Dad To The Rescue, XIII
"Gooning with Tony"
By Joey E

Well, though I promised some this would be posted last week, better late than never. I'm pleased to present Chapter 13 of my gay incest story. Special thanks goes out to Carlos, Larry, Mike, and Justin for helping me shape this chapter. And thanks to all who have responded in the past. I really do enjoy the feedback. Please keep the comments coming.

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I waited impatiently as Tony and Dan came into the Living/Family room. I didn't quite know what to do at this point. I was at a loss as to what Tony was going to do now. I already was on his bad side once tonight. Maybe I shouldn't have so much to drink. They sat down on the couch and I was facing them in the chair.

"Champ, I saw what you were doing to J. J., son. You do know that you shouldn't be doing that with anyone in that condition, let alone Justin. He was passed out, and you were taking advantage of him."

I just nodded my head, too embarrassed and ashamed to speak.

"Little bud, I know it's hard for you, growing up, learning what you are attracted to. Especially when your surrounded studs like us," Dan said.

I grinned at what he said. I turned to Tony, who then turned to Dan with a not-now look.

"I don't mean to scare you, Joey, but what do you think would have happened if Justin woke up? What was going through your mind at the time?" Tony continued.

"I don't know, Tony. I am sorry. I wasn't thinking about any of that. I just knew he was there in front of me and..."

"Okay, let's make sure we limit your beer intake to about half a beer from now on. I think that had something to do with it," Dan said.

Tony agreed with Dan. "Good idea, babe. I can't be totally mad at you because I gave you the beer. Alcohol lowers you inhibitions, Champ. One thing you have to learn is to know your limit. Now, look, I know where you are now. I know how it feels...."

"But, then again, Tony, maybe you don't. I mean, we had each other growing up. Poor Joey has no one his age here."

I spoke up again and said, "Yeah, you guys had each other. I mean, I've got my buds from my old neighborhood, but it never got to that point yet."

"Well, look, I know we're just getting to know each other, and I know you want to hang out with your new family. But I think it's just as important to hang around guys your own age as well," Tony said.

To be honest, I was surprised at how Tony and Dan were working together. It showed that they really both did care about me and they cared about each other as well.

"Well, I did meet up with some old friends of mine at Great Adventure today," I said, remembering Steve and Josh. They're a bit older, but they just graduated high school. Does that count as closer to my age? They're also like you and Dan."

"Huh?" Dan asked.

"I think he means they're boyfriends," Tony answered. "Well, I'd still prefer someone more your age, but at least that's a start. I know Justin is closer to your age too, but, Joey, Justin is not gay. He's a great guy, and a great little bro. But, he's not gay. He's also going to be a cop and I'm sure he's not going to take the risk of getting charged with sex with a minor."

"So, he's not like you then?" I asked Tony, trying not show my disappointment.

Tony and Dan looked at each other when they realized I was crushing on him hardcore.

Tony shook his head and said, "Sorry, Champ. My lil' bro is not gay. I didn't realize you were that attracted to him, Joey. I'm sorry."

Now I didn't know where to turn. I felt tears welling up in my eyes, though I had no idea why I was really crying. I should have been able to take this news without falling apart like this. Instead, I ran over to the couch and collapsed in my Dad's arms and cried my heart out. It wasn't just because of Justin. It really was because I still felt so alone in the world. My old family was gone. My little bro was gone. I shifted onto his lap and buried my face in his chest as I let out my anger and sadness. Maybe it also was the alcohol.

"Hey, now, it's okay, little Bud," Dan said, as he rubbed my back.

"It's okay, Champ," Tony said. I felt his voice rumble through his body. "Dan and I are here."

We just sat there for a few minutes.

"Do you want me to ask Justin to leave earlier than he was planning to? I know it must be torture for you," Tony finally said.

I looked up at him and said, "No. I can handle myself, Dad. I just had a moment of weakness. But now that I know he's straight, I think I'll be able to handle it."

"I can see what you see in him though, Joey," Dan remarked.

Tony laughed when Dan said that. "Well, it does look like you and Dan have more in common."

"What's that?" I asked, looking over at Dan.

Dan grinned and said, "Because I think Justin is hot, too!"

"And you're okay with that?" I asked Tony
"Hey, you're attracted to who you're attracted to. There is nothing you can do to stop it. But, then again, you must know when to pursue it, and when to do nothing. It's just being human. But, yeah, when Justin graduated High School, Dan was foaming at the mouth. I just laughed because I knew Justin was straight."

"Yeah, he used to tease me relentlessly. It even got to the point where Justin knew he was driving me crazy. There is just something about him, though," Dan said.

"Yeah, I know what you mean. He just made me feel so special. When I was with him, it was like I was the most important thing to him in his life. You can't help but feel his presence."

"Tony's the same way," Dan remarked.

I started to yawn. It was now around 11PM and I was dead tired.

"Well, it looks like Joey's tired," Tony said. I was still sitting in his lap, just enjoying the closeness of my real Dad. Surprisingly, I didn't exactly find it arousing this time.

Tony stood up and carried me up the steps. When we came to my room, he set me down on the floor. He went over to my bed and tapped Justin on the shoulder.

"J. J., come on. The kid has to go to bed now and you're on his bed."

"Mmmmm" Justin said, stirring a bit.

"Justin, move on to the floor," he said, shaking him more.

"Oh....hey bro. What happened to Joey?"

"He's waiting for you to move so he can go to bed."

"Well, this bed is big enough for both of us. Why can't he just share it?" Justin said, closing his eyes.

"Because I don't want you waking up with a sore ass in the morning. Now move it!" Tony commanded.

I was shocked Tony would say something like that to his brother. I laughed out loud.

"Oh fuck you, Tone," Justin said, as he climbed out of my bed and went to his mattress on the floor. "There, now can you give a poor guy a chance to sleep?"

I got into my bed and went under the covers. Tony tucked me in.

"You cool, Champ?"

"Yep, good night, Tony," I said, closing my eyes,

"Good night, Joey," he said, kissing me on the forehead. I zonked out the minute he was out of the room.

I awoke the next morning to smell of bacon. Boy, did it smell good. I stepped out of bed, and realized Justin wasn't there. I quickly grabbed my teenage cock and did what any normal, healthy teenager would do. After shooting my load, I did feel much better this morning than I did last night. I was hungry, so I made the trek down to the kitchen. Surprisingly, Tony was there. He was the only one in the house. He was already dressed in some cargo shorts and no shirt on. He still oozed with sexuality and my dick let me know that it was good morning indeed as well.

"Hey, Champ! Want some eggs and bacon this morning? Dan's going alone to the site today. I made it clear that no one is to call me unless someone dies at the site today. Just wanted to spend some time with my boy."

"Oh okay," I said, excited to be spending time with Tony. "Yeah, scrambled, please. Three."

"Cool," he said. "Justin is out jogging, as he does every morning. He'll be back soon. I think he has to go into the department for something or another. So, what did you want to do today?"

God, he was like my stepfather! Always trying to plan the day over breakfast. I hated that. It was early in the morning. How the hell did I know what I was going to do the rest of the day?

"Uh, I'm not sure. What did you have in mind?"

He cracked the eggs into the bowl. "I don't know. We might have to make one lousy trip down to the site. Your other Daddy forgot to take the blueprints with him this morning."

I laughed and said, "That's fine. I don't mind..."

"Ah, you want to come down and check out the scenery again, don't you, Champ?"

I blushed and grinned.

"You pig," he said, scrambling the eggs. "Speaking of pigs, are we still cool about last night?"

"Oh yeah, sure!" I said. "I'm cool now."

I got up and walked over to the counter where the cooked bacon was. I grabbed a strip and ate it.

"Mmm...that's good bacon!" I said.

Just then, the hot uncle walked in the back door. He was all sweaty and had already taken his shirt off. His body gleamed with sweat beading off his cut, smooth chest. I noticed Tony looking at me as I checked his body out. It suddenly occurred to me that Justin didn't have any clue as to what happened last night.

"Hey, bro!" he said, walking up to his brother at the stove. He wrapped his arm around Tony's body and pressed up against him.

"Fuck, dude, you're all fuckin' sweaty, man. Get off me," Tony said, pushing him away.

Well, that was hot! Two shirtless hunks, one sweaty and smooth hugging the bigger, hairier one.

Justin laughed as if he knew exactly what he was doing. "Come on, bro, you know you liked it!"

"Dan's the one who likes it and watch it, man! The boy's here!"

Justin turned around and noticed me for the first time that morning. "Oh, hey, Joe! How's it going? I tried to wake you up to see if you wanted to go for a jog, but Tony said to let you sleep."

"Yeah, no problem. I was up past midnight last night."

"I thought you were in bed before me. The last thing I remember was us talking on your bed, dude," Justin said, taking a piece of bacon.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever," Tony said. "How do you want your eggs?"

"Scrambled, as always," Justin said, grabbing a Gatorade from the refrigerator.

Justin sat down next to me at the kitchen table. "Well, I've got to go to the department to take care of some things this morning. But, I'll be home in the afternoon. Did you want to go bowling like we talked about yesterday?"

I'm sure I lit up again in front of their eyes. "Sure. We can do that. Can Tony come too?"

"Yeah, dude. Bro, you want to come too?" Justin said, grabbing his bottle of Gatorade and taking off the lid.

"Sounds like a plan to me. Dan will be at the site today, and won't be home until the evening."

We jabbered on through breakfast. I'm pretty sure Tony was watching me check out his little brother as we ate. I just couldn't help it. Tony just rolled his eyes when I made eye contact with him. We both chuckled.

Once we were all done breakfast, Justin took his shower. I went in the to the living room to play some Madden Football on the XBox while Tony in the kitchen cleaning up. When he was done, he came into the living room and sat down next to me. He put his arm around me and I sighed. I looked up at him and smiled. He smiled back down at me. I could melt in this man's arms.

"Well, I'll be back sometime this afternoon, dudes," I heard Justin say just as my guy was about to score a touchdown.

"Okay, J. J. Call me and let me know when you'll be home," Tony said. His voice vibrated my entire body. It sent chills down my spine.

I scored the touchdown and Tony cheered.

"Great play, Champ," he said, patting me on the back.

I became aware of the Tony scent again and, naturally, I got hard. I didn't try to cover it up this time. I turned off the XBox and looked up at him.

"Well, it's finally just you and I, Joey," he said. "I'm sorry I haven't been home much. We're just at a crucial time in the build and I needed to be there."

"It's okay, Tony. I understand," I said, moving even closer to him. My bare leg was touching his and he finally noticed the tent in my shorts.

He quietly chuckled and said, "Well, what do you say we have some more dad/son bonding time over our cocks?"

"REALLY?" I asked as I turned to face him.

"Come with me, buddy," he said, getting up off the couch.

As he got up, I could tell he was hard, too. God he was so hot. He grabbed my hand and I gladly took it. He led me upstairs to his bedroom. I was so horny now, knowing what was about to happen. I didn't actually care what was about to happen as long as I got to see Tony naked again.

We went into his room and I followed him over to the King Sized bed. He dropped his cargo shorts to the floor and he was totally naked. 6'4", brown buzzed hair, trimmed hair all over his muscular body, and an enormous cock. I only hope that mine would grow that big. He smiled as he knew I was checking him out. He flexed his abs for me first. once he knew I was enjoying the show, he turned around and showed his back to me. I think this was the first time I saw Tony's ass and I loved it. It was surprisingly smooth, like his cock and balls. I wondered if he shaved it. His ass was fuckin' beautiful. I licked my lips as he turned around again.

"One day, son, your body will look like mine. You might not be as tall as your old man, but you'll have an awesome body. It runs in the family. So, come on, Joey. Don't be shy. Show your body to me. Be proud of it."

I was still slightly intimidated by Tony, but I did as I was told. I tore off my shorts and stood there naked in front of the man who created me. I had started to work out more before all the shit happened, so I was well-defined.

"Yeah, Joey. You've got nothing to be ashamed of, buddy," he said, while I stood there with my cock sticking straight up in the air. I couldn't take it and I started stroking my dong right there in front of my real Dad,. There was something very hot about this.

Tony walked over to me. Here we were, standing naked with massive wood. I couldn't resist myself and I threw arms around him. I hugged him tight, his cock rubbing my lower chest and stomach. I noticed the heat that was radiating from his body. I feared he would push me away.

But instead, he wrapped his arms around me and hugged me. "I love you, Joey," he whispered.

He broke away and said, "Come on, do you want to masturbate with me?"

"Are you kidding?" I asked, so excited that this was going to happen again. "Why do you say masturbate?"

"Well, that's what it is," he said, moving to his side of the bed. He pulled out that white jar from underneath the bed.

I walked over to the other side of the bed and hopped up onto it. I watched him as he sat down next to me. He made sure I had pillows in back of me to lean against and then he got comfortable himself with me.

I had started to slow stroke my cock already as he was getting comfortable next to me. He opened up the jar of lube that said Albolene on it and dipped his hand into it.

"Come on, son, get some lube on that dick of yours," he said, as he covered his cock with lube.

I picked up the jar and just lowered it onto my hard cock. It felt good to dip my cock into the jar. I sighed as I pulled it out to reveal my now coated cock. Tony chuckled as he watched me.

"I do that sometimes as well," he said. "Damn, man, I'm horny this morning!"

"Yeah, me too," I said, as I started to slow stroke my cock. I knew if I stroked it any faster, I would shoot it in 15 seconds.

Tony and I jacked off while watching other and pretty soon, Tony started moaning in that deep voice of his. I noticed that if I moaned when I jacked off, it felt just so much better. Growing up with a small bro and a family, I never really moaned much when I jacked off before. But with Tony moaning with me, it seemed to add a level to it.

"Fuck," I cried out.

"Yeah, bro, just you wait, Joey. You'll probably be a masturbator just like your old man," he grunted. "Oh, yeah, feels good, don't it?"

"Fuck," I cried out again.

"I'm gonna teach you how to be a masturbator, Joey. I'm going to show you what your penis is really for," he said.

"Fuck, I want to learn. I want to learn anything you'll teach me, Dad," I said, watching his right hand expertly pleasure his cock.

Tony closed his eyes as he pulled on his low hanging nuts. I copied his movements and damn it felt good. Luckily, I had just jacked it not an hour ago before, so I was relatively in control right now.

"That's it Joey, stroke your penis. Make it feel good like your Dad is doing to his," he groaned.

"Oh yeah. Fuck, Dad, you're hot. I love watching you stroke it,"

"Yeah? Fuck, you're hot too, Joey. Look at us, man. Good ol' Dad/son bonding through the bate. Bate it, boy, bate your penis."

"I'm bating, dad, I'm bating my penis," I said. Again, it seemed somewhat awkward to say, but it was still very hot to say.

Apparently, Tony was very turned on because I heard the familiar moans I heard the other night when he was edging his cock.

"Oh, Joey, you've got me so turned on that I am climbing up the edge already," he moaned. His moans got louder and higher as he kept stroking his cock.

"Yeah, Tony, go to that edge."

"Oh yeah, boy, I'm gettin' there! Watch me masturbate!"

"Watch me masturbate," I said to him. He looked over at my cock and he watched me stroke it while I was watching him.

"Yeah, do you like that word, masturbate?" he asked.

"Anything you say, Tony, turns me on, dude. I love to masturbate with you," I said.

Feeling that familiar feeling in my balls, I let out a gasp and let go of my cock.

"GOOD BOY!" Tony shouted. "I'm proud of you, buddy! Edge your penis!"

I felt like a million bucks. I lifted my hips up in the air to show my hard cock off.

"Uh, I'm there, Champ. I'm, uh, on the edge. I'm riding the fucking edge....I fuckin' love my penis!"

I looked at Tony's face and he was so focused on his own cock. He started moaning loudly and finally backed off his cock. He stuck his tongue out of his mouth and started making these incoherant sounds.

"Oh, fuck...goon...goon...on my penis," he said in a low rumble.

I started jacking my dick again as he was doing this because it was so hot. I started moaning softly again.

"Don't be afraid to let it out. Let your penis buddy know how good it feels. It's just us, Joey. Moan, groan, grunt, scream if you have to. God, you're gonna be a hot bator, man!"

I listened to him and immediately started moaning louder.

"That's it, son. Let the world know how good it feels to stroke your penis. Let the world know how much you are in love with your dong. Let the fuckin' world know how much you love being a man!"

"I love being, a , uh, fuck, man," I moaned as I felt myself on the edge again.

"That's it, buddy, just keep it on the edge. Try not to shoot it, touch your penis. Make that feeling last."
I actually tensed up and touched my cock again. I started moaning. I moaned so high that my voice cracked again. "Fuck, fuck, fuck! It feels so, fuckin, uh, good!"

"That's it buddy, ride that edge. Now, say penis. Tell me you're masturbating your penis."

"I'm masturbating my penis," I said. I noticed I was sounding like him, despite my higher voice. And I was turned on beyond belief.

"That's it, son. Let go of your penis!'

I let go and all I could do was let my tongue hang out of my mouth as I grunted loudly looking down at my cock.

"Nice! Damn, you're a fuckin' natural gooner, boy!" he said, grabbing his cock. "You getting gooned on penis, man. It's that fuckin' state of mind where you don't care about anything else but the pleasure you're getting from masturbating your penis. It's when your tongue hangs out, fuck, you drool, damn, fuck, you breath erratically, and you fuckin' just want to be one with your penis! God, fuck, I'm a mastur....bat..or... "

He took his hand off his cock and just stared at it. I needed to take a break from mine, or I would shoot it then. I looked over at his hard cock, bouncing in the air and I just had to do it. After all, he wasn't asleep or passed out. He was masturbating with me. So, without warning, I reached over and grabbed his monster cock.

Surprisingly, he didn't say a word. He didn't take my hand off his cock. Instead, he said, "Ah, what the fuck, why fight it? Go ahead, masturbate me!"

My boy-sized hand could barely reach around the entire shaft. I started to stroke the cock like I would mine. He seemed to react to it very well.

"That's it, Joey. God, I never thought it would be so hot to have your hand on my penis, man! Do it, masturbate me," he said. "Take me to the edge!"

I moved myself so I was sitting in front of him. His legs were spread so I just got between them and stroked his cock with both hands. I watched my hands going up and down his cock. Tony twisted and turned while he moaned and grunted.

"Yeah, Joey, masturbate me. Woah, you've got me there, bro. you've got me there!" he screamed out. He shoved both hands off his cock. Damn, was he hot all exposed like that in front of me.

He grabbed his own dick and rubbed the head of it. "Yeah, man, you know how to masturbate," he said. "Rub my head like this."

I tried to copy his movements and his cock was as hard as a rock. I felt him tense up and his moaning started to increase again. "Masturbate me. Masturbate me, Joey. Masturbate me son," he cried out.

He pushed my hand away and I moved back to my spot. My penis needed attention and I was more than happy to stroke it. I started masturbating my cock. Tony noticed me and said, "Do you want to be a masturbator like your dad?"

"Yeah, I do! I want to be a masturbator. I love my cock!" I cried out as I began to climb that damn edge again.

"Penis," he corrected.

"I love my penis!"

He then did something I didn't expect he would. He grabbed my balls.

"Fuck!" I screamed, letting go of my dick, but it was too late. "I'm going to shoot, Dad! I'm going to shoot!"

His hand stayed on my balls as watch the cum fly out of my cock. I swear it was the biggest shot I ever shot. My whole body shook and the cum landed in my hair and on my face.

"That's it, boy, ejaculate! Ejaculate your semen," he said. "Fuckin' nice!"

I just laid there after and closed my eyes.

"Yeah, Joey. You just recharge while I masturbate my penis," he said, softly.

I sighed and looked over at him. He was looking at me while he stroked and his eyes rolls backed into his head again. He was there. On the edge again.

"Fuck, buddy, you're turning in to a man. I'm fuckin' proud of you, Joey!" he said as his pitch increased. "Masturbating, masturbating, penis, penis, penis...with my fuckin' son, penis...." he said.

He really liked the word penis. He put his arm in back of me and pulled me towards him. I smelled that scent of Tony and I went crazy again. While he was gooning, I swooped down and stuck my face in his pit. As he moaned and grunted, it was almost as if he didn't care what I was doing to him. I licked his pit and he felt my tongue in his pit. He moaned louder as he realized what I was doing.

", boy....fuck! It feels so good, Joey! You like my pit?"

"Yeah," I answered. Believe it or not, my cock was still hard at this point. I couldn't believe that I was with my real Dad doing this shit. It was so hot.

I remembered what he told me to tell him and I thought maybe that got him hot too to say it himself. I sat up and said, "Tell me Dad. Tell me what you are doing."

He looked at me with this crazed look on his face and said, "I'm masturbating."

"Masturbating what?" I asked, getting more and more turned on.

"I'm masturbating my penis. My penis, penis...."

"God, you are so hot, Tony!" I said, grabbing my cock again.

Tony knocked my hand away from my cock.

"It's what buddy's do," he said as he grabbed my cock.

If I thought it was small compared to his, seeing it in his hand made it look even smaller. But having his hand wrapped around my cock was enough to send me up to the moon.

"Stroke me, Tony! Stroke me, fucker!" I yelled out.

"I'm stroking you, Joey. I fuckin' have my hand wrapped around your penis!"

"You like my penis?"

"I love your penis!"

I grabbed his cock and started stroking it again. "I'm stroking your penis, Tony. I love your cock!"

"Yeah, you like stroking the penis that made you?" he grunted.

"Fuck, I love doing this with you, Tony!"

At that point, I reached over and grabbed his balls as well. I stroked it real fast and I was hoping to take him over the edge. He tried to tell me, tried to warn me, but I kept stroking it.

Finally, he shouted, "You're gonna make me cum. You're gonna make me ejaculate, boy!"

"Yeah, Tony, let me see you shoot your load!"

And with that, he busted a fuckin' major nut that landed on my face. I should have aimed it better, but how did I know? I watched him shoot his load and I shot mine right a long with him.

Once his orgasm subsided, he sighed. "Fuck, that was good, son!"

I was still in a daze too. "Yeah, it was just what I needed, Tony."

"Me too," Tony said.

He was still laying on his back and I snuggled up next to him, resting my head on his hairy chest. We laid there while our breathing returned back to normal. I wanted nothing more to just be there with my real Dad. Just together in our most natural state. As I returned back to normal, I thought I heard a sound from downstairs.

"It's probably just Lux," Tony said.

"No it's not," said a voice from the hallway. "Damn, boys, can't you even close the door when you're fucking around?"

Dan appeared in the doorway. He leaned on the door frame and just smiled at us. He was totally naked and his hair was wet. Damn, he looked hot. His cock and balls were hairy. His tattoo that I loved so much was still there on his arm, making him look ten times hotter.

"I told you that's what he wanted," Dan said, coming into the room. I felt a little uncomfortable now. Still, Tony did not remove his arm that was wrapped around me.

"As usual, you were right," Tony said, kissing me on the forehead.

Dan came in and sat down on the bed next to me. We still had cum on our bodies.

"Well?" I asked Dan.

"What?" he asked.

"Aren't you gonna clean it off?" I asked.

Tony laughed out loud so hard. "That's my boy!"

We both laughed Dan was the only one who didn't have a smile on his face. Because it was already in Tony's chest licking the cum off his chest. I saw Dan look at Tony as he cleaned my load off his face. Tony nodded yes. Next thing I know, Dan is down near my crotch, licking up the ropes of cum that extended from my cock. This time, though, he does lick the head of my cock.

Slap went the hand of Tony's on the back of Dan's head. "That wasn't part of the deal, man!"

Deal? What deal?

By the way, this chapter is dedicated to all the real-life penis masturbators out there in cyber land. As you can tell, I am a big fan of masturbation and always have been. Being that Chapter 14 is already half written, I'm hoping to have it up very shortly. But who knows? At any rate, pelase send all comments to Thanks again!