Daddy's Little Prancer, a short story by Josh Terrence


Author's note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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Yeah, that's really good, baby.” he said with a labored breath, running his strong, thick fingers through my messy head of short black hair. “I'm almost there, Caleb.”

I responded with a soft moan that was slightly muffled by his hard, throbbing cock, which was running back and forth between my lips with steady strokes. I gazed up at him with a blissful smile, my cup of gratitude overflowing as I savored the salty flow of precum that was running out of his piss slit and coating my tongue. I reached up with my hands and cupped his big, hairy ball sack, taking the time to caress each of his orbs with a tender touch. I felt his fingers travel to my brow, then he used them to comb through my hair until he had a firm grip on the back of my head.

With a contented sigh, I batted my eyes up at him and continued to worship his long hose, loving how it felt as it slid in and out of my throat. His work pants were bunched around his knees and the scent of his boxers was rolling up into my nose, making me lightheaded with lust. I could smell his very essence, the aroma of his manhood overwhelming my senses with its power. I took his hard rod all the way down my throat, smashing my nose into his wild mane of pubic hair, then I inhaled deeply. My 11 year old boy rod was as stiff as a board, pointing up at a 45 degree angle in my underwear while I drew in the scent of a man. I was incredibly horny for a load of cum, eager for him to put it anywhere he wanted it.

It's coming, baby,” he told me as he drew air through his teeth, then I felt him scrub the back of my head with gentle strokes of his fingertips. His massaging of my scalp drove me wild, and I was so hot to let him seed me that I drove down on his length over and over again, drawing my cheeks inward to create as much friction around his cock as I could. I knew that this would give him pleasure, but I took just as much pleasure in feeling his shaft work against the lining of my cheeks. I felt his shaft tense up, then it began to swell as his load traveled to the end of his cock.

Realizing that I was about to be presented with my reward, I took his length over and over again, then I slid my lips all the way to the tip and wrapped them tight. With a feeling of sheer euphoria, I wrapped my right hand around the base of his cock and stroked it while I sucked like a baby on his mama's nipple. His thighs flexed hard and his toes cracked in his work boots, then his dick throbbed twice in my hand and he ejaculated on the spot.

As his seed erupted into my mouth, I began to swallow as fast as I could, moaning like a bitch in heat as the delicious treat rushed in. After swallowing two thick mouthfuls, I pulled his cum firing cock from my mouth and opened wide while I aimed the head of his prick at my face. I was treated to four hot shots of cum that plastered my cheeks, nose and forehead, then I felt a strong spurt of cum shoot across my bangs. Finally, his shots abated and a hot stream of cum poured out of his shaft. I took as much of it on the face as I could, then I let the rest run into my watering mouth while I milked his hard rod for more.

With a greedy smile, I gazed up at him in appreciation while I kept his still throbbing cock in my possessive grip. I licked his seed from my lips, then I wrapped them around his cock and nursed on the end while he lovingly stroked the back of my head.

Did my little prancer get a nice load?” he asked knowingly, and I nodded my answer with a moan. “How about if you use daddy's pole to wipe the goo off of your face, then we'll see about taking care of your other end?”

With a nod of agreement, I pulled his still hard cock from my lips and used it to gather up the thick semen that was cooling against my skin. His rod was the perfect length to drag across my face like a windshield wiper, and I loved spending the afterglow of a hot blow job using it that way. I started with my left cheek, placing his hose flat against it and letting it collect a generous portion of sperm along its entire length. With another boyish moan, I wrapped my lips around it and sucked it clean while my young body sizzled. After a full minute of sucking the cum from my daddy's cock, I used it to pull the sperm from my right cheek, loving how warm it was in contrast to the cooling man sperm. Once again, I took my time, savoring the stiff rod while I sucked the remnants of his seed away and swallowed like a good little pussyboy. I playfully used the spongie head of his prick to gather the semen that collected along the sides of my nose and along my brow, then I purred like a kitten as I sucked it all clean.

When daddy pulled his cock from my mouth, I gazed up at him with a pout, and his expression softened. He reached down and took my hand, then he helped me to my feet and caressed my young face.

You're cranky this afternoon, Caleb,” he noted while I gave him a naughty pout. “Would you like it if daddy takes you upstairs and gets you ready for a nap?”

I nodded my answer. He used his strong hands to lift me into his lap, then he planted a loving kiss on my lips while he slid his hand down the back of my boy briefs and into my crack. I moaned when his forefinger found my pucker, then he pushed up into it and raised an eyebrow.

What's this, honey?” he asked, wiggling his digit around in my hungry hole, where he came across a large deposit of hot sperm that he knew didn't belong to him. “Has someone else been tending to your bottom today?”

Yes, daddy,” I admitted with a small voice, then I gave him a remorseful look. “I couldn't wait for you to come home for lunch, so I had the twins service it for me.”

Both of them?” he asked knowingly, and I nodded again as my cheeks burned red.

When I opened my eyes that morning, it was 5:30 and the sun wasn't up yet. I had to pee desperately but that wasn't what roused me from my slumber. Instead, it was a sweet burn that was simmering in my boy hole that had me moaning before I ever opened my eyes. I had a sleepy grin fixed to my face and somehow managed to let out a yawn through my breathless moans, then I dug into my mattress with my knees and bunched my pillow up to my chest. My daddy was up bright and early as always, and had made a beeline from the bathroom to my bedroom, as he usually will.

He was holding onto my hips and his face was buried in my bare bottom. His scratchy tongue was eating my boy pussy with reckless abandon while his early morning whiskers scrubbed the insides of my cheeks so deliciously. Daddy's rim job was making my body shiver hard and I knew what was coming next, adding to my bliss. As if on cue, he looked at the alarm clock next to my bed and treated me to a few more deep tongue swipes, then he pulled his face away from my bottom and lined his morning hard on up to my hole.

I accepted his length with a hot moan, then I held onto my pillow while he fed me long, deep thrusts of hard cock. My small frame was rocking to and fro while my bed creaked with the momentum of our ride. I could feel my boy pussy catching fire as he touched all the right places deep inside of me, then he picked up the pace of his thrusting. My hard little cock was burning with the intensity of our fuck and my rear end started to contract hard as the strokes gained in intensity and frequency. I could feel my messy head of hair begin to stand up on its own and my moaning was getting louder. I could feel my body beginning to climb the ladder of little boy ecstasy when daddy's cock swelled and he buried it all the way inside of me. With a groan, he fired six deep shots of hot man sperm that squirted deep inside of me, filling my horny bottom to the brim, then it started to pour out around his dick.

When he was ready, he pulled out of me and held onto my hips, then he felched his load out of my quivering boy pussy while I let go of satisfied sighs. When he was through with his feast, I rolled over and sat up, anxious to suck him clean. With a glowing smile, I gazed up at his face while he looked lovingly down at me. When his cock was clean, he pulled it from my lips and we shared a deep kiss that made my head spin. Finally, he got out of my bed and hoisted me up into his arms so I could go pee and get in the shower with him.

I was still stiff as a board when daddy set me down in front of the toilet, so I sat down and aimed my hairless little member into the bowl while he watched. When I was finished, I got up and he looked down at my boy briefs, which he had pulled down while I was asleep and were still bunched around my knees.

Why don't you step out of your panties, sweetie, and get in the shower with daddy?” he said affectionately while I smiled up at him mischievously. Even though I wear regular white boy undies, daddy and the twins call them my panties. It makes me feel special because it's something they only do for me.

I obediently stepped out of my briefs and let daddy take my little paw into his hand, then he guided me into the shower with him. As soon as we were under the warm spray of the shower head, daddy handed me the soap and let me work up a nice lather all over his back, his tummy, his legs and his privates. I did an extra good job scrubbing his butt crack and his man parts, then I worked up a nice, rich lather along his boner. He persed his lips and moaned softly, telling me that I was doing a good job for him. He gently took the bar of soap away from me and rubbed my chest and back while I stroked him, then his hands moved down to my privates.

Daddy's always really gentle with me when we shower, so I stayed focused on his hard prick while he rubbed his big hands all over my butt and my boy parts. I let go of a moan when he massaged the lips of my boy pussy, then he soaped up my balls and my little boy rod, which was still hard and sticking up at its full three inches. When he finished washing me down there, I let his cock go and turned to face the tiled wall so I could present my bottom to him. He ran a soapy finger up and down my crevice, then he placed the head of his rigid dick against the lips of my quivering boy pussy. I felt him take a firm grasp of my shoulders, then he pushed them forward so that I was bent over and thrusted his rod through my opening.

In a matter of seconds, I was accepting full strokes of his manhood, my 11 year old body shivering with passion the entire time. The steam of the shower was rising up all around us as I moaned shamelessly, knowing that daddy was determined to satisfy me before he left for work. I began to push up with my hips, longing to meet his forward thrusts in an effort to feel him go deeper. My tingling little boy cock was pressed tight to my body as a powerful fire started to spread through my midsection. Daddy's cock was working like a piston as it tore along the lining of my rear end, taking me to the point of no return with unrelenting force.

As my pleasure started to build, I felt my bottom start to burn with unchecked pleasure while it squeezed daddy's pole with rhythmic contractions. Over and over, his hard as steel man cock bullied its way in and out while the muscles in my rear end grabbed the head, causing it to tug on the moist tissue while my still developing prostate began to swell. Before I could reconcile the pleasure that was ripping through me, I felt my body explode with ecstasy and my boygasm overflowed, causing me to fire off several hot shots of boy pee that sprayed across my tummy and dripped onto the shower floor. My legs were shaking uncontrollably, so much so that daddy had to let one of my shoulders go and wrap an arm around my midsection for support, then he felt my yellow emission soak the hairs on his arm.

While my boygasm was unraveling, daddy continued to service my boy pussy with deep strokes of hard cock. I tried to focus on my surroundings but his constant plunging in and out of my hole was too much for me to handle. Finally, after what felt like a glorious eternity, daddy pulled out of my hole and fired his load all over my back while I moaned with depravity. When he pulled me to the upright position, my legs were still shaking and I had to lean back into him for balance. I felt him hoist me up into his arms, then he held me close while I tried to recover from my morning service.

After we cleaned up, daddy wrapped me in a towel and carried me to my room while I rested my head on his shoulder and dreamt about riding his cock all day. He treated me to a deep kiss, then he fetched a pair of clean undies from my dresser and slid them up my legs.

Get some rest, honey,” he told me with a gentle tone. “When I take my lunch break, I'll be home to service your horny little bottom again, okay?”

Okay daddy,” I sighed, lifting my midsection so he could slide my undies up over my now deflated boy cock.

He leaned down and planted a kiss on the end of my nose while he used his middle finger to straighten out the blue dashed waistband of my white briefs, then he said, “Do you think you'll be able to keep your panties pulled up until daddy gets home for lunch?”

Instead of answering him, I gave him a shy smile while he caressed my face. We both knew that the answer was no, but at the moment, neither of us knew how many times I was going to lose my panties before he came home for lunch. I purred like a kitten while he rubbed my heaving chest and the strong afterglow of my boygasm wrapped itself around my body. He grinned down at me as a sleepy warmth encased my face, making my eyes blink a few times before I drifted off into a post orgasmic slumber.

I was out like a light when my daddy kissed my big brothers goodbye and left for work. An hour later, I was up and moving around the house in search of something to eat. I went downstairs and spotted my brother Wesley on the couch, watching TV in a pair of white boxer briefs. I felt a strong sizzle of desire run through me as I took in the sight of my big brother, shirtless with a messy head of hair and sleepy eyes. Disregarding my growling tummy for the moment, I made a beeline for the couch so I could be close to him.

Hey little buddy,” he said in a groggy voice, his eyes lighting up with his smile as soon as he spotted me. With a warm smile of my own, I hurried over to him while he opened his arms for me to step into a hug. As soon as I felt him wrap me up, I sat in his lap and curled my legs up, eager for some affection from my big brother. He planted a sweet kiss on my lips, then he rubbed my back while I rested my head on his shoulder.

Good morning bubba,” I said, using the name I call both of my older brothers whenever I'm alone with them.

Good morning,” he said softly into my ear, making me sigh. “Are you still sleepy?”

A little bit,” I admitted. “I got up and had a shower with daddy.”

That's why you smell so good,” he said, sniffing my black hair and drawing in the scent of shampoo, then he ran his hand over my underwear clad bottom. “Did you get this serviced?”

A little bit,” I told him, knowing that I was understating the fact that I was treated to a major rear end service in the hopes that I could get laid again. He knew it too, but he played along because he could sense that my boy pussy was in high maintenance mode this morning. I felt him cup my bottom with a firm grip while I ran both of my hands all over his smooth torso and nuzzled my head into his shoulder. His warm skin against my cheek makes me feel so good, especially when he runs his big boy hand over the seat of my undies.

At 15 years old, my twin brothers Wesley and Oliver each stand at 5'6” tall and weigh right around 110 pounds. Like me, Wesley's a bit of an early bird who wakes up when our daddy kisses him goodbye every morning. Our brother Oliver sleeps through the kiss on the end of his nose, but he smiles affectionately as soon as he feels it.

We all have short black hair and the same green eyes that we inherited from our mama, but Wesley and Oliver are almost a whole foot taller than I am and weigh about 40 pounds more than me. The other difference between me and the twins is the fact that they're athletes and I'm not. Daddy calls me his little prancer because I love to play with dolls and plushies all day. I have all boy dolls, but I love dressing them up and making them kiss each other.

The difference that I notice the most, though, is when we take our clothes off. Their boy parts are more like daddy's, especially when they get turned on. When they're flaccid, they have really cute wieners with hair that shoots out around the base. When they have boners, though, their cocks are nice and thick, and just long enough to make me moan. I love wrapping my lips around their teen dicks and swallowing a nice load, something I look forward to doing everyday. Just as enticing to me, though, is being able to drop my undies and take a ride that never fails to leave me in a state of bliss. And while they're nowhere near as big as daddy, they both know what to do when they're inside me.

Which is why I didn't protest at all when Wesley slipped his hand through the leg opening of my undies and pushed his finger into my crack with a hiss.

Your panties feel really warm this morning, Caleb,” he observed as the temperature of my boy pussy radiated against his digit. “Maybe we should take them down for a little bit.”

Okay,” I panted into his ear, then I felt his finger come out of my crack and he removed his hand from inside of my undies. I felt him grab my waistband and turned to look at the clock, noting that it was barely an hour since daddy and I talked about keeping them on until he returned. Without hesitating, I lifted my horny rump from Wesley's lap and he slid them right down, then he lovingly pulled them off of my feet and placed them on the back of the couch. I watched with a horny stare as he set them down, then I moved in for a kiss on the lips that quickly turned into a tongue tango.

I whimpered submissively as our tongues danced, letting him take control and ease me onto my back while I wrapped my arms around his neck. He immediately put himself between my opened legs, then he reached down and rubbed my hot boy pussy with two fingertips while I moaned into his mouth. I felt my pucker moistening with desire, allowing him to slip his middle finger up my butt and stimulate it while we kissed, then he pulled it out and our lips parted while we shared a loving smile between us. I watched with a feeling of intense urgency as he reached under the couch, then he produced a bottle of lube that brought an instant smile to my face. My little boy cock was rock hard all over again, pressing into my hairless pubic bone with force as I watched my hunky big brother pour lube into his right hand.

I sighed with relief when I felt him place his lubed up fingertips flat against my pucker and begin a luscious clockwise rubbing. Soon, he had a finger sliding back and forth with ease, then he added a second and I felt breathless. He smiled down at me, causing me to pucker up for another kiss. Giving into my desires, he leaned down and planted a long kiss on my lips, then he added a little bit of tongue and I felt my heart flutter.

Are you glad we took your panties off, sweetie?” he asked tenderly, and I nodded up at him with a starry eyed smile. “Are you ready for me to give you a nice, hard cum?”

I nodded again, this time biting my lip with anticipation as I waited for him to replace his fingers with his dick. I watched him lower his boxer shorts so that they bunched up just above his knees, letting his big boy boner spring loose. It was pointing straight up and already oozing with precum, and I knew that I needed it right away. I instinctively picked my feet up and rested the soles against his chest while he wrapped his lube coated hand around his shaft and stroked it a few times. Finally, he massaged the crown while I smiled hopefully, the yearning in my boy snatch almost too much to bear.

Finally, he placed the head of his cock at my entrance and pushed in while I shivered with passion. The sound of the TV was playing in the background but all I could focus on was the moist crackle of his dick sliding into my well lubed bottom. I let loose with a soft, almost feminine moan that made him smile, then he reached out and gently stroked my left cheek while he rested inside of me.

Are you ready, Caleb?” he asked, and I nodded up at him with another soft moan.

He gave me a loving smile, then he began a luscious in and out thrusting that had my boy pussy quivering with delight in no time flat. The first twenty strokes were magical, especially as I looked into his eyes while his hot shaft filled me with lust. While he was slowly thrusting in and out, he spoke tenderly to me.

Is that better, baby?” he asked, and I nodded up at him with a labored expression. “You're really horny for it this morning, aren't you?”

Yeah,” I panted breathlessly, watching his rod move in and out of my body like a long saw.

Tell your big bubba how it feels, honey,” he encouraged me, and I let loose with an extended moan.

It feels like heaven, bubba,” I admitted with a whine, then I reached out and ran my right hand over his chest while he gave me a determined look, then he pulled out and placed the head of his cock at my lips. With a horny grin, I slipped my mouth over the head and sucked lustily while he rubbed my gaping boy pussy with his fingertips, sending a hot shiver through me.

With a tender tug, he pulled his cock from my mouth and slid it back into my horny bottom, making me sigh with relief. His hot cock felt even better than before as he rested inside of me, then he leaned down and planted a deep kiss on my mouth while I moaned. When he broke our kiss, he began another slow series of strokes while I gazed up at him with wonder. His thrusts carried with them a wicked brand of pleasure that made my tummy roll as the carnal heat of our love making spread out through my body and made my toes curl against his chest. Once again, he talked tenderly while he serviced my boy pussy.

Is this what you were hoping for when you came downstairs, Caleb?” he asked with a knowing smile, and I nodded up at him while biting my lower lip. “I can feel your tight little bottom squeezing my dick, buddy. Is that because you're getting close?”

Uh huh,” I practically stuttered as the intensity of our union began to devour my senses. “I'm gonna have a really hard cum, bubba.”

You're gonna love that, aren't you?” he said, and I nodded my confession just in time for him to pick up his pace, feeding me five fast strokes that took me right to the edge, then he pulled out and placed the head of his dripping cock back at my lips. With an appreciative smile, I wrapped my lips around it and sucked it with deep swallows, wanting to feel it go into my throat while my little body shivered. While I was deep throating his prick, Wesley slid two fingers into my boy box and treated me to a shiver inducing back and forth rubbing of my sweet spot.

Once again, he pulled his shaft from my mouth while I moaned with passion, then he pulled his fingers out of my box and held them up to my lips. In a flash, I sucked them into my mouth with a lusty grin, eager to suck all of my juices away. While I was sucking on his fingers with a transfixed smile, I felt the head of his cock slip back up inside of me, then his shaft slid straight up my butt and I shuddered. As soon as he began to feed me the next series of strokes, I was stricken by a series of seismic throbs that rolled through my boy pussy and shot up my spine. He eased his fingers from my mouth while I looked up at him with a questioning face, causing him to lean down and plant a sweet kiss on my lips that I accepted with glazed over eyes.

You were enjoying having something to suck on, weren't you sweetie?” he observed in a gentle voice, and I nodded up at him. “How would you like to spend some time sucking cock for your big bubba after I make you cum?”

I'd really like that, bubba,” I panted, feeling him run his hard teen cock in and out of my snatch with authority.

I knew you would, Caleb,” he said with a tender smile. “You suck a really good dick, too, baby. But you know that already, don't you?”

I nodded up at him, feeling my body start to shiver hard with the unrelenting pleasure that was building deep inside of me. My vision was starting to get spotty while my head swam with thoughts of taking Wesley's cock for hours, anyway he wanted me to. Just as that feeling was tearing through my young body, though, Wesley pulled his rod out again and I whined with need. Knowing what I wanted from him, he tapped my moist lips with the head of his drooling prick and I eagerly opened up. Soon, I was sucking merrily on his entire length while he reached between my cheeks and used his fingertips to scratch the lips of my boy pussy. I felt a powerful throb hit me like a punch and let loose with a desperate, lust filled moan while I sucked cock for him. He responded by sliding two fingers back into my opening, then he teased my sweet spot for three torturous minutes while I deep throated his delicious dick.

I felt his fingers leave my snatch, then he held his fingers up to my nose and I began to sniff them right away. He carefully pulled his hard as steel teen rod from my mouth and let me suck on his fingers while he carefully reinserted his cock, making me moan for another long session of thrusting. I was in such a state of hyper sensitivity when he buried his cock all the way inside of me that I thought I would explode. He began a slow dance in my boy pussy but this time there was no grace period for either of us. As soon as he pulled back, a strong sizzle ran through my boy pussy like a bolt of lightning, making it clamp down violently. I could see the slightly stunned look on his cute face, but he still proceeded to thrust back in with authority. As the circumcised head of his big boy boner made its descent, though, it pushed straight into the tornado that had formed, setting off a series of F5 twisters that ravaged my mind and body.

With each plunge in and out of my rear end, Wesley's cock brought about powerful cyclones that ripped across the pleasure receptors that line my rear end. With a powerful rush of energy charging every nerve ending in my boy pussy, I dug into his chest with my feet and let loose with a long, continuous moan of pleasure that rang out like a siren's song. The scent of my climaxing rear end filled the air in a flash while my big, strong bubba stayed in position, feeding it continuous, fluid like strokes of hard cock that exacerbated my condition. I reached out with both hands and placed them on my knee caps, then I squeezed with all of my might as my body reacted to the long dicking I was being treated to.

All of the sudden, the warmth of hot pee pooling up in the folds of my tummy made me aware that I was out of control of my faculties, then the acrid aroma rolled up into my nose. I opened my eyes and gave Wesley a helpless look, but he had an intense expression that told me he didn't want to stop. So instead of caring, I gave into my pleasure and let the waves continue to roll through me like thunder clouds while my throbbing little cocklet gave up a few more spurts of yellow boy juice.

Wesley fed me strokes of hard cock for two more uninterrupted minutes while my body shivered with ecstasy, then he pulled out and placed the head of his prick at my lips. I opened up and practically pulled his cock in with the force of my sucking, loving how sharp the flavor of my boy pussy was and how closely it matched the aroma. I sucked lustily while Wesley grabbed my undies and used them to soak up the puddle of pee that had accumulated on my tummy, then he closed his eyes and groaned. I felt his dick pulsate three times in my mouth, then his load exploded from the end and I was treated to a large mouthful of hot, delicious cum. As soon as it started to fill my mouth I started swallowing as quickly as I could, knowing that this was my parting gift for this round of sex. While I swallowed like a good little pussy boy, my brother Oliver suddenly appeared in the living room and sat on the other end of the couch, watching me take Wesley's seed.

When my bubba pulled his cock out of my mouth, I planted a grateful kiss on the end, then I smiled up at him and sighed.

Thank you, bubba,” I practically sang as he grinned at me. “I love you.”

I love you too, baby brother,” he said quietly while Oliver watched my heaving tummy move up and down, then he took in the sight of my pee soaked undies.

Did you pee your panties, Caleb?” he asked, and I shook my head no.

He pissed when he was cumming,” Wesley explained. “I just used his panties to soak it all up.”

With that, they both smiled down at me while I reached out and took my wet briefs from Wesley, then I sat up and took a few deep breaths. Oliver followed me to the laundry room and helped me rinse my briefs out before I put them in the wash pile for mama to tend to later on. I turned to give him a sweet smile, then my gaze traveled down to the bulge in his gray boxer briefs and I got horny right away. I looked back up at his face, seeing him studying my expression, then I licked my lips and moaned seductively.

Damn, you're still in the mood, baby brother?” he asked, and I nodded my confession. “What are you in the mood for, baby?”

I need it up the butt,” I admitted in a small voice, then I placed my hands on the washing machine for support while I spread my feet and bent over far enough to make my bubble butt stick out. I felt him approach me from behind and run his hands all over my horny rear end, then he talked dirty in my ear.

You need it really bad, don't you honey?” he asked, and I nodded silently while he spread my buns, exposing my pucker to the cool morning air. “You can't get enough cock in that horny little shitter of yours, can you?”

No I can't, bubba,” I confessed, my voice trembling with desire. “I need it serviced right away.”

Tell bubba what you need him to service, baby,” he said, then I felt his tongue lick along the edge of my little ear. “Say it to me like a nasty little boy does.”

I need you to service my shitter,” I moaned, then I felt the head of his prick pushing against my pucker and continued. “I need a really hard fudge packing, bubba.”

I can tell, honey,” he said tenderly in my ear, then I felt his fingers grab my chin and turn my head so that we were face to face. “Maybe if you give bubba a nice kiss, I can take care of that nasty itch you have in your horny little shit box.”

With that, I planted my lips hard on his mouth and slid my tongue in, anxious to share a deep kiss with my hunky big brother. As our delicious kiss made my head spin, I felt the head of his prick break past my anal ring and pushed back with my hips, eager to take him all the way up the butt. When we broke our kiss, I smiled lasciviously at him and rolled my bottom around, feeling his pole stir around in my boy hole. I let my sphincter flex around his hot cock, making him shudder with carnal passion, then he grabbed onto my hips and started to move.

I began to moan right away while he bucked into me, feeling the familiar burn of an anal orgasm start to swirl inside of me from the start. As the luscious sensation started to build, Oliver made my body sizzle by talking dirty to me again.

Tell me how many times you've taken it in the ass, Caleb,” he encouraged me, and I panted through my answer.

Daddy took me twice,” I revealed, then I felt his fingertips dig into my hips. “He gave it to me in my bed, then in the shower.”

Tell me where he gave it to you, baby,” he said with a boyish moan of his own, and I whimpered as the naughty words formed on my tongue.

He gave it to me in my shitter,” I called out, then a wave of orgasmic pressure washed over me. “I pissed myself in the shower when he was packing my fudge, too.”

You love getting your shitter fucked, don't you?” he asked, and I nodded with a high pitched moan. “Tell me why, baby.”

Because my shitter gets so horny,” I moaned hotly as another swell of orgasmic pleasure began to travel in waves from my boy pussy to all four of my extremities. “I need to have it filled with hard dicks all the time.”

Tell bubba why your shitter gets so horny,” he commanded me, and I felt my body start to quake with pleasure.

Because I'm a gay little pussy boy,” I moaned, then he began thrusting harder. “My shitter gets so horny because I need cute boys and sexy men to keep it busy.”

How long did it take you to drop your panties for Wesley this morning, sugar?” he asked just as my legs started to quiver beneath me.

Not long at all, bubba,” I wailed as my vision started to cloud. “As soon as I spotted him on the couch, I knew I wanted to take his dick in my shit box. I told him how horny I was and he took my panties down for me.”

With that, I felt my boy pussy catch fire and the flames consumed my body with punishing swiftness. I could feel my knees trying to knock into each other as Oliver hammered my little boy box, then he buried his shaft all the way inside of me and filled me with his luscious seed. As soon as he pulled out I spun around and bent over to take his cock in my mouth. The sizzle of my third boygasm was still traveling through my hairless little dick and I was spurting hot pee out onto the floor, but the volume was nothing compared to my two earlier boygasms.

While I was sucking my big bubba clean, I felt his rod twitching in my mouth and realized that it wasn't going down. I decided to stay where I was and suck dick for as long as he would let me and was rewarded ten minutes later with a thick mouthful of cum that he presented to me. We shared a loving kiss, then he caressed my bottom and said, “You smell like pee, little brother. How about if you, me and Wesley hop in the shower? If you want, we'll take care of this for you again.”

With a shiver of horny desire, I rolled my bottom around and nodded in agreement, then I let him take my hand and we walked through the house until we found Wesley. I followed my two big brothers to the shower and got in, anxious to take another round of cocks in my insatiable boy pussy.

When we got out, they took me to my room and dressed me in some clean undies. After breakfast, Oliver waved his hard on in front of my face and I quickly lost my panties in exchange for another shiver inducing ride on each of their cocks. After spending the better part of an hour giving head while my rear end climaxed around my twin brothers' hard cocks, I was lovingly dressed in my undies and tucked into my bed for what was supposed to be a nap until my daddy got home from work. I wanted to suck more cock, but Oliver and Wesley had plans with their friends. With a long, tongue filled kiss from each of them that made me smile, my brothers handed me my teddy bear to cuddle. When they were confident that I was comfy in my bed, they took off on their bikes and I endured an agonizing hour without a dick to suck.

Which is why I was in such an insatiable mood when my daddy came through the door at noon.

I was purring like a kitten in my daddy's strong arms, my mind and body overwhelmed with lust that was brought about by the promise of a deep, satisfying lay before he had to go back to work. While I confessed my deeds of the morning to him, his thick finger started to move back and forth in my tingling, cum filled hole and I felt my body start to tremble with need.

It sounds like you were a naughty little cock hound this morning, son,” he observed, and I nodded with remorseful eyes. “What do you think mama's gonna say when she finds your wet panties in the wash pile?”

I don't know, daddy,” I said in a small voice, swallowing hard as his digit worked to massage the cum into the lining of my boy pussy. “I piddled in the laundry room, too.”

He smiled down at me and nodded in understanding, then he added pressure to his fingering and said, “Your brother's took really good care of this, didn't they?”

Yes, daddy,” I stuttered, feeling a powerful shiver course up my spine as he centered his finger on my sweet spot and gave it a firm rub. “I had a really hard cum because Oliver was talking dirty in my ear.”

Oh he was?” he said, feigning outrage. “What kind of dirty talk was he telling you, baby?”

He called my bottom a dirty word, then he said that I needed to talk like a nasty little boy,” I tattled, then I felt him increase the pressure against my throbbing little joy button.

Tell daddy what Oliver called it, baby,” he encouraged me, and I moaned with desire as I looked up at his face with a naughty grin.

He called it my shitter, daddy,” I revealed, and he used his free hand to cover his heart as if he were stunned. “Then he told me to say it, too.”

Did you do what your brother said?” he asked, and I nodded up at him with a defiant pout. “Tell daddy what you said to him.”

I told him that I needed my shitter serviced right away,” I admitted, then I moaned loudly and went on. “I said that my shit box was really horny and that I needed my fudged packed really hard.”

Such dirty language from my sweet little prancer,” he exclaimed as another shiver rolled through me. “Did he service your tight little shitter for you, baby?”

Yes,” I whined, taking a deep breath and letting it go with a moan. “He serviced my shitter so good, daddy, then I sucked his dick for him and swallowed a load.”

My, my, honey,” he said, adding even more force to the luscious back and forth stroking of his finger. “It sounds like running around the house without your panties put you in a sexy mood.”

It did, daddy,” I told him, nodding my head slowly while I bit my lower lip. “They put me in clean panties, but after breakfast I took them down and got my shitter serviced again.”

So naughty,” he commented, shaking his head for emphasis. “Did you piddle while your brothers were taking care of that horny little bubble butt you have?”

I nodded up at him, then I looked down and caught site of my raging little boner, which was practically embedded into the soft pillow of flesh that covers my hairless pubic bone. I looked up at daddy and gave him a needy whimper, then I told him, “My bottom needs more service, daddy.”

What do you think we should do about that, Caleb?” he asked with an expectant look, and I took a deep breath to collect myself before I answered him.

You can service my shitter before you have to go back to work,” I suggested, smiling up at him as sweetly as I could, then my cheeks blushed and I looked away. “After you service my shitter, will you call my big bubbas and tell them to come home and tend to it until you get home?”

With a knowing smile, he traced his forefinger around my moist, dick sucking lips and kissed me on the tip of my nose, then he pulled his finger from my rump and hoisted me up into his arms. As he carried me to my room, I engaged him in a long, tongue filled kiss while he groped my bottom through my undies. When we made it to my room, we broke our delicious kiss and he hugged me tight.

I love you, baby,” he said softly, rubbing my back with his warm palm. “Are you ready for daddy to slide your panties down and service your horny bottom?”

I nodded my answer into his neck with a big grin on my face, then he cupped my bottom and ran his palm over my buns. When we reached the top of the stairs, daddy used one hand to lift my head off of his shoulder so he could examine my smiling face. With a loving grin of his own, he planted a kiss on my lips and guided my head back down to his shoulder, squeezing and groping my meaty buns as we approached my bedroom door.

He pulled the covers all the way down to the foot of my bed, then he gingerly laid me flat on my back where the twins had tucked me in shortly before leaving. Running his palm over my smiling face, he leaned down and planted a tongue filled kiss on my mouth that made me moan with desire. I reached up with both arms and wrapped them around his neck, indulging in a long French kiss that gave me chills of horny delight. While our tongues danced, he crawled between my legs, which were spread eagle, and grabbed my ankles with his strong hands.

As my legs were lifted off of the bed, his tongue stiffened and I felt his flow of saliva get heavier. He pushed my ankles all the way to my chest, sending a strong shudder through me as I prepared to accept his cock in the missionary position. I felt the tip of his shaft slip through the leg opening of my undies and move into my crack where it quickly scraped across my pucker. With a knowing smile, he let the sticky head of his one eyed monster poke my boy hole over and over, almost as if he were teasing my hole, and it drove me wild. I needed him inside of me so bad that I took one hand from around his neck and reached out to his pole, eager to guide it into my horny entrance. As I began pressing the head of his prick against the lips of my boy pussy with the flat side of my fingers, though, he gently pulled them away. As soon as I had my hand out of the way, he used the head of his cock to massage precum into my wrinkled brown eye while we continued to kiss.

After a full minute of teasing my boy pussy with the end of his tantalizing dick, he broke our French kiss and planted a sweet peck on the end of my nose. I smiled up at him with stars in my eyes, watching as he took hold of both ankles with his right hand, then he reached down with his left hand and grabbed my right butt cheek. With a lust filled look in his eyes, daddy flipped my body over so that I was on my tummy, then he pulled me up by the hips. I felt his fingers pushing into the backs of my knees, placing me in the doggy style position while I grinned over my shoulder. I felt his fingers hook the blue dashed waistband of my undies and a powerful shiver rolled through me. Sensing my urgent need, daddy gave me a wink and lowered my panties while I bit my lower lip with anticipation.

He took them down just far enough to expose my bubble butt, letting them rest just at the tops of my thighs. I watched as he used his strong fingers to part my buns, then he leaned forward and his hot breath filled my crack. I heard him take a long whiff while his breath fluttered across my entrance, then his tongue made contact with it and I moaned. As soon as his wet, scratchy tongue started to work against the lips of my boy pussy, I felt a sweet, strong burn travel up my spine and down my legs. When his wet love muscle broke past my anal ring, he moaned into my tingling bottom and began eating me deeply while I hollered out in pleasure. My tummy was flexing hard while my thighs stiffened under the pressure of his rim job, giving me goosebumps that spread quickly all over my body.

A minute later, he pulled his tongue away and rubbed my entrance with three thick fingers, then he dove back in and I let loose with a series of breathless panting that I was helpless to control. It seemed like the more I moaned and whimpered, the deeper he ate me. I felt like I would explode with the pleasure that was mounting in my body, all of it brought on by my daddy's talented tongue. Finally, he let his tongue rest while he planted a hard kiss right against my quivering butt hole, then he caressed my smooth buns while he nuzzled his cheek into my back.

Turn over and get on your back, Caleb,” he instructed me, and I instantly obeyed him, eager to finally be topped by my daddy. As soon as I was on my back, I picked my feet up from the mattress and spread my legs, bringing my knees to my chest while he smiled down at me. I was wearing a grin of my own that spanned from ear to ear as I watched him saddle up between my legs while his raging man cock throbbed with authority. My own little dick was sticking straight out when he wrapped his hands around my shins and pushed my little body back further, angling my boy pussy so that he could access it.

I was mesmerized as I watched the dripping head of his cock move to my hole, then I felt it make contact. The heat that was radiating off of it seemed to overpower the heat of my boy pussy, sending a thrill through me as a strand of precum tickled its moist folds. I smiled up at him as the sticky head of his pole began to melt into the lips of my hungry hole, feeling my heart flutter with love and affection the entire time. I felt like I was sharing a special moment with my daddy, one that was only meant for the two of us to enjoy. As he proceeded to insert his long shaft, I gaze up at him and declared, “I love you, daddy.”

I love you too, sweetie,” he said tenderly, his eyes filled with affection as his cock slowly inched into my needy entrance. When he was halfway in, we looked deep into each others' eyes, and knowing what I needed from him, he slid his shaft the rest of the way in with one sizzling thrust.

As soon as I felt him bottom out inside of me, I experienced a powerful boygasm and moaned like a girl, biting my lower lip as I tried to gather my senses. My rear end was clutching the hot, veiny shaft that was embedded so deeply inside of it while a weak yellow fountain erupted from the end of my hard little boy cock.

Is daddy's little prancer cumming?” I heard him ask as the chaotic whirlwind of pleasure took command of my body, and I couldn't even nod my head. When my climax began to wane, I let go of a few deep sighs while I caught my breath, smiling joyously as the goodness of our union continued to wash over me.

I felt two warm trails running off of my tummy, trickling down my sides and running into my back before it dripped down into my sheets, but daddy and I weren't concerned with that at all. Still smiling, he leaned down far enough to kiss me on the mouth and I responded with a long, soft moan as I wrapped my skinny arms back around his head and slipped him some tongue. As soon as I felt his tongue push into my mouth, I gave into my desires and engaged him in a deep, hungry kiss while he started to thrust.

The moment I felt his hard, thick cock moving against the walls of my love tunnel, I felt another powerful jolt of electricity travel through my body. It emanated in the core of my hungry boy pussy and spread out like an atomic explosion. I could feel the carnal energy pouring through my midsection and spreading up my spine, all the way to the top of my spinning head. At the same time, it was coursing through my arms and my legs, making my toes curl while my feet rocked to and fro over and over. My fingertips were digging into the back of his head while I tried my hardest not to bunch my fists with a handful of his hair. My miniature sized boner was sizzling with sexual fury while my throbbing rear end flexed continuously around my daddy's shaft.

I moaned hotly into his mouth as an overwhelming series of orgasmic shivers consumed my body. My now empty bladder started to jump over and over again as it tried in vein to let go of another fountain of boy pee, the supply of which was exhausted by my brothers and my daddy. As my climax began to unfold, I felt daddy increase the power of his strokes and my vision got so blurry that I had to close my eyes. His tongue began to dominate mine while his massive prick tore in and out of my boy pussy, making it quake with unchecked pleasure. I felt a series of shivers roll up and down my body in a continuous, back and forth motion, making it almost impossible for me to hang on for dear life as he put the finishing touches on my anal orgasm. I felt him plunge in and out with relentless power and stamina, suspending time while my body approached a state of near convulsion. I became suddenly aware that my right leg was shaking violently but I had no idea how long it had been happening.

I felt daddy's thrusts get stronger and a strong burn spread like water through my groin region. His cock felt like it had gotten harder and I could feel the thickness increasing while a frantic look flashed across his face. Knowing that I was about to be seeded by my daddy, I let out another set of feminine moans while he fed me ten more strokes, then he bottomed out and pushed hard against my rump with his pelvis. His probing tongue was suddenly pushing all the way into my throat while I moaned sissily, then I felt five strong shots of cum erupt in my boy pussy. His shaft was flexing and throbbing with authority as each cum shot erupted, squirting into the depths of my horny hole while I sighed with sweet relief.

When he was finished breeding my boy pussy, he stayed where he was, kissing me deeply while I moaned into his mouth. I felt him grind his pelvis into my bottom, using his still hard cock to spread his seed around inside of me and making sure every inch of my shivering boy pussy was coated. I smiled contentedly through our kiss as I felt his cum painting the walls of my clutching chute, knowing that I had been bred by the man I loved most in the world. When we broke our kiss, he treated me to a wet kiss on the lips while we smiled into each others' eyes.

I love you, baby,” he said quietly while I gazed up at him with a wondrous smile.

I love you too, daddy,” I told him, then I felt him pull out and he eased my legs flat on the bed.

He collapsed right beside me, and I quickly sat up and moved down his body so that I could moan around his cum coated dick. As soon as I wrapped my lips around it, I felt my tummy swirl with butterflies and a dreamy smile spread out across my face. Daddy let me indulge in a mouthful of hard dick for a couple of moments, then he said, “Come up here with daddy. I want to hold my little prancer close.”

Okay daddy,” I sighed, then I collapsed in the crook of his arm, completely exhausted. I stayed quiet as I laid next to my daddy, feeling his strong arm wrap around my little frame while I basked in the luscious afterglow of a deep lay. I felt him stroke my black hair while I enjoyed the warmth of his embrace and listened to him talk.

Did my little boy get what he was after?” he asked softly, and I nodded. “You've been in a very horny mood, haven't you, sweetie?”

Yes daddy,” I agreed, nodding my head while he ran his fingers through it. “I'm glad you came home for lunch to service my bottom for me.”

I could tell you needed it this morning, sugar,” he told me, then he planted a kiss on my forehead while I smiled up at him. “I hope daddy helped you get it all out of your system for a little bit.”

You did, daddy,” I told him as my eyelids started to get heavy. “I'm going to be okay until my big bubbas get home.”

Do you think you'll be able to keep your panties on until daddy gets home from work, Caleb?” he asked, and I let loose with a yawn.

Maybe, daddy,” I said noncommittally. “I want to suck some dick this afternoon, but if my bottom gets horny before you come home, I might take them down again.”

Daddy's little gay boy never gets enough cock, does he?” he said with a loving smile, and I shook my head no as another yawn came over me. “Take a nap, baby. When you wake up, the twins should be home and you can suck as much dick as you feel like sucking, okay?”

Okay, daddy,” I said, fighting to keep my eyes opened a little longer. I felt him caress my soft cheek, then he reached down and pulled my undies up to my waist, covering my soft boy parts while he placed another kiss on my forehead.

There, now your panties are up, baby,” he said softly. “Go to sleep, Caleb. When daddy gets home, he'll take your bottom for a long ride. Is that what my little prancer wants?”

I smiled up at him one last time and nodded, then I felt my eyes get heavy again and I lost the fight to stay awake. I felt daddy kiss me one more time, then I drifted off into a deep sleep, his strong cock making my dreams as sweet as they could be.

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