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Corey's Scent
by: Kewl Dad

Today my nephew Corey is coming over again to stay with me while his mom works. He's a good kid, just turned 13 last month and a cute and sexy little monkey. He has brown hair and soft brown eyes with long eye lashes. I bet he gets a lot of attention from the girls at school, but he doesn't talk much about his social life, at least not to me. He has the cutest little bit of fuzz over a pair of pouty lips that are just begging to be kissed. I know he wishes he could grow a full blown mustache, but that's years away. Hell, he doesn't even have any pubic hair to speak of. Just a little wisp of brownish blond hair above his penis but his ass and balls are as smooth as a baby. How do I know that you wonder? Well, because I sneak peeks of the boy every chance I get.

See I'm gay and I've had the hots for my Nephew for a very long time. But it wasn't until he turned about twelve that I began to see him as more than just eye candy. He plays basketball at school and everyday he comes to my apartment after school. He doesn't shower at school and that's fine with me, because I like that ripe boy smell that he has. Only problem is: it drives me crazy. I'm not kidding, some days it's all I can do not to dive into his pits or his crotch and start rooting like a hog in mud. 

It's not really a dirty smell. Oh, I mean sure he sweats, but I know he is clean when he goes to school and the scent he has at the end of the day is just his natural scent mixed with a little sweat. It's intoxicating to a pervert like, and if I could bottle it I bet I could sell a million bottles.

Just a little about me. I'm 39 and not bad looking for an older dude. I'm cool as hell and Corey knows it. I told him right up front that I smoked weed and he was not only cool with it, but I think he figured I'd let him try it sometime and take the mystery out of it for him. Well that day may be coming sooner than we both planned on.

He's here now and I better stop writing for now. I'll write more later after he's gone.

It's about ten o'clock now and Corey left about an hour ago. His mom worked late...again, but I didn't mind. Every minute spent with Corey is Heaven. I mean yeah, it's kind of frustrating having him around and not being able to touch him like I want to, but it's worth the hassle just to be near him and sniff that smell that causes my cock to go from zero to hero in about ten 

Tonight was actually pretty cool. Corey hurt his leg playing b-ball and asked me if I'd take a look at it. I tried not to act as excited as I was, but my hands were trembling as he swung his leg up into my lap and pulled up those blue silk basketball shorts that he always wore. His skin was silky smooth and soft to the touch and if I could have gotten away with it I might have rubbed that smooth skin all evening. I rubbed his leg until I found the sore spot and he moaned really low and I almost came in my shorts.  He told me that was the spot and I rubbed it a little harder and he moaned a little louder. I ask him if he wanted me to stop, but he said no, that rubbing it actually made it feel better so I kept rubbing for a long time.

The whole time he was sitting there so close to me and I could smell his boy sweat and funk and it was driving me crazy. I could even smell his ass a little and that caused my dick to leak like a sieve. How I wanted to devour that boy from smelly feet to pits. I guess he must've noticed my hard-on at some point because I saw him staring at my crotch intently. I wanted so badly to say something, but I was chickenshit and maybe missed a great opportunity to steer by nephew toward at least talking bout sex.

Eventually he got hungry and I fixed us dinner and we ate it in front of the TV sitting side by side on the couch with our feet on the coffee table. His scent was mixed with onions and hamburger then and I could have eaten him alive at that moment. I tried not to stare at his crotch but I swear he had a little boner of his own going on. Though I had never seen my nephew with a boner, I had seen him soft a few times and his cock was a nice one. His hairless nuts were a good size and I often wondered if he made a lot of spunk, or even if he could shoot at all. 

After dinner, while I was washing dishes Corey stretched out on the couch and when I came back to the living room, he was asleep. God what a beauty he was while he slept. I know from being around him a lot that he is a hard sleeper (no pun intended) so I knelt down beside the couch and touched his face. His lips were pursed as if he was getting ready to kiss and I could see movement behind his eyelids, an indication of REM  sleep which meant he was dreaming. I wondered what 13 year old boys dreamed of and as if to answer my question he began to mumble softly.

"Mmmmm....don't...." he muttered in a voice so thick with lust that I almost came at the sound of it....then goose bumps went up my spine as he spoke again, "don't stop...."

I took a deep breath and inhaled his heady odor and felt drunk with desire. I threw all caution to the wind and leaned down and sniffed his crotch making sure not to touch him with my face. His scent was like catnip to a cat for me. I had to have more. I began sniffing like a hound dog and rubbing myself through my shorts. 

I got bolder as he continued to moan and talk in his sleep and I put a hand on his leg just to see if he would react. When he didn't jerk away or wake up I let my hand move up until it was brushing the hem of those loose legged basketball shorts. My heart was beating so fast I was afraid I would croak, but there was no stopping now. My breath was coming in raspy pants as I snaked my hand up inside those shorts only to discover Corey wore no underwear beneath. I had always suspected he was a free baller and now that I knew for certain I had been right I was shaking with new lust for him.

Feeling bolder now I gripped his nut sack and then his dick head feeling the wetness there. Unable to resist my desires any longer I brought my hand to my nose and sniffed it. His boy scent was almost overpowering. A mixture of sweat, and piss, and pure boy aroma for me this was the most powerful aphrodisiac of them all. I licked my hand and tasted him there and suddenly my cock erupted without my ever touching it.

I went weak in the knees and nearly collapsed to the floor. I was suddenly consumed with guilt and shame, but not for very long. Gazing down on my nephew's sleeping form I wanted him more than ever, but I knew this was not the time. I knew he could be had, but I had to plan carefully and not rush things. 

I beat off twice that night thinking about how Corey had smelled and the feel of his cock beneath my hand. I fell asleep in a puddle of my own jizz and never slept so well.

I'm a new man now and it's all because of Corey and what happened last night. It was Friday and his mom had a big date so I agreed to let him spend the night. Well, of course that was no problem as far as I was concerned because I figured this was the night to finally make my move. 

He arrived as usual about 3:30 in his basketball shorts and a tank top. He had just come from practice and was covered in a sheen of sweat. It was in the high 80's that day and the walk over to my apartment had made him even sweatier than usual. His smell was stronger and intoxicating and it was all I could do not to dive into his crotch and sniff like bloodhound on a trail. 

He was in a good mood and actually gave me a little hug as I met him at the door and I hugged back holding him for a moment as I inhaled his wicked scent. He threw his backpack down on a chair and we went off to the kitchen to get him a snack and a soda.

"Wish I could have a beer," he said screwing up his cute face and looking even cuter. 

He'd been trying to get me to let him drink for a while now and I decided drinking was tame compared to what I had in store for the boy later. "I guess you're old enough to have your first beer. I was about you age when I popped my first tab." I said grabbing a beer and handing it to my nephew. The look on his face was priceless.

"You mean it uncle Ed?'re just busting my balls aren't' ya?" he said frowning.

Lick them maybe, I thought, but never bust them. "Have I ever lied to you before, Corey? I'm letting you have a beer. No big deal, just one rule: you can't tell your mom. She'd have my head on a platter."

"No, no way, uncle Ed. I'd never tell on you. You're the coolest uncle any kid ever had," he said smiling brightly and making me love him so much I was having second thoughts about what I had planned for later. But my little head was still running things and I knew I was going through with no matter what.

It was kind of funny watching Corey drink that first beer. I could see he didn't want me to know he was a virgin to beer, but I'm no dummy. He took forever to finish that one beer and when I offered him another, he said he'd better wait till later, maybe when the pizza came. I smiled and put my arm around his shoulders and bumped my head against his and he smiled back. I was feeling very affectionate just then and the prospect of finally getting to know Corey sexually was really messing with my head.

We ate pizza on the couch as usual and watched a movie on It wasn't hard core by any means but I could see from the look on his face that he was finding the movie arousing. I had some straight porn for later but first I had to get things set up just right.

"Ever smoke pot?" I asked casually.

"Uh, no...some guys at school offered a hit to  me, but I was afraid we'd get caught so I chickened out," he said sounding embarrassed.

"No harm in keeping things on the down low. You did the right thing. But, good old uncle Ed has some premo pot and there is absolutely no chance of you getting caught smoking here, so...what do you say, wanna try it?"

"Hell yeah," he said grinning, "I can't believe you're letting me do all this stuff. First the beer now the pot..this is so cool." he said giving me a one handed hug.

I hugged back and took the opportunity to brush his cute ass with my hand. He didn't seem to notice or if he did he didn't make an issue out of it. I guess he still thought of me as good old uncle Ed and not some sex fiend who wanted to lick him

I fired up the bong and showed Corey how to use it and when he got his first lungful of smoke he began choking until he turned red. I beat him on the back and rubbed it gently talking him through it and praising his ability to take such a big hit and assuring him it would get easier after a few more tries. He finally quit coughing and I took my turn. I had a pretty good buzz going after a hit or two and Corey finally decided to give it another try. He looked at me with those eyes that see clear through to my soul and smiled. He didn't choke this time and I could see from his eyes that the pot was starting to work on him. Soon it would be time to break out the porn.

"Feelin okay, buddy?"

"Yeah..." he said slowly giggling a little as he looked at his hand.

"Hey, you know what buddy, I got a movie you'd probably like to watch. Now that you're old enough for beer and pot, I think you're old enough for this too."

"Really? What is it, a porno?" He giggled.

"Yep, the real thing...triple X and so hot it smokes."

I could hear the excitement in his voice. I knew nothing got a boy's blood racing faster than the prospect of something forbidden and dirty. I let him stew a moment while I went off to the bedroom and retrieved the only straight sex DVD I owned. I liked it because it had a number of younger guys in it and even the girls were quite sexy, but it was the guys I liked to watch and the photography was first rate. The photographer had done an excellent job of capturing the penetration scenes and there was a lot of dick shown as well as the guys' asses when they filmed from behind. I figured either way the kid would be aroused. If he liked chicks there were some hot ones on there and if he liked guys...well, there were plenty of them  too.

He was literally on the edge of his seat when I returned and his eyes looked a little glassy but that didn't hide the excitement in them. Was that a tent in his shorts already? I hoped so, but it was hard to tell in those baggy shorts.

I popped he DVD in and grabbed the remote and returned to the couch and sat down as close to Corey as I could without being too obvious.  He turned to me and smiled nervously and returned his attention to the TV. As the credits rolled he sat back and pulled his feet up under him and was sitting Indian style.

The movie opened with a frat house party at some college and there was a sea of good looking guys and gals. Though all were still fully dressed at this point the next scene cut to a bedroom where two guys and a blond were making out on a huge bed. They were in their underwear at first but as the action continued the underwear came off and pretty soon the guys were fucking the blond from both sides. 

The photography was amazing and the photographer managed to capture the pure raw lust of the three participants. The shots of the guys' cocks sliding in and out of her pussy and ass were amazingly hot and I saw Corey squirm a little and try to adjust himself without my seeing. But I have great peripheral vision and I saw it all. He was definitely liking this just as I had thought he would.

The scene switched to a couple in the kitchen then and as we watched a petite red head dropped to her knees before a blond stud and popping the top button on his pants, she pulled down the zipper and slowly scooted his pants down his smooth muscular legs leaving him in just a pair of bikini briefs. His cock was tenting the bikini obscenely but only for a moment before she jerked those down to reveal a good 8" of fat cock. His cock bounced up as she freed it and almost hit her in the face and I heard Corey draw in a sharp breath then mutter, "Holy shit!"

I chuckled to myself. What came next had him fidgeting and pulling at his shorts as if he had a snake crawling around in them. I was pretty hard myself by then and reached down to adjust myself and when I did Corey jerked his head my way and stared at my crotch as if the movie was there instead of on the big screen TV. His eyes went back to the screen as he watched the girl on her knees take all 8" of the young studs cock down her throat.

"What could she do that?" he muttered grabbing himself now and not bothering to hide his actions.

"It takes practice," I said looking over at him and watching him rub his crotch for a moment, "most girls never learn it, but lots of guys can deep throat like that."

I expected some kind of resistance or at least a frown when I dropped that last bit on him, but instead he said, "Really, is it true that guys give better head, uncle Ed?"

"Well, it makes sense when you think about it. A guy has a dick and he knows what feels good and  a woman can only guess. Plus most guys who suck cock are dedicated cock suckers and practice till they get it right. I mean they really love doing it and that helps too."

He thought about that for a moment, his eyes glued to the screen the whole time and then turned to me and said, "Have you ever know, a guy go down on you?"

I was pretty impressed that he said "go down on", instead of suck and his tone and body language said he was curious and open to whatever my answer was.

"Yeah, sure. I think most guys go that way at least once or twice. Let's face it guys like head a lot and a lot of girls don't do that, so....they find  someone who will. They don't really care who does it as long as they nut." I decided to use as graphic language as I could.

He screwed up his cute face and sighed, "So it don't make you gay know let a guy do that?"

I laughed softly, "Naw, a lot of straight guys get head regularly from guys. Look on Craigslist if you don't believe me. And most are married. The funniest ones are the ones who say they are straight and want to get fucked in the ass."

"Ewww..isn't that nasty?" he said sounding more curious than turned off.

"Naw, guys who bottom, the ones who get fucked, clean themselves out first so its clean. Of course some guys use condoms so it wouldn't matter anyway."

"Oh, okay....I see." he said thoughtfully.

The scene had changed to two dudes making out on a pool table. This was actually the only gay scene in the movie and was soon interrupted by two girls who strolled in and drew their attention away from each other and to them. Pretty soon the guys were eating the girls' pussies' and I turned to see how Corey was reacting to this new situation. His eyes were wide and  he was licking his bottom lip absent-mindedly but I sensed he wasn't as impressed with the pussy eating as he was with the cock swallowing.

I glanced down at his crotch and noticed there was a wet spot where his hard cock rubbed against his shorts. I took a deep breath trying not to be too obvious and there was a new scent now mingling with his sexy boy scent. I recognized the smell right away as the scent of a boy on the edge of puberty. He was no doubt leaking like crazy or maybe he had even shot a little load while rubbing himself. Either way I wanted that cock in my mouth in a bad way and I knew I wouldn't rest until I had it.

"Another hit?" I offered as I fired up the bong again.

"I took a lungful and handed the bong to him and he mimicked my action, again not coughing. His eyes glassed over immediately and I knew he was about as mellow as I dared to get him and still have him coherent for what I hoped would be a fun filled night.

"Thanks for...for everything uncle Ed," he said smiling shyly.

"You're welcome buddy...but don't you think it's about time we dropped the uncle part? Just call me Ed now okay? I mean we're bong bros now," I laughed. I was feeling pretty mellow myself.

He giggled and I loved the sound of his voice. Daring to scoot a little closer I laid a hand on Corey's leg and looked into his eyes, "You okay, buddy? How's the leg?"

"Yeah, I'm great..." he giggled, "I'm fried Ed....and my leg feels great now. Thanks for rubbing it for me, it really helped."

I rubbed the exact spot that I had rubbed before and he shivered. I winked at him and continued to rub his leg slowly letting my hand creep up his thigh until it was touching the hem of his shorts. The legs of his shorts were so wide that I could have easily put my whole hand up there without straining at all, but I wasn't quite that brave or sure of myself yet.

I smiled at him again and he smiled back then went back to watching the movie. This time there was an orgy in progress in the living room and naked bodies were everywhere engaging in every form of sex imaginable. He was leaning forward and trying to see everything at once but I could tell he was a little overwhelmed.

"Anything you have questions about?" I asked, hoping he'd open up a little to me.

"Well....a few," he said softy, "like how come girls like to get it up the butt. I mean I can kind of see why a guy would do that cause he don't have a....ummm, pussy, but why do they like it up the butt so much?"

"Well, I guess cause it feels so good. And I guess some girls might do it just to make their men happy, cause butt sex actually feels better than regular sex. Since the ass hole is so much tighter and grips you like a glove."

He stuck his little tongue out and made a face, " kidding? Uh...have you know done it in someone's butt?" Not some girl, but someone. That was good, he wasn't assuming anything.

"Oh yeah, lots of times and even the worst piece of ass was good."

"So...were they girls or, ummm.....guys?"

I chuckled, "I won't lie Corey, they were guys."

He nodded, "I thought so. Uncle Ed...I mean Ed, are you...ummm, don't get mad, are you gay?"

"Buddy, why would I get mad? Yeah, I am. I figured you knew by now or I'd have told you."

"Well, I kinda did and mom said something about it once, but she wasn't upset or anything and she never acted like I should be careful or anything."

This wasn't going exactly as I'd planned, but it was still cool. "Does it bother you that your favorite Uncle is a queer?" I joked.

"No.....not really. I mean it's kind of cool actually. It means I never have to worry about you getting a girlfriend and going on dates and stuff and messing up our time."

I scooted even closer and put my arm around him, "Buddy I'd rather spend time with you than anyone on earth."

He blushed and then smiled shyly, "That feels really good unc...uh Ed," he said looking down at my hand still rubbing his leg. 

I smiled lewdly, "Lots more where that came from kiddo."

" what?" he asked nervously, but his voice was husky and tinged with lust.

"Well, that's up to you. I would never do anything you didn't like. You know that right?"

He nodded, "But I don't know....uh, what...uh...well...if you just did it then I would know if I liked it or not."

"Do you trust me Cor?"

He nodded, "More than anyone," he said looking ready to cry and making me want to bawl myself.

"Then do you trust me to do something that I have wanted to do for a long, long time?"

"Will it hurt?" he asked gently, but he didn't sound frightened.

"No....not at all. In fact it will feel so good you might pass out," I teased.

"Well, I want you to just do it then. Whatever you want to and it'll be cool with me."

"I could sit here and tell you what I want to do, but I think I'd rather just do it if that's okay. I will tell you that ever since you started puberty I have noticed your scent and when you come by here after school smelling of sweat and boy it drives me crazy."

"I'm sorry. I could start showering," he said blushing.

"Noooo! I screeched , "don't ever do that. I love how you smell. Its the best smell in the whole world."

"So...what do you want to do?" he asked shyly.

"I'll show you," I said dropping to my knees in front of  him. My heart was beating so fast I thought I would die of a heart attack before I ever got to do anything. But my heart was strong and as I positioned myself I looked up into his eyes and was amazed to see total trust and lust in his big brown eyes. 

I could wait no longer and he jumped as I buried my head in his lap and inhaled his heady odor. I was in Heaven for the next few minutes as I let my nose do the work and my head collect the data for processing. As good as it was sniffing that boy crotch and getting my high, I had to have more. 

"Can I take these off?" I said tugging as his shorts. His answer was a nod as he lifted his hips to allow me to slide them down his smooth slender legs. 

I gasped when I at long last came face to face with his amazing boy cock. It was about 5 maybe 5.5 inches long and tapered from a mushroom shaped head to a thick base that would open up the tightest ass or mouth. I loved it immediately and wasted no time burying my face in his crotch. Up close and personal with his nearly hairless pubic area his scent was even stronger and more exciting. I licked his nuts and he took a deep breath and shivered. A little animal noise escaped his lips and I smiled. 

I played motor boat on his nuts and pubic area as he squirmed and giggled softly. I grabbed his hard cock then and licked the end and moaned as I tasted his salty/sweet pre-cum mixed with his sweat and boy juices. I went crazy then and couldn't stop licking and sucking on every square inch of his crotch. I was saving his cock for last but I wouldn't be satisfied until I had his come in my mouth.

I wanted to eat his ass, but was unsure how to tell him what I had in mind without scaring him. I looked up and his eyes were closed and I decided that I would just take what I wanted and hope he trusted me enough to cooperate.

Grabbing his hips I rolled him slightly to the right then pulled him up until he was on his knees. He must've figured out what I was doing at some point because he was helping me though he seemed a bit stiff at first. Finally I had his ass toward me as he knelt on the couch and I moved in closer.

I sniffed his ass, no shit smell...just a rich earthy and musky odor that said this was a healthy boy on the cusp of puberty. I lowered my face to his crack and inhaled deeply and almost fainted from excitement. Here was what I had dreamed about as I jerked off for so long and now it was all mine. I tongue dived into his hole and he cried out then began moaning and cursing driving me into a frenzy. I jabbed my tongue at his hole and was rewarded as he pushed back and a inch of my tongue slid up his poop chute. He taste a little bitter for moment then his flavor mellowed out to that same salty/sweet taste I had experienced in his crotch. 

I must of tongue fucked the boy for a good ten minutes as I reached under and squeezed his leaking cock making him squirm and grunt with each thrust. My tongue got numb eventually and I gave up his ass with one last kiss on each cheek and physically picked him up and laid him on his back on the couch.

He looked at me pleadingly and I nodded. It was time to let my nephew see just how good a cock suck his uncle was. I began by licking his nuts and cock again lapping up all his pre-cum and sweat mixed with boy juice before I finally took him into my mouth.

His cock was perfect but as I slid down on it the width of the base stretched my mouth almost beyond my limits. I was hard and leaking just thinking about how good that fat cock would feel in my ass, but I would have to save that for another day. Tonight was all about worshiping Corey's tasty smelly body and I wasn't going to waste a second of it on my own needs. 

Suddenly I remembered something else I had fantasized about and letting Corey's cock slip from my mouth I scooted down to his feet and grabbed the closest one and shoved his toes in my mouth. They were sweaty and there was a bit of lint or toe jam between them, but I didn't care. I was crazy for his feet and despite his cries and thrashing about I managed to suck both and all his toes before he finally pushed me away.

"So ticklish," he cried out.

Moving back up I grabbed his arm and buried my face in his left arm pit and began licking it as if I was starved. He gasped but didn't push me away and when I had that one clean I went for the other one. There was no hair there either and his skin was soft and blemish free and all boy taste, not even a hint of deodorant. 

"Ready for the best feeling of your life?"

"Uh huh," he said dreamily. 

I went back down on him and this time I swallowed him whole and  flexed my throat muscles until he moaned loudly and thrust up trying to push more of his cock down my throat. I already had the whole thing in there and his little patch of pubes was resting on my upper lip. His crotch was pressed against my nose and with each thrust he was in danger of bloodying it but I didn't care. He could have broken it and I wouldn't have stopped.

I finally had to come up for air and I pulled back and took in a sharp breath of delicious fresh air. I savored the air and the taste of his cock for a moment before continuing and once I got him back in my throat he began to hump up again. I finally decided to let him take control and fuck my face even if I died of asphyxiation.

Without a word being spoken between us I maneuvered us until I was laying on the couch and he was straddling my chest. He caught on pretty quickly and had his cock in my throat before I could tell him what to do. He just shoved it in and began fucking as fast and hard as he could. 

I concentrated on the taste and feel of his cock and managed to catch a breath every now and then but near the end I was beginning to see black around the edges of my vision. I grabbed his ass and pulled him back and gasped for air then pulled him back in and he began to squirt in my mouth. I felt his cock swell and pulse and despite the fact that he had only begun coming recently he managed to fill my mouth with a good sized load. I let it fill my mouth and sloshed it around as best I could savoring the salty/sweet taste of boy spunk and then swallowed it noisily.

" swallowed it?" he asked and I almost laughed. After everything I had done, eating his ass, his feet, his pits, he was amazed that I ate his cum?

"It was so good," I said showing him a bit on my tongue, "Want a taste?"

"Ewww.."he said laughing, "No way, but I'm glad you like it cause it felt really good." 

"Kiddo, there isn't anything you have that I wouldn't eat, lick or suck."

He pulled out and leaned back on his heels and made a funny face, "Well, it's fine with me."

And that was only the first time.

The End

Something a little different. I was approached recently  by a reader who wanted to know if I was interested in writing a story just for him based on the scenario in this story. At first I was reluctant but I finally decided to try it and the result is above. I was pleased with the story considering I wrote it in a two hour period one night and the reader was pleased and agreed to my posting it as long as he remained anonymous. If you like the story let me know and I will pass it along.

Kewl Dad