the house and make sure the doors were locked. I probably should have done it myself, but I was comfortable. The last of the lights switched off out there, and seconds later I heard a bump and Josh cussed. I laughed.

"It's too dark!" he said, overloud. Then, "I know!"

I sat in the darkness waiting, when the room was suddenly suffused with a soft glow. Out through the sliding glass doors I could see that some small lights strung around the pool area had been turned on. They weren't intrusive. Instead filling the room with a gentle light. Josh appeared in the doorway. I could see him grin.

"That looks good huh? So we can see a little."

"Good idea," I told him, and patted the space beside me. Josh jumped into bed and quickly slid beside me under the covers.

I turned to him and took him into my arms. We were both content to lie there for a couple of minutes, just holding one another. I was surprised at the depth of feeling that I felt, not only for him, but from him. I'd known he was smart and funny and playful, but I'd never realized he possessed the type of warmth and tenderness and shy affection that he had exhibited tonight.

"I slept naked with Michael before," he said softly, "but this is different."

"Why is it different?" I began to caress his back.

I felt him shrug. "It just is. `Cause it's you. `Cause I feel different with you."

"I feel different with you too, Joshy."

"I like when you call me that. Nobody ever called me that before."

"Joshy," I smiled.

I could just make out his smile in the dim light and then he leaned forward and our lips met in a tender kiss. Soon the kiss began to turn more passionate. Our breathing increased and we pulled each other tight as our tongues began to twist around each other. The heat from our bodies seemed to rise, making it uncomfortable beneath the covers, and by unspoken agreement we kicked them off, never breaking the kiss.

Josh's hand found my cock and he began to jack me, his hand surer now in its task, his thumb swiping pre-cum around the head. I began to kiss my way down Josh's neck. Pushing the boy onto his back, I licked along his clavicles, then down across his chest. I found his nipples, and quickly brought each to pebbly stiffness. He squirmed as I lightly nibbled on each one. My left hand meanwhile was caressing his stomach and groin and thighs, carefully avoiding his stiff dick.

I could taste the citrus soap as I licked and kissed my way across Josh's smooth quivering belly. I dipped my tongue into his shallow navel, licking and sucking. Josh squirmed and moaned my name. Then I shifted around until I was lying between his outstretched legs. I slid my hands under his ass, squeezing, as I began to kiss and lick his inner thighs, leaving little patches of wetness against his smooth skin.

Soon there was nowhere else to go. Squeezing Josh's ass, feeling his thighs quivering on each side of my head, I leaned forward and swiped my tongue across his little balls. Josh gasped as the small sac contracted against my tongue. I began to poke at them, then gently sucked first one, and then the other of the tender eggs into my mouth. I applied a bit of suction as my tongue danced over Josh's hairless nuts, small but still managing to fill my mouth. I loved the way they felt in my mouth. It was better than I could have ever imagined.

I finally allowed his spit soaked balls to fall from my mouth, and then slid my hands from his ass to his thighs, pushing them up and against his chest. Eventually grasping the idea, he reached forward shakily to grab himself behind each knee and hold himself spread open for me.

In the dim light I could just make out the darker shape of his anus in the shadowy cleft of his ass. Being as new to this as Josh I leaned forward carefully, afraid I would hate this, but eager to try after all these years. I tentatively pressed my tongue against the tiny pink pucker, ready for some nasty taste, but all I tasted after a moment was soap and a sweaty sort of boyish taste that belonged to Josh. I began to lap at the tight sphincter, feeling it moving against my tongue. Josh was moaning again.

Making a fleshy spear of my tongue, I finally pushed it forward, once again prepared to be repulsed. With a bit of pressure, Josh's ass opened up to my probing tongue. I pushed it forward, swirling it, again tasting nothing more nasty than a sweaty sort of musk taste. Relieved, and loving the way Josh's tiny asshole contracted against my lips, I began to work my tongue in and out. Josh's entire body was trembling.

I finally raised my head and looked up at Josh. His eyes were squeezed shut and his head was shaking from side to side. His legs were trembling as he held them. I honestly wanted nothing more at that moment than to rise to my knees and plunge my cock into that tiny ass, but I knew he wasn't ready for that. Then I spotted his cock, trembling as hard as the rest of his body, so stiff it looked like a sausage about to burst from its casing.

I reached up and grabbed Josh's knees, pulling them down. His eyes opened and he fixed me with a dazed stare. He grinned. "That was intense," he croaked.

I smiled and looked down at his pubescent prick. "That was nothing," I promised. Then I leaned down and rasped my tongue up the short length of his cock.

"Oh man!" Josh gasped.

I slowly licked from balls to crown once again, then swirled my tongue against his frenulum and sucked lightly at that loose bit of sensitive skin. Josh writhed and whimpered like a little lost puppy. Hooking my tongue around the underside, I lifted the small morsel enough to allow me to wrap my lips around the spongy little cockhead. I explored the acorn shaped glans with my tongue, sliding it into the tiny piss slit. Then I slowly moved my lips downward, taking inch after inch of that boyish treat.

I had been dreaming of sucking a cock for as long as I could remember. Well, at least since I was 11 or 12. I had imagined what it would feel like in my mouth, how it would taste, how it would be to hold such a tender part of another boy in my mouth, feeling their trust and love for me. Ok, I was a romantic. I knew some guys gave anonymous blowjobs in dirty bathrooms and it didn't mean much to either person, but for me this was an act of love and tenderness.

Before I knew it, my lips had reached hairless base, and all four inches of Josh's tender cock throbbed in my mouth, the head just at the entrance of my throat. I could feel it pulsing against my tongue, so hot and powerful. I began to suck at it, forming a vacuum. Then I started to move my mouth up and down, completely lost in the sensation of that slender tube of flesh sliding between my lips, over my tongue, against the roof of my mouth, while Josh's body writhed and quivered beneath me. His hips began to lift off the mattress, humping against me, spastically at first, then slowly finding an instinctual rhythm. I felt his hands in my hair, pressing against the back of my head, urging me on.

In my mouth, Josh's cock began to swell, and he cried out, "I'm gonna do it, Toby!"

While I really wanted to hold him in my mouth while he climaxed I also was desperate to find out whether or not he could squirt, so I pulled back off his small cock and then took it in my hands, jacking him rapidly as I tongued his tight balls. I felt his nuts convulse against my tongue as Josh's body went stiff. Then his dick jerked in my fist and I watched a single tiny spurt of clear liquid sprayed from the head of his prick. The second jerk produced nothing, so I quickly took his spasming dick back into my mouth, sucking lightly while his orgasm rocked him.

Eventually he pushed my head away, and I knew his cock had become too sensitive to touch. I released it, then gently lapped up the few drops of boyish jism I found on his hairless groin. It didn't taste anything like my own cum. It was sweetish, but sweaty at the same time. I licked lightly at his cockhead once more, in case anything lingered there still, then slowly moved up to lie beside my eleven year old lover.

I watched his face. He was staring up at the ceiling, still panting. Sweat had dampened the hair around his brow. I placed my hand on his chest and leaned close, gently kissing his cheek. Idly toying with one nipple I nuzzled against his neck. Finally he turned his head and kissed me. Then we lay there, staring into each other's eyes. He smiled and turned his body towards mine, his right arm going around my back, pressing his small frame against mine.

"That was the best one yet," he said.

"I'm glad you liked it," I said. "I liked doing it for you."

"Did you like doing it to me best or somebody else?" Still the uncertain boy.

"That was the first time I ever did it," I told him softly.

"Really?" I nodded. He seemed to think about this for a few long moments, then said, "Thank you." I was once again struck by his maturity. I wondered how I would have reacted at his age to this kind of situation.

"You squirted, ya know."

"I did?" His eyes lit up with excitement. "I really squirted sperms?"

I nodded and smiled. "My little boy is growing up," I teased. He stuck his tongue out at me.

A couple of minutes passed while we just lay there, enjoying each other's presence. Then, "Toby?"


"Are... Toby, are you gay?

I know it seems like a silly question, given what had just happened, but then I thought about his relationship with Michael, and what his mother had said about experimentation, and realized that he wouldn't necessarily see what we'd done in the same light I did. I was also struck by how the question affected me. I'd never been asked before. I'd certainly never proclaimed it. But I did now.

"Yeah, Joshy, I'm gay. Is... is that ok?"

"I think it is," he answered after a few moments of thought. "I mean, it's ok that you are." Another few long moments passed, then, "I think maybe I am too."

I hurried to reassure him. "Josh, just because we... well... did what we did, that doesn't make you gay. It's normal for boys to experiment, just like your mom said. It doesn't mean you're going to be gay. Don't worry ok?"

"I'm not worried," he said, surprising me. "At least not now. But I always thought maybe I was. I mean, all the guys at school talk about girls and stuff, but I don't think about them. I always thought about Michael, or other boys I know, or guys on tv. And now... well you know. Since you came to live here I... I thought about you a lot."

"I've thought about you a lot too," I assured him, which earned me a smile.


I smiled. "Yeah?"

"When you... sucked it. My dick... " he paused. "Well, what was it like?"

"I loved it," I told him. "I always dreamed about it, and I'm glad you were the first one. It was really nice."

"Would you want me to do it to you?" he asked in a soft voice. He wouldn't quite meet my eyes.

"Only if you wanted to, Joshy. I wouldn't want you to do anything ever that you didn't want to."

"If I wanted to, you'd want me to? I'd like to try it I think."

"If you wanted to, I'd like it very much."

Without another word he sat up, pushed me onto my back, and stared down at my cock. I grabbed a pillow and watched him watching me. My cock was very stiff, hovering slightly, leaking a small bit of pre-cum. My balls were full and heavy between my thighs. They had very little hair on them, and what was there was blonde. The hair that formed a small triangle at the base of my prick was mostly light brown, with some blonde thrown in to lighten it. As I said, my prick was about average, a fraction over 6 inches, but sorta thick, I thought anyway, at nearly 2 inches across. I was cut and my glans was darkly red and flared, thicker than the shaft by probably a third of an inch on either side.

I watched as Josh reached out and took my cock into his small fist, began slowly jacking it up and down, watching as tiny amount of pre-cum bubbled from the pisshole. Then he leaned over and sniffed, first the head, then my crotch, then my balls. Holding my dick gingerly, he then flicked his tongue against the shaft. Then another, longer lick. Then his lips were against me, and I could feel his tongue swirling.

"It just tastes like skin," he informed me.


Eyeing my cock, he swiped his tongue over my swollen cockhead, up from under the glans and across the spongy surface, stopping before he reached the area which glistened wetly from my pre-cum. And then, after a moment, there too. I shuddered at the sensation. Then his soft full lips where spreading over the tip of my cock, and his agile little tongue was flicking against my leaking pisshole. I watched in awe as his lips spread, taking more and more of me inside him. Then his lips were against the flared underside of my corona and the head of my cock was completely inside his mouth.

The sight of this beautiful child's lips stretched wide around the shaft of my cock was the most erotic thing I'd ever seen. My cock lurched in response and I had to will myself from cumming right then. I stared with a mixture of awe and excitement as he swallowed more of my cock. He managed to take about half of it before he gagged a tiny bit and backed off. Then he lifted himself up again, the shaft of my prick shining wetly with his saliva as it emerged.

Dropping a hand to my balls, he then began to gently bob his head up and down on my prick, his cheeks caving inward on each upstroke as he applied suction as if he'd been sucking cocks forever. He never nicked me with his teeth and his tongue and lips teased me as if they were separate entities. It was all I could do to keep my hips from thrusting, but I didn't want to choke him. I allowed my fingers to play with his silky hair though.

"Feels so good, Joshy," I moaned softly. "You're doing so good."

He moaned around my cock, apparently enjoying himself as much as I was.

"Suck my cock, Joshy," I said, surprised to hear such words coming from myself. "Suck it, baby." He seemed to redouble his efforts.

My orgasm came upon me like a storm in the mountains, distant and rumbling at first but growing louder and more thunderous as it drew nearer. Despite my efforts, my hips began to work, a slow, sensuous rhythm, twisting and thrusting.

"It's coming, Josh," I warned in an urgent whisper. "Uhhhh, I'm gonna cum!"

Instead of pulling back, as I expected, Josh tried to take even more of my cock. I could hear him choking a bit as his hand squeezed and caressed my nuts and he sucked harder at my cock.

Then I cried out and thrust upward, grinding my crotch against Josh's face while my cock exploded. I could feel him swallow the first blast of cum that shot into his throat, and then the second. Then he was choking and pulling back while I shot a third and a fourth time into his mouth. Then his mouth was gone and a fifth blast caught him across the face, from cheek to eyebrow. The sixth squirt caught him on the lips, and then the seventh and eighth against my stomach. I watched as he licked his lips clean, his pink tongue lapping up my spent jizz. Then he was leaning down and sucking up the cum from my stomach, before taking the head of my cock into his warm mouth once again, gently milking the last of my seed into his eager mouth.

I was only dimly aware as he crawled back up to lie beside me. I recall kissing him, tasting my cum in his sweet mouth. I remember holding him against me, and telling him how much I loved him. And I think I remember him telling me that he loved me too. And then I don't remember anything.