Cousins Adventures

Chapter III

By: Peter Plus

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Meeting someone

As it was getting "late" (it was only 9:30pm), we decided it was time to go to bed. Mikey didn't even say anything he just stood up, grabbed my hand and he was walking me to the bedroom. We arrived, closed and locked the door and then we go comfy on my bed. First I sat and Mikey just leaned and gave me those sweet kisses he now was getting used to give me every time he could.

"Ready for going to bed baby boy?" I asked him while removing his shirt from his beautiful body.

"Yes Robbie, I'm ready to sleep with you" he said as he unbuttoned and unzipped his own shorts and stood there only with his white briefs on. I took my shirt and shorts out as well and I was there just with my boxers waiting to be removed by my boy.

"You need help with that Robbie?" he asked with that sweet voice that he has and I just nodded, leaned over him and said: "Just take it out... someone wants to play outside..." I said while I grabbed my now rock-hard dick. My boy rapidly took my boxers out and waited for me to take out his white briefs but I wanted to have fun first so, I told him to lie on the bed with his hands on the back of his head and just enjoy the moment.

Watching at my boy there just lying on my bed, only with his white briefs on, I took a mental picture of him being like that so I could remember it forever. I leaned over him and I started first to kiss him. I taught him how to play with our tongues and in a couple of minutes, my boy was getting better on the kissing area. I loved to feel his tongue playing with mine and when we started French kissing, something changed. I could feel my boy breathing harder and moaning while kissing, what an amazing moment that was. I broke our passionate kiss and started to kiss and lick his neck. I kept going down until I was on one of my favorite spots... his armpits. I started to kiss them first; he giggled but didn't want me to stop so I continued to kiss and eventually started to lick them. So soft and tasty... I just loved them! Suddenly, I felt his hands moving my head to his nipples. I looked up and he grinned and then he closed his eyes. I started licking his nipples and they went hard immediately, my boy could just moan with happiness and so much pleasure. Meanwhile, my hands were very busy rubbing his rock-hard boyhood over his briefs. It seemed that it couldn't wait to be sucked by my mouth and I didn't want to make it wait.

"This looks tasty... Can I try it?" I asked acting like a little boy wanting a candy.

"Sure, go ahead!" my Mikey boy said. "Just don't bite it, ok?" And I started first by taking out his white briefs and looking that tasty looking "candy" bouncing and waiting to be eaten. I leaned over it and put my mouth on it, I didn't suck I was just making my boy going crazy with my kisses all over his dick and balls sac.

"Is it good...Robbie?" Mikey asked while lifting his head a bit for looking the show going on down there.

"It's not good Mikey... It's freaking awesome!" I said and continued to suck him off.

I spread his legs a little bit more so I could suck better. I continued to suck his balls sac and going up and down on his dick but at the same time I fingered him so he could get used to it and maybe in a near future I could put my dick instead of my fingers. The sucking and fingering was so good for my boy that he didn't last long and the dry orgasm came with a lot of shivering and moaning coming from my boy.

"Robbie..I...thanks..." he couldn't even say many words, my Mikey was in heaven he was just there breathing hard and with a big smile on his face.

"You're welcome baby cousin... But I'm quite sad..." I said while he looked at me with a doubtful look on his eyes.

"Why's that? Didn't you like it?" he asked me being a little bit worried and that was so sweet of him.

"I liked it a lot but he's sad because no one has played with him..." I said while pointing to my hard dick bouncing there waiting for someone.

My boy just grinned and he seemed to be happy again. He understood I was just role playing with him.

"Aww don't be sad buddy, I'll play with you" yes, I know, he was talking to my crotch! It was so sweet and funny at the same time. When he finished talking he grabbed my rock-hard 7 inches dick and started to jack me off. I was just lying on my bed enjoying the feeling of Mikey rubbing my dick and balls. I knew he liked my dick because he just couldn't touch it, he wanted more and so, he went down and started to lick the tip of my dick. He loved tongue playing with the head of my dick, he was licking it like a boy with a lollypop. An amazing feeling and he sometimes bit it tenderly and that made me go crazy. He wanted more so he started to deep throat with his new toy. He knew he couldn't take it all in but he tried and wow, he did it. I was just there, waiting to give him all of my juice but I don't know how he stopped like making me save it for a little bit more time. He sucked on my balls and another great feeling went through my body, he was good using his tongue for whatever he licked.

"You're awesome Mikey..." and my boy put his body over me, my dick standing right there under his bum while we kissed. I felt his dickie moving on my tummy while his bum was opening for my dick to go in. I didn't want to go there that fast so I just rubbed my dick against it but didn't try to fuck him. We were lost on kissing when he broke the kiss and started to lick my hairy armpits. Man that was a feeling I can't even explain, Mikey was licking them like if it were the last time he was going to do that. I could just moan more and more and when he started on licking and biting my nipples I couldn't resist anymore. I hugged him and my dick started to go crazy while spurting all over his bum and I could see some of my cum dropping by his balls...

"That was soooo good Mikey"

"Yes it was Robbie... but I'm kind of tired now" he said as he moved closer to me and started to get comfy and ready to sleep. I went to the bathroom and then cleaned the cum mess I had done. When I was finished I went back to the bed and cuddle with my baby cousin Mikey. He wanted me to hug him and so I did, my hand was gently touching his tummy and little by little we were relaxing more and more until we felt asleep.

Next morning, I woke up and my baby cousin was already taking a shower. "He didn't wait for me..." I said to myself and went to the bathroom.

"You're in a hurry buddy, is there something you need to do at school today?" I asked him while I was peeing.

"Yeah I do, we have PE today at school and with my friends we're going to have fun" he answered. "Can I bring one of my friends over?"

"You need to ask my parents for permission. It's fine by me but they are the bosses here..." I said. "Can I go there with you?" I asked almost naked just to walk in.

"Can we do that another time? I'm almost finished Robbie..." and I was broken hearted with that answer. I didn't say anything and just got out from the bathroom and went downstairs. I was upset and I didn't know what to do... "I'll ignore him for a bit, or maybe I'll act cool..." my mind was going crazy, my boy had rejected an offer of fooling around with me.

"Where's Mikey?" my parents asked as they saw me eating my cereal...

"Taking a shower I think, why?"

"It's kind of late and you need to take him to school..."

"You must be kidding me!" I thought... I just didn't know what to answer. My feelings were taking over my body I was so upset and I just didn't know why I had made such a big deal out of it.

"I'm ready now, can we go?" Mikey asked as he grabbed some cereal and he ate it very fast.

"Rob will take you to school Mikey, just let him finish eating" my dad said. He looked at me and smiled, I just looked at him, stood up and went upstairs to take a shower. Yeah, he was going to wait a bit more, I didn't care, it was like my revenge.

"Are you taking a shower, really?! You have to take Mikey to school!" my dad said and he sounded to be very angry.

"I know I have to but he has to wait, I'm taking a shower..." I replied with some sarcasm on my words.

"I'll take him, it's late. Don't even think about not picking him up later" my dad said and went down to take Mikey to school.

I kept on showering and thinking what to do so my feelings could go away. I loved Mikey but I was really upset about the "situation" that had happened and out of nowhere I felt someone was there in the bathroom near me... it was Mikey.

"Are you mad at me?" he asked me, he couldn't see me because of the curtains so I just kept "showering".

"I'm sorry, can we do this later? I'm taking a shower now..." I said, talking just like he did before.

"..." and I could listen he sighed and then said: "I'm sorry Robbie... Just don't be mad at me... please". His voiced started to break and I could feel he was sobbing a little bit... That broke my heart. My boy was there apologizing for nothing, I was the one who had to apologize and when I opened the curtains to see him... he was gone. I took the shower, dried myself and went downstairs... no one was there. I did something wrong and I knew it. I had made my Mikey to think I was mad at him and didn't want to see him anymore. I went upstairs and I saw a note on my pillow that said: "I'll be out at 12 today. My friend Ben is coming over, we'll have fun! Love you Robbie... and I'm sorry".

"It's not fair, I'll apologize as soon as I see him..."

The time for picking up Mikey had arrived, I was at the school exactly at 12 and I went in to pick Mikey up.

"Robbie!" and I could see my Mikey running towards me but he stopped and looked up like wondering if he could hug me or not...

"Hey Mikey... and my hug?" I asked with a big smile on my face, he knew I was happy again and he just hugged me and that was a different hug, it was like a "thank you for being happy again" hug.

"I'm sorry Mikey, it was my bad..." I said while I hugged him back.

"It's ok Robbie, I'm sorry too it won't happen again I promise..."

"Stop apologizing Mikey, it was my bad not yours... I'll make it up to you..." I said while I gave him a quick kiss on his lips, thanks God no one was near us. Mikey just grinned and said: "You'll make it up to me and... you'll have extra fun..."

"Extra fun?" I asked.

"Yeah, Ben is coming over, remember?"

"Oh yeah, but we don't know if he plays like we do..." I said

"You don't know... but I do" he finally said with the most mischievously and sexy grin I've ever seen on his face. I thought on the boy who was fooling around with Mikey the first day I came picking him up and if he was Ben I was going to have some very good action that day...

"Robbie, he's Ben. Ben this is my cousin and best friend Robbie" Mikey said and when I turned around to see the boy... Yeah, that's right. He was the same boy... "Oh yeah, this is going to be good..." I thought as I couldn't stop looking at the brand new toy my baby cousin had gotten for me to play with...


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