Cousins Adventures

Chapter VII

By: Peter Plus

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Let's hunt!

Saturday morning had arrived and while my baby boys were deeply asleep, I went out for a walk and to breathe some fresh air. It was already seven o'clock when I got out from my house so I kind of expected no one to be in the park at that time... I was wrong. There was already a family there and they were doing exercise all together. It was very nice to see them very happy jogging as a family but it was even nicer to see the two boys who were, by looking at them, like 9 and 10 years old. The first thing I thought was being friends with the boys so later on I could know them better... if you know what I mean. That was my dick thinking, my head told me to be friends with the parents first so they could trust me their kids later and that was the wiser choice.

I started jogging and I was soon near the family. Looking at the boys so near me made me almost run so I could be as close as possible.

"Good morning!" I said to everyone.

"Morning sir!" one of the boys replied.

"Good morning!" the rest of the family said.

"Nice to see someone else doing exercise around here, people don't care about their health anymore, do they?" a fairly tall man said. I assumed that he was the kids' father.

"I know, right? At least we care about it!" I said.

"I haven't seen you all around here... are you my new neighbors?" I asked them. It was really the first time I had seen them around the park.

"Yes, we are. We moved in just yesterday night!" he replied.

"Oh that's why I didn't notice. I was kind of busy yesterday night..." I said and I smiled. I had just recalled all the good moments I had had with my baby boys Ben and Mikey. "Well, welcome then! Nice to have you around!" I said.

"Thanks Mr... ???"

"You can call me Rob, and you are?" I asked.

"I'm Roger, this is my wife Katie and my sons, Jared and Leo" Roger said.

"Nice to meet you all!" I said. "You guys can call me Rob or Robbie, no Mr. please!" I said as I looked at the boys and smiled. They smiled back and nodded. That was the very first time I could at least look at them close enough. Dark blond hair. Jared being a little bit taller than Leo. Both with slim bodies, just the way I like.

We kept jogging together and I was already feeling like if I was part of the family. Soon enough both parents were very enthusiastic talking with me about different topics, especially about the neighborhood's security and safe environment. They told me they worked all day but they were currently on vacation so they hadn't to worry about looking for someone to take care of their kids.

"You can tell me anytime you want, I'm great with kids..." I told them and I didn't even think my words before saying them...

"Is this for real Rob? We could really use some help with them..." Roger said. I really didn't expect him to say that.

"Anytime Roger! Just drop by my place sometime and we can chat about it". I continued.

"We can go right away if it's ok, just let us take a shower and we'll be right there... maybe we can meet in an hour?" Roger asked.

"Sure, I'll wait for you then. See you in an hour!" I finally said.

We went back together and then we just split. I couldn't imagine I was going to be in an interview-like chat with Roger and his family so I could take care of their kids. I was so excited with this that I completely forgot Ben and Mikey were in the house, probably already watching some T.V. I went in, my parents had already gone away and as I thought, Ben and Mikey were watching some cartoons. My two boys just sitting there with their pajama bottom, shirtless as I liked and just waiting for me to sit with them.

"Hey sleepy heads, good morning!" I said.

"Morning Robbie!" both kids said. Mikey got up and went right towards me to give me a big hug and a gentle kiss on my lips. "I missed you, where were you?" he asked still hugging me. "Sorry buddy, I was jogging a bit" I replied. "Jogging? Really? You?" he said being sarcastic and mocking a little bit. "Yeah me, you sleepy head. I do exercise" I said and Mikey just smiled and kissed my chest. I just loved that feeling, it was the first time he did that.

"I need you to take a shower, there's someone coming home" I said.

"Who's coming?" Ben asked.

"There's a new family in the block, they're coming to know me better and maybe I get the opportunity of taking care of their kids..." I said.

Their heads turned around and looking at me, both just smiled. They knew what I was planning and I could see they wanted to help.

"What?" I asked.

"We'll help you get that job!" Ben said.

"Yeah? How exactly?" I asked back.

"We're gonna be here all the time and we'll be such "good friends" that they will know you're they guy for the job!"

"You wanna meet who are going to be your next "good friends" uh?" I asked, and all they did was to nod and smile. They were way ahead of me, thinking on having fun with boys they even haven't met yet but, I knew they were going to like them as soon they saw them.

"They'll be in less than an hour, so please hurry and take a bath!" I told them.

"You'll join us?" Mikey asked.

"Of course I will, I just gonna clean a bit over here". I replied.

My boys ran straight to the bathroom and they started bathing themselves or at least that's why I thought they were doing. I finished cleaning and then I went to my bedroom and got undressed. When I got to the bathroom, Ben was sucking on Mikey's dick; they were already inside the bathtub. Mikey had his eyes closed and his hands on Ben's head. It looked freaking hot and my dick was already rock-hard as soon I saw my boys having some fun. Ben stopped sucking Mikey's dick and said: "Sorry but we couldn't wait more..." and he continued his task.

"That's ok Ben. Just get comfy `cause I will suck you now..." I said. The bathtub was big enough for us being there with no problem and while I was sucking on Ben's dick, my hands were touching Mikey's balls. Having my hands very busy, my dick needed some attention too but I didn't know what to do. Mikey seemed to read my mind and with his foot, he started to touch and feel my dick and balls. So hot!

Ben's dick was so tasty and with some water splashing it was even hotter to suck him off. His five inches long and uncut dick was so hard being licked and sucked by me. I did this for like five more minutes and then interrupted the action. It was nearly the time for the Campbell's to come home.

"Let's finish this later baby boys, we need to hurry now!" I told them and with some more sucking and some passionate kisses, we finished our sexy time together. We finished washing ourselves, obviously feeling everything we could for some more minutes, and then dried ourselves and got dressed.

Minutes later, someone knocked at the door. It was the Campbell's.

"Hi everyone! Please, come in!" I said as I let the Campbell's go in. The boys were wearing some loose shorts and sleeveless shirts, I was getting hard already. I just love boys who dress like if they were basketball players.

My boys were pretending to watch T.V and when they saw the new family they got up and greeted them.

"This is my cousin Mikey and his friend Ben. You caught me during work schedule!" I told them.

"That's ok Rob, they can tell us if you're good for the job or not..." Roger said with a smile on his face.

"He's good for the job but don't even think on taking him away from us..." Mikey said and he was quite serious... I don't know why he reacted like that... either he was a nice actor or he was being serious.

"We won't do it Mikey, we can share, can't we?" Jared asked. "Yeah, we're cool!" Leo said. Mikey just looked at them, smiled and said: "You can join us, we're about to play some PS2"

"Oh cool! Can we go?!" both kids asked.

"Sure go ahead, anyways, we're just talking money with Rob. I think he's the one for the job..." Roger said.

"Oh thanks Roger, I appreciate it!" I said.

The boys went to my bedroom and I could listen they were having a blast playing with the PS2. Roger and his wife just told me that sometimes the boys fight for stupid things and they tend to hit each other. Also, they told me that maybe some days it would be difficult for them to be early at home and so, I should take care of them during the night (which was no problem at all). Finally we talked money and I told them to give me a "free trial" for a week and if I could handle them (which, also, I was going to do it), we could talk money. We chatted for another couple of minutes and they told me they had to go shopping. I went up to tell the boys it was time for them to go. It was a little bit quiet and well, you know, my baby boys were horny because of what we interrupted during bath

"Hey guys you're..." I couldn't finish talking because all I could see was Jared kissing Ben and Leo kissing Mikey... God, these boys were ready for everything!

"Sorry Rob, sorry please don't tell our parents... please, please..." Jared said and Leo was with a face expression telling me the same.

"I won't if you two come here and kiss me too..." I said with a big smile on my face. The boys just grinned and walked towards me to give me a very good kiss. They needed some more practice but it was good enough.

We went downstairs, said our goodbyes and Mikey invited the brothers to come again soon. They nodded and said they would. Ben and Mikey were still horny and when we closed the door they got on their knees and unbuttoned my shorts to start sucking on my dick and balls. Ah my boys, so horny and handsome. They continued to suck me until I came on their faces. So horny they were that they licked my love juice from each other's face until they were clean. I wanted to please them I was going to do it but we had to order some food first.

Two more boys were going to play some games with us and it was going to be soon enough. We didn't know exactly the age but I was sure the time was coming for me to figure out everything about our new hunted boys.


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