The following story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual people is pure coincidence. The characters represented here are the products of the author's mind and do not depict actual events, either of the author or any others. It also depicts sexual acts between underage siblings. If you are not 18 years of age or older, or if this type of fiction disturbs you, please leave this site.


by hottcarter1987

I lay in my bed wide awake. I know what's coming. I hear him outside, being dropped off by his friend. He's drunk, probably high. The slurred speech as he tells his friend goodbye tips me off. Then again, my big brother always comes home in the early morning hours of Saturday like this. He plays in a metal group, and when he's had a good gig, he parties afterward, smoking pot and drinking before he comes home. When he gets in the house, I know what he'll want next.

I start to sweat as I hear the front door shut. My 8-year-old body trembles as I hear his footsteps in the hall. We sleep in the basement while our foster mother sleeps upstairs. She never knows what goes on down here—what my 16-year-old brother does to me. I've resigned myself to the fact that he'll always do this, but I never know if it'll be quick, or if he'll drag it out. I crawl out of my bed and get into position like he taught me. If I do that, maybe it'll be quick.

I hear the door open. His boots are heavy on the steps. Moonlight shines in the three windows in the room, and I see my brother, Austin, step in front of me. He switches on the light on the table between our beds. He stands there smirking at me, his long, greasy hair, blond but lately dyed coal black, falls around his slender face. He's dressed in a black leather jacket and matching gloves. He's not wearing a shirt, and his bare chest glistens with some sweat. He's wearing tight, faded blue jeans, ripped in several places, and the legs are stuffed into black cowboy boots. I can see his bulge pressing against the front. The smell of alcohol, pot, and tobacco radiate off him. He steps around me and draws the curtains on all the windows and walks back in front of me. “You ready for our weekly fun, you little shit?” he says. He reaches down and grabs the back of my hair. It hurts as he pulls it, and my head, backward. “Remember, you tell on me, and I'll fuckin' beat you. Got it?”

I am silent, but I nod my head as best I can. He owns me, and he knows it. He pulls me by my hair onto my bed. Pulling my arms behind me, he ties my wrists together with duct tape he pulls from one of the drawers in the table. When he's done, I feel his gloved hands roam my back, then my ass. He lays on top of me, and his smell become overwhelming. He licks my ears, one at a time, then he licks and bites my neck. “I'm so horny,” he moans. “My dick is so hard, little boy. I need you bad tonight.” He puts a gloved hand over my mouth while he fingers my tiny asshole with the other. As his finger enters, I let out a sound which is muffled by his hand, and my eyes squeeze shut. It hurts a little, but I'm used to it. “Open your pussy, bitch, and let me in.” I bare down, and his finger slips in easily. It takes him a minute of sliding in and out before my ass becomes his. Austin gets off of me and flips me over. I pant as I see him standing there, rubbing his crotch. He lights up a cigar and keeps it in his mouth while he opens the fly of his jeans. Pulling out his 7-inch dick, he orders me, “Eat my sausage, little baby.” He steps back, and I get in the floor on my knees. He grabs my head and pushes his cock deep into my throat. I gag. He smiles at me, his teeth clenched around the foul cigar. “This is what you were born for,” he moans as he pushes my head on and off his member. He never lets me do the sucking; my mouth is just a hole for him. His cock stuffs down into my throat, and I continue choking on it while getting air through my nostrils. It's too big for me, but Austin doesn't care. He puffs his cigar and keeps fucking my face. He grunts and moans. I know he'll fuck me, so I try to get all the spit I can onto his dick. It's the only lube I'll get.

When he's finished with my mouth, he pulls out and rubs his cock all over my face. I feel the warm spit on my cheeks, and some of his pre-cum squirts on me. He then reaches for the duck tape and tears off three pieces. He fixed them over my mouth and picks me up, putting me face down on my bed. I start to cry. “You know, Ryan,” he tells me. “When you cry, it makes me hornier.” I can't help it, and he knows that, too. “Face down, ass up.” I push my face into the mattress, and I hear him drop his jeans. “Time for you to get what's comin' to you.” His gloved hands grab my hips, and his cock starts to penetrate me.

I want to raise up, try to get away from him, but I just lay still. His cock pushes past my sphincter and buries itself deep inside of me. I try to cry out, but the tape keeps me from it. “Hot damn, you little shit!” he almost screams. “I love that pussy of yours. Damn! So good.” The cock burns and stretches me inside. He pushes in harder and harder as he fucks me. I'm crying harder. His meat hurts as it plows me, and he grunts with each thrust. The slap of his balls against me is the only thing making noise in the room, with the exception of the squeaks of my mattress. He stops a moment. Out of the corner of my eye, I see him put the cigar in the ashtray on the side of the table next to his bed. He lays on top of me again, his cock still deep inside me. He grabs my throat with a hand and squeezes. In my hear, I hear his raspy voice. “I love havin' you for a whore. I love fuckin' you with my dick. This is all you'll ever be good for, Ryan. You'll always be my little cumdump.” His words repulse me, but I do nothing. He resumes his fucking motions, and his dick fills me up. As he rides, he licks my face. How much longer? I wonder to myself. Please just get off in me and leave me alone.

As if in response to my silent musings, Austin stiffens. He squeezes my throat and says in my ear, “I'm cumming, bitch. Gonna knock you up.” His dick pulses in my ass, and warm fluid starts to shoot inside. I feel the pulses of his teen cum in my rectum, and I whimper into the gag. It feels like he's cumming in me forever.

Finally, Austin pulls out, and I feel the sperm flowing out of my hole. It runs down my tiny nutsack. “Good little bitch,” he says through his panting. He starts wiping his semi-hard cock across my butt cheeks to spread his sperm all over me back there. I turn my head and see him take another couple puffs of the cigar before crushing it out. Austin then lays on his bed. “You stay just like that, slut. I'll want you in the mornin', too.”

Before long, he passes out. I lay on my stomach and doze off, knowing my wake-up call in a few hours will be feeling his cock in me again.