Dad and Son Camping Trip
by Adam J. Richards

My Dad and I have always been pretty close together. Since my mom left us at the age of four, my dad did everything he could to be a great father and bring me up right. Even though he was pretty damn stricked, he always made sure that I knew he loved me. He had a good great sense of humor and sometimes when he thought he was riding my ass too much, sometimes he would just look at me and say, You God damn fuck head, you know I love the shit out of you. You remind me of myself all the time. Every Time I see you, I see myself when I was your age. And with that he would sport his famous devil dog grin, give me a big bear hug then throw me a beer to let me know that I was really his best friend as well as his son. Dad was a big man, with large hands, brown eyes and dark hair. He worked in construction, so his body was in great shape even though he was in his early forties. He loved sports and loved to be outdoors, so he always had a deep dark tan during the summer months. I loved sports as much as he did, but my body wasn't as built up as his was. I had a lot of my moms features, blonde hair and slim build and totally hairless but I had my dads personality, kinda cocky, always getting my self in trouble and always looking to have a good time when I could. My dad knew this and tried to keep me from making the same mistakes he did when he was a kid. So I guess he was extra hard on me sometimes because he was worried about me. But when we were alone having fun or doing something together, it was like we were the only two people on earth. I always looked up to him, and always tried to make him proud. And when I did something to impress him, he let me know he was the proudest father in the world.

If there was one word to describe my dad it was masculine. he could have been a football player with his build and strength. He worked out and made me do the same. I guess he wanted me to develop just like him into a tower of muscle. Thet's how I always saw him. I never even had the notion that he would ever mess around with another guy in a sexual way. I have to admit I wondered what he would look like fucking his girlfriend. And one night when she came over and after they thought I had gone to bed, I heard them having sex in the living room. I was so curious about what they might be doing, that I quietly snuck into the dark Hall way where I was sure they couldn't see me and watched my father fuck her to multiple orgasm. For some reason I couldn't take my eyes off of him. his huge strong body thrusting into her, with his ass tensed up as he pushed in and out of her. She was moaning and wanting more as I heard the rush of his breath with each push as he fucked her harder and harder. Then he pulled out just as he was about to cum and I saw how big his cock was. It was awesome. He took his cock and shot his sperm all over her face as she gobbled what she could then licked the rest off of his prick until it was clean. I got so hot from the site of my father cumming that I had a major hardon myself. I quietly went back to my room and for some reason fantasized about him doing that to me. I know it sounds queer, but watching her, made me feel jealous. That bitch was sharing something of my dads that I never could get. At least that what I thought that night. In my bed, I stroked myself and imagined him on top of me just like she was, and thought about him cumming in my face and me having to taste his sperm as is went down my throat. My God , I must have cum a gallon when I came, because I spasmed it seemed like two minutes, and when I was through, I was totally drenched in my own cum. I put it up to my mouth and tasted it, imaging that it was his and I slowly fell asleep with the cum still wet on my lips.

Chapter 2

The Camping Trip

I couldn't wait for the end of the summer camping trip my dad had planned for us. I had been waiting for it for weeks and I loved the fact that it was going to be just him and me up at the cabin in the mountains . We always had a great time, fishing, hiking, and just enjoying ourselves. My dad loved it as much as I did and I could tell he was looking forward to it too. He was not getting along with his girl friend and I know she wasn't putting out for him and when he couldn't get any he was always on edge. When we are up in the mountains together, nothing else matters, he always chills out and loosens up forgets about his problems.

So the day of the trip finally came. we drove up there in his old beat up pickup truck, talking about everything from sports to girls, He laughed, you know something about girls, is that you have to have um. who else is going to suck your cock. I looked at him and smiled, and remembered that night when I saw him fucking his girlfriend and watching her suck and lick his cock. I was getting a hard on and hoping it didn't show. I think I was a little embarrased because I could feel my face getting red. He looked over at me and laughed out loud. You know son, your going to have to get your own cock taken care of soon, you cant just keep jacking off in the bathroom everyday. Your gonna need a chick to take care of that for you. You should be starting to look for a good one that likes to suck. Cheerleaders are always good candidates. I was really getting embarrassed now. I think it showed. I knew he was talking like that to see me blush. I had only got a girl to kiss me and cop a feel. To be able to get one to suck my cock, now that was going to take a lot of work. I blurted out. Hell yeah I would love to get a girl to suck my cock, but Im kinda shy about asking them. He turned to me and said, well son you aren't ever going to get some unless you ask. So you either get brave real soon or your going to be spanking your monkey for a long time. Unless you get a fag to do that for you.

I was shocked at what he said. A fag to suck my cock?, yeah I knew a couple of guys that we always made fun of. The queer guys in school that you just knew would get down on their knees just to take a look at your cock. I never though my dad would say something like that ever. I looked at him in disbelieve. He turned to me and said, look kid, its just sex, if you can get a nut and you can find someone that will give you a quickie, no big deal. let the kid suck you off. He was laughing at the thought of it. Hell when I was your age I let this fag suck me off any time I couldn't get a girl to do it. Why should I have to jack off when I can get someone to suck it.

I thought about it for a minute and said " I guess you right" and smiled. Smiling at me he said "its only sex, everyone needs to get off you know".

Once we got up to the cabin, we did all the things we usually did, fishing and hiking and then we found a stream and went skinny dipping. We were extra playful in the stream and I got to see his tanned muscled body up close, and the site of his body and cock was getting me hot thinking about what it might be like to do more. We played all afternoon and it was great. Just him and I. Walking back up to the cabin Dad and I kept drinking beers and I guess we had a few too many because he was getting really loose and talking about things he never usually talked about. Like my mom and how much he loved her and what a great fuck she was. Now that was a woman who knew how to give head he laughed. Too bad she wasn't good at being faithful. The trouble was, one guy wasn't enough for her. She liked to do the whole town. Finally she found some asshole and she ran away with him. I never really got over her leaving me. But we have each other and I love you son. more than I probably loved her. Your everything to me. At that point we had reached the cabin and we were standing in front of the cabin still wet with the water from the stream. I was shivering because now it was getting kind cold and he turned to me and gave me a great big hug and kissed me on my forehead. All of the sudden I got a raging hard on. Maybe it was the feeling of his massive body holding me and the smell of his manliness, but I couldn't help myself. Holding each other tight I could feel him against me as well and I was surprised to feel his cock against me as hard as I was. We looked into each other eyes and after a long silence, he said, I guess we need to get a fire going in the fireplace. You need to get those cloths off and put a blanket around you or you going to catch a cold. Now get in there and take those fucking cloths off he barked. I think he was trying to avoid the fact that we both felt each other and I was wondering what to do next.

I stripped off of my cloths and he stripped his off too. both of us naked I put a blanket over me and laid down by the fireplace on the rug in front. The room was getting dark from sundown and the fireplace flickered in the early night reflecting his strong Golden body that rippled with muscles through out. he laid down besides me and I could see that his hard on had not gone completely away. I guess I was staring a bit too long and his eyes caught mine and tried to make a joke out of it by saying, You must be horny kid, you look like you want to suck it. Laughing, he said I bet you would suck it wouldn't you. I looked up to him and said fuck you. smiling, thinking that should take care of the uncomfortable moment. I was kinda embarrassed and didn't know what to say. He didn't let it go though, I guess he was horny too and of course he was pretty loose from the beer because he reached down under my blanket and tugged at my cock. And my cock of course was hard. See that mother fucker, you are horny and you have a hardon over my cock don't ya.

This time he wasn't kidding and I could see that I was going to have to fess up. I looked at him and admitted that yeah I guess I was a little horny. and waited for his response. looking at him in the dark by the fire, I never saw a person so fucking hot as my father that night.

Dad waited for a few moments while he was thinking, and then he just decided to lay down right next to be and whispered in my ear, well fuck, its only sex. You ever sucked a cock before son?

I said no. Well I guess your going to learn how. get down there and see how well you can suck a cock. I looked at him kinda frightened about the thought of sucking his cock. I mean fantasizing about it was one thing, but actually doing it. My God, what if I don't like it. and worse what if I do. My head was kinda of spinning from all the beer I had, and to be honest I was kind of floating anyway, so I slowly turned around and put my head between his legs and got my face up close to his cock. It was so big and now I could smell his man smell. not dirty but clean and manly, the smell of another man cock stirred up something inside me I never felt with a girl before. I slowly took his cock into my mouth and my father laid all the way back and put his hand behind his head and said. Go ahead boy suck your dads cock, and do it good now hear? I did as I was told, and licked the head to get a taste of it. The head had a drop of glistening of precum and I tasted it on the end of my tongue. It was cool, I liked it. Then I took the cock slowly in my mouth and really started to taste the whole of it. It was so big, must have been like 8 inches and very thick. I could not take it all the way down my throat, but I tried. I began to lick it down to the base and heard my father say go on. suck it good man. Your doing fine. Suck that cock son. I wanted to do a good job and wanted him to enjoy himself, then I held my breath and slowly slide his huge cock down my throat all the way into the end, trying not to choke. He was really getting into it now, his cock now completely hard and the tip of it swollen from the pleasure my hot mouth and tongue were giving it. I took my hand and licked my fingers and started to caress his balls, they were so soft and hairyand I loved the smell of them. Quickly his sack started to tighten and I could feel his balls throb within from my touch and I was really getting off pleasuring my dad. He started to direct me as to what do next. He told me to start licking his thighs and crotch and I complied eagerly now. I was getting so into it. It was like a dream, him using my mouth I wanted to be like a pussy, soft and warm against his cock. I felt like I was his own personal pussy. He moaned with pleasure and said to me, yeah man your my pussy boy tonight. you like sucking your dads cock don't you. I nodded my head as I was forcing my mouth onto his cock with slow methodical strokes and felt his hot cock throb each time I moved my mouth over his shaft. The smell of our sweat and breathing just made the room fill the air with manliness. I never thought that it could be this good. While I was working on his cock with my mouth using my tongue to swirl around the head, suddenly I felt his large finger lightly penetrating my asshole. He had licked it beforehand and was lubed just enough to slowly enter my ass as I was giving him the best slow head job I could.

His finger played with the outside of my hole until he got it used to the feeling. Suddenly a feel of total pleasure filled me as his finger slowly entered inside me and I felt his forefinger explore the inside of my ass. He was gently massaging my prostrate and I was his total slave at that point willing to do whatever dad wanted me to do.. His finger started to fuck me deeper and deeper and he pulled it in and out in long slow motions to get me use to it being inside me. It was totally awesome. I was moving my hips to get it more and more. I actually wanted him to fuck me I was thinking. Just as I was in total pleasure having my dads thick finger up my ass and pumping in and out of me, I felt another sensation. It was Dad and he was sucking my cock now. I almost blew right there, but he seems to know just when to stop and take it slow, holding my cock at the base so as not for me to shoot my load so soon. Soon we were both sucking each others cock and we both had our fingers in each others ass exploring each other. At this point There was no inhibition, we were going for it all. we were too men sucking each other to total satisfaction. I was taking my father and he was taking his son and we were totally into to it.

Finally Dad was getting so hot he was going to blow his load, so he asked me to stop and he got up and stood over me while I was laying down staring at his rugged face and looking at this towering man standing over me with his huge cock strutting out from the base of his crotch. It was so fucking hot. And I wanted him so much. He looked at me and told me, now I'm going to show you how a man makes love to someone he loves., And he looked down at me, bent over and started to kiss me on the lips, softly at first, then I felt his tongue start to fuck my mouth like it was inside of me and his tongue was his cock. he totally dominated me and his hot body engulfed mine and he held me tight as his tongue explored the inside of my mouth and fucked me passionately with his tongue alone. I could read his mind and I was totally his to use to completion. His cock moved closer to my ass, and I could feel the hard thick member between the inside of my crack pressing against my ass lips as he was totally making love to me in a way I never imagined. I put my arm around him and held him tight as he took me in and kissed my neck, lips, and blew lightly into my ear, he did it as though he couldn't get enough of me. I was totally his that night in everyway. "You are too fucking hot son" he said, so beautiful and soft you make me want to love you all night long. I wanted to have him make love to me all night too. I said I love you dad, trembling with excitement , he could feel my eagerness as I tried to match his every kiss with his forceful kiss. trying to savor this tongue and give him the pleasure back that he was giving me. I wanted him to love it as much as I was. And I think he was, I moved my mouth to his nipples that were hard and stiff, and gently started to suck on them almost as if I was his baby. I nursed on them while he rubbed his cock against my ass getting me ready for him to be inside me.

Suck those nipples boy. like your getting my milk from me son. Milk my tits man, suck those nipples baby boy. milk them good man. At that point I was in a frenzy, his tongue quickly found my erect nipples and started to nibble on them like I have never got them worked before. An electric shock almost when through my whole body as he took each nipple in my mouth and worked them like they were the only feast he has ever had. sucking lightly at first then sucking hard to make them feel the suction of his mouth, I was going insane with pleasure.

Then he moved in a different position and started lubing his cock with his spit. I knew what was going to happen next. And as he looked at me, and said are you ready? I wanted him so bad I barley could get the words out of my mouth, yes dad, fuck me dad, I want you inside of me. he bent over me and held me in his arms while he guided his cock towards my hole, pressing against it slightly at first. He said in a soft but stern voice, "I want you tot totally relax your self down there. Don't offer any resistance. you hear me?". Don't try and keep my cock from coming into you. Open yourself up for me and let my cock go into you. You hear me? Saying loudly. I obeyed and I tried to relax myself totally. I wanted his cock inside me bad. Just as I though I was totally relaxed I felt his large cock head entering me with a small amount of determined force. Slowly he pushed his way in until the cock head went inside of me. The pain was unreal at first. He was so big and I had never gotten fucked before. But he was slow and determined to keep going in. He waited a moment for my ass to get used to his cock inside me and for the pain to subside, then he started to slide the rest in slowly but firmly, he started to pump my ass full of cock. I couldn't believe I was taking it all. But I was. I could feel his now hard balls slapping against the back of my ass as he was pumping me like no tomorrow. Each pump he thrusted into me made my cry out in pleasure, Yeas daddy fuck me dad. I love the feel of your cock inside me. He was fucking me more like an animal now, deep hard man to man fucking that I didn't even know could be done. I was taking every inch of his cock and moaning with pleasure as he was gulping his breath at each thrust inside my and telling me to take his cock,. and whispering in my ear, you like that big cock inside you dont you. you love daddy's cock fucking you like a whore dont you. Yes fuck me dad, I want to be your boy whore. I love your fucking cock deep inside me.

The tension in his balls started to get intense now. His sack was completely tight against his cock and I could feel he was going to blow his load any time. I wanted him to blow his load inside me and wanted to feel his stream of hot cum inside me. He started writhing real hard and I could feel him starting to climax just as he was about to explode he pulled his cock out of my ass and started stroking his cock. He took his cock and waved it in my face. and said suck that cock man.

Suck that cock like you always wanted to son. I eagerly licked and wrapped my mouth around it forcing my mouth to take it all in, then he started to writhe again and I could feel both our bodies shaking with anticipation. His cock now completely engorged to the limit started oozing precum all over my lips. It was sweet and I decided I totally loved the taste of his precum and couldn't wait until he shot his load. just as I was imagining what his cum would taste like, he started to jack off widely against my mouth as I licked the end of his cock with each motion, suddenly he started to yell, im cumming son, gonna blow my load all over your face son. I as opened my mouth ready for his stream his started to spray a his load all over me. His cum spurted all over my face and shot into my open mouth. Gobs of it totally coated every part of my face and mouth and I was savoring my dads spunk. Eagerly licking every pulse of cum shooting from his spurting cock, Licking every drop. Then he took the sperm that has splashed on my face and fed me his sperm with his finger that I lapped up like a dog in heat. Yeah lick that cum you faggot puppy he said. Lick every drop of your daddies cum for him. Thet's so fucking hot you licking my cum son. Your a fucking cum pig boy!. Daddies own cum pig. As I tasted the last drops of my fathers sperm, he took his still rock hard cock and began to fuck me again. I couldn't believe he had it in him., I would have thought he was totally spent with all that cum he exploded on my face and mouth. But here he was pumping me hard and deep in me again breathing hard and giving me everything he had. His stamina was amazing. I was just about to blow my own load when I felt this rush of hot stream fill me inside. here he said, heres something for you that should completely fill you up with me. It was not his cum but his hot golden stream filling my ass with his hot piss. I was so hot and worked up the feeling was incredible. His cock fucking me hard and deep then all of the sudden my inside completely full from his hot stream going into my ass as well. As he released himself into me, he sighed with relief. All that beer was being recycled into me. Just as I thought I couldn't take any more, my own cum was ready to blow and a deep wave of pleasure started to come over me, As dad was pounding him self into me, I started heaving heavy cum out of my cock with each thrust and push of his cock filling me inside. each wave of cum totally racked my body with intense pleasure. I never came that much and so hard in my life. the spunk sprayed all over my hairless stomach and reached the corners of my mouth. Dad savored a taste of it from my belly as he licked the drops form my belly hole and we collapsed in a heap of hot bodies together and we fell asleep in each others arms. That was the first night of many that I had with dad and the feeling of making love with dad has never compared to that of any other.

Dad I will always love you forever.

Your son Adam.