Dad To The Rescue VII

"There's A Stranger in My House"

By Joey E


Well, it's been over seven years since I last posted a chapter to this story.  To be honest, I didn't know which way the story should go.  From now on, the story may take a slightly different turn than you would expect.  But, I feel much more comfortable writing it in this direction.  Thanks to all the comments in the past.  I do appreciate the feedback. 


if you are under 18 (or under 21 in some regions), please don't read on.  If you don't like the idea of gay male incest or gay sex in general, don't read on.  As for the rest of you, please enjoy chapter 7 of Dad to the Rescue! 



I woke up the next morning, feeling refreshed.  I also woke up with an extremely hard penis.  What was a boy to do with a raging hard on?  I grinned at myself, got up, and closed the door.  I quickly started stroking my cock, which I swear was the biggest it ever had been.  Thoughts of naked Tony ran through my head again.  Picturing him wearing that jock I found the first day I was here with a semi in his pouch.  I so wanted to grab it and stroke it.  It took no time at all for me to blow my teenage load on my chest and stomach.  Thinking about what happened the other night, I scooped it up and tasted it, just like I saw Tony do it.  Not bad!


I put some basketball shorts on and headed out to the kitchen.  Lux followed me out and let me know she wanted out!  I opened the back sliding door and let her out in the back yard.  I then went in to the kitchen to find me some grub to eat.  I fixed myself a bowl of Cinnamon Life cereal and sat down at the kitchen table.


On the table, there was a handwritten note that said:


Dan and I had to go down to the site this morning, Champ.  Some type of emergency.  Call me when you get up.  Don't burn down the house down, okay?




As I was reading the note, I heard some footsteps coming towards the kitchen.  It didn't quite sound like Tony or Dan, but I thought I must have been mistaken because who else could it be?   But wait, the note said they both left.  Who the hell was in the house with me?  I immediately thought about Lux, but she was outside.  I didn't quite know what to do so I just sat there.  Just in case though, I had both my hands on my bowl of cereal in case I needed to throw it.    


This strange man appeared in the doorway of the kitchen.  To say the least, I was shocked.  Who was this dude and why was he here?  I gave him the quick once over, noticing he had a t-shirt and a pair of Under Armour shorts on.  He was also quite tall.  The look on his face was almost the exact duplicate of mine, but it faded rather quickly into a smile.


"You must be Joey," he said. 


His voice sounded somewhat familiar, though a bit higher pitched and slightly hoarse.  That to me equaled hot by the way.  I would get back to that later.  How the hell did he know who I was?


"Uh yeah, who are you?" I asked in a sort of demanding voice.


He grinned and chuckled.  "Believe it or not, I'm your Uncle.  I'm Justin," he said, extending his hand.  I hesitantly extended mine and we shook.  I remained seated at the table, but I was no longer stuffing my face with cereal.  Then, it dawned on me that Tony said he did have a younger brother, but that he lived a couple hours away.  This must be that guy.


"Sorry to surprise you like that, dude," he said, walking over to the refrigerator.


He pulled out a bottle of Gatorade and drank half of it.  I studied him while he did this.  He couldn't have been more than 25 years old. He had familiar facial features, and yet he looked different than Tony. He had black hair that was cut high and tight, he looked decently built, though not as built as Tony was. It was his blue eyes that gave it away that we all were related. They had the same shade.

"I was just going to go for my morning run, dude.  Your Dad and Dan had to go in on some emergency this morning.  I hope I didn't give you too much of a scare"


Well, he did, but I was going to play it cool with this dude. 


"Nah, it's all good," I said, hoping that I said it convincingly enough.


"I'll be back in a few and then I want to sit down and talk with the nephew I never met.  Okay?"


"Uh, yeah, that's cool," I said, trying to play off being cool when I was actually quite nervous for some reason. 


"Cool," he said, putting on his sunglasses.  "I'll be back in a few, dude!"


And with that, he left me.  There I was, sitting there with my cereal starting to really get soggy, at the table wondering what the hell was happening?  One thing I did notice though was his damn hot ass in those shorts as he walked away.  I knew I was an "ass" man.  Even when I checked out chicks with my buds, I always looked at the ass first. 


Well, I finished my soggy breakfast, let the dog back in the house, and took a quick shower.  I figured I could lounge around today and play some XBox.  I threw on a pair of cargos and wife beater.  For some reason, I wanted to be ready for the day when my new "uncle" returned.  I was back in the living room, getting ready to turn the TV on when I heard the front door open. 


"Hello," the voice that sounded higher and hoarser than Tony's said. 


"Hey," I called out, turning around to face him.

He walked in, all sweaty and shit.  His t-shirt was damp with sweat and was clinging to his tight, toned body.  Okay, so he did have a hot body!  I mentally slapped myself in the head and turned my attention to his face again. 


"I'm gonna go take a shower, dude, and then....awwww...dude, you got an XBox?" he asked, sounding excited about that.


"Yeah, I was just going to play some Call of Duty."


"Well, let me go clean up and I'll join you," he said, looking right into my eyes.    There was something about his presence that just made you notice him. While Tony had some of it, Justin had the look that commanded it. 


"That is if you want me to," he said.


"Uh, sure, man," I said. 


He grinned again and said, "Cool!"


He certainly had a youthful way about him.  Like I said, there were certain features that you could tell he was related to us.  But he also was unique in his own way.  As I setup the game, I then noticed a picture that I hadn't noticed before.  For some reason, I had missed it.  It was picture of Tony and Justin.  I studied the differences between them.  Tony stood about two inches taller it looked like in the picture.  While Tony had brown curly hair, Justin had jet black straight hair.  His hair was longer than it was now, but still shorter than Tony's.  Tony had a wider body than his younger brother, but his brother was not without tone and definition.  In fact, I think Justin's definition stood out more because he was thinner. 


I continued setting up the game and played a round on XBox Live.  My favorite was what my friends and I called the  Care Package level.  Dome all the way, baby!!  (For those of you know what I'm talking about).  I was immersed in the game that I didn't notice Justin had come back into the room.


"Aw, dude that was a great shot," he said.


I jumped in surprise when I heard his voice.  He chuckled when he saw me jump.


"Sorry, dude, I didn't mean to startle you."


The level had ended.  My team lost, but I scored the most points.  I turned my attention back to him.   


"Yeah, that's the second time you have done that in less than two hours, man." I said, looking up at him.  I was seated on the floor.  He looked taller from this point of view.  I noticed he had a high and tight cut now.  He really looked like he should be in the Marines. 


"Yeah, I'm gonna have to stop doing that.  I'm sorry about this morning.  I thought Tony would have left some sort of message that I was here."


He sat down on the couch and patted the cushion next to him.  Who was I to refuse an invitation to sit next to this hunk.  Damn, I come from good genes, I thought to myself as I sat down. I could smell the fresh scent of the soap that Tony usually uses.  He was now wearing a white t-shirt and some camo cargos.  Needless to say, it fit his hair cut pretty well. 


"So, how's it like living with my big brother?" he asked me.


"Uh, okay I guess. I've only been here for a week now or so," I answered.


"Yeah, I'm so sorry to hear about your family, dude," he said, in a serious tone.  He still had that damn presence.  He looked at you straight in the eye when he talked to you.  It was slightly intimidating, but he also had a warmth to him when he was looking at you that way.  I felt surprisingly at ease with him. 


"Thanks," I softly said to him.  "It hasn't been very easy for me."


He ruffled my hair, almost how Tony always did it.  "Well, it will take time, Joe. I'm sure this is going take some time to get used to, dude.  Tony's a great guy though.  He's a great big bro to me, and I'm sure he'll take good care of you."


"Yeah, I am realizing that as time goes on, man."


He stopped and looked at me in a weird way and then broke into a grin again.  "Man, did anyone tell you that you look almost just like him when he was your age?"


I smiled back and said, "Only about five hundred times.  Tony says it, Dan says it, and his buddies say it, too!"


"You do, dude, you do!  I mean, you're smaller and shorter, but damn, it must be like looking in a mirror for him.  How old are you anyway?" he asked.


"Fifteen.  How old are you?" I shot back in a way that only a fifteen year old could.


"Twenty-three," he fired back.  We both laughed. 


His voice was not as deep as Tony's (or for that matter mine), but he had a sort of hoarseness that made it sound masculine and sexy.  Uh oh, I better watch myself.


"So, what are you doing here then?" I asked, trying to think of anything but how sexy he really was.


"Well, I was in the Police Academy last year and I graduated this year. I got hired by the Deptford Police department after that.  But there were some technicalities and I couldn't start until a month later. So, I thought I'd drop in and see how my big brother was.  So here I am.  I also wanted to meet you."

Well, that's all I needed for me to bone up instantly.  The thought of Justin in a hot cop uniform made me even leak some out.  I tried to remain cool, though.  He was unbelievably easy to talk to and I felt so comfortable around him. 


"Wow, a police officer?  That's awesome!  I was thinking you looked like you should be in the Marines or something like that," I said. 


He laughed at that remark and said, "A Marine, eh?  Thanks, dude!"


"So, you're really only 8 years older than I am?" 


"Yep!  Compared to us, Tony is an old man," he said.


I giggled at that comment. 


"So, do you play any sports in school or anything like that?"


"I wrestle," I said, proudly. 


"Cool, dude!  I used to wrestle too! Are you any good?"


"Of course," I said, confidently.  "I was varsity all three years of middle school.  I wasn't able to wrestle in high school though."


"Why not?"


"I was too light.  I didn't even break 100 until this year, man!"


Justin chuckled again.  "Lightweight eh?  Have you always been smaller.....well, uh, not smaller, but you know on the shorter side?"


"Well, uh, depends on what you side you're talking about," I said with a big grin on my face.  That last sentence shocked the hell out of me, but I couldn't stop it from escaping my lips.  I looked at Justin with frightened eyes, realizing what I said.


"Hey now!" Justin hooted.  He laughed again and said, "You definitely are Tony's son, dude!"


"I was fuckin' fourteen when I found my first pubic hair," I said, laughing.  "I guess I'm a late bloomer."


"It's all good, so was I, dude."


"But yeah, I've always been a short guy.  But I always say never misjudge the little guy.  He'll have you pinned on the matt before you know what hit you."


I had no idea where this confidence was coming from.  Especially with such a hot stud like Justin sitting right next to me.  Like I said, he was just so easy to talk to!


Justin laughed out loud again and gave me a high five.  "That's the spirit, Joe!  Oh, by the way, do you prefer Joe or Joey?"


"All my friends and family usually call me Joey.  I don't care, really.  Just not Joseph."


"Well, then Joe it is, dude," he said, patting me with his large hand on my leg.  Talk about a big shock going through my body. I kind of liked being called Joe by Justin.  I didn't know why, but it made me feel good inside.   


Suddenly, Justin had this evil grin come over his face.  "So, you think you can take on me?"


I grinned back, slightly surprised.  "Why?  You want to see what a little man can do to an old man like you?"


He laughed and said, "Come on, Joe, let's see what you got."


He got up and pushed the coffee table out of the way. He took the very familiar wrestler stance and just stared me down. 


Not wanting to be upstaged by this stud, my competitive side kicked in high gear.  I got up slowly, never taking my eyes off of his and assumed the stance as well.


"Oh ho ho, you're on, buddy boy!" he said, with a gigantic grin on his face.


"Oh no," I said, "you're on!"


"Oh yeah?" he said trying to slide in and take me down.  I jumped out of his way and was figuring my plan of attack.


"Nice try," I spattered.


My belief is the taller they are, the harder they fall.  But, going up against this toned stud, I knew I probably overstepped my bounds.  I went in for his legs, and surprisingly, threw him off balance.  He fell over, and took a lamp with him. 


That same lamp landed flat on my head.  The match stopped immediately.  He looked to see if I was okay and I used that to my advantage.  I threw myself on top of him, trying to get him on his back to pin him.  Unfortunately, that damn lamp got in the way again and it went flying across the floor.


"HEY!" yelled a booming voice from behind.


We both stopped and turned to look who was there.  It was Tony and he didn't look too happy.  We both sort of released each other and got back up on our feet slowly.


"What the hell is going on in here?" Tony inquired.


"Uh, nothing bro," Justin said, grabbing the lamp that was now broken into three pieces. 


I grabbed the lamp shade and attempted to put it back on while Justin was trying to set it back up on the end table. 


"Sorry, Tony," I said, feeling bad. 


"Hey, bro," Justin said, acting like he just walked in the room.  "Didn't expect you home so soon!'


"No wrestling in the living room, boys," Tony said, still standing there with his arms folded.  To be honest, he did look like a father figure in that stance. 


"But, bro, uh, but he started it!" he declared, pointing his finger at me.


I had to laugh at him.  If I didn't know any better, he acted more like someone my age than Tony's.  It was funny.


Just then Dan appeared as well. "What's going on?"


"The kids got a little out of hand," Tony explained, shaking his head.  He went over to the lamp which was beyond repair.  "Apparently, we came home just in time before they destroyed the entire house.  Add pick out a new lamp to our list of things to do today."


"So, who was winning then?" Tony asked with a grin on his face.


Surprised, I responded "Uh....well.."


"The lamp," Justin smartly answered.  "It nearly knocked poor Joe out!"


Tony immediately turned his attention to me again. His look was not a look of anger, but a look of concern.


"Are you all right, Champ?" he asked in that soft, relaxing deep voice of his.


"Uh, yeah, I guess so," I said.  "It really didn't hit me too hard..."


"Let me see," Tony said, coming over to me.  "Where did it hit you?"


"Right here," I answered, rubbing the spot on my head where it hit me.  Actually, it was kind of sore and I felt a bump there.


Tony's hands rubbed the same spot and he looked down at me.  "You'd better go put some ice on it.  Dan, get him that ice pack we have."


Dan went into the kitchen and brought back an ice pack wrapped in a towel. He handed it to Tony, who handed it to me.


"Better keep that on for a few," he said, lovingly.  "Sit down on the couch, champ."


"Uh okay."    


As soon as I sat down, Dan and Justin sat down next to me. Tony was still in front of me.  Even as I sat there in that condition, I realized my face was right near his crotch.  Little Joe stiffened up again.


"Ah, he's fine," Dan said. 


"Huh?" Tony asked.


"Well, look at his shorts," Dan said, pointing to my tenting shorts.


I turned five shades of red, while Dan and Justin chuckled.  Think of all the testosterone in that room around me at that time.  I couldn't help it.  My levels alone I think overpowered all three of them combined. 


"Dude, he's just like you were!" Justin exclaimed, amused by the whole thing. 


Justin turned to Dan and said, "Dude, I remember growin' up and he'd always have a tent in his shorts!"


Dan laughed and said, "Yep. Like father, like son!"


That's all for now, folks.  I promise it won't be another seven years until I post another chapter.  I hope you enjoyed the story.  Please send all comments to  Thanks again!