****Warning**** This story contains graphic sex scenes between a minor boy and his father. It is an erotica story involving gay sex, diapers, water sports, and lots of toys. This is only a short story, more friction than anything, which is a little different than I normally write. I usually write the sappy love stories, but this story came to me while I was fantasizing, so I quickly wrote it down in an hour for everyone to enjoy. I would love to hear your comments, so please email me at erich5748@yahoo.com. I would also love for you to visit my site if you enjoy this type of story, and it is at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ericsdiaperstories/. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it for you.

Hi there, my name's Toby, but everyone calls me Tobes. I'm twelve and a half years old, have short, medium brown hair, brown eyes, little tiny nose and ears, freckles across my nose, and I have dimples when I smile, which everyone says I love to do, especially my dad. I'm pretty small for my age, most people think that I'm ten, but I'm not small where it counts, especially when the only other person than me who knows is fourteen, and I'm the same size as he is. I guess that's not entirely true, because my dad does see me naked every night, too, but the only other person to know, says I'm pretty big for my size. He's gay too, and even though we're not really boyfriends, we've messed around a few times. He says he's not ready to have a boyfriend yet, but I don't care, because a month ago something happened to me that made me know exactly who my boyfriend was going to be.

Even though he doesn't know I know, I've known for about four or five years or so, that my dad is not actually my dad. As it turns out, my mom was some dirty slut who shacked up with dad just after she became pregnant with me, and then claimed the baby was his. He never questioned it, because he had always wanted kids, but knew he was not likely to have any. He never questioned it, but he also knew that he was not the father, because the only time he had fucked the slut, he barely kept it up long enough for her to pass out, and he certainly never came, because he too was gay, but wanted to play it straight. How did I find this out you ask, well, simple, I snooped.

You see, my dad is some huge computer programmer, he works for himself, and sells his services to the highest bidders, and he programs their systems to be virtual vaults. He can crack virtually any system he wants, he programs things that make other programmers cum themselves silly, he's the absolute best in the business, and he taught me everything he knows. That still doesn't tell you how I snooped though, now does it. Well, I snooped in his computer, where else. I knew my dad was gay, how could I not, his steady flow of hot young gorgeous hunks flowing through the house like a fucking river, and always for the night. So, knowing that he was gay, and wanting to see what all was on his computer of interest, I cracked his passwords, took me almost a month to crack the damn thing, and saw everything that turned him on. I also saw the letters that he had written to what would have been my mother, or more likely answered, because it seems that she kept asking for money, for this reason or that, but he always refused, good for him.

What I found when I finally made it into his computer though, was beyond every one of my wildest dreams. Not only was he gay, but he was a complete and total dirty slut too. He liked it all, but the one that interested me the most, and he had so many pictures of it, was me in my diapers. I'm a bed wetter, a happy one at that, so I wear diapers to bed, hence the reason my dad sees me naked almost every day, because I like it when he changes me, little did I know that he liked it even more than I did.

Now, since I turned twelve, my dad felt that I could be trusted to stay home by myself, no more having to have sitters come when he was going to be out of town, for however long it was that he had to be gone. That was how I managed to get to his system to crack it in the first place, he was to be gone for an entire month, in Europe somewhere, but I didn't care where, I had been everywhere by then, and to tell you the truth, I hated traveling. I also had all the time in the world that I could ever need, because I was home schooled, and I was way smart too, and even though I should only be in like grade seven, I was already working on the grade twelve stuff. Because of the home schooling though, I had a few friends from a group of other home schoolers, and that was where the boy who I had messed around with was from, but he is not who I'm here to talk about.

Unfortunately, by the time I cracked my dads computer, to be able to get into it, my dad was to come home, so I did not get a chance to really snoop too much, but I did copy his entire hard drive to my system, so that I could look at it at my leisure. And look I did, and man did I jack off a lot. Problem was of course, that I rarely had a lot of time to myself when dad wasn't on a job, because when he was home, he didn't really work, other than to do some personal stuff. It was almost with relief when he came to me only a week after his last trip, and after I found his data, that he told me that he had to go away for another two to three weeks to help some government office in some country I had little care for. Of course I told him that I would be fine, and the very next morning he was gone again.

As it also turned out, my dad was a writer, and he had written a number of stories, all gay, all involving diapers, and all involving young faceless boys. In his computer I also found the receipts to everything that he had purchased in the last nearly five years, and boy was I surprised to find that the slut had bought himself so many sex toys that it was a surprise the man could walk. He also bought an awful lot of diapers, and other diaper related products for himself, and not all just for me, but his were actually more than mine were, and I needed them. So, right away after finding that information out, I went to his room to snoop even further. It took only a few minutes to find the mother fucking load, and half of it was literally for fucking, plain and simple, no doubt about it. His biggest toy was bigger than my bloody arm, no word of a lie, and his smallest toy, was the same size as my dick was when hard. I can only assume what he had bought that one for, and it was so that he could dream of how it would feel for me to fuck him like crazy.

Of course dad had seen me hard many times, how could he not, he diapers me every night, and diapering includes lotioning up my soft smooth skin, so that I do not get a rash, on my soft smooth groin, and it was still oh so soft and smooth, no hairs yet mar my perfect skin, and if I have anything to say about it, none ever will either, at least not for long. I already have the hair remover system, I asked dad to buy it for me, and he did. He said he's used it too, to keep himself a little cleaner, and he never shaves his face anymore. That is really besides the point, and not what anyone wants to hear anyways.

I looked through his entire collection of awesome toys, and picked out a few things that I thought would be a lot of fun. I took the dildo that was the same size as me, as well as I grabbed four others that were bigger, four nice butt plugs, a strap on attachment, so that I could strap one on and ride it for hours, and I grabbed a brand new unopened huge tub of anal ease lube, the thing had to be nearly a freaking gallon. Oh how I wanted to use the entire thing up in a week. I didn't though, not even I am that horny, but I sure did try, and by the time my dad made it home, I was over half done the tub, and I could take the dildo that was bigger than my arm, and I could take it in almost twelve inches, if my measuring was right. Oh man did that thing feel incredible.

Another thing that I did, was become even more into my diapers than I had been before. I had always loved them, and the thicker they were, the better, but that was always what dad bought me anyways, on the pretense that I was such a heavy wetter, and I loved them when they were soaked. It was nothing in our house for me to get ready for bed just a little after dinner, I'd go have my bath, wash up with the Johnsons baby wash, because I still preferred it, dad would then put lots of Johnsons baby lotion on my diaper area, and then tape me up into a nice thick diaper, and that would be how I stayed for the night, normally cuddled up to my dads side. He never once said a thing about the fact that I was always wet with at least two wettings before I even went to bed, it had just always been that way, and now I know why, because dad loved it too. Also, with all the pictures he had of me, he had to have hidden the camera quite a few times, and set it to motion detect, and it just snapped whenever I was nearby, but I loved the pictures, and in the last week, I had taken even more of me to add to his collection. Now I was getting so into my diapers, that I was double and triple diapering myself, and wetting all day long, soaking them to the point, that had I not taped them on, they would have fallen off. Many times my diapers leaked as well, I had wet so much, but I didn't care any. I normally had the biggest butt plug stuffed inside my bum that I could take, and by the time my dad was to come home, I had the biggest of them in there, and it felt incredible.

Dad had called last night, saying that his flight landed at noon, and that he should be home no later than two. I was so excited when he told me that, that he asked me three times during the ten minute call about that, wondering why I sounded so happy. I just told him it was a surprise. And boy was it going to be.

The morning that dad was to arrive, I gave myself a very good cleaning, both inside and out, triple enema and all. That had been another of my dads purchases that I had enjoyed a few times as well. Anyways, as soon as I was all cleaned, I used the turkey baster from the kitchen, and squirted an entire tube full of lube inside me, and then sat down on the biggest butt plug, with barely a grunt. I then taped up one nice thick diaper, that had had holes poked all over it, and then used the packing tape and made sure it was as secure as it could be. The packing tape had also been in my dads room, just for this purpose as well. The second diaper was then added, and it too was taped on nice and secure. I had held my pee all morning in anticipation, and by the time I had the diapers on, I was nearly exploding, so I let it all go, and soaked my diapers. I had waken up at six am, and it only took me an hour to get myself all prepared for my dads arrival, so by seven, I was ready, well sort of. I started drinking lots and lots of green tea, because if you want to pee a lot, just drink a lot of that, it really flushes your system out well, I tell you.

By one thirty, my diapers were already nearing saturation point, and I knew that when dad poked the hole in the seat of my diaper, and did to me all sorts of nasty things to my young and not so innocent ass, it was probably going to leak. I was well prepared for that though, and only the bottom sheet was on the bed. I was on dads bed, and he had a rubber sheet under it, so it would contain any mess. I had placed a sign on the banister of the stairs, telling my dad that his surprise was waiting for him in his room, so as soon as he walked in, he would see it, and hopefully take the hint and come right up. Now, I was not allowed in my dads room, for obvious reasons, he obviously wanted to keep me pure and innocent. If only he had known that I had had my first blowjob at eight, and had had had my ass fucked by the time I was ten, maybe he would have invited me into his room. Well, it was certainly time for that now.

I heard the door open and close, I heard the call, saying he was home, and then I heard the puzzled silence. I was kneeling in the middle of his bed, head resting on my hands, ass pointed up in the perfect position for taking a good fucking, and he was coming. I heard his footsteps on the stairs, the creaky stair right at the top, that said that he was on the landing now, and then a few steps to his right, and he would be able to see me.

“Tobes, what's the meaning of this, you know you're not allowed in my room, and why are you so heavily diapered and soaked?” Dad asked in puzzlement as he walked in. He was more than a little turned on though, I could see it in his face as I looked at him through the mirror, but he wouldn't be able to see that I could see him, with how my face was positioned.

“Daddy, I've been a very bad baby. I snooped in all of your things, and found out that you and I like a lot of the same things, and I certainly enjoyed ALL of your toys. I'm afraid that you might need to buy another tub of lube though, I've almost used your brand new one.”

“Bad baby!” Dad said in shock.

“That's right daddy, I'm your naughty baby boy.”

“Used almost an entire tub of lube!” He said, still in a bit of shock, but his dick was getting very hard as it sunk in what was happening.

“That's right daddy, and I have probably half a litre squirted up my little baby bum, waiting for you. I've also taken a bunch of new pictures for you, and saved them to your computer, I think that you'll really like them.”


“That's right daddy, I've found out everything, and don't worry, I sorta always knew you weren't really my real daddy anyways, we just look too much different. But you're still my daddy. Now, I have your butt buster shoved way up in me, so I want you to pull aside my very soaked diaper, which is just the way you like it, pull out the big fucker, then I want you to poke a hole in my diaper, and fuck my little baby brains out.”

“B-b-b-but b-b-b-baby, I c-c-c-can't do t-t-t-that.” Dad stuttered out, all the blood leaving his top head, and heading totally south, but his head was still trying to keep control.

“Yes you can daddy. Take off your clothes, come kneel in front of me, so that I can feel what a real dick down my throat feels like, instead of a young boys meat. It tastes good of course, but it's just not the same size.”

“You've sucked cock before?”

“Of course daddy, and I've been fucked more than a few times as well. Now do it, and then fuck me hard, I deserve to be punished for snooping in all your private stuff.”

“Oh fuck.” Well, there goes the last bit of blood, as he started undressing.

He climbed onto the bed, crawled in front of me, and his hard hunk of daddy meat was wavering in front of my eager mouth. I had already gotten up onto my hands by the time that he got there, and then I sucked him to the root.

“Oh fuck me, that's incredible, you suck dick better than any man that I have ever had in this bed before, oh suck my dick you little baby slut.” Daddy gasped out, and it was music to my ears. I wasn't looking to suck his load out of his hot hard dick though, at least not yet, I just wanted him nice and wet for the best part, so I pulled off, and daddy grunted in frustration, trying to jam his big meaty cock back down my throat.

“Uh uh daddy, baby slut has an even better place for you to pump your first load into. Take out my butt plug, poke a hole in my diapers, and fuck me deep and hard, just like you've always dreamed about doing.”

“Oh god, you really are a little baby slut, aren't you?”

“Oh yes daddy, and I'm all yours. As soon as you pump a nice big juicy load of cum inside me, I'm going to stuff my hand into your sloppy ass, and suck another load out of you, and then I am going to diaper you up as well. Then when we're both all diapered up again, we are going play all night, in any way we can think of. We're not even going to go to sleep, unless we completely pass out, we're going to fuck and suck, suck and fuck, so much, we're both going to need burn cream.”

Daddy never even said a thing. I had turned him on so much that he just went in behind me, pushed aside my diaper a bit, enough to rip the plug out, and I grunted at the quick exit, and then daddy put my diaper back in place, rammed two fingers right through the soggy diaper material, and straight into my bum, but pulled them out just as quickly. With just as fast a jab, his big fat fuck stick was deep inside me, and we both moaned from it. I can tell you, it felt so incredible to me, so much better than any of the toys had so far, and they had felt wonderful.

Daddy started a nice long slow motion, really taking his time, enjoying this to his fullest.

“Oh yes daddy, fuck my little baby slut ass long and deep, oh yeah, you feel so good inside me, I wish I had have found out that you were into this a long time ago.” I moaned out deeply, way deeper than my high voice had ever been before.

“Oh yeah baby, you feel incredible inside, so tight, so hot, so wet. I wish I could have gotten to your little baby ass first, because that would have been so hot, oh god yeah.”

“Why didn't you daddy, you've been dreaming of this for so long?”

“Oh fuck, because that was only a dream, it was never supposed to happen, fuck this feels so good, I love you too much, I could have never asked you to do this, oh god.”

“Mmmm, yeah daddy, keep that up, you keep rubbing my little baby joy button, and it feels so good. Mmmmm, I hope the real version is way better than your written versions, even though they were way hot too.”

“Oh way better. Baby, I'm gonna cum real soon, you're so hot and tight, you're making me cum already.

“Don't you dare cum daddy, hold it off, you have to hold it off until I tell you to, because we have to cum together, and I'm not close yet.” I moaned out.

“Oh Tobes, baby, I can't hold off much longer. Can I at least pet your soggy baby diapered dinky to bring you closer?”

“I thought you'd never ask daddy, stroke my baby diapered dinky.” I moaned out, and then moaned even more as he did that.

He started squishing my hard as nails dick through the extremely thick diaper, and it felt nearly as amazing as his big thick dick going in and out of my little asshole.

“Oh yeah daddy, that's it, keep doing it, it feels so good. If you keep that up, I'm gonna cum real soon.” I panted out.

“Oh god baby, it feels so good to me too. You have no idea how often I have fantasized about this, jacked off to this very dream, fucked myself silly to this dream. I'm gonna cum real soon baby, you gotta hurry up.” Daddy said, starting to get very close, because I could hear it in his voice.

“Oh yes daddy, keep fucking your little baby, oh yeah, I bet I can guess, 'cause it's almost as often as I've dreamed of having a nice big huge dick stuffed up my baby slut ass. Oh yeah daddy, I'm getting close, but don't you dare cum until I do.” I really panted out now. I was holding it back as best as I could as well, and had already been holding my colossal cum for at least three minutes.

“I can't hold it any longer baby.”

“Hold it daddy, keep fucking me, but hold on, just a few more seconds.”

“I can't baby, I'm busting here. I haven't cum in three weeks, it hurts so bad, you've gotta let me cum.” Daddy said in a fevered pitch now.

“No daddy, hold it, hold it until I say you can cum.” I said, getting very close myself, and I knew exactly what I was doing, because this was part of daddy's fantasy, to be deprived of his cum for as long as possible, until the boy told him he was allowed. My cum was almost at boiling over point now too, and I was forcing myself so hard not to cum, it was really starting to hurt.

“I caaaaaaaaaaaan't hooooooold it baaaaaaaaaaaaaby.” Daddy nearly screeched out now.

“Keep holding it you dirty fucker, or I'll never let you fuck me again.” I warned him.

“Oh shit baby, don't do this to me, it's killing meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.”

“Okay daddy, cum, I'm cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmming.” I screeched out now, because I could no longer hold it in either.

I deposited no less than four good sized squirts of little boy cum into the front of my already soaked diaper. I had only just started to cum in the past two weeks, so it was mostly watery still, and the most I had ever shot before was one little squirt, and then a couple little dribbles, but I'd never held on for so long before, nor had I cum in the last week, because I wanted to save it all for daddy.

Daddy nearly screamed full out when he deposited what felt like another gallon of goo into my already very sloppy slut ass, and he kept going and going, and going, never once stopping the thrusting as he came deep in my ass. He wasn't stopping either, and I was okay with that. I knew that it would either be a very fast load, or a very slow one, so I started working my little bum muscles even more, because I wanted it fast.

“Oh fuck me, I'm going for a grand slam.”

“No no, fuck me, oh yeah, fuck me you dirty slut.” I screamed out, happier than a pig in shit. I had my daddy buried deep inside me, right where he belonged, I was the happiest little baby boy slut there ever was.

“Oh shit, I'm cumming already.” Daddy wailed and came. I came again as well, because the entire time he had been jack hammering into me, he had been mauling my dick as well.

“Oh yes, cum again inside my slutty bum as I cum again as well.” I panted out.

Then we both collapsed. Daddy pulled me to the side with him as he went down, and he stayed buried inside me, still almost hard, but not totally, and we laid there for at least fifteen minutes, maybe more.

“Oh daddy, that was amazing.” I sighed when I finally came down completely.

“Oh, Tobes, that was way more than amazing, that was incredibly amazing times a trillion.”

“Yeah, it was.”

“I guess we better get this exploded diaper off you, and get us and the bed cleaned up.” Daddy sighed, and pulled out of me. And he meant exploded as well, because the gel material inside had pretty much exploded out the hole that he had made in the bum of the diapers, as well with all the squishing that he had done of my hard dick, he had caused that to explode there as well. There was a rather large mess on the bed sheet, but I don't think daddy cared any more than I did.

“Okay daddy, you'll need the scissors though, they're already on your end table waiting.”

“Thanks baby.”

Daddy grabbed the scissors that I had thought to put there, and carefully cut the sides of my diapers to remove them. As carefully as he could, he balled them up and grabbed the bag that the scissors had been on top of, another idea of mine, and put the well soaked and exploded diapers inside it. Then using the baby wipes that were also there, but that was not my doing, they had been there already, he gently cleaned me up.

“Thank you daddy.”

“No, thank you baby. You made so many dreams come true for me today, I hope that I can make a few of yours come true as well.”

“Oh trust me, you did.” I grinned.

“Good. Now, I think you promised to suck my dick and stick your hand up my ass next, and I'd really love it if you'd do that now.”

“Okay daddy, but I have a better idea, I want us to do it at the same time. I'm not sure I can take your whole arm or not, but I'm certain that your hand could fit inside me. I'll crawl on top of you, get my hand inside you and suck your big tasty dick, and then you can do the same for me.”

“Oh god, that sounds so hot. Make sure to tell me though if it hurts any at all.”

“Yeah, it does sound hot, but don't worry, I'll tell you.” I said, and then pushed daddy down so that he was on his back.

Once daddy was in position, I laid down on top of him and started working my hand down towards his ass. I had already lubed it up nicely, and I had four of my slender fingers inside him almost right away, and before too long, my whole hand was in there. I also had daddy's big hard dick deep into my throat by then as well, and it all felt amazing.

As I was working on daddy, he was working on me as well. He had my dick and balls in his mouth together, and he already had four of his nice slender fingers inside my ass, and it felt good already. Within only two minutes, daddy was able to work his hand inside me, and even though it did hurt a bit at first, I never once said stop, and I don't think I let it show any. I must not have, because he never once stopped, so he hadn't noticed.

We started getting into a really nice rhythm, I was getting deeper and deeper, and so was daddy, we were into the others asses nice and deep, same as our dicks were in each others throats. We were both moaning and groaning the entire time, and if daddy was enjoying this only half as much as I was, he'd soon be cumming again, because I was, and I was going to, very soon. I guess daddy was enjoying himself as well, because only a half a second after I started cumming, so did he, and when I pulled back to taste it, I was in love. I had tasted my own cum of course, as well as my friends, and I loved both, but this was so much different, so much better, and I admit, I became a little greedy, and tried to suck his balls right out the tip of his dick. It must have got to be too much though, because daddy yanked his hand free of my ass, it kinda hurt a bit, and pulled my head off. I also noticed that I was pretty tender, so I pulled myself out of daddy's ass and mouth, and rolled over onto the bed.

“Wow.” We both said a little while later, and eerily enough, it was at the same time. We both started giggling like little school girls.

“I can't believe that you were able to take my whole hand, no one has ever done it before, and by the time I get four fingers almost all the way in, they're complaining. I've taken a lot of hands inside me though.”

“Well, I loved that hand and arm dildo you have, and it's almost as big as your arm is, it's just a bit bigger than mine is, so I was pretty sure I'd be able to take you.”

“Daddy, I have to pee.”

“So do I.”

“Good, I want to try something.”

“What is it baby?”

“I want to lay in the middle of the bed, and I want you to pee on me, get my dick and balls, my belly and chest, and then even my face. I want to taste you as well.”

“Are you sure about that baby, it'll be really messy, and it might taste gross. I've gotten into water sports before, and it's not too bad. I'll want you to do the same thing to me though if you really want me to do it to you.”

“I had hoped you'd see it my way, now pee on me.” I said happily, and laid in the middle of the bed.

Daddy stood over me, and patiently waited for his flow to start. It took almost five minutes for him to be able to pee, but when he did, it felt incredible. He started by spraying my dick and balls first, just like I asked, and it made me go hard instantly. He slowly moved his way upwards, but fast enough that he'd have enough flow to get to my face, and it too felt great. When he got to my face, I closed my eyes and opened my mouth. I made sure to blow all the air out my nose, so that I didn't get any pee up there, because it probably wouldn't feel very nice, and that way I could taste all the pee he had for me. Oh god it tasted so good, almost as good as his cum had. Unfortunately there was not much left by the time he got to my face, but I made the most of it.

“Oh god, that was so hot. How'd you like it?” Daddy asked me.

“You taste really good, every bit as good as my own pee.” I grinned. I had been peeing on myself, and peeing into my mouth in the bath for a couple years now, so I knew I liked it already.

“You really are a dirty slut, aren't you?” Daddy grinned.

“Every bit as much as you are. Now lay down, I have to pee real bad. Problem is, I don't know if I'll be able to pee with this hard on.”

“Can I suck the pee out of you?” Daddy asked.

“No, I want to spray your whole body, now lay down slut.”

“Yes baby.” Daddy smiled, and did as he was asked, laying on the wet sheets that he had created.

I stood above daddy and slowly jacked my dick, really making a show of it for daddy, and his cock went almost instantly hard because of it. When his hand started working its way there, I just shook my head no, and he stopped his hand. With as hot as I was, it only took a few minutes for me to cum, but by now I was dry again, because I had cum too many times already, and I just didn't have much yet. Almost as soon as the orgasm stopped, I started to pee, so I peed on my daddy.

I started on his dick and balls, then worked my way up. I knew I had to be fast to give daddy his taste, because my bladder was not that big, so I just grazed past his nipples, and then went straight for his face. Daddy also knew the trick of blowing all the air out his nose, because he closed his eyes, opened his mouth, and blew out his nose, as I peed on his face and in his mouth.

Daddy just smacked his lips as I finished up, and before daddy even realized what was about to happen, I suddenly sat down, taking his entire dick straight inside my little baby slut boy pussy.

“Oh fuck.” Daddy yelled out, his eyes popped open, and then slammed closed again, and he started panting. He went into overdrive instantly, and started cumming again.

“Yeah, cum in me again you dirty slut.” I yelled out to him as I continued to bounce up and down on him.

I kept riding him and riding him, and when I got to orgasm number seven while riding him, he was bucking like crazy. I'm sure that he had to have been in pain something fierce by now, because the amount he was clawing at me, trying to get me off him, was starting to hurt in and of itself, but I ignored that, and kept pulling his hands away. Given how racked his body was with the multiple orgasms I was putting him through, he just didn't have the strength to throw me though. Daddy's dick wasn't even fully hard any more, it was almost soft, but my ass was so loose, that it was still easily going in and out. Finally daddy came again, I'm certain it had to have been dry by now, and I know that it burned like hell, because I've never heard a scream like that in my life. I couldn't continue to torture him like that though, I loved him too much for that, so I stopped.

Daddy was still panting as if he had just done a triathlon in only the time it takes to do one leg of it, and he was too weak to stop me from rolling him over, and making him put his legs under him. It was a lot of work, because even though I'm pretty strong, daddy is pretty heavy for me, but eventually I did it, and then I just slammed my hard dick inside him and fucked him hard through three orgasms of my own. I had came at least seven times while I sat on daddy's dick and had him fuck me, but I was still young enough to be able to cum a dozen or more times, fourteen in one day had been my record, but I was already about to break that, and it had only been a couple hours. Once I worked to have my fifteenth cum of our fuck fest, I pulled out and pushed daddy over onto his back, and then I climbed on top of him and cuddled.

Daddy had not been able to have another cum while I had been raping his rear, not that he would be complaining, that's for sure. His dick was completely and totally limp, and he was just barely conscience. It took almost half an hour for daddy to come down enough to be able to even blink, another ten minutes before he could talk, and when he did talk, it was very hoarse.

“Oh my god baby, what did you do to me?”

“Just fucked you silly, and drained you completely.” I grinned up to him, because I was still laying on his front.

“I'll say. Never, and I do mean never, have I ever experienced anything near to what you have done to me today, and I'll never forget it.” Daddy said, a tear leaking out his eye.

“Good daddy, I wanted to make this night one to remember. Now, we're gonna diaper each other thickly, after we each slip a nice big fat toy inside our slut asses of course, and then we are going to pee them until they are leaking, and then we start all over again.” I grinned at him.

“I can go for almost all of that, but baby, I don't think that there is any way that I'm gonna be able to get it up again within the next week.”

“We'll have at least ten hours to recharge, don't worry. When I told you that neither one of us was going to sleep, unless we passed out, I wasn't kidding. We're gonna get nice and thickly diapered, and then go and drink lots and lots, cuddle up and watch movies and play games, just be daddy and baby. I figure that by about one or two am we should be ready for round number two.”

“I still don't think that I'll be able to get hard again, but I like the rest of the plan.”

“Hell, if you can't get hard again, we have lots of toys, so we can always improvise. In fact, I might like to try an interesting position with that huge double headed dildo.” I grinned.

Before daddy could say anything further though, I hopped out of bed, and grabbed the diapers and supplies. We diapered each other very thickly, really taping both the diapers on, after each stuffing the biggest butt pugs into each other, neither one of us even bothering to add any more lube, because we were still very well lubed and opened.

We both worked quickly to strip the very dirty bed sheet and rubber sheet, took them to the laundry room, put them in the washer, and then went to the kitchen. We made a huge filling dinner, because we were both very hungry, gee I wonder why, and we both had lots and lots to drink. After dinner we sat down and watched two movies, and then played a couple board games, and watched a couple more movies.

It was nearly three am when it was decided that our diapers were close to explosion point, so we went back to daddy's bedroom, we had already remade the bed earlier, and I went and got the huge double headed dildo.

“Okay daddy, pull out my plug, poke a hole, and work this big fucker into my ass. Once you're done, then I'll do the same to you, and then I'll work the other end into you, and we can really bum fuck each other.”

“Oh god baby, that sounds hot.” Daddy said, and then got to work.

He wasted absolutely no time at all in doing what he was instructed to do, and within barely a minute, almost half the dildo was worked inside of me. I then went and got daddy's butt plug out, poked a hole in the seat of his diaper, turned myself around so that our thick soggy diaper bums were almost touching, and then we both worked to get the other end of the dildo into him. Once it was in all the way, we both started moving back and forth at the same time. We would both rock forwards at the same time, and then back towards each other again, fucking ourselves deeply, and it felt so good. We did this for almost half an hour, moving slowly, until we both came again, and we both rolled onto our sides at the same time, our diapered bums touching, still attached, and we were panting.

“Wow, that was a new one, even for me.” Daddy gasped out a few minutes later, amazingly enough our very first words since we had started, especially considering just how vocal we had both been earlier. We were both getting very tired though. We may not have talked much, but we sure moaned and panted a lot.

“Yeah, and it was way wicked.” I panted out.

“You can say that again.”

“Yeah, and it was way wicked.” I laughed.


“Thanks. Now let's get our soggy baby diapers off, get us cleaned up, and then I want your big dick back inside my throat, and your hand back inside my ass again, while I do the same to you.”

“Okay baby.” Daddy said, even though he was pretty sure he would not be able to cum again.

I didn't care about that though, I just wanted the feeling. We stripped and cleaned each other lovingly, and then laid down and got back to work. We each lubed up well, and slipped back inside each others asses quickly, even daddy was able to put his whole hand back inside me without hardly a flinch from me. Se sucked and fisted each other for a good twenty minutes before we both groaned out in another orgasm. We had both been panting and gasping around each others dicks again, moaning out words that could not be understood, and even though none of it could be understood, it was probably our most vocal session of the day, and what a day it had been.

“Tobes, baby, I can't possibly go another round. I'm absolutely beat, and I'm really going to pass out soon. I'm so sore it feels like my dick and ass are on fire.”

“I know daddy, I feel the same way, ain't it great.” I smiled warmly, and then bent down and gave daddy a kiss that most kids don't give their daddies. We tongue dueled for a good twenty minutes, kissing each other deeply, tenderly, and then I unlocked our lips.

“Wow, what a kiss. No one has ever kissed me like that before.” Daddy gasped, sounding as if it were the biggest orgasm of the night.

“Glad you liked it daddy, I've been wanting to do that to you for a while now.” I grinned and then hopped out of bed and grabbed our diapers. We were going to go extremely thick for the night, so I grabbed three each of our diapers. I punched daddy's toy back into his bum, and he grunted, but I smiled, and then got the diapers prepared. I was fully aware that I would be paid back, but I couldn't wait for that either. I quickly poked a bunch of holes in four of the diapers, and then diapered daddy up, putting lots and lots of packing tape on to make certain that it stayed on. Once I was finished getting daddy diapered, he did the same for me, and I too grunted when he punched the butt plug deep inside my baby slut ass. God this was so nice and thick, and I couldn't wait until it was so wet I was leaking. It would be so heavy, but that would be tomorrow night some time.

“Wow baby, what a day, I can't believe what you did to me.”

“I know daddy, and I did it all for you, so now you don't have to keep going out and finding yourselves sluts to bring home, because you have one right at home, always ready, more than willing, and very able, waiting for it. Let's go sleep in my bed, and just clean yours up in the morning, because I'm tired.”

“And I'll be your little baby slut too Tobes, any time you want me. Let's go to bed.” Daddy smiled and picked me up. He carried me to my bed, kissing me the entire way there, and when we laid down, we continued to kiss.

“Night night baby, love you.” I whispered.

“Night night, baby, love you too.” Daddy whispered back, and then we were both asleep.

And that was how the very best day of my life went, and all because I was a snoopy little slut. Daddy and I are still going strong, we fuck like bunnies almost every day, we have even gotten even more slutty a few times than we did on that first day, and it was always fun. Never once did dad bring home another boy, and I never had sex again with my friend, but that was okay, because he found himself a really nice boyfriend as well. I turned fourteen a few days ago, and I still love being daddy's little baby slut, same as he likes being mine.