Cousin Rob

Part 1 0f 6

by Jon Hold

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Part 1

My parents wanted me to go on vacation with them this year but I tried to tell them that I was old enough to stay by myself. The real reason was that me and some buddies of mine had just figured out that you didn't have to beat off alone, and I didn't want to miss out on anything. Nothing I said actually mattered though, because my Dad had decided that we were going to South Carolina that year because he wanted me to meet his side of the family--and that was that! Dad had a whim of steel!

I sulked in the back seat of the car the whole way to my uncle's house near the coast. We got there in the morning and all day long people kept "dropping by to say 'Howdy'". Personally, I thought it was a royal pain in the ass and pretty much let everybody know that I didn't like South Carolina, I didn't like the ocean, I wasn't having a good time, and that I pretty much didn't like them and the corny way they talked either. Dad finally took me out behind my uncles barn and let me know that I could either change my attitude and start being nice to people or he'd pull my pants down in front of everyone and change my attitude for me. I went back to the house with Dad but I acted more like a martyr than a kid having fun.

My Uncle William, Dad's oldest brother, noticed that I was not enjoying myself. "Reckon you can think of things you'd rather be doing. Eh, Son."

My state of mind can be guessed from my answer. I looked up at the 6'8", 300 pound flower of Southern manhood and said, "I'm not your son!"

He just chucked and waived to someone across the room. "Rob. Come here, boy!"

A really good looking guy came across the room. His walk and the piercing gaze of his clear blue eyes made you think of Southern daring, fast women, faster cars and white lightning.

"Yeah, Dad?"

"Jon, this is my boy, your cousin Rob. Like you, he doesn't see too much reason to waste much time with us old fogies." Rob started to say something, but his Dad just shushed him. "Rob's going to the beach to spend the weekend riding those damn noisy dirt bikes of his with some of his buddies. Any reason Jon can't tag along with you, Rob?"

"No, Sir. I brung my spare bike. He can ride that and I'll swing by the house and get another sleeping bag for him."

My Uncle Ralph, Dad's next oldest brother, who's house we were visiting, turned around from where he was talking to some 15th cousin at 7 removes or something like that. "Rob, you grab Jon a bag from the hall closet. No reason for you to drive all the way back out in them piney woods."

"Thanks, Uncle Ralph. Can we go now, Daddy?"

"Yeah. But if you're going to get some 'soda's' before you go, make damn sure none of the womenfolk catch you this time."

"Yessir!" Rob pulled on my sleeve and I was right behind him getting out of there. Rob grabbed a blue sleeping bag from the hall closet and we went out the front door and around to the side of the house. Rob threw the sleeping bag in the back of a cool looking dark blue pick-up truck and said, "Come on!"

Puzzled I followed him back to the side of the house. He held is fingers over his lips, telling me to be quiet and peeked around the corner of the house. He pulled back quickly and a minute later, peeked again. That time he waived at me and whispered an urgent, "Come on!" As I moved around the corner Rob was opening an old refrigerator sitting against the back of the house. He reached in and put a case of beer in my arms, reached in and grabbed another and used his hip to close the door. "Go, go, go!" he ordered in an urgent whisper. I turned and ran for the pick-up, Rob right behind me. We threw the beer in back and Rob flipped a tarp over both cases and we jumped in the cab. Rob started the engine and took off like the cops were after him. Laughing, we roared off down the road. We finally settled down for a long drive and Rob looked me up and down. "A little slow, but not too bad for a Yankee!"

"Yeah? Well, if you dumb Rebs would tell us Yanks what the hell was going to happen, maybe we wouldn't be so slow."

"Yeah!" he retorted, grabbing his crotch. "Yank on this!"

Another asshole! In disgust, I said, "Fuck you!" and turned and looked out the window. We drove on in silence. About an hour later, Rob pulled into a hamburger drive-in joint and some cute little girl came out to take our order. Rob flirted with her while he ordered and she just barely heard me order she was so busy doing everything but stripping naked for Rob. I had to agree with her though. I'd felt Rob's overpowering sexuality the first time I saw him too, and the boner in my pants wasn't getting any easier to live with watching the two of them playing hottsie-tottsie with each other. The food was good though. Good enough that I ordered a third Bar-b-que brisket sandwich. Maybe being down South wasn't all that bad, my belly said. When the girl came back to take the trays from our windows Rob told her where we were going to be and she said that she'd try to come see us ride on Sunday after church. Rob asked her to bring a girlfriend for me and she said, "Sure! He's cute!" Made me want to barf! Cute, shit! I wanted no part of getting some bimbo pregnant.

We stopped at a grocery store and got some groceries and ice and Rob put everything, including one case of the beer, into the big icebox in the back of his truck. We got to the beach just at dark and I helped unload the truck and get the camp set up, which consisted mostly of starting a fire, which I managed handily, thanks to my Boy Scout training (the real training went on in the tents after lights out). We had hot dogs and marshmallows for dinner and then, in true Southern style, sat around the fire telling lies. Rob got us each a beer and then another one. Other than a sip from my Dad a couple of times, I'd never drunk beer before and two had me pretty happy --- and wasted. Rob opened an ensolite pad and unrolled it and the two sleeping bags in the truck bed. I don't even remember Rob helping me go to bed. I do remember the sunlight hitting my eyes and splitting my head wide open way to early the next morning.

Rob laughed at my moaning and told me to get some coffee started and he'd feed me. I complained, but he just said that was the quickest way to feel better. I got up to get the fire going again and made a solemn vow to never, ever drink again.

I had the fire going and had just put the coffee pot on the grid when Rob crawled out of his sleeping bag. I couldn't do anything but sit there on the ice chest with my mouth hanging half open and stare. Not only was Rob fucking drop-dead gorgeous, he was starkers! Only his pubic hair and a puff of hair coming out from under each arm kept him from being totally naked! His cock wasn't huge. But it was perfect. Absolutely, totally, perfect. He was sitting leaning back on the end of the tailgate with the ensolite pad under his ass, his left hand holding his Nike's and bluejeans hanging across his hard muscled thigh. A big set of nuts in a nice hanging bag supported a beautifully shaped cock about six inches long. It was circumcised and had one of those perky noses that tilted upwards. I had an intense urge to fall on my knees and stuff every inch of him into my mouth. I jerked my head aside and stared into the fire.

Like being naked out in the open right in front of an almost stranger was no big deal, Rob just sat there and talked to me while the coffee brewed. I had to look at him from time to time to be polite. Every time I'd swear I was just going to look at his face. I think the longest that actually worked was something like a quarter of a second. Rob knew I was looking, and having trouble not looking. Not only didn't he mind, he took a positively exhibitionistic delight in flaunting his sexuality. Groping his crotch and flipping his dick and balls around. Running his hand up and down his leg and then across his flat, hard belly. He finally got up and took a few steps before starting to piss into the loose sand. I sat there and watched the golden stream arch from the big slit in the end of his cock onto the thirsty sand, wondering what it would feel like to hold a cock that pissed that strongly.

Backing up and shaking his dick to flick off the last drops, Rob groaned and said, "Man! Nothing like a good piss to make you feel good."

"Yeah, except dumping a big load!"

Rob ran his hand up and down his fat shaft and grinned at me. "Yeahhhhhhhhh! Popping the big nut. Cracking a good wad. Wish that little waitress bitch was here right now to take my load."

Mesmerized, unable to take my eyes off of Rob's enticing manhood, I wished there was some way I could tell Rob that I'd gladly take his load, if he wanted me to. Rob just grinned that heartbreaking grin of his and winked at me. Bending over, he pulled on his white Jockeys. Rob strutted around the campsite in nothing but those tight Jockeys. I was all but drooling as I watched the soft frontal bulge move and change shape. The sight of his full, hard ass when he turned around had precum leaking into my undershorts and making one hell of a mess. I was almost glad when the sound of motorbikes coming caused Rob to finally pull on his Levi's.

We had a ball that day. There was a great long stretch of beach reserved for motorbike trails and we covered most of it. A huge bonfire and weenie roast at the main campsite was a huge success, Rob and I making a great duo on the volleyball court. It was really late when we finally climbed on our bikes and headed back to our campsite which was about five miles away down the dark beach. Half-way there, Rob brodied his bike and I twisted quickly to come to a halt alongside him.

"Come on!" Rob called.

He was already off his bike and hopping around on one foot, trying to get his pants down over his boots. At least I had the good sense to take off my boots before stripping naked and running for the ocean. Rob was right behind me, our tight butts flashing in the moonlight as we raced each other to the cool ocean. We must have played in the water for over an hour. High spirits and a deepening friendship developing as we raced up and down the beach, tackled each other, tried to drown each other or just floated side-by-side, looking at the stars and talking about stuff that teenaged guys need to talk about.

I never wanted the evening to end. Rob was so comfortable to be with. Not body shy at all. If my hand happened to touch between his legs or if I pressed closely to his backside as we wrestled on the beach or in the water, it made no difference to him. We just kept playing. I admired Rob's body, and he wanted me to admire it. Standing spraddled out in the moonshine, slowly turning so I could see every bit of him. Urging me to dance for him once he found out I'd studied dance. He lay in the sand, watching as I danced to the music of the waves and the moon as I worshiped the gods of the deep green sea. Rob even got up and danced with me, until I tried something too difficult for him and he got all twisted up in his own arms and legs. Even that didn't bother Rob. He just laughed and said what a great dancer I was.

It amazed me that Rob didn't seem to be jealous at all. In fact, he was proud of me for knowing more than he did about something.

Rob picked up our clothes and strapped them to his bike and we roared back to the campsite buck naked, laughing and drying off in the warm breeze.

When we got back to Rob's pickup we held onto each others shoulders as we pissed into one of the scrawny sand bushes. Rob swatted my bare ass. "Let's get to bed, Cousin!" I followed him back to his truck with about half a hard-on, watching his tight ass and smiling at the warm, burning feeling in my own butt.

Rob jumped up into the pickup bed and arranged the pad and sleeping bags to make a nice thick mattress. Then he held up his blanket and said, "Hop in, Couzin'"

I got my butt up on the tailgate and brushed the sand off my feet before turning and crawling up into the nest Rob had made. Rob flicked the blanket over me and then laid down on his side and covered himself, but not before I saw that he was, like, totally on the rail.

We lay there for a while, trying to pretend that we were going to sleep. Rob finally opened his eyes and looked at me through the crystal clear air. "I'm so horny I can't sleep. Wanna beat off?"

Heat flushed through my whole body. This was it! As in, "IT!!!". I swallowed. My judgement totally befuddled by my passion for this stud hunk that was my cousin, I said, "YES" and reached for his body. I didn't care if he meant we should go to opposite ends of the beach and whack off separately. I didn't care if he told everyone and Dad threw me out of the house for embarrassing him in front of his whole family. I just didn't fucking care. Rob was the hottest dude I had met in my entire life and I'd been hot for his bod since I first met him. Even if it totally freaked him out, I had to at least try to make it with him.

I rolled onto my side and ran my hands down Rob's torso. "I need to have you, Cousin," I said as I leaned into him and my already swollen lips found and suckled the hard little nipple on his smooth chest. My fingertips found his thick bush and toyed with the sensitive skin just above the heat of Rob's throbbing cock. I switched nipples and my fingers wiggled through the underbrush and tapped their way down around the thick base of Rob's pulsing rod until I could fondle his beautiful, full nutsack.

Rob hugged my head to his chest and kissed the top of my head. "Yeah. Yeah! Do me, Cousin! Do me!"

Biting Rob's tender tit until he let go of my head, I kissed my way down the middle of his belly, slowing only to wallow my face into his tightness as my tongue repeatedly lashed and stabbed at his tight little belly button. Rob's belly was heaving in reaction and his hands were all over me. Urging me on and trying to make me suck harder so the tickle of sexual thrill didn't drive him out of his mind before I got around to subject A.

Rob didn't even notice how I changed, but suddenly I was pushing his stiff rod aside with my cheeks repeatedly bulging out as I munched on his pubes, getting mouthfuls of curly hair and chewing as my tongue licked the pubes across the top of his leaking throbber and down the groove between his legs and nuts. Rob's legs kicked up wide to give me working room and I settled down between his legs with a mouthful of nuts.

Rob was squealing and begging me to service him as he just went wild, giving his raunchy redneck ways full rein. I was holding him up by his asscheeks. Rob reached behind himself and guided one of my fingers to the pulsing, puckering ring of his asshole. I pulled my finger back and sucked it into my mouth alongside his balls. Seconds later Rob was having his prostate finger-banged while his balls were being sucked into the next century. I finally let Rob's balls pop out of my mouth. My hands grabbed his thighs and pushed them against his chest, spreading him open as my mouth landed on his now tender and exposed anal ring. I started munching like a sex-crazed teenager at a free buffet.

Rob went bug-fuck! Thrashing around and screaming as he clutched my face to his ass. He flipped me over on my back and sat on my face, swallowing my cock to the root in the same move. Now it was my turn to scream into the stifling depths of Rob's luscious ass. I drove my curled tongue into Rob's tender hole and he rose up in surprise allowing me to suck in great lungfuls of air before he sat back down and ground his asshole down over my penetrating oral digit. I flipped Rob over on his side, following him around as I munched his ass until he was screaming and gagging on my leaky cock. I chewed my way up Rob's tain't, causing him to groan and gyrate as my teeth and tongue worked over the lusty flesh. His balls took some severe abuse as my teeth tried to pull all the hair off the big sack and my mouth tried to suck his balls out through the now convoluted sack. Rob gagged himself on my cock and bit me hard at the base of my straining organ as I bit and mauled my way up the extraordinary length of Robs sweating tube. Flipping my head at the end of the runway, I swallowed Rob to the root and sucked as hard as I could.

Rob went over on his back and arched up, supporting both of us on his heels and the back of his head. My cockhead went terminal and flared to it's maximum size, locking itself into Rob's throat as I jammed blast after blast of cum into my cousins tight esophagus. I pulled my entire body up the arch of Rob's sweat slickened body using nothing but the vacuum my diaphragm and sucking mouth created on his engorged piston. Rob tried to spurt but I sucked his load out of him in one long unbroken stream that left his balls deflated and aching while his cock was gnarled with over-expanded blood vessels and great pools of stagnant dark blood.

Rob thrashed around and tossed his head like a big-mouthed bass caught on a hook deep in his throat. I increased my suction until Rob's veins were ready to rip open. We finally broke free of each other and turned so we could both grab our cousin and liplock each others faces in a frenzy of spunky need. We ate each others faces as we ground our sweaty, cummy, hot bodies together in a furor of mutual need.

Rob forced me over on my belly and used his knees to spread my legs. "I gotta, man. I gotta!" was all he said as he started hunching against me. I lifted my butt and then reached between us and guided his aching cock to my hole. Rob screamed again as his cock forced it's way deep into my guts. Thank God we were slick from all the sweat and the copious pre-cum we'd both been splattering around. Rob hunched once more to be sure he was firmly seated and that I was well and truly penetrated. The heavily muscled teen's legs entwined mine as his hands reached under me, each grabbing a maximum handful of breast meat. Rob finally locked me in place by hooking his chin over my shoulder next to my neck and digging the point of his chin into me so that I couldn't get away from him. "Yeah!" he groaned happily. "Fuck you, Man!" And he did. His hips started working and his cock started working and he started drooling even more as he concentrated on fucking my ass.

I discovered that Rob loved to talk dirty, keeping up a running dialogue as he fucked my ass. "Yeah, man. Got my cock up your tight ass and I'm going to fuck you until you're as loose as a prom queen. Fucking good ass, man. Better than any bitch I've ever fucked. Yeah! Move it like that, man. Move that ass! Like the way I'm fucking you? Huh? Huh? You like your cousin's cock in your ass don't you, cousin? You really like that. Your Yankee ass likes having a real Johnny Reb plowing your field, don't it, cucumber boy! Gonna fuck you senseless, man. Gonna fuck you in the ass. Ass fucking my own cousin, man. Fucking you in the asshole. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Like this man! And this! And this and this and this! Take me! Take all of me! Take my cum cousin. O' please. Take me! Take my cum up your tight ass. Yeah! Suck me like that. Your ass is incredible, dude. Pull me off like that. Yeah! YEAH!!! Here... it... ISSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!"

We went to sleep with Rob on my back. Still plugged into my ass and holding me tightly. Licking my neck like a puppy dozing off on a bitches nipple. It felt really good having Rob's still thick cock in my well fucked ass and his hot body sprawled all over the top of me. In fact, I loved it.

Rob woke me just before dawn, chewing my neck where I was already covered with hickeys as he started his fourth assfucking of the night on my considerably messy and loose ass. Straining on my back, panting into my ear, "I'm gonna fuck you again, Cousin! I'm going to fuck you until you're howling at the moon and the sun's giving my butt a sunburn. Then I'm going to take you down to the beach and fuck you in the ocean until your asshole is clean again. Then I'm going to fuck your fine ass again. You're going to have to talk your Daddy into bringing you back this fall for the hunting. The rest of your cousins and uncles are going to love this ass of your's man. They're going to fucking love humping your tight behind and watching you gobble their cocks!" I just purred and used my ass muscles to play with my cousin's superfine dick as I tried to imagine what Uncle William's dick was like and how hard he would fuck.

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