My cousin Jim and I were sharing my bedroom since he came from Louisville to go to UK. Jim was an ex-marine but left the corps to go back to school. Not having much money, he asked my mother if he could stay with us for a while. She was glad to let him but told him he would have to share a twin-bed room with me. I was not so sure I liked the idea but there was nothing I could do.

The first night was a bit uncomfortable as I didn't know Jim that well. He was about 5 years older than I and a good-looking man, while I was still in high school and not very athletic. Jim was a good athlete before the stint in the marines and I knew he was a jock in his high school.

That first night I went up to my bedroom and there was Jim unpacking and standing around in his jockey shorts. He had a "package" and his backside was well-turned. I stared in excitement at him. When he turned, I could see his chest was well-developed and his pecs were beautiful. I must have stared too long because Jim said: "Well, Johnny, do you think you will recognize me the next time we meet?" I was a bit slow on the up-take but then realized that he was teasing me. But he also knew that I was attracted to him else I would not have stared with such interest. Jim was no fool. He had been around. I think for sure he knew right away that I was attracted to him.

Being self-confident about his good looks and his great physique, Jim was pleased to have me admiring his body. He gave me a knowing smile which I caught immediately. Still, I was just a boy of 17 and not at all sophisticated. But Jim knew and also he wanted to show off what he had. I was more than willing to look at him without thinking about it. He continued unpacking and occasionally gave his "package" a tug, especially when I was sitting on my bed watching him. After a while he was finished and came over between the two beds and stood in front of me and said: "I guess this is my bed, or is it?" I said: "Jim, you can do what you like. Either bed is OK with me."

Another tug of his crotch and I was getting nervous and anxious. I never could hide my sexual feelings. I always got too excited and gave myself away. Jim stood there within a foot of my face and said: "Well, Johnny boy, if it doesn't matter, why not we try both beds and see which one is best for me and you.?" I said that would be OK and let him sit down beside me. His left thigh was next to me and I could feel his skin touching me. I got very nervous and could hardly breathe. Jim put his arm around my shoulder and said: "I think you and I are a match. We'll get along just fine." I knew a double-entendre when I heard one and that one made me laugh. I put my hand on Jim's thigh and looked him straight in the eye and said: "is what you just said what I think it meant?"

He laughed and answered: "Sure, why not?" I couldn't hold back any longer and began to run my hand up and down his thigh. He loved it. Then he lay back on the bed and just let me play with his thigh and then his leg and then his crotch. I heard him sigh and say how great my touch felt. No one, Jim said, had touched him in a long time. I said that touching was something I always enjoyed as it seldom happened in my family. Neither brother of mine was a touchy-feely type and I was starving for attention.

I felt Jim's hand on my back as he ran his fingers up and down my spine. I loved it and almost let out a loud sigh but kept it in, at least for a few minutes. I knew what was happening and began to settle down and just enjoy the eroticism. Then I reached over and put my hand on Jim's crotch which grew as I stroked it. It began to grow fast and I then pulled his jockey shorts down and felt him up. He sighed even louder and his eyes closed as if he was in some kind of trance. I knew he liked what was happening and I didn't care what happened even though my mother was just a few rooms away down the hall.

Jim's cock was uncut as was mine so I was not unused to foreskin covering a reddening cock-head. I put my hands on the tip of his cock and played with it until he was fully erect and throbbing. Then I bent down and put my mouth on his cock. He didn't move. I then went down on him and surprised myself at how far I was able to swallow his shaft, right to his short hairs. While moving up and down his shaft, I felt Jim's hand moving up and down my back. His touch was so exciting that I sucked harder and harder on his now-extended cock. After just a minute or two Jim began to moan and suddenly I felt my mouth full of his semen. He jerked slightly when he came but let the semen run until it was all out. I swallowed all he had to give and then kept my mouth on his cock all the way to the root. I didn't want to stop. I had never swallowed semen before but it seemed natural to do so and I loved the feeling of the smooth liquid moving slowly down my throat.

Until his cock became flaccid I kept it in my mouth. Then finally I knew it was time to sit up. Jim raised up and looked at me with a penetrating stare. Suddenly he hit me hard on my right jaw. It was a slap but it was unexpected and I began to be frightened at what I had just done. Jim was muscular and grabbed me by the throat and squeezed. I wasn't frightened even though he had a scary look on his face. I didn't know what was going on in Jim's mind but I just didn't care. He could have choked me to death and I would have let him. The he pushed me away. My head hit the backboard of my bed and Jim began to smack me harder and harder. I didn't care. I took it with pleasure and some fear, but I didn't really know what was happening. Jim was fierce looking and started calling me a faggot, a cocksucker, a queer and so on. I just didn't care. I stared back at him submissively and that made him smack me harder and harder. I turned over on my stomach and he smacked my buttocks harder and harder as if he was getting rid of his aggression. And he was.

After a few minutes Jim jumped up, pulled his jockey shorts up and left the room. He went into the adjoining bathroom and I heard his stream hitting the water hard. I got up and went after him. Before he had finished I just sat on the floor and asked him to piss on me. He turned and filled my face and hair with what was left of his urine. I was filthy and satisfied as never before. I just did not care.

Jim went back to the bedroom and I stripped and stepped into the shower to clean myself off. Then I walked into the bedroom naked. Jim was in bed with his back turned towards me. His eyes were closed and he was clearly falling to sleep. I wanted to get in bed with him but knew that was what he did not want.

Silence. I the slipped into my bed, flicked the switch on the light between us, turned over and went to sleep.