Cousin Rob

Part 2 of 6

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Part 2

Dad was surprised when I said I wanted to go with him to South Carolina for the hunting season. Dad didn't know anything about what Cousin Rob and I had done in the back of Cousin Rob's pickup truck so he was sort of surprised when I said I wanted to go with him. I heard him tell mom later that he just couldn't figure me out. Mom just smiled and said that I was a growing boy and that he should just be grateful that I'd decided to like his family. That weekend Dad took me out and bought me a shotgun, and paid for an instructor to teach me how to use it. I got pretty good with the thing.

The day before we were supposed to leave Dad's business partner called. A client they'd been trying to land had finally signed a contract and Dad would have to stay to get the project under way. I tried to not show my disappointment, but I'd really been looking forward to seeing Cousin Rob again, and to find out if he'd been bullshitting me about my other cousins and my uncles. Dad and I didn't touch much, but he saw how disappointed I was and put his arm around my shoulder. Then he did one of those "thinking outside of the box" things that made him famous.

"Think you can handle a long train trip on your own?"

My eyes lit up. Friday afternoon my parents put me on the train and I started one of the great experiences of my life.

[Gentle Reader. There was an "On the Train" story here that was dropped for editorial reasons. I may find it's remains and place it here as story 2b]

The train stopped right in the little town my dad's family lived near. The depot consisted of a loading platform about twenty feet long, a wooden shack and a rickety old outhouse. Pretty barren, but I didn't really notice. All I could see was that dark-blue pickup truck. The one with my Cousin Rob sitting in it, waiting for me.

The train was pulling out of the depot before I could even pick up my luggage. Rob reached over me and picked up my second suitcase, leaving me with my shotgun case and the small suitcase. Rob punched me in the arm and welcomed me back to South Carolina. I grinned and said something about being happy to be in South Carolina. We tossed my stuff in the back of Rob's pickup and then he took my arm and pushed my back up against the cold metal cab. Moving right in, Rob pressed his body hard up against mine and lip-locked me as his hands got busy feeling me up. I sprung some instant metal of my own and felt Rob jabbing me with that rock-hard teen cock of his.

Panting, Rob pushed back and said, "Get in the pickup. This is too close to town."

Rob ran around to the drivers side and I jumped into the shotgun seat. No sooner did we get moving than Rob ordered me, "Get naked!" It felt great having him in charge again. Not as great as having him riding my back and giving me orders, but I didn't waste any time stripping totally naked either. I knew that when Rob said 'naked', he meant no socks or anything. I looked up and he was driving right through the middle of town. I mean, it was late, but RIGHT through the MIDDLE of town? Was he crazy?

Rob saw the look on my face. He grinned at my discomfort. Reaching across the seat, Rob fondled my groin and then took hold of my balls and pulled me over next to him. Leaning towards me, Rob puckered his lips and I lost no time tangling tongues with him. HOT! Very HOT! Rob kept pulling on my tender nuts and sticking his tongue down my throat every time I tried to protest. We drove through town with me and Rob sitting on the far left side of the bench seat, our hands in each others laps. Feeling Rob's rod surging against his rough Levi's was turning me on almost as much as the way his hand was handling my handle. Rob took his hand out of my crotch long enough to lean out the window and wave at the local cop as we drove by. I thought I was going to die of embarrassment. Rob just laughed and twisted my tit before grabbing my balls again.

"Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke, Dude. Hang on! I can't wait."

We no sooner got to the town limits than Rob was zooming down the dark country road. I guess I knew that Rob knew the road really well and was actually driving safely, but that didn't seem to matter. I was so scared that my balls shrunk up until Rob couldn't keep hold of them. He just laughed when they popped out of his grasp, put both hands on the steering wheel and floored it. I gasped, stiffened up and grabbed Rob even tighter. He just laughed louder and roared off down the road.

I was scared and Rob was supercharged. Full of energy from his driving and having me next to him, scared and naked. I started rubbing and jacking on him. Licking the hard muscle of his arm I moaned, "You're making me sooooo hard!!! Uggggh."

Rob abruptly slowed down and slued off the road. We bounced across a length of dirt road and into a dark grove of pine trees. Rob jammed on the brakes and turned off the engine. Pushing my hands off of him, Rob bounded out his door. By the time he'd run around the front of the pickup and opened the passenger door he was stone butt naked. He reached across the seat, grabbed my leg and pulled me across the seat. Rob pushed me on my back and lifted my legs. I heard his knees hit the step outside the door as he buried his face between my buttocks. I squealed like a pig and Rob buried his tongue up my hinney. I squealed even louder when Rob started wallowing his face all around in the pit of my ass, his day old beard and long tongue had me howling in no time.

Next think I knew Rob was up over the top of me and had three fingers jammed up my ass. "I gotta fuck 'ya, Cousin. Gotta fuck that hot hole of yours."

I grabbed my knees from his shoulders and pulled them down to my shoulders, lifting my ass to him at the same time. Moaning, Rob fell to my chest, spreading my legs with his broad shoulders so he could cover my face with his. He grabbed my tits and hunched. Once. Twice, and found my eager opening. I tried to relax and open my hole to him, and it's a good thing I did because Rob grabbed my chin in his teeth and reared up like a stallion mounting a mare.

I let go of my knees and screamed as Rob plunged totally inside of me with that one lunge. He let go of my chin and started chewing and sucking at my neck as he fucked me hard. No one had ever given me a hickey before and I could barely stand the feeling. It was making me so crazy horny that all I could do was try to figure out how to focus on the raging cock up my ass and the wild feelings from my neck at the same time.


"Fuck... in'... yer... ass... muthr... fucker! Fuck... in'... yer... ass... GOOD!"


Like the High School Jock he was, Rob worked himself into a frenzied sweat. Pounded my ass. Fucked me as hard as he could. Our previous fucking hadn't been anything like this. Before we'd been tentative, trying each other out. Trying to discover how far we could go with each other. Tonight it was 'No Holds Barred!" and "Sadie, Hold the Gate!" Rob was fucking me with every bit of strength in his hard-muscled athletic body. Hunched over on top of me. Ribs sharply delineated, abdomen tightly stretched and showing off his corrugated six-pack. Legs cording and twisting with bulging muscle as his toes tore through the rich soil in search of something solid to hold onto so he could fuck me even harder.

My hands were clawed as my nails stripped runnels of flesh off of Rob's back. My heels pounded into the hard, clenching muscles of his ass, urging him on. I was lost in the sensation of having a real stud pounding his cock up my ass. The solid, heavy weight of Rob's cock in my ass drove me into a frenzy. My asshole clenching, my whole body worked hard to urge Rob on and to bring the maximum of pleasure to the cock filling my guts. Pulling, clenching at his cock when it withdrew. Opening, welcoming his fat fuck tool as he drove it into me as hard as he could. The crushing of his pubes, the slapping sound as his groin plowed into the hard cheeks of my ass, counterpointed by the slapping sound of his hand against my ass as he urged me to get moving and asked me over and over, "Who's yer Daddy? Who's yer Daddy, now?"

We damn near ruined the shocks in that truck before Rob finally cracked a nut up my ass. I felt him starting to go off and sucked at his cock as hard as I could with the inflamed tissues of my ravaged ass. Arching up off the seat I strained to take all of Rob's cock as far inside of me as possible while trying to choke his snake-headed chicken to death at the same time. His cobra just spit at me in defiance and he rode my ass even harder until he just collapsed, his sweat pouring off of him onto my heated body. Tremors running the length of his body as he instinctually tried to keep his cock up my ass and put even more cum inside of me.

Rob's cock slipped out of my overheated ass and I just laid there, my feet on the ceiling of the pickup and my ass hanging over the edge of the seat; listening to Rob mumbling and bumping into stuff as he tried to find his clothes again. Rob's cum was leaking out of my ass and onto his truck, so I got up and squated down next to the truck, grunting as a quart of Rob's finest leaked onto the South Carolina soil.

Rob came over and put my head between his legs. Swatting my ass so that I'd lift it up, Rob used one of his socks to wipe my butt for me and then told me to come help him find his other boot. I spotted the boot under the front of his pickup. I bent over and grabbed the bumper so I could reach under his truck and get the boot. That was too much for Rob. He walked through the headlight beam and pushed my head into the grill as he nailed my ass in one hard thrust. I got my butt fucked hard again and then had to sit in Rob's lap with his boner poking my kidneys while he drove us home. We laughed and teased each other as he tried to see around me so he could drive and I kept pouting and teasing because he was more interested in his truck than he was in me. It's a wonder we didn't get killed.

He kept two or three fingers up my ass (I couldn't tell just by feeling by that time) as he walked me into the house and into his bedroom. Our clothes scattered all over the front seat of his pickup just in case anyone didn't already know that he was fucking my ass in the same house where his mother and father were sleeping.

I awoke in the wee dim hours of the morning. Looking up I saw Uncle William's carved-out-of-granite features as he shook my shoulder, trying to wake me up. Rob's cock was still up my ass.

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