Dad To The Rescue, XI

"What The Hell is a Masturbator?"

By Joey E


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We all sat back down at the table and chatted a little while.  It was getting darker out by this point. 


"Well, buds, I gotta get ready to go out tonight," Justin said, getting up from the table.


"What are you up to, J J?" Tony asked.


"I have to ask, why do you call him JJ?" I interrupted.


"His name is Justin Joseph, Champ," Tony said.  "And no, you weren't named after him."


"Oh," I said, getting up as well.


"Well, I'm going out with Ryan and Brett tonight," Justin explained.  "Oh, Tony, where am I going to sleep?"


"I don't care.  You can't sleep in the guest room anymore because Champ is there now.  You could sleep on his floor.  Or the couch.  Doesn't matter to me."


"Ah, I'll sleep in Joe's room.  I'd rather not be woken up like I did the last time I did that."


"Why?  What happened?" I asked.


"Don't you dare..." Dan yelled out.


With an evil grin, Justin continued, "I guess they forgot I was on the couch because they came in one night after I had gone to bed and started to suck each other off right in front of me and..."


"Uh, bro, that's more than Champ needs to hear..."


"I got spermed on!" Justin cried out, grinning.


I cracked up and also boned up at the same time. 


Dan actually looked somewhat embarrassed.  Tony just laughed. 


"Well, try to not wake up Champ here when you get in then.  I'll set you up with the air mattress, then," Tony said. 


"It probably won't be a late night, Tone," Justin said.


"I wouldn't say that.  Anything can happen when you're out with Ryan and Brett.  Right, Dan?"


"Oh lord," Dan groaned.  "Call us if you need us to come bail you out, bud."


Tony laughed.


We all proceeded back into the living room.  Tony, Dan, and I played some XBox together after that.  Got my mind off of everything else that was running through it.  I went to bed that night tired and satisfied.  Justin still wasn't home, though.  I took advantage of that and rubbed one out once more before I fell asleep. 


I woke up in the middle of the night.  I looked at my radio clock, well, it was my parents' radio clock, and saw that it was about midnight.  I realized it was my stomach that woke me up and I was really hungry for some reason.  I saw Lux sleeping on the end of the bed in the moonlight that came through my window.  I sat up in bed and rubbed my eyes.  My stomach grumbled, which woke up Lux.  She crawled up beside and I patted her on the head.  I debated whether to get up and find something to eat, or just go back to bed.  Once my stomach grumbled again, I knew I had to get something to eat. 


"I'll be back, doggy," I softly said to her.


It was then that I noticed my cock was rock hard again.  I stepped out of my bed and onto the air mattress which reminded me that Justin was supposed to be sleeping here tonight.  But he wasn't there.  I got up and went into the hallway. The entire house was dark, although I saw some light from downstairs.  It was dim and flickering as if someone was watching TV.  I thought little of it as I started walking down the steps.  But then, I heard some soft moaning.  It sounded like a dude getting off.  I boned up harder than ever when I heard that. 


The stairs had half a wall, so I could see the living room while I was walking down them.  The computer desk was against that wall,  I was glad the stairs were carpeted and did my best to be silent.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  It was Tony at  the computer.  He was completely naked. The computer monitor lit up the area in front of it, which included his naked body.  He was there, stroking his cock, watching some porn.

I watched him for what seemed like an hour, expertly working his cock between his legs.  I just looked at his huge body. He must have just trimmed his chest hair.  It was hot seeing him there bare-chested with his hairy forearms, working his hard cock with his right hand.  He was moaning very low as he closed his eyes.  I watched him slowly but steadily work his cock.  It was all slicked up.  He must have been using some kind of lube. 


His moans got higher and louder.  I watched as his stroking speed increased.  His whole body started to tense up.  I thought to myself, this is it.  He's gonna blow.  I reached for my cock.  But just as he reached that point, he hold his cock and make some other noises.  He was looking down at his cock and his tongue was hanging out of his mouth.  Then, he did it again.  He would start stroking it, bring it to the point of no return, and then stop again.  What was he doing?


After watching this three times over, he seemed to get more intense.  Getting louder, and his whole body would quiver while he just held his cock while he relaxed. 


I dared not to touch my cock while watching him because I'm sure I'd moan and give myself away.  Turns out, I didn't need  to worry about that.


"Babe," I heard a voice from the other room call out.  Dan was still up too?


"Fuck," Tony cried out in pleasure.  "Yeah?" he said breathlessly.


"Don't be up too late.  Remember, your brother hasn't come home yet," Dan said.


Dan came into the room, but I couldn't see him.  And luckily, he couldn't see me. 


Tony turned around and looked up at him slowly.  It was as if he was in a different world.  "Yeah, I won't be too much longer..."


"I heard that before, bud," Dan said.  "I still can't get over how you still need to jerk off like that after we have sex, man,"




"Yeah, I know, I know.  You're addicted to masturbating your cock.  Remember to come up before you shoot it," Dan said, coming into my view. 


I froze once again and I'm sure I looked like a deer caught in headlights.


"Well, well," Dan said out loud. Tony immediately turned around.  "How long have you been up there, Joey?"


I was too scared to talk.  I tried, but all I said was "Uh...well, uh...."


"Shit," Tony whispered. 


"Only a- a-a few minutes," I finally managed to say.  "I was hungry."


Tony looked at me and said, "It's all right, Champ.  You can come down."


He looked back at the monitor and the dude was shooting his load.  He immediately closed the window. 


"Don't be afraid, Joey.  Come down," Dan said, waving for me to come down.


I slowly walked down the rest of the steps and entered the living room.  Tony looked around for something to cover himself up with.  Apparently, he walked down there naked because there wasn't anything. 


"Your dad is just doing his usual thing at night," Dan explained.


"But...but, I thought, since you guys, you know, that you wouldn't have to jerk off," I said, desperately trying not to look too low.  But at the same time, I wanted to look lower.


Both Dan and Tony laughed. 


"As much as we, you know, your father can't get enough of his own dick," Dan laughed.


"Shut up," Tony said.  "Get me my shorts?"


Dan chuckled as he passed by me.  "Excuse me while I get his shorts..."


I looked at Tony and he looked at me.  "Sorry buddy, I thought you were asleep."


I heard Dan trotting down the steps and turned around to look at him.  Anything to take my eyes off Tony.


"Thanks," Tony said.  He stood up facing the wall, so all I could see was his naked ass. But as you know, I am an ass man and I was checking that out big time!


"I, uh, think I'll leave you two alone now," Dan said, walking back upstairs.


"Thanks, hun.  I'll be up in a few," Tony said.  He then saw my boxers and the giant wet spot in them.  Even though I had just shot my load, I still had a semi.


 "Did that happen from watching me?" he asked. 


I nodded my head yes. 


He ruffled my hair with his right hand.  He sat down on the computer chair again.  I sat on the couch facing him. 


"Well, son, you caught me."


"Dad," I asked, timidly.  "Why did you do what you did just then?  I mean, I thought you were going to cum, but you stopped right before you did."


Tony grinned at me and said, "You know, it's not always about shooting your load.  It's hard to believe now at your age, but I learned a while back, it's not always about shooting your load."

"What do you mean by that?" I asked, very interested in what he had to say.


"You can take your time, and do what is known as edging."


"Edging??" I asked.


"Sure, it's when you take yourself to the point where you cum, and then you stop.  Then you build it up again and then you stop.  And you do this over and over.  It feels like you wouldn't believe!" Tony said.  From the lump in his shorts, there was no doubt about what he was thinking about.


I took a risk and said, quite meekly, "Show me, Dad."


Tony thought about it for a few seconds and then undid his shorts.  His monster cock popped out and he took it in his hand. 


Meanwhile, my teenage dick was standing at attention once again and I started stroking it too in my boxers. 


"That's it, Champ.  Stroke your cock," he said, spreading his legs and leaning back in his chair.  I did the same on the couch.  We were facing each other, legs spread.  God he looked so hot like that.  His cock looked so huge compared to mine.  I checked out his low hanging balls, which looked similar to mine. But while mine was still growing, I swear his were at least as big as eggs.  They looked as heavy too. 


"Here, Joey, have some lube," he said, handing me over a white jar with a label that said Albolene on it.  I wondered what it was, but I was too into this scene now to be distracted.  I stuck my fingers in it, knowing that it probably had some of Tony's cock juice in it and it turned me on even more. 


It was weird.  It felt sort of like a liquid solid, but as soon as I applied to my cock, it seem to melt on contact. 


"Oh god!" I muttered.


"Yeah, feels good, doesn't it, boy?" he asked.


"Oh yeah, Tony!" I said, concentrating on the pleasure.  Never felt like this before.  It took me longer (longer means 5 minutes) for me to feel that familiar feeling.  Tony was watching me closely.


"That's it, son.  Now, I want you to try to let go of it just as you feel like you're going to ejaculate."


Wanting to please my real Dad, I did exactly as I was told.  "FUCK!" I cried out as I let go.


"Just wait," he said in a calm voice.  "Look at it.  Look at your beautiful cock, man."


I looked down at it.  It was a beautiful sight.  I liked my cock.  I liked the size, the shape, and it almost looked like a smaller version of Tony's.  It was still growing, and it felt bigger than ever right then.  It was perfectly straight with a veiny shaft, a helmet head on top of it, and it was just hot!


"Tell yourself what a beautiful cock you have, Joey." he said in a hot, husky voice.  "Do it as you start to stroke it again..."


Feeling a bit strange, I nonetheless did as I was told.  "I love my is so fucking.. oh shit... fuck!"


"LET GO!" Tony commanded. 


I let go and was left moaning and panting.  I looked over at him and he looked like he was at the same place I was.  He was breathing hard, his skin looked red, and his cock was so fuckin' hard.  His balls were no longer hanging, but pulled up tight against the base of his cock.   


"Yeah, fuck, yeah, I'm edging it, son!  It feels so fucking good, boy!"  he moaned as he grunted and groaned higher and higher. 


"This is how you fucking ride the edge, Joey.  Watch your old man as he pleasures himself.  This is how a real man does it," Tony exclaimed. 


He never took his eyes off his cock as he rode the edge.  His facial expressions were so hot.  He'd stick out his tongue.  He'd scrunch up his face.  It looked so hot and I could almost feel what he was feeling just by watching him.  I saw his eyes roll back into his head.  He was sweating like a pig by this point. 


"I'm going to shoot, Dad!" I yelled out. 


"Let go!" Tony commanded again.


I did.  My whole body felt on fire.  I moaned out loud and I couldn't believe what torture and pleasure this gave me. 


"That's my boy!"  he said.  "Joey, I do this almost every night, buddy.  I can't help it.  I need to masturbate."


"How long do you, fuck, do it?" I asked, stroking my cock again.


"A good hour or so..."


Visual images of him doing this every night was too much for me.  I didn't speak up this time, but I was moaning higher and higher,. 


"Let go!"


I closed my eyes and practically screamed in frustration. 


"That's it, Champ.  Learn to be a real man and edge with me;..."


What was all this talk about being a real man, and all this self love shit?  It was hot, don't get me wrong, but I never knew there was something to this that turned me on.


"I'm going up there again, Champ," he announced as he stroked pretty hard and swiftly. 


"Oh yeah," he keep saying.  "Edging my dong, edging my dong..."


Fuck he was so hot as he edged.  What's more his verbal talk was enough to make me shoot my load if I allowed it to happen.


His eyes rolled back into his head as his left hand pulled on his large hairy nut sack.  He just palmed his flared out helmet head and his moans were soft and high.  Higher in pitch than I ever though his voice could go.  That did it.


I stroked my cock once more and it started to shoot. It didn't shoot much because I had just shot my load before, but man was it powerful.  I could not help but scream out in pleasure.  My voice cracked as I moaned loudly.  My dick pulsated so strongly. 


"Yeah, son!  Make it feel good," he said.  He smiled at me.


"That's my boy!" he proudly shouted.  "Wanna watch your old man ejaculate?" 


He didn't even wait for me to answer him.  He started stroking his cock very fast and very hard.  "Wanna see me shoot?" he asked.  His moans started getting louder and louder.  His eyes rolled back before he closed his eyes. 


"Don't you dare cum before I get down there!" I heard Dan shout from upstairs. 


He came running down the steps.  Tony opened his eyes and nodded to Dan.  He stopped stroking for a second before he started again. 


Dan knelt in front of Tony and Tony began to stroke again.


"You want me to masturbate for you, Dan?" he asked.


"Yeah, baby.  I want you to masturbate for me," Dan answered.  "I want you to shoot your semen all over me, Tony."


Tony stood up in front of Dan.  Dan was still on his knees in front of him, looking eagerly up at his face. 


"Yeah, you want it boy?"


"Yes, Daddy, please..."


I don't know what was hotter.  Tony jerking off or Dan being so submissive to Tony?  Picture a big man, 6'4", hairy, totally erect, lubed all up and ready to shoot in front of this other masculine man about 6'. practically begging for his load  Either way, it was still hot.  I sat up on the couch, watching this whole scene play out.  Dan was naked on his knees with his face right in Tony's crotch.  His tattoo looked so sexy on his muscular arm. He looked so eager to please Tony.


Tony saw that I didn't have a clear view of his crotch and winked at me.


"Move over, boy, so Joey can see us both."


Dan moved over to the left, and Tony turned slightly to the left so I could get a better side view of the whole scene.  Tony licked his lips as he looked at me.  He had a huge grin on his face.


"That's it, Daddy," Dan said.  "Stroke your dong!"


Tony's breaths turned in to some low moans.  They turned in to higher pitched moans.


"I want you to take my semen, boy.  I, fuck, want to masturbate for you.  Fuckin' aye, man."


"Come on, Daddy.  Show me what you're made of.  Shoot it!"


"I'm gonna shoot my semen!" he cried.  He opened his eyes and looked directly at me.  "This is how it's done boys!"


He aimed his cock up in the air, and shot his first shot up in the air and it landed right on Dan's buzzed blonde hair.  Dan took over by this point and aimed the rest of it at his own face.  He then took the rest of it in his mouth.  He was covered in Tony sperm.


"Fuck!" Tony exclaimed.  He looked down at Dan.  He cleaned some of his cum of his face and then fed it to Dan.  Dan gobbled it up so willingly. 


Dan then stood up in front of Tony stand him up.  They hugged and made out passionately. 


"I told you he was a jerk off addict," Dan said, turning around  to me. 


After coming down from his sexual high, Tony looked at me with a concerned look.


"Sorry, Champ.  I sort of lost control," he explained.


Dan looked at my chest and stomach and realized I had a load too.  Without warning, he came over and licked it up off  my stomach and chest.  I wanted him to lick it off my dick and balls too, but he didn't even get near them.


Tony sat down next to me and wrapped his arm around me.  "Hope I didn't scare you, Joey."


"Uh, no, Tony.  it was so hot!" I said.  I was so tired by this point. 


"I'm home!!" we heard someone cry from the front door.


"Oh shit!" Tony shouted.  Dan picked me up and ran upstairs with me. As I was carried away, I could hear Justin talking to Tony.


"Still edging your cock late at night, bro?" Justin asked, chuckling.


"Yep Jay Jay,, just finished.  Do you want to watch some porn?"


"Nah, I'm beat.  I'm going to bed.  Is the little one in bed yet?"


"I think so," Tony said. 


That's all I heard before Dan carried me into my bed room.  He tucked me in and looked as though he was going to kiss me on the cheek good night.  Surprisingly, though, when I tried to turn my head, he put both his hands on each side of my face and kept me facing straight on.  He leaned down and kissed me on the lips. 


"God, you remind me so much of him," Dan said, softly.  "Good night, Little Bud."


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