Cousins Adventures

Chapter IV

By: Peter Plus

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Driving back home, I could see Ben and Mikey laughing and having a great time just talking about some funny things that had happened during the day. I was really excited of what to expect from these boys. I knew Ben liked to "play" like Mikey and I did but they didn't know I'd seen them fooling around in the bathroom. I wanted to keep that a secret for the moment `cause I knew "not knowing" that, they would play with each other secretly and that would be fine by me, I really wanted to see some action between them before jumping in.

"Robbie, can we buy some pizza?" Mikey asked as we were near a pizza place.

"Sure, you guys can order anything... Here's $30 go order while I find a parking slot..." I told the boys and they quickly run towards the pizza place.

I had just found a spot in front of the pizza place when I saw the boys coming out with 2 boxes of pizza and 3 large sodas. They were already eating some slices. Two really handsome boys walking towards my car, that was a dream come true for me. "Just wait some more Rob, Ben will play with you..." I was thinking while they hopped in the car.

"Ready buddies?" I asked and the nodded. And so, we hit the road.

"Finish eating and then you can do whatever you want..." I told the boys as soon as we entered my house. "Whatever you need just tell me, I'll be watching some TV" I finally said.

"Can you plug the PS2 in Robbie?" Mikey asked.

"You have PS2?! Awesome!" Ben said.

"Sure buddy, I'll go upstairs then..." and I took off. While I was plugging in the PS2, I could notice that downstairs was really quite. The instant image was, my boys fooling around... and when I finished setting everything in my room, I went downstairs as quite as possible. I looked just like a ninja with stealth movements. When I finally arrived, I had the perfect place to peek on what they were doing. It was so quite downstairs because they were kissing and grabbing their crotches. It was even better that they had had PE that day because they had sweat pants as school uniform and I could see the small tents while they touched each other. They broke their kiss because they knew I was "upstairs". They kept rubbing their dicks and giggling a bit. I knew they were going to do more than that while they "played" with the PS2 and I was really hoping they were going to go there as soon as I went back downstairs.

"Guys, the PS2 is ready for you..." I said, acting as if I hadn't seen anything.

"Thanks Robbie..." Mikey said as they were pretending to finish eating. "Can we play now?" Mikey asked.

"Sure, just put the dishes in the dishwasher and go upstairs... Ben you can leave your stuff over there too" I said and the boys did as told and went upstairs.

I continued to watch TV for like half an hour, I didn't want to be that anxious but I just couldn't wait to see my very own "show". They weren't doing anything because I could hear them screaming and cursing sometimes so I knew they were still playing "the right way". I decided I wanted to check on them and I went upstairs. There's a kind of secret door that goes from my bathroom to my room and Mikey didn't know about it. The space was good for a little boy so I was a little bit uncomfortable but the desire of looking at my boys made me stay there as much time as possible. When I made myself a little bit more comfortable, they paused the game and Ben said: "Mikey do you mind if I take my shirt off, it's kind of hot here..."

"Go ahead Ben, I'll do it too..." Mikey said and both boys were going to take their shirts off. "Let me help you with that..." Mikey said as he took Ben's shirt off and then Ben did the exact same thing with Mikey's shirt. When they were shirtless I could see Ben's amazing half naked body. He was very slim and he had sort of a six pack going on there, that was even hotter for a 10 almost 11yo boy. Hairless armpits and tasty looking nipples too.

"Cool six pack" Mikey said as he began touching Ben's tummy.

"Thanks, you can get one too..." Ben said by touching Mikey's tummy too. They couldn't wait anymore and soon they went to my bed and started to kiss, Mikey being over Ben and that was insanely hot.

"What if Robbie comes here, we shouldn't do this here..." Ben said breaking the kiss.

"Don't worry about him, he's cool with it..." Mikey said as Ben looked into his eyes and grinned. The kissing started all over again and it got even better, Mikey had learned from me that armpits and nipples get you a hard-on really quick. He slid down Ben's body and started to lick on his armpits. Ben couldn't resist laughing but he was really enjoying it. Mikey then continued with his nipples and you could see Ben's ecstasy face. He was feeling some things he had never felt before. You could see them pumping each other as if they were having sex and you could definitely see they rock hard dicks rubbing against each other over their sweat pants. Ben was so hot that he wanted to try Mikey's armpits and nipples too. They changed positions and started to do the same thing, Ben licking all over Mikey's chest including his nipples and the extra fun with his armpits. Ben wanted even more and it surprised me to see him grabbing Mikey's dick with his mouth over his sweat pants. Mikey just arched and grabbed Ben's head while he did what he was doing. Mikey moaned and he was almost there, dry orgasm was coming. Ben wanted the real stuff and he pulled down Mikey's sweat pants and started to lick Mikey's ball sac and then his dick.

"Man, this is paradise!" I said to myself while my hand was already taking care of my dick. "Keep playing baby boys, keep sucking"

"Ben you're awesome, you suck soooo gooood" Mikey said as Ben just looked up and continued licking with a sexy grin on his face. "I want to try yours too Ben, take it closer..." Mikey said and Ben obeyed just a good boy would do. He came closer, took out his dick and feed Mikey with it. Mikey was still lying on the bed and Ben sat on his chest, what a view I had. Ben started to mouth fuck Mikey and I could just see both boys ecstasy face. They were really enjoying playing with themselves, sucking, kissing, licking... it was the perfect game for them. Some minutes later, they both started gasping and moaning a lot. You could see them breathing hard and while Ben continued to mouth fuck Mikey, he started to jack Mike's dick off so he could have fun too. Dry orgasms came together and they moaned so damn hard that as soon I heard that, my orgasm came as well... My juice was all over my shirt and my boys slowly stopped sucking and jacking off.

"That" Ben said as he lied next to Mikey.

"Oh" Mikey said, both boys were having trouble breathing but it was because of the amazing action they had just had.

"We should go downstairs..." Mikey said as they started to get dressed once again. In the meantime, I was already downstairs shirtless so they could not see the mess I've made by watching them play.

"Hi Robbie..." Ben said as I saw him sitting next to me.

"Hey buddy, did Mikey beat your ass on PS2?" I asked while putting my hand over his shoulder.

"Yeah, he's good at it..." Ben said as a smile came to his face. I looked at him and said: "He's really good, isn't he?" and I smiled too.

"At what time your parents will come get you?" I asked him.

"Dunno, I would really like to stay over... tomorrow's Saturday anyway..." Ben said as he leaned over me and put his head on my chest.

"Well, you should ask your parents, the phone is there if you want to use it..." I said while I rubbed his back and went to his chest to rub him too.

"Really Robbie?" he looked up at me and wow what a beautiful face he had. Short shaggy style hair, blue eyes and he had thin lips.

"Of course buddy, if they are ok with it, my parents will be ok with it too..." and when I finished saying that, he just stood up and then sat on my lap. He leaned over me, grabbed my hand and put it on his chest.

"Thanks Robbie..." he said as he watched TV with me while I gently rubbed his chest and when I had the opportunity, rubbed on his nipples too. When I did that he giggled and said it tickled him.

"Oh really? Well well well... There's going to be a tickling battle..." I said and I started to tickle him so hard he was almost crying because of the laughing. "Stop it Robbie, stop it..." he begged but he continued to lie on the couch without showing any resistance at all.

"I will stop only if you can fight back and tickle me too..." I said.

He started to fight back and then he was there lying over me tickling me. I was laughing but I wasn't a very ticklish person so I just played along so he could be happy too. In a fighting back movement I grabbed him by the hips and when I was there trying to stop him, I put my hand over his crotch and there it was his boyhood being very hard waiting for someone to play (again) with it.

"Oh look at this fella..." I said as I grabbed his dick. "I think he's ticklish too..." and he laughed even more.

"You can play with it if you want..." Ben said as he stopped laughing and looked at me with that sexy grin on his face. "Only if you let me play with yours too..."

I couldn't believe it would be that easy. Ben was giving me permission to touch and play with him with one and only condition... that he could play and touch me too.

"If that so buddy? Well, game's on!"


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