Cousins Adventures

Chapter I

By: Peter Plus

The following story is just fiction. If you read something and it has any resemblance to people living or deceased is just a coincidence. This story is about sexual acts between a male adult and a minor boy. If reading this sort of story violates any of the laws in your country or if you are under 18 years old, we strongly suggest for you to leave immediately. For the rest of people, enjoy.
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What a surprise...

Hi there, my name is Rob Evans and I'm 18 years old. I love spending as much time as possible with kids, I just love the idea of watching my little and handsome neighbors going to our public swimming pool or just playing basketball while being shirtless. Vacation time was like paradise to me, I had the opportunity to be around kids all day long. One of the things I love the most during vacation time is that I can touch as many shirtless boys as I want because they loved playing basketball with me or going for a swim. I've never done something with them besides tickle them and maybe once or twice touch their nipples while giving them a mid-hug. I really didn't matter to hug a sweaty boy, in fact I loved it and if they were between 9 and 11 years old much better.

I had no brothers or sisters so if I had the opportunity to spoil a little boy I would do it without thinking. I have boy cousins but I barely had time to see them and the few times I did it was just for giving them a ride to some place or pick them up with my aunt or uncle being there all the time. There was one in particular who was very handsome, his name is Mike. He is 10 years old, short and spiky hair, average weight and height. He loved playing basketball and the few times he visited us we ended up playing some basketball with other boys. He liked me, that's for sure, once he told me I was his favorite cousin despite he didn't get to see me very often.

"Honey, you will have some things to do" my mom said as we were having dinner.

"Things to do?" I asked with a doubtful expression on my face.

"Well, you kinda have plans" my dad said. "My brother asked me to pick up his son Mike from school these coming weeks, he's gonna be living here with us for some time"

"Oh that's cool, well it's not going to be that much of a trouble" I said changing my mood to happy and relaxed again.

"Yeah, but I can't do that because of my work and as you know your mom is working too, so..." my dad replied.

"So...?" I asked again with a doubtful expression.

"You'll have to do it, I'm gonna drive your mom to work so you can use her vehicle to pick up little Mikey from school"

You may think I was going to yell at my parents and tell them to fuck off but guess what, I didn't. I was having the greatest opportunity to finally get to meet my little cousin and who knows maybe I could make a move on him and getting to know him much better.

"Oh that's ok, I'll do it don't worry. The only thing I ask for is some money so we can buy some food". I said. My parents' faces were so funny to look at, they expected me to reject the offer, to whine about it or to just simply to do a dirty look like: Hell no.

"Sure... no problem. Thanks Rob" my dad finally said as we finished up eating and I stood up, picked up the dishes and put them in the dishwasher.

"Wow, I didn't see that coming..." my mom said.

"Neither did I... At least he'll do it. That's good enough for us I think" my dad replied.

I was more than excited and I wanted time to pass as fast as possible. The next day I was going to finally start to my adventures with my cousin Mikey (that's how I called him). I went to my room and I saw an extra bed that was for my little cousin. "This is going to be so good" I thought, and I plugged in my PS2 and put all my games so Mikey could choose his favorite. I took a shower and then went to sleep. "Tomorrow's a big day so I better get some rest" and as soon as I said that I fell asleep.

When I woke up, I realized I was home by myself. I went to have some breakfast and when I opened the fridge I saw a note from my parents that said: "Mike will be out at 12:30, he'll wait for you in his classroom and you already know which one is. Thanks again Rob. PS. There's some money on the table for food, see you around 7". I ate my cereal and just thought on what to do with Mikey when we came back. I was ready for everything but I had decided to befriend him like for 2 or 3 days so I could make a move without scaring him. "Maybe I should play some basketball first and then suggest a "shower" so he could play PS2 with some comfy clothes, hopefully shirtless..." I was thinking while eating.

"Finally, time to go pick up my Mikey" I said and grabbed the keys. I was so nervous but at the same time very excited about this. The school wasn't that far away and it took me 20 minutes to arrive there. "Who are you picking up, sir?" the security guard from the school asked me. "I'm coming to pick up Mikey Evans, sir" I replied. "Oh, you're his cousin, yeah, Mr. Evans told me you were coming. Please come in, they will be out soon". I just smiled and walked in. The bell rang and I had to go to Mikey's classroom to pick him up but I really wanted to pee first, so I went to the restroom next to Mikey's classroom. "Damn, I shouldn't have drunk that much soda" I said to myself while opening the door. This school didn't have urinals only stalls and that was weird for me, I was expecting to find some boys as well so I could check them out but, well, you can see it was a bitter disappointment. I opened the stall and I was going to start peeing when I heard some noise in the next stall, without mistakes those were giggles.

"Shhhh don't giggle that hard, they can find us" I heard a boy saying. I instantly knew there were 2 or more boys in there, doing stuff. I don't know how but my urging desire of peeing stopped, I wanted to see what happened.

"Sorry but you tickled me" the other boy said. "Wait a minute... that voice is familiar..." I thought.

"Mikey is your turn to show me yours, hurry!" the other boy said. "Oh my god! Mikey is in there with another boy!" I was shocked but at the same time so horny. My Mikey was fooling around with another boy, just like his cousin liked it.

"If you want to see it, you'll have to look for it" Mikey said and I, again, listened some more giggling. "This is unbelievable..." I said to myself and I wanted to see what was happening with my cousin and the other boy so, I managed to look from above and what I was looking at was amazing. Two very handsome 10yo playing with themselves. The other boy was unzipping Mikey's pants while Mikey was touching the other boy's hard boyhood. When he finished unzipping Mikey's pants I stopped looking at them. I wanted to discover my Mikey's boyhood myself so I took out my dick and peed so they would know someone was there. As soon I started peeing, some few seconds after it, the stall next to mine opened and I could hear someone running out from there. When I stopped peeing I went out and the stall was opened but with no boys there. "This will be interesting..." I said to myself once again.

After that very nice moment in the restroom, I went to Mikey's room and saw him talking with a group of kids. All of them were really cute and I could imagine that my little cousin had been fooling around with one of those kids or who knows maybe with all of them.

"Hello sir, who are you looking for?" the teacher asked me.

"I'm coming for Mikey" I replied.

"Oh yes, your Rob, aren't you?"

"That's correct. Pleased to meet you" I said as I shook Mrs. Johnson's hand.

"Mikey, your cousin's here. Time to go home" his teacher said.

"Rob!!!!" my Mikey said as he run and gave a big hug.

"Hey Mikey! Ready to have some fun with cousin Rob?" I asked him while hugging him.

"Yeah! Let's go!" he said as we broke our hug and walked to the car.

While driving back home, Mikey told me how was his school day and that he really liked this one specially because he had had lots of fun with some friends. "Some friends? Oh man, he was with more than one boy..." I thought. He continued talking and he also asked me what things we were going to do during these coming weeks.

"Well, we can play some basketball as soon as we arrived if you want" I told him.

"Yay, that would be cool, thanks Rob! But I really need to take a shower first..." he told me as we were arriving home.

We went in and I took him to "our" bedroom. I told him where to put his stuff and that the shower or bathtub was ready for him to use it.

"Can I have a bubble bath Rob? Please, please, pretty please?" he asked me with those puppy eyes that no one could ever say no to.

"Sure go ahead, just get ready while I set everything for you" I said and I went to the bathroom to prepare all for my Mikey to take a bath.

"All yours Mikey, I'll be outside playing some PS2 if you need something" I said.

"Thanks Rob but, can you do me a favor before taking my bath"

"Yeah what is it buddy?" I asked and when I turned around he was standing there with his clothes still on. He giggled and when I looked at him he just grinned and said: "Can you help me get undressed?" he said with those puppy eyes again.

"Umm sure buddy" I replied acting doubtful but with a hard-on already in my pants.

"If you help me, I will help you too. I promise!" my Mikey said as I walked towards him to "help" him. When I was just in front of him and I was getting ready to help him, he said: "Could you please take this bath with me?"


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