Dad to the Rescue, VIII

"Joey, Tony, Dan, and Justin"

By Joey E


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"Joey, help me clean this up," Tony said, referring to the mess of the broken lamp.


Truth be told, I was glad to leave the couch scene. It was all happening so fast and my mind was in overload. I got up, not caring about the tent in my shorts and helped Tony clean up the broken glass.


"Thanks, champ," Tony said, softly.


I looked up at him and he was smiling at me. I could tell all was forgiven. Every time my real dad smiled at me, I got a warm, fuzzy feeling inside of me. After all these years, I finally met him and it was better than I ever thought it would be.


"Well, so much for coming home for a quick lunch, Dan," Tony said. He turned to me and explained, "We only came home to have a quick lunch and to check in on you two before we went back to the site. I'm sorry, Champ. I didn't mean to dump my little bro on you

like this."


"No problem," I quickly responded. "He's not a bad guy at all. We were having a good time."


"I'm sorry, Jay-Jay," Tony said, looking at Justin. Jay Jay? I almost laughed out loud.


"No problem," Justin said. "When will you be home then?"


"I hope around 3PM. Then we can all wrestle and break every lamp in the house," Dan said, jokingly.


I laughed. Tony did not look the happiest.


"What?" Dan asked, innocently.


"The last thing they need is encouragement. Come on, I'll fix you some lunch, baby."


I sat down next to Justin and we listened to the older one's bicker as they fixed some sandwiches.


"Buddy, Joey's in the other room," I heard Tony murmur.


"So?" Dan asked out at loud.


"So is my brother..."


"oh," Dan said.

"Later, boy, later," Tony said, chuckling.


"Oh, yeah? Watch it, or else we might be taking little longer for lunch today."


I looked at Justin, red-faced. He looked at me and appeared on verge of cracking up.


"Wanna go outside?" he asked.


"Uh, yeah," I said, getting up, still with that tent in my shorts.


"Dude, go jack off or something. You can't be walking around in broad daylight like that!"


"Uh, okay," I said. I really needed to get off and I took the opportunity he gave me.


I raced to my room upstairs and pulled down my shorts. I looked at my cock which seemed to be still getting bigger to me. It felt thicker as I stroked it with my left hand. I couldn't resist moaning out loud because it felt so good. I searched around my room for something to blow my load in. I found an old t-shirt and held it over my cockhead. I spurted into it, and nearly collapsed as I felt my legs giving out from underneath me from the pleasure. I let out a huge moan which escaped my lips before I could stop it. I just stood there for a split second. I caught all of the load in my t-shirt and I cleaned up what was left on my cock. Feeling better, I composed myself, pulled my shorts back up, and went back out.


Because I knew Justin knew what I was doing, I felt slightly embarrassed coming down from my sexual high.


As I walked back into the living room, he looked back up at me and said, "Feel better dude?"


I shook my head yes and turned five shades red. He just chortled and said, "I'm glad. I know how it is at your age."


"Is Joey down yet?" Tony called out from the kitchen.


"Yeah he is," Justin replied.


Tony came in and smiled at me. "He's just like me, isn't he?"


"Yeah, I'm about ready to call him Thumper Jr!" Justin said.


What the hell was that about?


"Shut up," Tony said, sitting down.


"I haven't heard anyone call him that in years," Dan remarked as he joined all of us.


"I'll explain it later," Tony said to me, seeing the baffled look on my face. "It's an old nickname that my buds gave to me in middle school, Champ."


"Yeah, because he'd hump anything that moved," Justin joked. "He'd be there thumping away like a rabbit and..."


"Bro, not now," Tony said.


"Aw, man, okay," Justin said.


"Well, we'd better be going," Dan said, getting up.


"Oh yeah, Dan. We should be back by 5PM tonight. You gonna be okay, Joey?"


"Yeah," I finally said.


"Justin, if you wanted to earn some money, we could use some help. The guys fucked up the wiring and now they're in a panic to get it done."


"Actually I use some extra cash. It's been a while since I ran cable," Justin said, getting up as well.


"It'll be like old times, bro," Tony said.


"We'll be back by five," Tony said again to me. "After that, we'll have a barbecue and watch the Phillies lose tonight."


"Uh, sounds good to me. I could do some more unpacking anyway," I said, getting up as well. I was really procrastinating on doing that. But, I felt strong enough to at least start the project.


"Sounds good, champ. If you need me, you can call me on my cell. Be sure to lock up if you leave the house," Tony said.


"Well, it's finally happened," Justin said to Dan. "He's a regular fuckin' worry wart now. I never thought I'd see the day."


"Get the fuck outta here," Tony said, smiling.


And with that, they left. Alone at last. I hated to be alone. I always thought about things that I shouldn't when I'm alone. I just sat on\ the couch, thinking about how much my life had changed within the past month. I started to cry, thinking about Dad and Mom and the little squirt. But I composed myself and started to think about the present again. Dan seemed to like me, Justin seemed to like me, and I know Tony loved me. I just wish there was a way I could show them how much I appreciated them.


I got up and went upstairs to start to sort through some family stuff. Picture albums were the first thing I looked at. I put some music on the stereo and paged through the old family albums. I went through some old school papers and projects that my Mom had saved, dating all the way back from nursery school. I remembered some of them, and they made me smile.


Time flew by, and before I knew it, it was already 4PM. Not a minute after I looked at the clock, I heard someone come in the front door.


"Joey?" he yelled.


I instantly got up and flew downstairs to greet my real father. "Hi, Tony!"


"Hi, Champ," he said, running his giant hand through my hair.


I smiled up at him. "Where are Dan and Justin?"


"They'll be home later. I left them at the site because there was still some work to be completed."


Don't know why, but I wrapped my arms around him. Standing up, I only reached his stomach, but I hugged him with all my might. I didn't want to let go. I needed him.


"Hey, hey, buddy," he said, softly. He gave me a hug back and just held me.


I felt so safe in his arms. Who wouldn't? His forearm was the width of one of my thighs!


"Are you okay? What have you been up to?"


"I was just sorting through some of the family stuff. It was kind of hard, but I have to do it."


He lifted me up in his arms and brought me eye-level with his. "It's gonna be all right Champ. I'm here for you now."

He carried me over to the couch and we sat down next to each other. His arm was wrapped around me and I just settled in right next to him. I could smell his scent. My cock started stirring immediately. I couldn't help it.


"Tony, what the hell is going on with me? I jerk it three or four times a day and he just won't quit!"


Tony laughed out loud (LOL) when I asked that. "It's just part of growing up. I was hard all the time when I was your age. How do you think you were created? You just have to learn to control it when you can. I never asked you this, buddy. When did you start shooting loads?"


I blushed when he asked that. "About three months ago. Before that, I would jerk off and I would shoot blanks, as my bud Ed would say."


"Really??" Tony asked in surprise. "You just started shooting your wad three months ago?"


"Yeah, you don't know how long I waited to do that. Uh, you don't mind talking about this?"


"No, Champ. I never got a chance to talk to my dad like this. I wish I had. I am just glad I have the chance to talk to you about it. Did you ever discuss this with your Dad?"


"Yeah just a little. But I knew pretty much what was going on when it happened. He wasn't open about sex like you and Dan are."


"Well, I notice you have to go in your room a lot. Tell me, buddy, is it because of boys or girls?"


I knew it wasn't girls. I knew it was because of boys. Mainly the biggest boy of them all. The guy that was holding me at that moment.




"It's okay, Champ, you don't have to answer that one now."


"Well, it's sort of you that's causing me to have all these feelings, Tony. I'm trying my best to fight it, but it's a losing battle."


"Oh shit," I heard him mutter under his breath. I felt him take a deep breath before he responded.


"You know, Joey, that can never happen. I'm here for you and all. I love you, Joey. I want the best for you. I want to help you out in anyway I can to make sure you get the best. But it just cannot happen."


I felt like my world collapsed again after hearing him say that. I did the manly thing and I just burst into tears. I tried to get out of his hold but he was holding me very strong. I was embarassed and felt totally rejected.


"Joey, come on, Champ. You know how much I care about you."


"Well, then why can't we?" I blurted.


"Because I am your father. I am not molesting my own son."


"But, if I want you to do it, isn't that not molestation?"


Tony let go of me. "Listen, Joey. It's not going to happen, okay?" he said, quite abruptly.


"Listen, some day, you'll meet someone who just takes your breath away. You'll look back at this and think how funny it was that you were lusting over your natural father."


I just stayed silent, looking at the floor.


"I know this is hard for you and all, but this is a good lesson for you as well. You can't always have what you want. You just do whatever gets you by for the moment and move on."


He put his arm around me again. "Okay, Joey?"


Though I had my doubts, I honestly did feel somewhat better than before. "Yeah, okay."


"Listen, Joey, you've got buds your own age. Don't you jack off with them?"


"Yeah, but even that gets old. I want to do more than just jack off with them. But I don't want to give it away that I want to suck their cocks."


"I can understand that. Well, buddy, hang in there. If you want to talk about any of this, don't feel embarrassed or ashamed. I'm here for you. I won't judge. I will attempt, however, to steer you in what I believe is the correct direction. Which is what I am trying to do now. You understand don't you?"


I shook my head yes.


"Now, maybe we'll have a repeat of what happened last night sometime. But I'm afraid, that's as far as its going to go between us, Joe."


I perked up at that. Hmm, so he says we'll do it again sometime?


"No not now!" he said, laughing. "Damn, you are so much like me."


"Well, if I'm so much like you, did you feel these things for your Dad growing up?"


"No, not my Dad. My older brother crossed my mind a couple of times though. My dad was too strict and not open at all. He didn't talk to me for a year after I came out. We patched it up though. He's actually getting more open-minded in his later years.


"Do you have pictures of them?" I asked, remembering the pictures I had just looked at of my family.


"Sure do, Champ. I scanned most of them into the computer. Come with me," he said getting up. We went over to the computer in the corner of the room and he pulled up the picture folder.


He showed me pictures of him when he was my age.


"Damn, you really did look like me when you were my age," I said, shocked at how much we looked a like. He was taller of course, but the face and hair were the same. He had a lanky build on him at that time. He still looked hot though.


"I think you mean, you look like me, Champ. I came first!"


I laughed and said, "Yeah, yeah."


"Here's my older brother, Matt and here's Justin when he was about 4 or five. This was right before Matt graduated from High School."


I looked at the picture of Matt. He was definitely shorter than Tony and had blonde hair.


"He doesn't exactly look like that anymore. He lost his blonde hair and he now has a goatee. He's still shorter than I am though.... and this is my Dad, Tony Senior."


And what a stud he was! Tall as Tony, had dark hair but it was buzzed, and had a great body from what I could see.


"And you didn't lust after him?" was all I could ask.


"Damn boy, do you have sex on your mind all the time?" he asked in amusement.


"Sure do," I said. "I'm sorry. I'll try to control myself."


From then on, he showed me pictures of him with his buds. There were pictures of his prom, pictures of him winning the state title in Wrestling, and pictures of his high school and college graduations. I was enjoying this pictorial history of Tony and just enjoying spending time with my real Dad alone for a change.


"Who needs a beer?" shouted a voice, walking through the front door. Dan came in the room, waving a 12 pack. "Babe, I'm sorry, but I think you've got to let Tommy go. He isn't doing shit down there!"


"I know. The guy's going through a lot right now with the divorce and custody battle though. But, he just can't handle the job right now. We'll talk later about, okay?" Tony said as Dan bent over to give him a kiss on the lips. They kissed and smiled at each other.


"Who is that?" I asked, focusing on a picture that was older than the others.


"Don't you know who you're stepdad is?"


"That's you?" I asked Dan.


"Yep. We were, what seven then?" he asked Tony,


"Yeah I think we were."


Just then Justin walked back in the room, looking like he was dragged through a mud pit.


"Dude, watch the dirt," Tony said.

"Well, what do you want me to do? Strip at the front door?" he asked.


"Sure," I answered softly.


"What was that, champ?" Tony asked, chuckling.


"uh...nothing," I answered, turning red again.


"Fine," Justin said. He just stood there taking off every piece of clothing he had on except for his jock.


So, Justin wears a jock? HOT! I licked my lips. Tony hit me on the back of the head and I looked up at him. Tony gave me a big grin. Even Dan was checking out Justin. Boy, did he have definition. His chest was completely smooth and there was a happy trail leading down below. His legs were even shaved. Damn, I thought to myself. Quite a contrast to Tony.

Justin seemed to not even notice we were checking him out. He just piled his clothes in front of the door and ran upstairs to go take a shower.


"Dan, come closer, man. I want to tell you something," Tony said.


Dan leaned down and Tony swatted the back of his head. "That's my younger brother, jerk off!"


Dan grinned at Tony. "Just because I am married doesn't mean I can't look. Also, judging from the look on Joey's face, I'm not the only one looking. The kid is practically foaming at the mouth!"


"Pigs! All of you guys are pigs!" Tony said, getting up. He grabbed a beer from the 12-pack, opened it up, and took a swig. "Ah, that's better!"


"Yeah, and that's how you like us," Dan said, slapping Tony on the ass.


"Careful, buddy, the kid is watching us."


"So, give him a show!" Dan said, grabbing Tony's ass. "He needs to see how healthy it is for two average guys to be affectionate and loving towards one another."


Tony froze as if in thought for a second, shrugged his shoulders, and then swatted Dan on the ass.


"Don't forget who the Daddy is!" Tony said, smirking.


"Oh yeah," Dan said, in a way I never heard him speak before. Right before my eyes, I saw Dan's attitude and behavior change. It looked very hot, actually, though I didn't know why. His stance changed, and he seemed to look at Tony with a different look in his eyes. "Whatever you sway, Daddy."


"Well, so much for the average part," Tony said, smiling down at Dan who by now had gone to his knees. "Get up, ya freak, before you really fuck up the boy!"


Dan got back up and was back to being the same old Dan I knew.


"Tony, start up the grille, man. I'm gettin' hungry!"


"Me too!" I said, still getting over what I had just witnessed.


Tony went outside to start the grille. I called Lux to come out with me, knowing she would like to get out of the house anytime she could. She followed me as she had done for the past twelve years. I watched her as she followed me. The spring in her step had diminished within the last year. My dad said it was because she was getting very old. I knew that dogs didn't live as long as people, and I was growing somewhat concerned about Lux. She was still a happy dog, but she seemed to move much slower than she used to.


"Joe, it's about time you learn how to grill, champ!"


"Uh, I already know how to grill, Tony. My dad taught me years ago!" I proudly said.


"Oh well, excuse me!" Tony said, jokingly.


Dan walked out the back screen door as well. "Guess what, hun? Joey says he already knows how to grill!"


"Good, then put him to work," Dan said, grabbing a beer.


It was freakin' hot still, and I was already sweating. "Mind if I take my shirt off?"


"Bud, you don't have to ask a question like that in front of two dudes. We don't care at all. In fact, I was thinking the same thing," Dan said, taking his shirt off.



 "Yeah, Joey, wear whatever you want around us. Dan and I used to walk around naked half the time until you came along. It's just guys being guys," Tony explained.

I'm sure my eyes got wide at that remark. Dan and Tony walking around naked in the house? That must be a sight to see. A very hot sight indeed.

"I think he likes that!" Dan exclaimed. I am sure I turned red again for the twentieth time today.

Tony started up the grille while Dan tended to the yard. I sat down on one of the patio chairs and took a sip from my glass of Mountain Dew. I felt the sun beat down on me, even though it was past 5PM already. Summer was still in full swing. I took a look at my tight little body and was very satisfied with what I saw.

"I go away for a few days and the damn flower bed is starting to get weeds again," Dan said, as he pulled up some weeds from the bed.

"Sorry, babe, I've been a little occupied though," Tony said.

"That's okay, Tony. I understand."

Justin came out and grabbed a beer as well. "Well, what did I miss?"

"Nothing," I said, looking up at him. He didn't have a shirt on either and was wearing a pair of Under Armour shorts.

"You know, Tony and Dan sound like an old married couple sometimes?"

"Ah, yeah, dude. They are like an old married couple!" he said, sitting on the chair next to me.

For the next hour, we basically bullshitted. I listened to Dan and Justin argue about who was better, the Phillies or the Mets. Tony interjected his thoughts here and there. As I watched these three hot studs, I could feel him rising again in my pants. I tried to cover him up, but was caught.

"Damn, boy," Justin exclaimed. "Are you always fuckin' hard?"

"Just about," Dan said before I could respond.

"Leave the boy alone," Tony said. "We all know how it felt to be going through puberty."

I adjusted myself as my boner was caught up in my boxers. This was getting ridiculous. I needed something more than I was giving myself. I needed to experience something different. I needed someone to play around with. I thought Tony was a possibility, but he shot me down today. I felt like these guys were my family, and yet I felt so distant from them. I had been through a lot these past few weeks, and I just felt like I couldn't take it anymore. Suddenly, I felt depressed as it hit me that I was all alone. I thought about cookouts with my family. Having these talks with the man I called Dad all those years. Taking care of my little bro. I felt like I was being crushed. I felt as though I was about to lose it. The three other guys just kept talking until Justin noticed me.

"Joe, what's wrong?" Justin asked.

"What's wrong, son?" Tony asked, in a low, comforting tone. I felt him wrap his arms around me and was slowly stroking my back with his hand.

At that moment, for some unknown reason, that was the last thing I wanted to hear from my real dad. I suddenly got angry. Something wasn't right with me. I thought i was past this. I thought I was over the hard part. Apparently, my mind didn't think so. I snapped.

"Don't call me that," I muttered as I shrugged his hands off my shoulders.

I looked up at Tony. He obviously heard me say it and he looked right at me in shock of my reaction. .

"Just, please, don't call me that now," I said, trying to hold it together with the last ounce of strength I had.

"Joey, what's wrong?" Dan asked.

"Joey...." Tony started to say.

I immediately felt tears in my eyes. I closed them, trying not lose it in front of all these men. Then, I felt two hands on my shoulders. I looked up above me and found Tony right there. I got up off the chair quickly, wrapped my arms around him, and cried again.

"I don't know," I sobbed. "I'm sorry, Tony. I don't know...." Once I started to let it out, it just came out in huge buckets. I couldn't stop crying once that started. I collapsed in Tony's arms and he carried me back inside. I felt like I was releasing something that was deep from within me and it kind of felt good to let it all out. Tony, still carrying me, sat me down on top of him when he sat down on the couch. I buried my face in his hairy chest and just let it out.

"It's all right, baby. I'm here with you. Just let it out, Joey. I'm here...." he softly said to me in my ear.

I calmed down a bit and just stayed in his arms. I needed his arms for strength and protection. I missed my life. I missed my family. I missed my house. I missed my innocence. I closed my eyes and just rested in his arms, letting out an occasional sniffle. I slowly drifted off into nothing.

I started to hear voices around me, so I opened my eyes to find that Dan was seated next to Tony and Justin was on the other side of him. I sat up, still sitting in Tony's lap.

"Hey, Joe," Justin said, softly. He patted me on the head softly.

"You feeling better now," Dan said, almost whispering.

I nodded yes. I did feel better after letting that out. It occurred to me that I hadn't had one of those fits of grief in a while. It had been building up inside of me until it exploded. The pressure was gone.

"Yeah, he's doing better," Tony said, smiling down at me. He ruffled my hair and kissed me on the forehead.

I got up off his lap and went to the kitchen for a tissue to wipe my face. I was slightly still embarrassed for my little breakdown. I walked back into the room, and they were all looking at me.

"Takes time, Champ. Don't ever be embarrassed to show emotion around us, little man." Dan said. "Justin, would you go out and check on the steaks?"

"Oh fuck! Yeah, bro, would you please?" Tony blurted. "I hope they're okay."

"Relax, old farts....I turned the grill down before we came in to check on the little one," Justin said, getting up. He went outside and tended to the grill.

Soon, Tony had me laughing again. We all went outside and ate steak, corn on the cob, and Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. That was Justin's contribution to dinner. I wasn't complaining!
"Damn, Joe," Justin said. "Where are you putting all that food?" he asked as I reached for my third helping of macaroni and cheese (that was after two servings of steak and two cobs of corn).

"Ah, he's a growing boy!" Tony said, patting me on the back.

"Oh, yeah, what's your excuse then?" Dan asked Tony.

"He's a growing boy, too," Justin answered. "The only problem is he's growing out, not up!"

Dan and I laughed. Tony just glared at Justin.

"Just wait, little bro. One day, it'll catch up to you, too."

When we were all done, I helped clear the table. I grabbed the empty plate that the steak had been on and went to take it back inside. Unfortunately, I'm not sure what happened, but I lost my footing. As I was on my way down to kissing the patio, I threw the plate up in the air. I heard it land quite close to me as it shattered.

I heard Justin burst out laughing. I didn't quite know what to do. I looked up at Dan.

"Uh, buddy," Dan said, tapping me on the shoulder. "You all right?"

I got up on all fours and then stood up.

Tony came running out in concern. "I knew you had too much to drink, JJ...."

"Hey! What did I do? I didn't drop it!" Justin said, sounding like a little brother.


"Why don't you ask your own flesh and blood," Dan said, pointing directly at me.

"You!" Tony said, sternly. "What that freak happened?"

Suddenly, out of nowhere, an answer popped into my head. I looked directly at Tony and answered, "Well, sir, I've been having a balance problem ever since my cock and balls grew. The weight of them throws my center of gravity off now like you wouldn't believe!"

Justin and Dan both chuckled. Tony, struggling to keep a straight face, slapped me on the ass and said, "Get the fuck outta here!"


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