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Coming Home
By Kevin Knox

This story is dedicated to two of the most amazing people I have ever had a chance to talk to. You both have touched me deeply and have changed my life for the better. I am truly thankful, and grateful for the time you give to me, and for tolerating my insufferable dribble.

I pull into the garage, the door shutting behind me, bringing me back to my home, my sanctuary. I consider getting the bags from my trip, preferring instead to walk in unencumbered, dealing with the cleanup tomorrow. The cool air and familiar smells greet me me as I open the door.

"DADDY!" My boy says, dropping the game controller and coming over, expecting to be picked up. Not one to deny my child anything, I lift him into my arms and kiss his lips tenderly, fatherly. He wants more, but restrain him and myself.

"Mr. Knox," Carlos greats me warmly, walking in from the great room. He isn't surprised to see me kissing my son, as he has seen in a hundred times.

"Thanks for staying late Carlos. My flight was delayed and..." I begin to apologize, shifting Kevin in my arms, but not putting him down. Carlos and eyed each other, smiling, having found ourselves in each other's arms a few times, and lately, more often than not. I smiled a little broader, knowing more than he...

"No problem, Mr. Knox," He replied, a twinkle passing in his eye. I had told him a thousand times to call me Kevin, but he wouldn't. That was my son's name. Always so respectful. Always so beautiful. "See you Monday."

I put Kevin down, and grabbed his arm as he was walking out the door I had just passed through. "Carlos... really... thank you." He just smiled at me. Something crossed his face... guilt? I smiled broader, knowing where the sadness came from, knowing that it was completely unnecessary. Knowing that Monday, if my boy agreed, that look would never cross his face again, knowing that this dance would end.

As the door shut, Kevin reached up again, begging for me to hold him, wanting to be close to me. I grabbed him and held him tenderly, supporting his small behind, feeling it lustfully as I did. He didn't say anything, but instead kissed me. This time, I returned the kiss that he wanted, that he needed. Our tongues tangoed in the hallway, dancing to the silent music of our love. On his tongue, I tasted the familiar taste of fresh cum.

As we broke our kiss, I asked, "Did you and Carlos...?"

"He had me suck him twice," my boy said proudly. "I can almost get him all the way now."

I had searched for ages for a home teacher that would play with my boy when I was at work. Carlos, of course, didn't know that I knew... but... "Kev... would you like Carlos to live with us?"

"Really?!?" my boy exclaimed. "That would be awesome! Then will you let me watch you two... you know..." Kevin blushed.

"Watch us cook dinner?" I asked, teasing him.

"NOOO DADDYY!! You know... Could I watch you two...?"

"Say it," I admonished him with a smile, teaching him that nothing was taboo in our house... that there was nothing to be embarrassed of.

"Could I watch you and Carlos fuck daddy?" Kevin asked, exasperated. My dick twitched at the words coming from his small mouth.

"As long as Carlos says yes, sure..." I then change the subject to the necessary for a moment. "Did you eat?" I saw Kevin grin, and then added, "Did you eat FOOD?"

"Yep... Carlos made my favorite... TACOS!" I laughed at the stereotype... but also knew that his cooking was out of this world... especially the food he grew up with. "He left you some in the fridge."

"I'll eat them later..." I said. I then playfully sniffed my boy's hair, finding his smell intoxicating... but knew that he hadn't showered. "You stink!" I said playfully.

"I was waiting for you to get home..."

"Well go get a shower... I'll be in in just a moment."

I put Kevin down and he ran toward my bedroom. He had his own bathroom, but I don't think he has ever used it, vastly preferring my large shower. I walked into the kitchen, finding the mail laid out and the space spotless. Only the smell of spice still lingered in the air. I sighed, knowing my life was going to change again if I invited him in, but happy to find another man that could understand me. He was already my son's teacher, my lover and Kev's secret lover... but that decision was for later.

I walked leisurely to my bedroom, silently laughing as I saw the trail of clothes Kev left along the way. As I picked up his, I removed my own, taking my suit jacket and tie off, laying them all on the chair in the bedroom. I walk into the luxurious bathroom, removing my shirt as I do so, finding Kev already under the multiple streams of the large, walk-in shower. "Don't want to wait for me?" I pouted.

"I... You promised dad! You said after I turn 9..." Kevin said from under the running water. I of course knew what he was talking about, and my dick twitched in anticipation of the plans we had laid for tonight. He had turned 9 two days ago, and was crushed when I told him he had to wait for the weekend.

I bit my lip, still worried about hurting him, but having been with my son in every other way over the last few years, I knew it was time. I knew he deserved to get what he wanted and so obviously needed. "Well, we need to clean you out first..."

Kev jumped up and down, excited as only a boy can be. His already hard cock hardening a bit further. My own cock rose in my pants as I said, "Get out and dry off. I need to clean you out before we do anything." Throwing him a towel, I told him, "Get on the chair."

He spread out his chaise lounge, butt up and ready to receive his enema. To keep him warm, I turned on the gas fireplace while I reached under the sink to get the enema bag out. As I filled the plastic container, I looked at my boy smiling at me, flanked by the warmth of the fire, laying in the sexiest position possible. "I'm so glad I got the bathroom done right," I sighed to myself, not for the first time. Besides the bedroom, Kev and I seemed to live in this room.

In the mornings, despite my pleas for him to keep sleeping, he would groggily wake up and take the same seat he is in now, watching me shower, talking to me about the things that were important in his life. He lay on the same chair the first time he told me he had sucked Carlos. I remember the morning when he told me that he and his best friend, Andy, started fooling around. I remembered all the times he listened to me tell him about Paul before the accident.

The bag filled and warm, I walk over to him and gently insert the tube into his waiting butt. He closes his eyes as the water fills him. Rubbing his back, still marveling as how smooth his skin could be under my fingertips. I traced the freckles that dotted the pale white skin, causing him to coo. "OK dad!" he exclaims, eyes bolting open as he begins to sit up. I shut off the flow and pull the tip out. Kev waddles quickly to the toilet, shutting the door.

As he empties himself, I fill the bag again. Coming out, I motion for him to go through a process a second time. He sighs, not particularly liking the feeling, but complies, knowing he needs to do it to get what he really wants.

As he finishes his business, I lay out towels and wash cloths and remove the remainder of my clothes. Starting the shower again, Kev joins me under the sprays. With the warm water running over us, I hold him tightly and kiss him again. "I love you, Kev."

"I love you too dad," he says. "But... you are... aren't you..."

"I'm what?" I tease again.

"Ugh... You are going to fuck me tonight aren't you?" he asks, turning red.

"If you are sure that is what you want," I said tenderly, running my hand across the freckles of his cheek.

"Dad... I told you..." He said, starting to get angry and impatient.

"Relax, Kev... I want to... I just wanted to make sure," I held him tightly and kissed him. Realizing that he would get what he was looking forward to, he relaxed into my arms and began to enjoy our time together.

I reached for the lemon verbena shampoo and gently rubbed his sun-streaked, golden hair. Taking in the beautiful sent, and let my hands gently glide across his scalp, showing him the love in the small things I do as much as what was to come. He rinsed, and I repeated my gentleness with the conditioner.

"I want to remember tonight," I told him as I applied soap to the wash cloth. He smiled at me, the jittery boy and his rock-hard cock betraying his excitement. However, as I had warned him, I was not going to rush. Instead, I let the cloth drift slowly across his rosy cheeks. Once the oils of the day were removed, I continued down, caressing his long, thin neck and gently rubbing his shoulders. Though in a hurry, he sighed contently, always enjoying my backrubs. "I love you," I whispered.

He turned his head and smiled at me. "I love you too, daddy."

I continue to rub down his soft tummy, sticking my little finger playfully inside his little inny, eliciting a giggle. Continuing my ministrations I wash his pelvis, balls and cock quickly. I then have him rinse and bring him back, close to me. Kneeling and unable to help myself, I take his small, cut cock into my mouth while I use the cloth to clean his boy bubble butt.

"Oh daddy," Kev squeaks, pushing his hard cock deeper into my mouth. I suck for a few moments, letting my tongue flick against the small head of his three inches while my soapy finger delve deep inside my boy's ass. But as quickly as I start, I end my play. "Dad... why did you stop?"

"Later," I tell the impatient imp.

I continue my job of cleaning him, and then motion for him to lay on the shower bench, directing some of the water onto him to keep him warm.

As I bathe myself, he looks at me with longing in his eyes. My dick is already hard from playing with my boy and he licks his lips longingly staring at it. "You really want me don't you?"

Kev turns red again, but nods enthusiastically. I smile, waving my hard cock near him. He reaches for it, but I pull away. He grins, loving when we play like this. I go back to washing myself and he asks, "Dad, can Andy spend the night tomorrow after my party?"

"Sure," I say thorough the suds. "But remember, Ryan is coming home from college and your uncles will be here."

"I don't think Ryan will mind," Kevin says grinning.

"I'm not worried about Ryan," I say giving him a sly smile. "I'm not sure Andy is ready..."

"He's ready dad," Kevin says seriously and confidently.

I raise an eyebrow, but leave that conversation for tomorrow. I've kept my boy waiting long enough. I shut the shower off and grab the waiting towels off of the warmer. I throw one around my shoulders, and then focus my attention on drying Kev. I kiss him gently, softly, and he can sense the change in my mood. I stare into his blue-green eyes, happy for the millionth time that I took the risk of having him.

Once we are dry, I pick my toweled elf up playfully and throw him over my shoulder. "Tonight your ass is mine!" I declare, smacking it gently, playfully. Kevin screams in delight, playing along... kicking and trying to wiggle out of my grasp. However, he can't get free until we are in the bedroom and I throw him down on the bed and jump over him.

We both stop... the atmosphere changing from playful to serious, then to loving in an instant. I bend down ever so slightly and kiss my boy's rosy lips. His tongue peeks out just a little and I let the tips of our tongues touch. I feel his legs curl up under me. As I lean up, he presents his still virgin rosebud to me. "You really want this don't you?" I ask one more time.

"Please dad... you promised."

Not answering him, I bend down and begin to rim his ass. He moans and squirms in delight, loving the feeling almost as much as I do. I let my tongue open his flower up, relishing the acrid taste of my boy's ass. My boy pushes on my head, trying to get more of my tongue into him. Wanting this to last longer than it is about to, I push his legs down and take his cock into my mouth. I then suck furiously, bobbing up and down, trying to get my boy to cum as fast as possible.

"Oh dad... oh... Dad... DAD... DAAADDDYYYYY!!" my boy cries as his dry orgasm quickly overtakes his small body. Feeling his quivering coming to an end, I pull off of his sensitive dick and stand up. "You said you would fuck me..." Kevin complained, almost crying.

"I will my sweet... I promise. The night is young, but I want this to last... and you needed that." Kevin smiled back at me, reassured. I go back to the bathroom and shut off the lights, dimming the ones in the bedroom at the same time. I also put on some romantic music as well as Kev's favorite porno, setting the volume on the TV to silent.

As I let my boy recover a little, I hold him in my arms and stare into his eyes. As I lay there, very horny, memories of my old lover, and Kev's other dad come flooding back.

"Are you thinking about Paul, daddy?" I nod, a tear forming. "I miss him too," Kev states, matter-of-factly.

"He just would have so wanted to be here tonight. He so very much wanted to see the night I first had sex with my boy. And he would have been... if not for that drunk..." I trailed off.

"Well..." Kev thought for a while. "Maybe he is."

I hugged Kevin tightly, letting the tears flow for a moment, feeling my son's against my chest. The wound was still too fresh... too clean... despite being two years old. But quickly the sadness passes, as I was not going to let the past rule the present, or the future. I dry my son's tears with kisses as he whispers, "I miss dad."

"I miss him too, Kev." Changing the subject, one last time, I ask, "Is this what you really want tonight?"

"Dad... I've wanted this for years now. You promised me... please dad... I'm..."

"Ok, ok little one!"

"I love you dad." He then pauses, brushes my cheek and says, "Thank you daddy."

I smile, another tear forming, but this one of joy. I also smile realizing that my son always turns romantic after he cums the first time. I take Kevin into my arms and hold him tight, feeling both his body and mine respond to the renewed intimacy.

I turn him over so that he is laying on my stomach. He smiles, looking into my eyes, pulling his legs up and giving my hands access to his ass once more. I turn slightly, and reach for the lube and cloths I kept by the bed. Turning back to him, I kiss him gently as the "click" of the Vaseline gives away its opening.

Pressing the first lubed finger to his bottom, he kisses me hard, desperate once more for the intimacy he so desires. One hand gently rubs his back as the other prepares my son. I dare not touch myself, wanting these moments to last as long as possible, though I can feel the pre-cum pooling, giving away my excitement.

First one finger, then two, then the third... we kiss and moan with each other as our lust builds... the lust only a father can know for his son and his son can know for his father.

"Are you ready?" I ask. Getting no response but his movement, Kevin scoots back and lines up my cock with his asshole. He closes his eyes as the tip presses against his still tight rosebud. "Ugh!" he grunts, as my cock fills his entrance.

I'm overcome by the warmth and tightness surrounding my dick... a feeling I have dreamt of for thirty years. Unable to help myself, I push my cock half way up Kev's small ass, making him scream and pull me most of the way out.

"I'm so sorry..." I begin.

"No dad... I want this!" Kev looks at me with fire in his eyes, no longer just wanting his father, but needing him to breed him... to mark him as his own. As my cock hardens further, I smile proudly, seeing the strong, confident man Kevin will become in the coming years. "Just... just slower... ok?"

"Ok." I say back gently, knowing that my unspoken promise will be hard to keep when he feels this good.

Kevin goes back to his task, lowering himself inch by inch onto my rock-hard dick. Every once in a while he stops, breathes heavily and lets himself get used to me. I keep busy by massaging his semi-flaccid dick, getting a rare moment to feel what he is like soft. Inch by inch until finally he is sitting on my trimmed pubic hair. "I'm in dad!" he announces proudly.

I say nothing, but instead smile and brush his face of the tears of pain, letting my pride show in my eyes. I also keep playing with his cock, feeling it slowly harden, remembering the first time I touched him... Paul by my side as Kevin snuggled between us. The memory excites me, causing me to thrust ever so slightly, to move. Kevin's head tilts back and he begins to slide up and down on my cock, moaning as my seven inches fill his tight space beyond capacity, crushing is prostate in the most amazing way.

"Fuck me daddy... like those guys are..." he says, motioning to the TV. I look seeing two twinks going at it, one on top of another, staring into each other's eyes. Lust overtakes me and, without pulling out, I flip Kevin over.

"Kevin... I'm going to fuck you... I'm going to fuck you like I should of a long time ago..." Without letting him respond I begin pistoning in and out of my son, taking long, fast strokes... trying to burn this moment into my memory... into my soul. I marvel as my cock seems to keep fitting in Kevin, easier with each stroke. My son loses contact with reality, only focusing on the pleasure my movements are giving his rear end while at the same time his hand pleasures his front.

Though I thought it would be me who couldn't last, it is Kevin that goes over the edge first. "Daddy, I'm cumming again..." he squeaks. I feel his ass clamp around my dick, almost, but not quite making it impossible for me to move.

Seeing my son in the throes of passion as well as the extra tightness of his love canal throw me over the edge. I push onto my boy hard, causing him to cry out in pain and pleasure as the same time as my cock enlarges and puts a tiny tear in his tiny sphincter. Wave after wave of my orgasm washes over me, and I watch as his small hole is unable to hold me as well as my cum, and some of the white fluid begins to leak out.

Even though my cock is beyond sensitive, I keep thrusting in and out of him, getting slower and slower until I am just barely moving. But... I don't pull out and I don't soften. "Did you like that baby?"

"Oh god yes daddy!" he says, hugging me tightly, then kissing me. "Can we do it again?"

I laugh, but respond, "Well... I'm not going down... I think we still are doing it."

Kevin smiles. For the next two hours I lazily ease my cock in and out of my boy, changing positions multiple times. Kevin comes twice more during that time before I finally move him to a doggy position and deep dick his now very sore ass, cumming even harder than I did the first time.

After I cum, I find my boy still hard, still wanting his dad. Wanting him to know the same pleasure, I ask, "Do you want to fuck me?"

"Can I dad?" he asks, excited.

I roll over and lift my legs back further than they have gone in years, holding his small cock between my two fingers, making sure to keep it aligned. Like a bunny on coke, he hammers me, eyes rolling back and takes me for all he is worth. Despite his intensity, I can barely feel him and instead just enjoy the look on my son's face as he cums for the fourth time tonight.

Finally, both of us exhausted and spent, he snuggles up to me, cum dripping down his butt cheeks, unable to close his ass enough to keep all my daddy juice inside. "Can I sleep with you tonight?" he asks, his eyes already closing.

I pull him in tightly and respond. "Of course you can baby... of course you can. I love you."

"I love you too daddy."

---- End ----

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