Cousins Adventures

Chapter V

By: Peter Plus

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No, no...sorry THIS is paradise

Tickling battle, with some dick rubbing, was on! I grabbed Ben and pushed him down to the floor and started to tickle him on his armpits and he just laughed so hard that I could see his boyhood going harder and harder. The amazing view given to me because of the sweatpants he was wearing was amazing, I just reached and grabbed his dick over his pants, he laughed even harder and he was definitely enjoying everything. He was there with me with his clothes on for one reason... he wanted some "help" getting undressed.

"Attention to all, this shirt will be removed if no one stops me..." I warned like if I was talking to a complete audience.

"..." Ben just looked at me and tried not to say a word so I could proceed.

"Well, sorry buddy...this shirt is useless now..." I said and started to take off his shirt. I did it as slow as possible so I could see his beautiful half naked body closer than I did when I was spying on them. Ben was a very handsome kid. Being almost eleven and a little bit taller than Mikey, 4'9" and Mikey was 4'3", I could feel some differences on his body. First of all, that amazing coming six pack on his tummy.

"Cool dude, I used to have one..." I told Ben as I ran my fingers all over his tummy. It was hard but his skin so soft. I started to "walk" with my fingers until I reached his nipples. They were a little bit bigger than Mikey's and they looked very tasty. I just squished them a bit and he giggled. I continued and reached his armpits, because of all the laughing and battling, there were some sweat drops and as my fingers had all those drops on it, I tasted them and they were salty but good. Ben was lying there on the floor, eyes closed and a big smile on his face.

I continued to explore his body but then I realized that during all this time, Mikey was nowhere around. I "woke up" from my dream and asked Ben where Mikey was. He just told me he was tiding the bedroom and rearranging some stuff. I was curious and I told Ben that I was going to check on him and I the meantime, he should call his parents to see if he could stay over the night.

When I got to my bedroom I could see both beds right next to each other, Mikey's clothes next to one of them and Mikey nowhere around the bedroom. I went to the bathroom and heard water running, I went in and my Mikey was there, ready to have a shower.

"Hey buddy, you never went downstairs... are you ok?" I asked him

"Oh hey Robbie, yeah sorry I was doing some stuff in the bedroom..." he told me and as I could see he wasn't mad or upset, that was a good sign for me.

"Oh yeah I could see beds next to each other... what are you thinking to do naughty boy?" I asked him again but this time I walked towards him and gave him a hug.

"There's a surprise for you later Robbie..." he said and gave a hug back.

"You need help?" I asked him as he nodded and I just started to undress him. This wasn't that much of a sexual moment but a tender moment. When I finished undressing him I looked at him and our eyes met. We came closer and our lips were that close and we started to kiss. They weren't passionate kisses but I loved them more than those ones. Theses kissed showed how much we loved each other, not only because we did sex things but also because we were cousins and family always comes first.

"Robbie...take this shower with me please" he said and those puppy eyes were there again. This time I knew he wanted to be with me by all means and that it was not going to be a sex shower, it was going to be a loving shower.

"Sure buddy, but Ben is downstairs and he will eventually come looking for us..."

"That's ok, let's take a quick shower and then we can go downstairs" and when Mikey finished saying that, he helped me getting my shorts off and then went in. That was the best shower ever, so relaxing. We were hugging and kissing while the water was running all over our body. It was the best way to show our love to each other, my Mikey was so gentle and tender with me and I loved to feel his hands hugging me and his lips kissing mine. We finished our shower, dried ourselves and got dressed. We grabbed hands and went downstairs. Our truly love moment was the best and I know it was going to continue for a long time.

"Hey guys, where were you?" Ben asked as we showed up.

"We took a shower, sorry for making you wait Ben" Mikey said and I was shocked because he told Ben what we really did.

"Oh that's ok, maybe next time you can invite me Mikey..." he said with that sexy grin on his face. Mikey just grinned back and looked at me. I just winked at him and grinned back.

"Did you ask your parents Ben?" I asked him as I saw the phone was near him.

"Oh yeah, they told me I should ask your parents first, if they were ok then no problem..."

"I'll do it Robbie..." and Mikey took the phone to call my parents, he was even more excited than I was.

I sat next to Ben and he again leaned over me, he was very comfortable being around me and he was still shirtless. My hand instantly went to his tummy. I just loved to feel his six pack. His hand also started to move and he reached my tummy to but he just rested his hand right above my crotch, that feeling make me go hard and it was very noticeable. He looked at me and grinned. His hand moved and grabbed my dick over my shorts.

"Wow, it's big..." he whispered

"You can play with it buddy..." I said as he was still rubbing my dick with his hand.

"I know, but I also know this is Mikey's best friend so I should wait for him..." ben said and he stopped touching me. I was surprised about what he had just said. I looked at him and asked: "How do you know that?"

"He told me, not exactly but I figured it out..." Ben said and then added: "I wanted that to be like that since I met you... It would be great to be with you and Mikey doing stuff..."

I think now I was even more excited that Mikey to have this sleepover. Ben was eager to be with me and his buddy Mikey all naked and doing stuff. I could see he was rock-hard too and I couldn't resist and went inside his shorts to grab his boyhood. He moaned a bit because it was a sudden movement. He just spread his legs so I could touch him better and I was going crazy touching everything down there. I could also feel his a-hole and he giggled when he felt my finger trying to conquer a new land. It was so tight that I wanted to be in a better position so my finger and my later on my dick could go inside.

"Way to go Ben, now we are really going to have fun..." Mikey said. He was looking at us while he was jacking his dick off. He was there standing with a sexy grin on his face, he seemed to be very happy.

"Oh and by the way... If we are like this right now, this sleepover will be awesome!" Mikey finally said... The sleepover was going to happen! I stopped rubbing Ben's dick for a moment. I couldn't believe this was going to happen. Ben stood up and run towards Mikey and I could see they started to kiss. You could see passion on those kisses and it was definitely a turn-on. The only thing I did was to take my hand and sniff it. The smell of boy dick and boy balls was so freaking amazing. I even licked my fingers.

My boys were still kissing and in a sudden movement I stood up and walked towards them, my dick was there ready to be played with. When I was next to them, paradise started... Both boys grabbed my dick and started to jack off. I was being jacked off while my hot boys were kissing. They had tents under his sweat pants too and I knew I should take care of them so I reached their dicks and did the same thing to them. Everybody was getting some action and it was really good. We continued that way for some more minutes but our fun was going to be interrupted by the arrival of my parents. As we heard the garage door open, we stopped everything and got dressed. When my parents went in, I was "reading" a book while the boys were "watching" cartoons on TV. We greeted, had dinner and chatted a bit about what had happened during our "normal" day. My parents seemed tired and they quickly went upstairs so they could rest.

"I would say don't stay late but tomorrow's Saturday so, have fun guys..." my mom said as he gave the boys a kiss good-night and then went towards me and said: "Take good care of them honey, don't let them be that noisy we really want to rest..." I just nodded and said: "Don't worry mom, besides if they are playing in my room you won't hear a noise, you know how noise proof those walls are, so it will be like it the house is empty..."

"I hope so, good night honey" my mom said and gave me a kiss goodnight too.

As soon as my parents' bedroom door was closed, I sat between my boys and said: "For how long are you going to pretend watching TV?" and both boys looked at me and grinned. They knew what they wanted and they grabbed once again my rock-hard dick.

"That's what I'm talking about..." I said as I just relaxed and let the boys go nuts with my dick. "I can't wait for this sleepover..." I thought and then moved my hands and went inside their pants to grab their also rock-hard dicks. We continued to play with each other until it was time to go upstairs.

Paradise was close... all I had to do was to open my bedroom door...


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