Cousins Adventures

Chapter VI

By: Peter Plus

The following story is just fiction. If you read something and it has any resemblance to people living or deceased is just a coincidence. This story is about sexual acts between a male adult and minor boys. If reading this sort of story violates any of the laws in your country or if you are under 18 years old, we strongly suggest for you to leave immediately. For the rest of people, enjoy.
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Loving my boys

My boys were so horny, they couldn't wait anymore... I kept jacking their uncut dicks, I loved to play with that "extra" skin they have, playing peekaboo with their heads... Their balls, oh those soft balls... I grabbed them and squished them gently, that made my boys giggle and moan at the same time.

"Robbie, we'll meet you upstairs!" Mikey said and by grabbing Ben's hand, they went upstairs... They wanted me to wait a little bit so they could give me a surprise. I waited like 5 minutes and I couldn't wait anymore, I wanted to be with my boys. I went upstairs and my room's door was closed. I knocked and both boys said: "It's open..." as if the room was theirs. I went in and I could see my boys only with their underwear on.

"Hi sir, we were waiting for you" Ben said.

"Yes, we have been told you give excellent massages..." Mikey continued.

"Can you give us massages at the same time" Ben asked.

"Of course, that's why you hired me, right?" I continued with the role playing. "The only thing I need is for you to lie down on the bed and wait until I'm ready for you..." I said. My boys went to the bed as they saw their "masseur" getting undressed. I stayed on my boxers, just like my boys were. Mikey had a pair of superman boxers on and Ben had a very tasty looking fruits boxer... "That's ironic... he has a banana just there..." I thought as I saw Ben lying on the bed, looking at me with that sexy grin on his face.

"I'm ready for you guys. I will give you the same massage at the same time" and I started to climb on the bed and I as soon as I know, I had two boys on each of my sides. On my left I had Ben and on my right Mikey. They had a surprise for me... I just felt their hands on my chest and when I looked down, my boys were playing with my nipples. The tent on my boxers was getting bigger and bigger. I continued to caress my boys. My hands were on their backs and going down to touch their bums over their underwear.

"Great massage, sir..."Mikey said.

"Yeah, but I would like to be somewhere else..." Ben said as he moved and my hand went directly to his crotch. His boyhood was rock-hard waiting to be stroked by my hand. I leaned over Ben and whispered to his ear: "Take out those boxers...lover" with a sexy voice.

"You take them to me...daddy" Ben said and his lips were there, just right there in front of me. I couldn't resist and our mouths came together like if they had glue on it, and our lips met for the first time. What a great kisser Ben was... He used his tongue so good and our kiss was very passionate.

While kissing with Ben, you may think Mikey was doing nothing but watching... but it wasn't like that. Mikey was going crazy licking and sucking my nipples. I just loved when my Mikey boy bit them so they could go hard. What my Mikey also loved was to lick my hairy armpits, he was almost eating them completely.

I broke my kiss with Ben and looked at Mikey finishing with my armpits. It was his turn so, I told him to put his hands on the back of his head and I started to lick his armpits and going on a trip to his nipples as well. He loved it so much and he moaned so hard when I suck on his nipples like a baby. I was so busy pleasing my Mikey boy that when I stopped for a second, I looked up and Ben was kissing with Mikey. Watching at that made me almost come right away... I looked at my boys loving each other and I wanted to make them feel even better.

Ben told me to take off his boxers a while ago and I was going to do it...just in a different way. I started sucking on his dick over his boxers and I also bit it a little so he could get even harder. I went on Mikey's boxers and did the same thing to him. They kept kissing and I decided to take their boxers off. They helped me a bit by lifting so I could take them off without any problems. When they were completely naked I stood up on the bed and put my hard dick under my boxers just in front of them.

"It's your time baby boys..." and my boys broke their kiss and instantly started on sucking the pre-cum that was on my boxers. I could feel their tongues trying to lick my dick but my boxers were there just teasing them.

I was standing there and then I looked at them whispering something... they giggled and nodded. I was just wondering what they were going to do... You won't believe but my boys started to take off my boxers with their mouths! "Oh man! This is awesome!" I thought as I saw my boys working together with their mouths to take my boxers off. As soon as my boxers were out, I saw my boys literally eating my dick. My boys were hungry and my dick was a like the last ice cream they were going to have on their entire life.

"Oh yeah..." that's all I could say...

"You like it...daddy?" ben asked as he grabbed my balls and looked at me.

"I do baby, you guys are amazing. I love you..."

"We love you too...daddy" Mikey said and I just went crazy with Mikey telling me that I was his daddy...

My boys continued to suck on my dick and then they had a kind of routine. Mikey licked my balls and Ben sucked my dick. Then, it was the other way around. My boys were just amazing. My orgasm was coming and I warned them, but it was like if I said nothing. They continued and they started to jack me off so the love juice could come faster. When I started to moan harder and harder, my boys were with their mouths on the tip of the head waiting for everything. I started to cum and I could see my boys swallowing everything that came in their mouths. My boys didn't have enough and they continued to suck on my dick to see if they could get some more but it was all.

"Oh my boys, now is your turn..." I said as I told them to lie once again. My Mikey was first to go and I started to suck on his dick, he spread his legs so I could go all the way in. While sucking on my baby boy, Ben went to my a-hole and started to lick it. That was another big surprise to me, he was eating everything. I continued to suck on my boy's dick and then went down to his balls. I loved when I could suck both of them at the same time. The smell of my saliva all over his balls and dick was making my dick harder. My Mikey boy just with eyes closed enjoying everything.

Ben stopped putting his tongue in my a-hole and stood up. He wanted some sucking action too as he put his dick on Mikey's mouth. Mikey opened his mouth and started to suck on his best friend. I just couldn't believe everything that was happening. I was with two handsome boys, doing everything I wanted and they were enjoying every minute of it. We continued like that for almost five minutes until my boys had dry orgasms and the moaning was music to my ears.

My boys seemed to be tired as they were catching their breath after all that action we'd just had. I knew they wanted more as I did but it was just fair to take a break.

"That was...amazing... thanks Robbie for playing with us..." Ben said while still catching his breath.

"Yeah...thanks're the best..." Mikey said, also having some talking problems.

"Thanks to you... baby boys" I finally said.


No... wait a bit, chapter is not over yet. Let's just take a break fellas...


"I will take a shower... if anyone is in the mood for that, I will be in the bathroom..." I said. My boys just looked at each other and smiled. They looked at me and the look on their faces was like if I was offering them some trip to Disneyland or something.

"I'll take you by my secret door... come with me" and I showed my boys the secret hall that was between my bedroom and the bathroom. Yeah, exactly the place where I jacked off while my boys loved each other early that day.

"Let's have some bubble fun, Mikey you know how to do it.." and Mikey went to set everything up while Ben and I hugged and looked at Mikey.

"He's cute, isnt' he?" I asked Ben while my hand was already on his crotch rubbing his balls and dick.

"Yeah, I love him Robbie... I really do" Ben said and he seemed to mean it.

"I know you do Ben, I love him too..." and Ben just looked at me, smiled and gave me a tender kiss. Mikey had finished and he was waiting for us with a big smile on his face.

We went in and something made me almost melt of love... My boys both wanted to be with me and they sat on each of my legs so I could be hugging them both at the same time... Sex time was over, my boys also loved to have those special moments as I called them.

"Robbie..." Mikey said.

"Yeah Mikey?" I asked.

"You love us, right?" he asked with a sweet look on his face.

"Of course I do Mikey. Why do you ask?"

"For nothing, we love you too Robbie!" he said as he smiled at me and rested his head on my chest as well as Ben.

It was a very tender moment with my boys, of course we were hard but it wasn't a sex moment anymore. My hands were resting on their chests while their hands were caressing my hair and chest. We stayed like that for around ten minutes and then I started a bubble fight with them. They are kids anyways, and you could see that boyish innocence while they were playing and having a great time playing with the bubbles. My boys were so cute that just looking at them happy as they were, made me even happier to me. They loved spending time with me and they loved doing stuff. Perfect boys, that's what they were to me.

We finished bathing and dried ourselves. We went back to the room, put some clean boxers on and went to bed. That was the best sleep I was going to have because I was hugging two shirtless boys and two handsome boys were hugging me too. Air conditioning on, blankets on us and our body warm working so we could cuddle and sleep the best we could. My boys slept very fast and looking at them so peacefully sleeping that some minutes later I felt asleep as well. Saturday was coming, we were going to the park and maybe who knows, another boy could come and have some fun.


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The sleepover finally arrived, the boys had everything they wanted and Robbie was happy he had two boys who were more than lovers to him.

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