Daddy's Boy, a short story by Josh Terrence


Author's note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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Oh that's just great,” I sighed with disgust as the headlights of a green pickup truck shined bright in my direction. It was Saturday morning and I was already pissed about having to go to the job site, but as the truck pulled up, my aggravation soared. My boyfriend had the car and wasn't due to be home until well after 8am. Normally, this would have been my ticket to a Saturday off. Unfortunately, that excuse didn't work for me this weekend.

Keeping my aggravation in check, I smiled and picked up my tool belt when the truck pulled up in front of my apartment complex. Behind the wheel was my foreman Jim, who wanted to get an early start to the day and offered to pick me up at 6am sharp. Already sitting in the spot beside my boss was his son Kevin, who was fast asleep. The 18 year old was sitting straight up with his head tilted back, his face pointed at the roof of the cab. As soon as I closed the door, the 18 year old leaned into his dad and laid his head on Jim's shoulder. With a warm smile, my boss looked down at his sleeping youngster and wrapped his beefy arm around his lithe frame.

This one hasn't come around yet,” the man told him, giving Kevin's shoulders a tight squeeze and planting a kiss on his cheek. “I barely got him dressed and out to the truck on time this morning.”

Yeah, Saturday mornings are rough for me, too,” I said with a wry smile, scratching an itch on my arm. “Are we stopping for coffee this morning?”

Jim nodded his answer, his eyes fixed on the road.

Five minutes later, we pulled into the parking lot of a convenience store and I hopped out of the truck. I saw Jim rubbing his son's shoulder, speaking to him with a tender look of concern. When the boy shook his head no, my boss planted an affectionate kiss on his forehead and propped his head back so that he would be comfortable. While I was at the back of the store grabbing a few cold sodas for the day, Jim came in and was all business. By the time I closed the door, he was standing at the register with a hot cup of coffee, a chocolate milk for Kevin and a dozen donuts. He paid and was out the door before I had a chance to grab my coffee.

While I stood in line, I saw him get into the truck through the front window. He put his coffee on the dashboard and went into the box of donuts just as the line moved and the cashier rang me up. When I walked out of the store, he had his arm back around Kevin, rubbing his shoulder and speaking to him. He had taken a bite out of a glazed donut and was chewing it up while he held the pastry up to Kevin's mouth with a look of concern. When the boy shook his head no, Jim relented and kissed him on top of the head, then he looked up and spotted me watching.

A little embarrassed at what I considered an intrusion on a tender moment between my boss and his teenaged son, I diverted my eyes and took a sip of my hot coffee. When I got into the truck, Jim smiled warmly.

I'm trying to get him to come around,” he explained. I gave him a kind smile and nodded, then he went on. “He's a little upset that I dragged him to work with me today.”

Are you planning to put him to work?” I asked, and he shrugged.

I doubt that he'll be much use out there today,” he said, and it was no surprise to me. “He was up all night on that damn laptop of his playing video games.”

I wasn't gaming, dad,” Kevin grumbled in a groggy tone, then he nuzzled his sleepy head into his dad's shoulder while Jim smiled down at him.

Then what were you doing, champ?” he asked, and the boy let loose with a tiny yawn.

I was camming for guys,” he said nonchalantly, almost as if he didn't realize or didn't care what he was admitting to.

I don't even know what that means,” Jim said with an amused smile, kneading Kevin's shoulder affectionately as he drove. “Are you starting to come around, champ?”

A little bit,” the youngster said, his voice adorably boyish and sleepy at the same time.

When we get to the site, I want you to stay in daddy's office while I get the guys going,” Jim said, and Kevin nodded his answer, his eyes still half closed. “After that, we'll find something to keep you busy.”

Jim's office is actually a module trailer, which is typical of construction sites everywhere. It's actually laid out nicely, with a large mahogany desk and a long oval conference table that we use for meetings. There are almost always blueprints laid out on the table, but occasionally Jim's wife Helen will come by with a few trays of cookies or brownies ahead of a meeting and the table is cleared off. The best part about the trailer, though, is the leather sofa and the smart TV, which is mounted on the wall.

Is Uncle Mike working today?” the boy asked with a hopeful inflection in his tone.

He's coming in a little later, son,” the man said, earning him a smile from his boy.

As I expected, Kevin stayed in the trailer with his dad for as long as he could get away with it. The kid really has no work ethic, unlike his father, who works us like dogs but also works side by side with us when he needs to. Jim would never ask any of us to do anything that he wouldn't do himself, which is why he commands so much respect from his crew. Kevin, on the other hand, comes off as a spoiled little brat who seems to get his way with a sweet smile or a sad pout. I wasn't even sure why Jim insisted on bringing him to the job site.

At 8am the sun had come out and the cool morning air was beginning to give way to the mid June heat. I'd just helped with the installation of a truss and was preparing to drive to the other end of the development when Jim and Kevin came out of the trailer. Jim waved me down, so I waited as they walked toward me.

It was stunning to see the stark difference in size between the boy and his dad. Jim stood at a towering 6'3” and was built like a brick shit house. Kevin was probably 5'6” at best and might have weighed 115 pounds dripping wet. Jim carried a razor with him in his bag for a mid afternoon shave while Kevin didn't look like he had started puberty yet. Like his dad, Kevin had light brown hair that seemed to sit effortlessly in place on his head. The boy was wearing a white teeshirt and blue jeans that seemed to hug his hips. He had them pulled up high, making his prominent bubble butt even more noticeable than it already was. Even as they were walking toward me, Kevin's plump ass seemed to beg for my attention.

Go to the bathroom, kiddo,” Jim said as soon as they were within range. “Daddy will be out here when you finish.”

With that, the cute brunette looked at me with embarrassed eyes, prompting his dad to tell him, “Don't worry, buddy. We're all guys here.”

Without a word, the shy youngster made his way to the nearest outhouse and locked the door. Jim and I then jumped into our conversation. He wanted me to keep a close eye on the electricians who were running the wiring a block over, and gave me specific instructions on what to look for. Twenty minutes later, the outhouse door opened and Kevin emerged. When he saw that I was still standing with his father, he became visibly embarrassed and looked away.

Making a beeline for his dad, the boy practically hid his face behind Jim's shirt while the man and I talked. At one point, Jim seemed to instinctively reach back and caress his son's blushing face, then he turned far enough to wrap his arm around the boy and give him a gentle squeeze. With their size difference once again on full display, I noticed that the youngster was small enough to tuck his head underneath his dad's shoulder and hide his face in his arm pit. Seeing that Kevin was being shy, the man spoke to his son.

What's wrong, buddy?” he asked in a soft tone, using his right hand to pull Kevin's face out of his shirt. “Are you being shy?”

No, I'm just giving you a hug,” the boy fibbed, and I felt my heart melt a little at his natural display of immaturity.

Smiling down at his son, the man gave him a tight hug and said, “I love you, champ.”

Kevin grinned up at his dad, then he wrapped his skinny arms around Jim's torso and listened intently while we finished our talk. When I got into the truck and pulled away, I looked in my side mirror and caught site of the doting man planting a tender kiss on his son's puckered lips.

As sweet as that moment was, I realized that Jim's treatment of his son was the very reason why the boy was so useless on the job site. At 18 years old, the boy was really childish and seemed to not realize that his behavior was more suited to a much younger boy. Ever since Jim began bringing his son to the job site, it seemed more and more transparent that the kid was spoiled rotten. I wondered why he even bothered bringing him along, when it was obvious that the kid didn't want to work.

While I was finishing up on the next block over, I walked back out to the truck and decided to check behind our crew for any trash. There's always at least one person on the team who deems it his privilege to toss his wrappers, soda cans or cigarette butts anywhere he pleases. As I suspected, there were candy bar wrappers and empty beer cans laying in the dirt. I fetched an empty bag and began picking up the trash when the bright glare of a watch nearly blinded me.

Looking to my right, I saw Jim and Kevin all by themselves in a newly roughed in unit. Jim was sitting on a sawhorse and Kevin was standing in front of him, talking. I could have sworn that I saw Jim reach out and button his son's pants, but I quickly dismissed the thought as silly. Feeling incredibly creepy for spying, I was about to turn away when I saw Jim palming his son's bubble butt with a concerned look. The boy smiled and nodded, bringing a smile to his father's face, then the two joined hands and began to walk back toward the trailer. I stood beside the truck and watched as they walked, noting that Kevin's hips seemed to be swaying from side to side while he leaned into his father's arm, then they turned a corner and were out of site.

When Jim's brother Mike arrived, he parked in front of the trailer and went inside. Jim and Kevin were still making their way through the construction site and hadn't made it back yet. Just as they were walking up to the module, Mike came through the door with a hard hat on his head and a donut stuffed in his mouth.

Uncle Mike!” the boy exclaimed, then he trotted up to his uncle with a huge grin.

The two shared a long hug, then Mike said, “I'm glad you came today, buddy. I was starting to think you didn't love me anymore.”

With that, the three of them went inside and I got back to work. When Mike emerged from the trailer again, 15 minutes had gone by and he looked somewhat flushed. Disregarding that, I talked to him about a set of blueprints that I needed from the office, and he quickly took his cell phone out and called Jim. I thought it was strange that he would call his brother to let him know I was on my way up, but once again I shrugged it off and headed to the office.

When I went inside, Kevin was laying on the couch with his head on two throw pillows. He was grinning from ear to ear, his gaze seemingly fixed on the ceiling tile. Jim was sitting on the edge of the couch, tending to his son by rubbing his chest, which looked to be heaving under his teeshirt. Most curious to me, though, was the fact that the boy had changed into a pair of red sweatpants while his bluejeans were folded up and sitting on the back of the couch.

Hey Joe,” Jim said when I came in, then he motioned to his desk. “The prints you're looking for are right over there. I'm trying to get Kevin down for a nap.”

Taking stock of the glowing smile that was fixed to the 18 year old's face, I simply nodded and continued about my business. A few minutes after leaving the trailer, Jim was on top of a unit inspecting the studs. I mentioned that I didn't need the blueprints anymore and he told me, “You can put them on my desk. Just try to be quiet, my son's sleeping.”

Just like Jim said, Kevin was fast asleep when I walked into the trailer. He seemed to be sleeping heavily, but there was a serene element to his slumber that I could detect. As I was walking out, Jim walked in and smiled warmly at the site of his sleeping son. I waited while he grabbed what he needed, then we hopped in the truck and drove over to the next block of units to inspect the wiring.

About an hour later, Jim was back in the office and my curiosity got the better of me. Knowing that it could get me fired, I ignored my better judgment and snuck around to the back side of the office trailer. Brazenly looking through the window, I saw Jim holding his son close on the couch.

There was something so tender about this moment, yet at the same time I found myself incredibly aroused. Here was a gruff man, a true stud among studs, holding his only son with nothing but care and concern. He didn't seem to expect that his son, in spite of his age, would be subjected to anything less. I could see the reverence that he had for his boy, almost like a father holding his newborn for the first time. My cock quickly filled with blood and strained almost painfully in my pants as I watched the boy gaze up at his dad with innocent eyes while the man doted on him. Before Jim got up to go, he helped his son lay flat on the couch, then he leaned forward and kissed him on the end of his nose. Sitting up and taking a breath that made his chest expand, he said something to his boy, who nodded obediently.

As soon as Jim walked out of the office, Kevin picked up his phone and began browsing the web while he laid flat on his back. He seemed almost enthralled by what he was doing on his phone, but then Mike walked back in. Kevin smiled up at his uncle, who walked over to the couch and began caressing the boy's fresh face with gentle strokes. While his uncle doted on him, Kevin turned his attention back to his phone for a moment. He showed his screen to his uncle with a mischievous smile, and the man grinned at whatever it was that the boy was showing him.

Kevin resumed browsing his phone while his uncle hooked Kevin's sweatpants and eased them off of his hips. I saw Kevin raise his midsection up from the couch in a cooperative fashion, then they were pulled all the way off of the boy. It was then that I discovered that Kevin wasn't wearing any underwear. His boyish looking boner was hard as a rock, sticking straight out from his body. At its base was a modest ring of pubic hair. It looked to be about 5” at full mast, and his nut sack was hairless and smooth. Mike smiled at the site of his nephew's cute boner, then he crawled between Kevin's legs and grabbed the backs of his knees.

In a flash, the man had Kevin's ankles resting on his shoulders, prompting the boy to put his phone down and bite his lower lip. With his skinny legs up in the air, his puckered entrance was on full display. It was bright red and slightly sunken, and I could see it winking from between his cheeks. Kevin smiled tenderly at his uncle as the man unbuckled his belt and unleashed his raging man rod. When it popped out of his pants, I felt my mouth start to water with hunger as thoughts of sucking the massive tool filled my horny imagination. It was at least 10 inches long and a good six inches in diameter, and I wondered how in the hell he expected such a small boy to receive his shaft.

Kevin looked as enthralled as I was with the rigid pole as he watched his uncle stroke it between his legs. His own boner was now pressing tight against his pubic bone, drooling with precum. Mike's monster seemed to be producing the slick substance at a considerable rate, and he was using it to lube up. I saw him slather his middle finger with it and slip the thick digit into Kevin's rosebud, then the boy began to pant with need. With a loving smile, I saw his mouth move and I realized that he was asking the boy if it felt good. Kevin responded with a shy smile and a nod, his eyes fixed on his uncle's tender expression.

When the man met his nephew's sparkling eyes, he puckered up and the two shared a kiss on the lips. With his lips pressed into Kevin's, Mike slipped his tongue into the boy's mouth and the two shared a French kiss. As stunned as I was at the site of Mike taking liberties with his nephew, I have to admit that I was turned on by the horny scene, too. It was clear that Mike's tongue was dominating the kiss, but the boy seemed to be enjoying the intimacy they shared. As they kissed, Kevin wrapped his arms around the neck of his much bigger uncle, then Mike pulled his middle finger from the boy's hole. With a dreamy smile on his young face, Kevin used his thighs for leverage to adjust the height of his rear end, then the man's shaft pushed into his hole with no effort at all.

I watched with disbelieving eyes as Kevin's boy pussy swallowed the massive shaft with one swift thrust. The boy seemed to be lost in their kiss and his uncle's deep, assertive thrusting only seemed to add to his obvious bliss. In the missionary position beneath a full grown man, Kevin looked like a little boy with his favorite new toy. Only, he had the toy lodged in his rectum, which was right where he wanted it. Mike's thrusts were beautifully fluid as his hips met the fleshy buns of his starry eyed nephew, who was digging his fingers into the back of the man's neck.

I saw his pace pick up, his thrusts increasing in speed and force as the two broke their kiss. He said something in Kevin's ear, and the boy nodded frantically. Mike replied to this by rabbit fucking in and out of Kevin's hole, a labored look of pleasure washing over his 40 year old face as he persed his lips. All of the sudden, his mouth opened with a gasp and he froze, his entire length buried up the boy's ass. Kevin was panting and giving his uncle a look of tortured pleasure, then he grinned and puckered his lips again.

When he pulled out, the boy sighed with contentment and sat up to wrap his lips around his uncle's dripping cock. Picking his phone up, Mike sent a text while Kevin sucked his prick clean with a horny smile. Kevin's boy boner was still pressed tight against his pubic bone and there was a small string of precum that was painting the smooth skin of his groin. He had a look of transfixed pleasure on his young face as he melted into a lust filled worship of his uncle's rod, bobbing his head on it like a bitch in heat.

All of the sudden the door opened and Jim walked into the office. Taking his hardhat off and setting it on the conference table, he nonchalantly walked over to the couch and sat on the edge. He lovingly ran his fingers through Kevin's light brown hair, prompting the young cock sucker to smile and bat his eyes. I saw his lips moving and it looked to me like he was asking if Kevin was still horny. The boy looked like he was in a trance as he nodded his answer, then his uncle's still hard cock was eased from his sucking mouth and he laid flat again.

Jim was petting his son's soft forehead and smiling down at him while the boy pulled his knees to his chest for Mike. In a flash, the man reinserted his rod and Kevin responded with a sigh, then he placed his ankles flat against Mike's chest while he used his fingers to try to unbuckle his dad's belt. He became visibly frustrated when he couldn't get the belt unbuckled, so Jim leaned in and planted a fatherly kiss on his boy's face, then he used his skilled fingers to take his belt off and unbutton his jeans. Kevin licked his lips and smiled with satisfaction, then Mike began to thrust.

Like his brother, Jim had a bonafide python that burst from the confines of his jeans. Kevin was on it in a flash, wrapping his lips around the juicy treat and sucking it with a dreamy smile while his uncle fed him continuous strokes of cock. The little guy was using his throat to go to town on his daddy's huge rod, sucking on it with a lust filled expression while Mike gave him the buttfucking that he seemed to be so hot for. His skinny legs were moving with the motion of his uncle's thrusting while his throat sheathed his father's massive tool. Jim began to pet his son's soft hair while he smiled down at the youngster with affection, then he said something to his brother. Mike nodded, then Jim pulled his shaft from the boy's watering mouth and the men traded places.

Mike held Kevin's legs in place by grabbing both of the boy's feet with one hand. While his brother held his son's legs in the air, Jim placed the massive head of his cock against the boy's winking sphincter while Kevin smiled up at him with eyes full of boyish wonder. Looking down at his pole, Jim smiled and pushed in, then Mike let his nephew's feet come to rest against Jim's barrel chest.

The youngster had a look of sheer indulgence on his face as Jim's length slid deep into his boy pussy. When Jim's thick mane of pubes smashed into Kevin's crack, they shared a moment of pure love between a father and a son that nobody could diminish. With his father's cock resting inside of his love, Kevin's expression told a story about a boy who surrendered his boy pussy to the man he loved the most. It was a tale of total trust and the security that he felt when his daddy was inside of him. I didn't even have to hear him say the words to know that at this moment, Jim wasn't Kevin's dad. He was Kevin's daddy, and they both knew it.

In contrast, Jim's look told the story of a man who was receiving the greatest gift any boy has to offer. It was a tale that seemed older than time itself, a tale of a father who had sworn to love and protect his son. It was the culmination of every affectionate gesture that Jim had offered his son all morning long, not caring that the boy was legally an adult. Jim's expression told the story of a man who would always see Kevin as his baby. He would forever be the little boy who needed a lap to sit in when he woke up from a nightmare. In Jim's eyes, he was still the sixth grader who needed his daddy's affection when the boy he liked turned into a bully instead of a lover.

So when Jim leaned down and kissed his boy, it wasn't a tongue filled lip lock that they shared. Instead, it was a hard kiss on the lips that ended with a loud smack, a kiss from a father to his son. At that moment, Kevin's tight boy pussy flexed hard around Jim's massive prick. Knowing that his baby boy was ready to be pleasured, the man began a romantic dance that made his son coo with pleasure. I watched him beam with pride when Kevin reached up and caressed his face, then the two shared another tender kiss on the lips.

Standing beside them was Mike, who was watching with his own powerful look of love. He ran his fingers through Kevin's light brown strands, earning him a tender smile from the cute 18 year old. With eyes that were filled with love and adventure, Kevin turned his head to the right and wrapped his lips around his uncle's cock. With the boy now nursing on Mike's pole, Jim increased the force and tempo of his thrusting. I saw Kevin's eyes glistening as he looked up at his uncle, then he diverted them to the window and we locked eyes.

I was frozen in fear, so much that I couldn't move. I was waiting for the horny boy to rat me out to his dad and uncle, but instead, he simply batted his eyes my way and ran his boyish fingers through his uncle's bush. Giving me a warm, contented smile, the youngster settled into a deep throating of his uncle's tool while his father plumbed his boy pussy with deep thrusts. The horny teen eventually turned his attention back to the men who were treating him to the luscious double dicking that he was enjoying so much while I watched in a trance like state. Two minutes later, Kevin received both loads and I slipped away.

I have to admit that I was nervous as hell that Jim and Mike were going to haul me into the office and fire me on the spot. When both men emerged from the trailer and got in the truck, they drove right up to the unit I was working on and stopped. My knees were practically knocking when Jim got out of the truck and made a beeline for me, so I set my drill down and waited for the hammer to drop.

Hey Joe, we're heading out to pick up some pizzas for the guys,” he said. “Can you do me a favor and keep an eye on Kevin while we're out. I don't want him getting hurt out on the site.”

No problem boss,” I said a little nervously, and he picked up on my anxiety.

Everything okay, Joe?” he asked, and I nodded. “Okay, then Kevin's watching TV in the office. He should be fine in there, but just check in on him. I told him not to wander the yard while we're gone, but he's itching all the sudden to cruise the site.”

I'll watch over him,” I told him, and he responded with a wink.

Thanks Joe,” he said. “We shouldn't be more than a half our or so.”

Three minutes after Jim and Mike drove off, the door to the trailer opened and Kevin walked out, fully dressed. He was back in his jeans, which were once again pulled up high enough to hug his bubble butt tightly. He looked over at me and waved with a shy smile, then he began to walk in my direction. Right away, I noticed that his hips were swinging gayly from side to side and he had a suggestive smile on his cute face. I could feel my cock begin to fill with blood all over again at the site of the otherwise innocent looking boy letting his bubble butt do a seductive dance as he sauntered toward me. Deciding to take a diplomatic approach, I gave him a firm but friendly reminder of his father's orders.

Hey buddy, your dad said he asked you not to leave the office,” I told him as soon as he was standing in front of me, but he just bit his lower lip and gave me a hungry stare.

Well he's not here right now,” he reminded me. “Besides, I wanted to come see you.”

Oh yeah?” I asked, and he nodded. “What's on your mind, pal?”

Setting his hungry eyes on the growing bulge in my pants, he let loose with a soft moan and said,

I was thinking about how much fun we could have in the trailer.”

I don't know about that, buddy,” I said. “You're dad might not like that.”

He doesn't have to know,” the little temptress said, looking up at me with desire. “We can do it really quick.”

I'm supposed to be watching out for you, kiddo,” I said, and he gave me an adorable pout that melted my heart.

Then will you walk me back to the outhouse?” he said in a childish tone that made my hard cock throb. “My daddy left me all by myself and I need a grownup to help me.”

That was all I could stand. The boy was clearly begging for some action, and I had just watched him get split in half by his father and uncle. Unable to hold off any longer, I took his hand and we walked to the outhouse. He was blatantly making his ass switch from side to side in an enticing manner, licking his lips as he eyed the crew of men who were ogling him.

Do you like what you see, baby?” I asked him as I opened the outhouse door and helped him step in. He took a long, drooling look at the crew, then he set his young eyes on a shirtless 25 year old named Reggie and nodded his answer. Giving him a playful swat on his tail, he smiled up at me and I closed the door behind us.

In a flash, he had his pants around his ankles and his ass in the air. I quickly buried my eight inch pipe in his tight bottom and pumped a fast load into it. The boy was moaning the entire time and his reactive hole began squeezing my shaft while I rested inside of him. As soon as I began to thrust, the heat of his boy pussy began to work in concert with the constant throbbing of his rectum to pull my climax out of me in less than two minutes. When I finished in him, he sat on the seat and sucked me clean, then we emerged hand in hand. I could see his busy rear end swinging as we walked to the trailer, where I made sure he was comfortable on the couch before getting back to work.

Thanks Joey,” he said as I sat on the edge of the couch and fluffed his pillow while he sat up and leaned into me. “I had a lot of fun with you.”

I had a lot of fun with you too, baby,” I said softly, then I planted a tongue filled kiss on his mouth. He moaned again, then I eased him onto his back and caressed his smiling face.

Do you think I'm out of the closet to all of the guys now?” he asked with a hopeful smile, and I nodded down at him.

I think you sealed that deal as soon as you walked across the yard, buddy,” I told him, and he gave me a mischievous grin. Planting one last peck on his lips, I bid him farewell and returned to the unit I had been inspecting.

Five minutes later, I looked up from my work and saw the outhouse door swing open and out came Kevin, holding hands with the muscular Reggie. His bottom seemed to have even more of a switch to it than before, and he was clearly putting on a show for the crew. I saw him approach a chocolate stud named Chuck, whose 11 inch rod I've had the pleasure of deep throating many times before. Batting his eyes, the seductive teen hooked the man's arm and they disappeared behind a cement truck.

Ten minutes later, the glowing boy was leaning into Chuck's side with stars in his young eyes. His well serviced bottom was still swinging gayly, but now he was talking with a thick lisp. When Chuck delivered him to me, the boy reeked of cum and the smell of deeply fucked ass was rolling off of him.

We need to get you back to the office, kiddo,” I told him, and he instantly hooked my arm.

Okay,” he lisped daintily, smiling up at me as he continued to tease the crew with his bubble butt.

Do you feel a little better now, baby?” I asked, and he nodded his head into my arm. “Chuck has a nice cock, doesn't he?”

Yeah, I thought I was gonna cum while he was doing me,” the youngster admitted with a feminine inflection to his tone. “He pulled out and let me swallow his load.”

What do you think your dad's going to say when he finds out you've been getting laid?” I asked, and he shrugged.

I was getting laid yesterday when my mom came home from work,” he lisped. “That's why I had to come with him today.”

You're just a horny little cock hound, aren't you?” I noted, and he sighed blissfully as we sat on the steps and waited for his dad. He leaned into my side again and smiled up at me, prompting me to give him a sweet kiss.

I have to come back on Monday, too,” he said with a lick of his lips. “I hope I'll see you here.”

I hope I see you too, cutie,” I said, giving him a wink just as his dad and his uncle pulled into the site.

As soon as he saw his dad get out on the driver's side, the boy got up and pranced his way to the truck, still swinging his ass from side to side. Jim looked genuinely happy to see his son, who he greeted with a warm hug.

I love you, daddy,” the boy said into his dad's chest as I walked up to the truck to help Mike carry the pizzas inside.

I love you too, champ,” the man said with a loving smile. “What were you doing out on the steps?”

Talking to Joe and looking at cute guys,” he lisped sissily, smiling up at his dad. “I like coming to work with you because all of the guys here are so sexy.”

Oh yeah?” the man said, raising an eyebrow as the unmistakable smell of freshly fucked boy butt rolled into his nostrils. “I guess you visited a few of those sexy guys, too?”

The horny 18 year old nodded his confession, then he set his eyes on me as I tried to avoid Jim's gaze.

I visited with three sexy guys while you were gone,” he admitted in a soft, feminine voice.

I see,” the man said, giving me a knowing look while I considered the end of my career. “Well then I bet you've worked up an appetite. Why don't you get yourself some pizza, baby boy?”

Do you want me to get you a piece too?” the youngster asked hopefully, and Jim nodded.

That would be great, buddy,” he said, releasing his hug with Kevin and giving me an expectant look that said he wanted to speak with me. I nervously made my approach while Jim went into his truck and pulled a separate bag of sodas from the bench seat, then he turned to address me.

Jim, I'm sorry,” I stammered. “I tried to get him to stay in the trailer.”

Waving my apology off, he shook his head with an amused smile and said, “You don't have to explain.”

I was confused, and still worried.

I don't?”

I know what happened already,” Jim said with an almost sympathetic smile. “He's got an itch in his ass that can't be scratched hard enough or long enough. I figured he'd find a way into your pants. Who else did he bend over for?”

I turned my head toward Reggie and Chuck, who were watching with nervous eyes. He looked over at them and nodded in understanding, then he sighed.

My horny boy can't get enough cock in a day,” he lamented. “His mom came home yesterday and caught him getting plugged in the living room. She insisted that I bring him to work so I can keep a close eye on him, but a lot of good that did.”

I didn't mean to take advantage of him,” I said, feeling guilty for my role in Kevin's debauchery.

I think he got exactly what he was sniffing around for,” Jim said. “Besides, I'm not one for hypocrisy.”

Understanding his cryptic confession, I offered him a smile that he looked grateful to have.

Once the guys clear out after lunch, I'm going to need the office for about 20 minutes,” he told me, and we both turned to look at Kevin's arousing ass. “After that, I'm going to need you to run an errand for me this afternoon, Joe. Do you think you can pickup a few tools that I forgot at the house?”

Sure thing,” I said with an easy shrug.

Thanks Joe,” he told me, then he winked at me and said, “Would you mind if Kevin tags along? I'm sure he'd like to show you his room.”

Coming Soon... The Family Seed


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