Dads 'N' Lads

Episode XI - Kevin's First Jockstrap

by Daddy.K



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We all know, of course, that it's quite natural -- even easy -- for a man to become addicted to a boy. To the sight of him. The grassy smell of him. Slim shoulders. The shape of his ass, barely hidden by his shorts. We're all pedophiles here. We know what we need.

But is it possible for a boy to become addicted to a man?

Here's a case study of man/boy bliss.

The boy? He's Kevin Peake, the eleven year old son of the rugged pederast Keith Peake. Yes, that Keith Peake, the man famous for his footlong daddycock.

Kevin's slowly acquiring his own brand of fame in Ellicott Falls. Chiefly because of his smooth buttocks, tight and round as Georgia peaches. But also for his puffy lips -- the kind of puffiness a boy can only earn from long hours of assiduous nipplelicking. These days construction workers whistle when Kevin shoots past on his bicycle, because the tyke wears his shorts low, exposing slivers of boy buttcheeks that stare like the sleepy eyes of some sex-crazed stoner.

If you're a boy, don't be too jealous of Kevin! He's only a fifth grader. There's just not that much sexual activity going on at Northside Elementary. Things will change for the poor, deprived kid once he's kicked upstairs to Calhoun Middle School. There he can spend countless hours plastered to the cool cinderblock wall at the bottom of the stairwells, wondering if the next young cock to slide up his greasy butt will be crispy with fresh pubic hair or smooth as dry silk. Better still, for an elementary slut like Kevin, would be the George Washington High School, where all those cocks are frosted with pubic hair, where the balls bulge big and hairy, where you measure squirts of spunk in pints, and where those swaggering bastards put out enough testosterone per hour to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

Yeah. That would be the ideal place for this sexed-up tyke.

But now? He's snuggled in bed with his Daddy.

What sign of addiction might you look for? Well, listen. Hear that intake of breath? He's just woken. His nose is buried in his Dad's armpits, and Kevin breathes the rancid funk Keith Peake worked up last night fucking a half-gallon of daddyspunk into his son's succulent ass.

In the dimness, Kevin Peake grins and rubs his tiny erection against his father's stone-hard hips.

Keith Peake? He slumbers in characteristic pose -- that of a stud Daddy who's done his utmost to slake his perverse desires in his eleven year old kid's hairless ass. Lying on his back, one forearm resting on his forehead. He, at least, knows his son -- like all good sons -- is addicted to him. Keith is all too happy to allow Kevin to breathe his musk. Keith snores gently. The sheets smell of mansweat, boysweat, and piss. They're stiff with sperm. Though Kevin is naked and exposed, Keith's midriff is partly hidden by the sheets.

Modestly? Bullshit! It's just happenstance. The way the two ended up last night, when Daddy was done pumping his babygravy into his son.

Keith's footlong piss hardon tents the sheet like the pole supporting Barnum and Bailey's big top. The pungent ball musk of excited Daddy is what woke Kevin.

Kevin hums softly to himself, his mind whirling. Ever since his Dad first buttfucked him, it has seemed as if he's lived in life in the midst of a herd of stallions. The world is rich with masculine power. Kevin is one happy little boy.

Dried sweat and oil plaster whorls of hair to Keith's armored chest. Dried jism does the same to his stomach hair. If you were to put your head between Keith's slightly parted legs -- you wouldn't be allowed to do this unless you were below the age of consent -- you'd discover yet more dry jism spackling the titanic spheres of his balls and the striated muscles of his thighs. Yep. It happens a lot with these two. Sperm backfloushes from Kevin's tight ass when Keith overfills it, spattering his Dad, marking them both with the essence of their shared sin.

Kevin slurps up drool leaking from his soft, pink lips. The smell of his dad's armpits fills his nostrils and blanks his mind. But there's another odor. One he smelled last night when, as usual, he knelt before his Dad's muscled frame.

Keith Peake's jockstrap.

This morning, said jockstrap lies beside the bed shared by father and son. The reek rising from it is secondary in Kevin's mind only due to its distance. It's an ancient jockstrap. Maybe Keith wore it back in his high school football days. The pouch is stretched, molded to the contours of Keith's cock and balls. The mesh, the waistband, and the straps are yellow. Yellow from age. Yellow from piss. Yellow from sweat. Yellow from jism. Look on the inside of the pouch and you'll find a bird's nest of discarded pubic hairs. It smells like ten thousand locker rooms.

Even with his nostrils embedded in his Dad's armpit hair, Kevin can't think of anything else but his Dad's old jockstrap.

Kevin -- a horny boy, and smart -- steals a glance at the clock. The alarm won't go off for some time. He decides he'll have some fun.

His slim pink tongue slithers like a garter snake from his moist lips. Delicately Kevin laps the scum lining his Dad's armpits. He doesn't do this too often. Not because of the taste -- Kevin loves how his Father's skin tastes -- but because licking diminishes that wonderful, protective smell.

In the pre-dawn, the boy's tongue laps at his sire's stud pits.

When Keith's armpits are sopping Kevin rises on an elbow. He listens. Still his dad snores softly. So he licks his way across Keith's chest, snickering softly to himself as Keith's hard pectoral muscles twitch. Kevin finds his Dad's nipple and begins to nurse, cooing contentedly.

Keith's eyes flicker open. He grins. This is how Keith likes to wake up.

This man always dreams of boys. Hot assed boys. You know the kind that gets your blood boiling. The bashful ones, nervous, uncertain, shooting glances at a man's crotch but never daring to meet his fierce gaze. Bending over, sure, not quite understanding the atavistic instinct that's gripped them. Keith always kicks it up a notch, picturing boys slowly pulling down their briefs -- or boxers -- or swim trunks -- staring back at him, their jaws slack because they've never even imagined the pull that a foot of hairy, hard daddycock can have on them. Keith likes to dream of their eyes finally daring to meet his sharp glance, pleading with him, as he trots toward their offered treasure, to not hurt them -- much -- when his giant cock satisfies the mysterious ache that's been howling through their young lives. To fill their colon with rich, hot, soupy, testosterone-enriched power.

Even before Keith began molesting his sons, he's woken every day with the remains of perverse dreams drying on the viewscreen of his mind's pornographic eye. You too, obviously. But have you given in? Done the deed? Fucked a boy? Better still, your own kid?

Give in to your lust. Try it. If you do it right, they'll be as addicted to you as Keith's sons are to him.

"Morning, honey-boy," Keith murmurs, stretching. Goddamn, he's got to piss.

Kevin, in response, scissors his Dad's nipple ever so gently with his teeth.

"Jesus!" Keith lays one palm on his son's mop of wheat-colored hair. It feels soft as corn silk. Keith strokes it, gasping when his son lashes his tit with both tongue and teeth.

Still, a full bladder is a full bladder. If Keith had remembered to slip the leather cover on his bed last night, he wouldn't worry about it so. But he was too busy plugging this sexy fifth-grader's hot butthole.

"Daddy's got to pee, son," Keith croons. With his other hand he snatches the sheet away. His cock topples, crashing on his belly like a redwood. A golden drop oozes from the pisslips.

Chortling, Kevin's lips depart his Dad's nipple. For a brief moment a strand of saliva stitches his mouth with his Dad's tit.

Kevin knows this game. Knows it well.

The son leaves a gleaming snail trail on his Dad's skin. He doesn't need to travel far. Keith's cockhead lies many inches north of his navel. Kevin mumbles to himself as he kisses his Dad's flat stomach. This is a little game he likes to play, pretending he's in a fairy tale and he's found a magic lemonade stand.

"Hurry up," Keith groans.

Kevin fastens his lips to his father's cockhead. As always, the kid tries to get his lips around it. The boy fails. Keith's cock is thick as an arm. There are damn few people of any age -- and certainly damn few boys -- who can get more than a smidgen into their mouths. But so many want to. Dream of sucking Keith's stud pedophile cock.

"Good boy," murmurs Keith, sighing.

Father and son have this routine down pat. The fifth grader scrambles between his Dad's powerful thighs. He grasps the greasy, throbbing daddyshaft about halfway between his lips and those baseball-sized testicles. Kevin's tongue flutters like a gnat against his father's bulging piss lips. Kevin stands his Dad's cock upright.

Across a muscular plain of hair, muscle, and sweat, dad and boy's eyes lock.

"Ahhh," Keith sighs.

The first gush of golden liquor overfills Kevin's small mouth, exploding from his lips like a burst of golden fireworks. He snickers and sets to work. Kevin swallows assiduously but still pee soaks Keith's thatch. The boy gets into the groove, expertly scarfing down Keith's piss. Things go well for the next few minutes. Keith pees steadily into his son's mouth. He pees an absurd amount of urine. This daddy has a bladder the size of a bowling ball.

"That's so nice," Keith croons, meaning it.

Kevin misses another mouthful when the alarm finally goes off, startling him. His lips snap open. The giant dadcock sways like a drunken cobra. Keith paints his son's face with a line of piss. Blinking rapidly, Kevin gets his sweet young lips fastened around his dad's pissing monstrosity and gulps away.

Chuckling, Keith murmurs, "Be more careful, Kevin."

The kid rolls his eyes, still sucking down his Dad's pee and trying to grin round the fat shaft.

Finally the flood drains away. Kevin pulls back and smacks his lips.

"Good job, s--"

Kevin belches thunderously.

Both dad and son giggle.

Keith, entranced by the golden beads dangling from Kevin's delicate chin, reaches down and pats Kevin's soft hair. "You know how to treat your Daddy right, son."

"Got any more?" Kevin's eyes glint.

Keith just smiles. "Come on. Start the shower. I got to get your lazy assed brothers up."

Kevin vigorously shakes his head. Still crouching between his father's thighs, he thrusts his taut butt into the air, curls his forearms, and whines like a begging puppy. "Please please please please please please?"

Fuck yeah, Keith is tempted. Sorely tempted. The best thing he's ever done for himself was to violate his old taboo about not fucking a boy younger than twelve. Well, third best thing he's done. The best thing he's ever done was to start buttfucking his own sons. Second best was his resolution to start fucking underage males.

Keith lies there for a few seconds, at war with himself. Kevin's hole is tight. Warm. Buttery. But Keith knows his other sons. A dad's got duties, not merely rights.

"Come on, honey-boy, get your sweet ass to the bathroom!"

Yelping like a dog, Kevin leaps off the bed. He doesn't get far. The invisible tendrils of funk wafting from his father's jockstrap, lying beside the bed, snap his head around as if someone tugged on his leash. Kevin stares. His dad's discarded jockstrap fills his gaze.

Rolling out of bed, Keith says, "I mean it, Kevin, hurry up!"

Kevin plucks the jockstrap off the floor. Claps it over his face like a gas mask. Inhales. Staggers. His little dick -- a spike of prepubescent lust throbbing from a groin smooth as glass -- twitches as if it fired phantom beads of cum. Wracked by orgasm, Kevin collapses to the floor.

Chuckling, Keith extends a hand. "Come on. Get up."

Kevin stands. Still wobbly, the boy runs across Keith's basement bedroom. How he missed slamming into a wall is one of those miracles only young boys can pull off, since his Dad's funky jockstrap obscures his vision. He slams the bathroom door shut. The blustery noises of an eleven year old boy emptying a half-gallon of incestuous spunk from his guts into a toilet reverberate through the basement.

Heading up the stairs, still naked, Keith reflects on the sadness of that sound. He always wants his boys to hold his load, even letting it leak into their shorts while at school. But, with Kevin, he's got to be careful. Northside Elementary hasn't yet been incorporated into Chatauqua County's underground pedophile network. What Keith's world doesn't need is for some nosey teacher, annoyed with a stream of loud, wet farts coming from Kevin, to peel open his boy's spunk filled boxers and wonder how that juice got there.

Keith on occasion respects his sons' privacy. But in the case of his thirteen year old, Jesse, he doesn't bother with a preliminary rap on the boy's bedroom. Keith is consumed with this fantasy of finding Jesse in bed with his twenty-year old boyfriend, the Marine stud Landon. Keith tries to encourage Landon to sneak into is son's room at night, but the damn Marine is so busy with training up north he can barely get away to fuck Jesse on the weekend.

Jesse's shimmied halfway out of his briefs. His buttcheeks -- tight, with a slim crevice separating them into two delectable halves -- stare at Keith. Jesse's blond bangs, cut square, hang over his smoldering eyes as he smiles back at his father.

"Yeah, Dad?"

"No Landon?"

Jesse looks disgusted. "Duty." He snorts, hooks his thumbs in his briefs, and shucks them. He wriggles his ass, then his eyebrows. "You, uh, wanna do me in the butt, dad?"

Keith presses himself against his son's back, palming both buttocks. Looking down his son's smooth chest, he watches Jesse's cock, bobbing up from his hairless groin. Keith licks Jesse's neck. "I can't. I got a date with Kevin in the shower."

Jesse pouts. "No fair!" But he grins, and winks, and grinds his ass against his Dad's cock.

"Get ready --" Keith begins

"For school, yeah I know, thanks Dad, would you fuck off?" There's a lilt in Jesse's voice, as if he's laughing.

"You might as well get in the shower first, since I'd bet Tristan's busy."

"Why don't you skip Kevin and play with me, Dad?" He bends over, showing his hole. It purses at Keith. That boy needs mancock.

Keith jabs the head of his enormous cock in Jesse's tiny socket. He growls in his son's ear, "Later, boy."

Keith pauses briefly at Tristan's door, listening carefully. He hears -- as he has for several days now -- lewd smacking sounds. The slobbering noise I'm sure you make when a Boy Scout struts past, resplendent in summer shorts. Keith pushes in without knocking.

Triston -- his fourteen year old son, black-haired -- has his smooth bubble butt high in the air. Wolfsbane, the family Rottweiler, slobbers at Tristan's hole. Tristan looks a little shocked but doesn't budge. Wolfsbane is far too into this succulent butt to let an intrusion distract him. The dog's cock is halfway out of the sheath, like a tube of fat lipstick, and his tail thrashes. Tristan grins at his naked, hard-cocked Dad.

"Hi, Dad!" A smirk twists Tristan's lips. "Um. Can you come back later? I'm getting raped by a dog!"

Keith's hardon smacks his furry belly, leaving a stain of precum. "You know, Tristan, Daddy'd like to, you know, maybe get sloppy seconds off Wolfsbane. That is, if you would stop sticking your butt in the air every time he comes around!"

Tristan blushes slightly. "I can't help it, Dad. Me and Wolfie are like Jesse and Landon --"

Wolfsbane lunges onto Tristan's back, wrapping his forelegs round the depraved teen. The dancer's back is still spackled with fur from last night's mating. Hips working, Wolfsbane slides his pink cock into Tristan's asshole, not stopping until the orange-sized knot causes Tristan to gasp as it enters. Panting, the dog begins to fuck the teenager, pushing his not in and out of Tristan's ring with lewd, sloppy sounds. Dog cum from last night drools from Tristan's hole, pooling on his sheets.

"How often do you two get it on?" asks Keith, grinning and wishing he could pry Tristan's mouth open wide enough to insert his cock.

"I dunno, Dad," grunts Tristan, his eyes beginning to roll up. "Wolfie wants me to have his puppies." He grunts as the dog's knot lodges within. "Real bad!"

Wolfsbane, as he scrambles to turn and complete his tie with Tristan, yelps at Keith, his tongue lolling, tail wagging like a patriot's flag on the Fourth of July. Dog and boy crouch on the bed, ass to ass, each the yang to the other's perverted yin.

Keith trots to Tristan's bed and scratches Wolfsbane's head. "You fuck my boy good, pretty dog." Then Tristan's. "Make it quick. I want you in the shower just as soon as Jesse's out. I can't write a note to your principal excusing your tardiness because you were screwing the dog again."

"Why not?" Tristan, ass still high, rests his chin on folded forearms. "Come on, Dad. If they're going to legalize gay marriage, you know they're gonna legalize boy-and-dog fucking next!" Tristan twists almost double. "Hey Wolfie! Who's your favorite bitch?" Immediately Wolfsbane-- hips grinding slowly-- slides his tongue into the teen's mouth. Tristan giggles and spits out the Rottweiler's tongue after a few seconds of interspecies French kissing.

Keith pulls Wolfsbane out of the way, then peels open Tristan's crack. He catches sight of the pink animal human bond, buried down there between Tristan's buttcheeks. "Um, don't worry about running for the state assembly. Just get Wolfsbane off then hop in the shower."

"Hear that, Wolfie?"

The dog yelps. He's got a glassy-eyed look that suggests he's wrapped up in the delicious sensations streaming from his canine cock.

"I gotta squeeze my butt on your rod!" Tristan's eyes close. His butt works. Wolfsbane howls with delight.

Keith pats Tristan's smooth buttrcheek. "Do him right, son, but make it snappy!" He closes the door on the copulating pair.

Seth is still sleeping in the upper rack of the bunk bed he once shared with Kevin. The ten year old is sunny and cheerful, sitting up and stretching. He reaches down and fondles his Dad's hardon.

Keith glances across the room. This bedroom is the largest room in the house, and he quarters here those sons he's not yet started to fuck. On the empty bed opposite lies the clothes Keith set out last night for Seth. Keith's glad to see them. He'd been pretty stoned, and obsessed with screwing hot young flesh. He'd been afraid he might've forgotten about this kid.

"Get ready for school, Seth," Keith croons, nuzzling his son's neck in a way father's normally don't. In the Peake household, this unnatural contact is completely normal.

"Hey, Dad," Seth asks shyly.


The boy juggles his Dad's cock. "When ... are you gonna start ... molesting me?"

Keith ruffles Seth's hair. "Next year. Maybe on the night of your eleventh birthday party."

The kid licks his lips. "Why can't you do it before then?"

"I-- I--" Keith flashes on his encounter with Tyler, the kid from the trailer park up the road that Keith's oldest son, Chase, has started molesting. "I don't know. But don't you worry. It'll happen soon enough."


"Get dressed, honey-boy."

Seth, knowing Keith reserves that word for the son's he's buttfucking, grins a five-million-dollar grin as his father exits the bedroom.

Keith raps on the door to Aaron's bedroom. He hears nothing but soft snoring and the whining of an ignored clock. He pushes in. Every square inch of Aaron's walls are covered with posters. NBA and MLB stars. Boxers. Running backs and tight ends. All with satiny coal-black skin. The fifteen year old snores peacefully face down on his bed. The sheet exposes half of his finely muscled back and alluringly molds itself to that taut, round butt. Aaron, a trickle of drool escaping his mouth, softly humps his bed.

Keith, hardon swaying, struts to his son's bed and eases the sheet down. Aaron's buttcrack is smooth as silk, but the discolorations on that skin suggest his son spent some time yesterday bent over in a dugout -- or at the bottom of a stairwell -- absorbing some (knowing Aaron, probably many) cocks. Keith peels them open, revealing Aaron's pucker. Yep. His boy was rode hard and put away wet. Very wet. As Keith watches a teardrop of pearl-colored semen bubbles from Aaron's hot innards like mud. Dried tracks streak the backside of this star baseball player's tight balls. Grinning, Keith wets his index finger then stuffs it into Aaron's butt. A pint of semen bubbles up and gushes over his nutsack to soak the sheet. Aaron kicks his legs apart, yawns, lifts his butt instinctively up, and then grins at his father with bleary eyes.

"Mount up and ride, Dad!" Aaron's eyes fix on his father's twelve-inch cock. "Please fuck me! I need it!" He hoots. "Oh, yeah, Dad, I need it!"

Keith stretches atop his son, hunching his cock in that silken furrow. He croons in his boy's ear, "You get this sweet ass into the shower right now." He licks the convolutions of Aaron's ear. "And then ... who knows what kind of after school special you might find?"

"Aw, Dad, you're just a tease since you got Kevin into your bed!"

Keith pats Aaron's cheek. "When you fuck your first eleven year old, son, you'll understand."

"Maybe I have. Maybe I still want your cock!" He rocks his ass back and forth on Keith's shaft. "Chase still does!"

Rising -- reluctantly, for Aaron's sloppy butthole sorely tempts him -- Keith says, "'Cause if you had, you wouldn't have shut up about it 'till the cops came and dragged you off to jail!"

Aaron looks dreamy. "They got a lot of black cops in Ellicott Falls, don't they?"

"Not enough for your slut ass." Keith stands. "Get it in gear, Aaron."

Keith closes the door behind him and pads to Gideon's room.

Gideon happens to return to his bedroom from the shower the same moment his Dad enters from the hall. Gideon, drying his high-and-tight cut hair, grins.

"Yo, Dad, what's up?" Gideon's fat cock, swollen but not hard, lurches off his heavy balls and begins to soar over his crisp pubic nest. "You know you don't have to worry about me. I'm always up!" He struts towards his dresser.

Keith's cock salutes his sixteen year old's eight inch cock. And his son's build, V-shaped and deep-chested since Gideon is even more absorbed with weight training than Keith. But Keith doesn't want to take a gander at Gideon's front, which the high school stud is clearly intent on showing off. Keith can never get enough of Gideon's butch ass. And that's very difficult to see. Even touch. Or fuck, since Gideon's a top. Hell, a few nights ago, Keith caught Gideon buttfucking one of Ellicott Fall's young cops right here in that bed. Keith's caught Gideon in this room several times over the last few months, sawing away like mad between some guy's legs. Cops. Marines. Mechanics from local garages.

"Turn around, son."

Gideon snorts and plucks an olive-drab jockstrap from his top drawer.

"Turn around." Iron quivers in Keith's voice.

"Fucking pervert," murmurs Gideon, smirking. But he complies. His butt resembles two turtles sitting side by side. Hard as armor plate. Kicking his legs apart, he bends over slightly, exposing his massive balls, brimming as always with potent teenaged spunk. He peels apart his cheeks, revealing a pucker about the size of a kitten's nose, gently kissed with down.

"You wanna ride, Dad?" Gideon asks, stepping into his jock.

"You know I do, son."

"Forty bucks!"

"You got a date?"

Gideon smirks. "Come on, Dad. If you're still man enough, fuck me!" He settles the jockstrap's waistband in place. Kissing his fingertips, he pats his ass. "But I'm no cheap fuck. It's gonna cost you!"

The musk of a sixteen year old stud makes Keith's brain spin crazily. He staggers to Gideon then kneels. He pushes his face between his son's tight buttcheeks and lays a Templar kiss on that beguiling pucker.

"Nice," Keith murmurs. "Taste like cherry."

Gideon chortles as his father's tongue slithers into his ring. "It's been a while since you rode me, ain't it, Dad?"

Keith taps Gideon's left foot. The boy raises it, and Keith presses his tongue deeper. Gideon gasps as his tight ring parts. Keith munches on his son's tangy hole.

"You like my cunt, Dad?"

Standing, Keith pats Gideon on the buttcheek. "Turn around."

Gideon turns. Shorter than average for a sixteen year old, he stares up at his father. Half his giant cock juts above the jockstrap's waistband. Gideon pushes his bulging crotch forward. "Suck my cock, Dad."

Keith grins, runs a lusting hand over Gideon's bulge, and retreats to the hallway. Before he shuts the door, father and son trade knowing smirks.

Climbing to the attic, Keith's mouth waters as he smells fresh marijuana smoke. As soon as his head rises above floor level, he catches sight of Chase, his seventeen year old, seated on the bed stark naked. Chase grins at Keith over a bong. Not a day goes by that Chase doesn't wake and bake. Father and son toss mock salutes at each other, and then Keith retreats to the basement. Chase picks up hiss phone and begins scanning for pleas for weed. The boy runs a profitable business at George Washington high School.

When Keith pulls open the door to his basement bathroom, thick clouds of steam billow out.

"You still alive in there, squirt?" Keith calls, fondling his hardon.

"Come on, Daddy, I'm horny! Fuck me!"

Kevin's adjusted the shower to just this side of scalding. He's also plopped on the tile floor the tub of Vaseline Keith keeps handy. Grinning at Keith, the boy kneels, digs a huge dollop, and greases up his tight young butt. He leans against the tiled wall, butt out, palms spread, back arched in the posture of a boy who needs to be bred and bred hard. He remembers to kick his legs apart. His pucker is the size of a pencil eraser.

Keith grins. "Nice and sexy, son. Nice and sexy. That's the way Daddy likes it." Once again, he's trained himself another slut son. Keith closes the glass door behind him. His eyes blaze on Kevin's butt. Greasy ropes hang from Kevin's tiny cheeks. The pucker purses.

"Hurry up, Daddy!" Keith's horny kid bounces on his toes. "Stick it up me!"

"First things first," Keith growls. "Lick your Daddy's balls!"

Kevin whirls and throws himself to his knees before his Daddy. He gazes up at the giant shaft looming above his face, a little cross-eyed since it's so close. Lasciviously he licks his lips. Then he darts forward and nuzzles Keith's swollen testicles with his soft lips.

"Yeah, son," Keith growls, spreading his hairy thighs so his fifth-grade slut can work his Daddy good. "Lick Daddy's nuts."

Kevin plants two wet smooches on Keith's cum-filled balls. He's a good little boy who loves the place where he came from. His tongue gets to work, laving up the sweat and remnants of last night's jism. His disappointment at the diminishing funk is balanced by the smell of a man -- a real, goddamned, hairy boyfucker -- growing sexually excited. Kevin's drooling lips part and the tyke tries to suck in Keith's giant man-balls. This isn't going to happen. You can't stuff a baseball into a fifth-grader's mouth. Still, Kevin loves his Daddy -- what boy doesn't lust after his father's raw, sexual power -- and he tries, giving Keith plenty of enjoyment.

"Lick my shaft, boy!"

Kevin's dainty tongue paints a sinful trail up Keith's urethra, wriggling side to side, tracing veins pulsating with blood and smoothing out beds of condensation into a shiny patina of boy spit. As the tongue approaches the tip -- where a huge teardrop of precum shimmers -- Keith's cock lurches higher and higher. Kevin slurps his father's goo off Keith's cock, smacking his lips. He gazes up at his Dad.

"OK, Daddy, now will you please molest me?"

"Daddy's gonna fuck you through the wall, honey-boy." Keith hoists Kevin by the armpits, whirls his boy around, and settles the kid into position.

It's a fine display of slim, undeveloped boy. Kevin's skin gleams from spray and sweat. Little trickles race down his spine. His wheat-colored hair, dark from water, hangs in tangled disarray. He watches his sex-crazed Father over his shoulders. The intensity of Keith's lust -- crawling here and there across skin that not so long ago was innocent and pure -- makes Kevin bite his lower lip in shyness.

"Don't hurt me, Daddy!"

"You know I never hurt you, honey-boy."

Keith, cupping Kevin's small buttocks, runs his tongue down Kevin's spine. Keith kneels. Kevin's immature balls, snug in their tight sack, dangle like a giant grape between silky thighs. Keith darts forward and delivers a lewd lick along the seam. He tastes bland Vaseline, smeared from his son's cunt. Keith peels open Kevin's cheeks and inspects his kid's ring. Yep. There it is. Glory. Still so small, even after the relentless abuse Keith's given it day after day. But it's puffy. Swollen. If you were Kevin's doctor, you'd know right away some big-cocked man's been fucking this kid silly. Keith grins. He loves feeling Kevin's velvety ring sliding down his shaft. Loves hearing his boy whimper as his Dad rams home.

Still. A boy with such a fine butt deserves a little tenderness.

Once his lips seal to his son's asshole, Keith loses all track of time. He enjoys munching on smooth, taut boybutt. It's the best thing except ... buttfucking young kids.

"Lick it, Daddy!" The boy shivers. "Your beard is making it tickle"

Keith loves how Kevin's globes shift on his cheeks. How the ring melts before Keith's probing tongue. How Kevin's rectum squeezes and squeezes, trying to eject his father's invading tongue. How the boy moans in the echoing shower. How the boy tastes -- natural boy tang and salty remnants of last night's torrent of manseed. Man and boy and magic Vaseline mixed up there in unwholesome, everlasting bliss.

Kevin grinds his little butt on his Dad's face. Sure, the feeling of Keith's stubble is intense, but hell, the kid craves it. The flailing tongue -- so hot and nasty -- makes him shiver.

"Fuck me, Daddy!"

Standing, Keith smears Vaseline down his fat cock. When you've got a cock the size of Keith Peake's -- and a house full of sexy, horny boys and teens -- you go through a fifty-five gallon drum of Vaseline a week. Keith works the grease in.

Keith's lips curl in a contemptuous snarl. "I'm gonna fuck you, kid."

Keith lines up. The moment Kevin feels his Dad's fat cockhead blazing on his ring he sighs and begins to try and relax. But, no matter how much an eleven year old kid relaxes his asshole, it's still a struggle to get a giant cock up there. Into the tight chute where mancock belongs.

"Here I come, son." Keith seizes Kevin by the hips. His big muscles tense. "Take it, boy!"

Keith stabs his cock into the horny kid.


Kevin's puffy ring irises wider and wider and wider. A camera, stuck between their legs, would capture an image reminiscent of a 1930s-era dirigible being stuffed into a too-small hangar. Hell, from that angle, Keith's pedophile cock would look about half the width of Kevin's sweet ass. But the microphone would capture the lilting, satisfied gasp of a very happy boy.

"I got it in me, Dad!" Kevin yells when his rubbery asshole cinches tight behind his Dad's cockhead.

"I feel it, son," Keith gasps, heart thudding. "Daddy feels your tight little ass!"

Sexy young tykes don't get shown much mercy from Keith Peake. Sexy youngsters are meant to be drilled and filled. And molesting a son? It's a hundred times hotter. Keith's stomach muscles strain. Kevin's hips twist. The advance rolls on. Inch after inch of fat daddycock sinks into Kevin's quavering rectum.

"You like my cock, son?"

Kevin murmurs, "Um-hmm!" His eyelids are screwed tight. The boy's head lolls back and his tongue hangs listlessly. When half of Keith's shaft stuffs him, he begins squealing, thrashing and writhing.

"Yeah. Cum for Daddy, you little bitch!"

So intense is Kevin's pleasure he almost falls. No chance of that. Keith's bulging biceps hold the orgasming boy in place as he rams his awesome dadshaft ever deeper. Kevin continues to drycum until his father's fat boyfucker is fully embedded. Even then, the feeling of his Dad's wiry pubic bush sends him off into another paroxysm.

"Yeah," Dad and son growl in unison.

When Keith starts withdrawing that cock, readying for the next thrust, Kevin's but chases after it. Fuck yeah, the hot little kid loves the bloodcurdling fury of his dad's plunging cock, but he's addicted to the sensation of being overstuffed with testosterone-swollen manhood. He's a junky for his Dad's cock.

"Easy, son, easy, let your Daddy do it." Keith, grinning, holds Kevin still until he's able to get his shaft ready for the next thrust. For a long moment Kevin's glistening anus strains around his dad's cockhead, trying to eject that fabulous organ.

"Here it comes!" Keith stabs balls deep.


"You like my cock, Kevin?" Keith growls, sawing away, gnawing on his son's ears.

Bouncing on his toes, Kevin chants: "Fuck me, Daddy Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me, Daddy!"

A foot of child-molesting mancock sluices from Kevin's butt then slams home again. The primitive rhythm takes over. Kevin squeals as his brain dissolves into fiery orgasms.

This isn't some tender scene of kindly dad easing his young son into the world of manhood. This is an aggressive, snarling, muscled stud, using a sweet young body to slake his perverted lust. Keith's deep, rumbling howls pierce the boy's light ululations as thoroughly as his giant cock plunders the kid's treasure.

"Take Daddy's cock, boy! Hear me? Take Daddy's cock!"

Hairy flesh smacks smooth skin. Air bubbles rudely from overstuffed kidbutt. Titanic furry balls slap against dainty, nascent pink grapes. The slim spike of Kevin's cock strains and quivers against his belly, ready for the day when he first ejaculates from the pounding fury of his dad's enormous cock.

The race for man/boy breeding thunders towards climax.

"Put a baby up me, dad!"

Keith snarls in his son's ears, "You wanna have my kid, Kevin?"

"Yeah, Daddy!" The kid's eyes roll up like marbles as he cums again.

Keith grunts, feeling his son's colon oozing around his shaft. He almost juices but holds off. "Wanna inbreed with me, Kevin?"

"Oh, yeah, daddy!"

Keith hammers furiously, spit and sweat flying.

"Here it is!"

Keith jabs his cock to the root, roaring like a lion. Up there, inside his son's tight young rectum - a place every man worth his salt needs to explore -- a torrent of incestuous seed splatters. Kevin's greasy innards squirm, drinking up that precious substance, while the boy writhes and thrashes, swept up in orgasm like his father. The boy, feeling the load, chortles, wriggling his toes and grinding his butt against Keith's furry crotch.

The pounding slows. Man's chest and boy's chest heave. Inside Kevin's guts, Keith's giant cock softens.

"Oh, fuck," says Keith, his tongue licking at Kevin's ear. "You do things to me, Kevin. You really do."

When Keith eases his spent cock free, only a tiny drop of jism escapes. The rest is safely embedded high in his son's colon, a ball of energy and testosterone that'll rise and fall like wax in a lava lamp all day long at school.

Kevin, palming Keith's greasy cock, wriggles his eyebrows. "Wanna fuck me some more?"

"Don't tempt me, Kevin. Don't tempt me."

Father and son soap up each other. Keith's fingertips are everywhere on his son, but Kevin can't wash his dad's torso until Keith once again kneels. Then, while Kevin soaps Keith's armpits, Keith pours a dollop of Johnson and Johnson's into his palm and washes Kevin's hair. Father and son rinse. Then Kevin, with a mischievous glint in his eyes, cups his Dad's balls.

"Um, can we --"

"Goddamn, boy." Keith's slack cock lurches skyward. "Not right now, Kevin." He rubs his chin. "Gotta shave. Go fetch my stuff."

Streaming water, Kevin races from the shower to the cabinet, returning with a can of cream and Keith's razor. He hands them to his dad.

"No, no," Keith says. "Let me teach you."

Once again, Keith kneels. Keith talks Kevin through foaming up his small palm. Then coating his Dad's stubble with the foam. The boy stares in awe as he turns his father from muscled, hyper-masculine male into muscled, jovial Santa Claus. Keith shows Kevin how to hold the razor and even lets his son take a few practice swipes at his cheeks. But Keith handles the more complex geometry of his chin. And his sideburns, since an overenthusiastic swipe there would leave Keith with a lopsided Mohawk, and those days are long past. Of course Keith shaves his neck, because he's always thought of himself as a spurter of semen, not blood.

Dad and son rinse off. Keith grabs Kevin, hoists him to his shoulder, and steps from the shower. He reaches for a towel to dry the boy. But Kevin is high on the feeling of his dad's cum. Giggling and thrashing, he refuses to let his dad dry him. Of course Keith knows how to deal with this. He plucks his jockstrap from the toilet, where Kevin flung it earlier, and clamps it to Kevin's face. Dadfunk drenches the jockstrap, not chloroform, but the effect is similar. Kevin freezes into a totem pole, breathing through Keith's ancient jock. Keith towels his son dry while the boy gets drunk on raw dadfunk. Keith throws Kevin over his shoulder while the boy holds his Dad's jockstrap in place. Keith totes his son back into the bedroom. Keith, feeling his son's hardon twitching against his shoulder blade, grins.

"Sexy kid. You keep that up and I'll be fucking you again."

Kevin, absorbed with his dad's jockstench, misses this. He's oblivious to everything until his Dad flings him back on the bed.

"You wanna wear shorts today?" Keith calls, strutting towards the drawer where Kevin's clothes have been moved.

Kevin, lying on his back, says nothing, breathing heavily through his dad's funky jockstrap.


The boy starts, pulls Keith's jockstrap aside as if he peered through a curtain. "Huh?"

"Do. You. Want. To wear. Shorts. Today?"

"Oh. Yah." Kevin plops back, pressing the yellowed mesh against his face. His tiny cock trembles.

Keith flings nylon soccer shorts -- green, trimmed with gold -- and a nylon mesh shirt over one shoulder. He turns, cock lengthening, with a tight wad of boy boxers in his hand. Inspired by Kevin, he takes a whiff, but only gets a reminder of detergent and bleach. A clean and innocent smell. The smell that lures a pedophile Dad into their sexy son's bedroom. But this whiff is enough to make his cock twitch.

Keith snatches his jockstrap away, letting it fall to the floor. Kevin swivels on the bed, thrusting his legs straight up. Keith threads the boxers onto Kevin's legs. He pulls Kevin to his feet. Just before tugging the fly into place he gives his son's erection a lewd lick, from hairless balls to feathery, delicate cockhead. Kevin giggles.

"Fetch Daddy's jockstrap."

Kevin returns with the funky fabric balled up, huffing it, his dick outlined in the nylon shorts. He doesn't need a command. He licks the interior of the pouch. A boy's first meal of the day should be his father's musk. Then Kevin stretches pouch and fabric on the floor. Keith steps into his jock. Kevin draws it into place. Well, as much as he can, because Keith's cock is a tower. The jock's stretched waistband crosses about a third of the way up the fat boyfucker.

Bouncing on his feet, Kevin asks, "It won't fit! Come on, Daddy, fuck me!" He looks sly. "You don't wanna get caught with a boner in public, do you?"

A leer curls Keith's lips as he stares down at his son's innocent, beguiling face. "Boners are fun things to have in jockstraps."

After dressing Keith follows Kevin upstairs, his eyes devouring his son's sweet ass. Sure, he's thinking about throwing his boy on the couch and screwing Kevin until cum rums from the kid's nose. But Keith's also got other things on his mind. Like how maybe he should fetch the crowbar from his trunk. The Peake boys are prone to dogpiles before setting off to school -- and these days, the family's perverted Rottweiler is eager to join in. Sometimes the only way to separate a teen from a boy -- or a man -- is with a crowbar.

But it all goes smoothly this morning.


Kevin walks his little brother Seth home from Northside Elementary. This is a change Kevin is growing accustomed to. Sometimes Kevin doesn't like to do it, because he wants people to think he's one of the big boys. You know, one of the boys who've gotten enough daddyspunk up their butt to grow fur on their pubes. Who can shoot gallons of cum. But there are days when he can't resist Seth's sultry eyes. Like today. Seth wears soccer shorts, but his shorts are snug, and a bit short. Looking at his younger brother makes Kevin's dick tingle.

In fact, Kevin pops a boy boner just as they turn onto North Buck Road.

"Look what I got, Seth!" Kevin thrusts his hips forward. The proud spike presses against his boxers and his shorts.

Seth giggles. "Daddy's still got you beat by a mile!"

Seth is a chestnut haired lad, with brown eyes, heavy eyebrows, and thick lashes. Because he's nuts for soccer, he's got well developed legs and a small, tight butt. Picture two baseballs rubbing up against each other. His furrow is so tight it squeaks as he walks. He's spent most of his life passing between his mother and father's residences, as most of the Peake boys have experienced before him. Of late, however, Keith's been keeping him for longer and longer stretches. Seth knows what this means, even if his Daddy won't admit it to himself. Seth can't wait. He's tired of keeping his burgeoning sexuality bottled up inside. This kid wants to get his cherry ass fucked!

Kevin nods knowingly. "Daddy's got us all beat." He can't keep the awe from his voice.

"I betcha Gideon will grow bigger." Seth rubs his own tingling crotch vigorously. Then he blushes, because a car honks at him as it passes.

Frowning, Kevin considers this. He's played with Gideon's cock lots of times. A few evenings ago he found Gideon fondling himself in Chase's stupid pool in the back yard. Naturally Kevin squatted on his stud big brother's fat cock. Gideon's cock is eight inches long. Blunt, rude, and thick. And his balls! When Gideon squirts it feels like someone's poured an aquarium of jism up Kevin's butt. Of course later that night Kevin cooed happily when Keith slid his big daddycock into slimy butthole. Gideon's nut butter was smooth and plentiful.

Seth, a clever boy, reads Kevin's expression. "Don't be a dunce! Think how big it is! It's thicker than Dad's!"

"I dunno," says Kevin, who's ridden them both the same night.

Seth is happy in his own private manboysex fantasy land. "If it doesn't grow longer than Dad's, it'll look weird. So it's gotta grow!"

"I dunno," says Kevin, who's seen plenty of cocks since his sexual escapades began. "It doesn't work that way. Some dicks -- I mean, cocks -- " Kevin's mind is always on furry cocks, not smooth dicks " -- are long and skinny. Some are short and stubby." Kevin looks dreamy. "And some are like Daddy's. Just right." Fiddling with his dick, he says, "You, uh, wanna sword fight when we get home?"

Seth blushes. This means yes.

Both boys are the first to return home. They check on Wolfsbane, who breaks off licking himself and trots to them across the back yard. Kevin feeds the dog and Seth refills his water dish. Both boys head into the house, slamming their books down on the kitchen counter.

"You want to do it in my room?" Kevin means Keith's basement fuck pad, where Kevin and his father have shacked up together in pedophilic sin.

Seth is feeling naughty. "Let's do it ... here!"

Kevin grins. "No." He whispers: "They might be able to see us if we do it in the TV room!"


The horny kids dash to the media room. The curtains are only half drawn, so you can see traffic moving past on North Buck Road. The brothers exchange the ancient sign of boys wanting to be naughty. They waggle their eyebrows at each other. Their shirts fly off, landing near the Xbox. Seth has a more defined torso than Kevin, though both boys' outlines are softened by their extreme youth. Both pairs of nipples are minuscule and their chests rise and fall rapidly. Both boys face one another. Their boydicks tent their shorts.

"Mine's bigger!" Kevin shouts.

"Bullshit!" Seth giggles because he's new at saying dirty words. "Mine's bigger!"

"Prove it!"

The brothers hook their fingers in the waistband of their shorts. Kevin merely drops his shorts, leaving his boxers in place, but Seth --

Kevin giggles. "You're naked!"

Seth's eyebrows dance. "I didn't wear any underwear." He looks at the tent in Kevin's soft cotton boxers. "Pull your dickie out!"

Kevin fishes his dick through the fly. The eleven year old boy sports a decent sized hardon. It's the size of a roll of dimes. Kevin fishes out his balls, which are filling up these days with new and pleasantly heavy eggs. Kevin's balls have grown since he began taking Keith's big cock up his young butt. Nevertheless they're still immature. Nothing at all like the spunk-churning monsters the teens -- and the man -- of the house feel bouncing off their thighs as they swagger through their lives. Still, I bet you'd like to kneel down and nuzzle on them. God knows I do.

Seth's dick is a forefinger-sized spike of pure boy lust. The kind of lust we're not supposed to have but we all do. It juts out of a groin smooth as silk. He's not got a sack worth noting. Merely a knot of rose-colored chamois.

"Let's play!" Seth cries. "I'm gonna stab you!" He lunges.

Kevin blocks Seth's thrust with his erection. Feeling his brother's meat sliding along his shaft, he coos. His eyes flutter. He whips his shaft around and snaps his hips forward. Seth, caught by surprise, leaps back.

"You bastard!" Seth cries, giggling.

The kids duel, both making buzzing sounds that are supposed to sound like a lightsaber. There's a lot of action in this battle. They don't simply stand in place. They lunge and dodge and twist -- sometimes to avoid a thrust they know will skewer them, other times to feel their brother's shaft slithering along their erection.

Seth is the kinky brain of the operation. He maneuvers this cockfight closer and closer to the window, his heart beating faster, an exquisite buttery sensation roiling through his stomach. He giggles. He wonders what some driver will say when they see Kevin shaking his boxer-clad ass in the window. Or, better still, Seth's ferocious dick!

At one point, when both boys have crossed dicks and are gurgling with the sound that means the energy cells powering their lightsabers are putting forth incredible power, Kevin seizes Seth's firm rump and holds his brother in place. Kevin feels so good. Like maybe he's got to pee. He looks into Seth's laughing brown eyes. He plants a wet smooch on Seth's moist lips.

"That felt weird!" Seth giggles. But his cock remains in place. He looks at his brother shyly from beneath his lashes. Then he returns the favor. Their arms slip round each other's waists. Both boys keep their crossed dicks pinned between their hairless bellies, humping each other, kissing, their sweet buttocks flexing. Seth's hands swipe down his brother's back and dig beneath Kevin's baggy boxers. Seth finds Kevin's boyhole and pushes his finger up there, sinking it in the abused hole in one smooth plunge. Kevin gasps.

"I didn't hurt you, did I?" Seth murmurs in Kevin's mouth.

Kevin's butt sways suggestively. "You want to stab me ... in my back?"

"Like Daddy does?" Heat simmers in Seth's eyes. He waggles his finger in his brother's hole, loving the sounds Kevin makes.

Kevin, lips parted, eyes dreamy, nods. "Yeah!" He grins. "How bad do you wanna stab me in my butt?"

"More than strawberry ice cream!"

"Gotta catch me first!" Laughing, Kevin tears himself free. With his boxers hanging half off his butt he shoots out of the media room.

Both boys are again dueling with their erections -- Seth vigorously, because he knows that if he wins he can stick his dick up Kevin's butthole and finally get to know how it feels to be a daddy. They're in the kitchen, fighting around the island. Brazen lads, neither of them moves when they hear the engine rumble onto the driveway. The fight intensifies, both boys swinging dicks wildly, though with less sound effects and more hooded looks towards the door.

Gideon busts through the door. "What the fuck are you two perverts doing?"

"Save me!" Kevin shrieks, swinging at Seth's dick and missing. "Seth's trying to molest me!"

The teen's fresh from a hard after school workout. No, not sex. With barbells and dumbbells. Gideon wears George Washington High School's gray athletic gear. To show off his six pack -- so clearly defined you'd think it might be a brick wall -- he sliced off his shirt just below his nipples. Don't laugh. Showing off skin gets this hot sixteen year old laid. His pectorals strain against the tight shirt, pressing so hard against the cotton his nipples are outlined in the well-worn fabric. His shorts are equally snug. And way too short. About an inch of the green jockstrap waistband is visible. At least a half inch of pouch bulges from the teen's right leg.

"Christ, Kevin, if Seth fucked you, you're butthole would suck him up inside!"

Kevin, suddenly lightheaded because the smell of cookies and brownies is subdued by Gideon's sweaty aroma, can't smart off.

"Come on, Gideon! Swordfight with us!" Seth shrieks, thrusting his cock at Kevin's groin, knowing that the motion will make his small buttocks tight, round, and tempting.

Gideon slams his books on the counter. "Well, at least you're dressed for it. What the fuck, Kevin? What the fuck? Why the hell are you still in boxers?"

Kevin shrugs. "I dunno. That's how Dad dressed me."

Gideon rolls his eyes. "Dad's getting senile. Jockstraps! You're supposed to get your first jockstrap after Dad buttfucks you!"

Kevin lunges at Seth. "Seth didn't wear underwear today!"

Gideon waggles his eyebrows. "Lucky teach," he mutters.

"Is that when you got your jock?" asks Seth, eyeing the lengthening pseudopod of fabric emerging from Gideon's shorts.

Gideon, casually arrogant, shrugs. "Nah, Seth, I was a jock before then. Hell, I had my jockstrap in the first fucking grade!" You might think Gideon's bullshitting. The boys, of course, take him seriously.

Kevin pouts. "I want a jockstrap."

Looking sly, Gideon cups his growing bulge. "I got one that'll fit."

"Really?" Kevin imagines Keith's cock lurching upward, pleasantly surprised to find his favorite family fucktoy sprawled on their bed, wearing only a jockstrap and a big smear of Vaseline on his hungry butthole. "Can I have it?"

"You gotta do something for me." Gideon smirks. "Both of you brats."

"Like what?"

Gideon jabs a finger at Kevin. Then, with his other hand, he makes a tight circle. He forces his finger through it, excitedly pumping his hips at the kids.

"Yeah! Yeah!" Kevin says brightly. Poor kid's spent a long miserable day at school missing his Dad's giant cock. Gideon doesn't have the magic four extra inches that Keith does, but he's got pubic bush. And balls that pump pint after pint of potent teen spunk. No kid could resist Gideon.

"And ..." Gideon says, turning to Seth. Cupping his bulge, he runs his fingers across Seth's virginal lips. "This."

Seth baulks. "But Daddy said I'm not old enough to have sex."

"Fuck what Dad says!" Gideon growls. "A boy's old enough to start fucking whenever he wants." He winks. "Come on, you sexy kid. Let's fuck!" He thrusts his groin at his ten year old brother. "I got something in hear I know you'll love to taste!"

"I dunno," Seth says slowly. His dad was pretty clear about the rules round here. Still, he can't take his eyes off Gideon's package, which sways and surges against the sweat-soaked gym shorts. The pungent smell of aroused teen works its subtle magic on his immature brain.

Gideon stops his display. "Oh well." He shrugs at Kevin. "No jockstrap for you."

"Come on, Seth!" Kevin stamps his foot. "I want a jockstrap! All you got to do is suck Gideon's cock! What's so bad about that?"

Seth, though a curious boy, wanting to explore, as all sweet young things do, is nevertheless obedient to Keith's rules. He shakes his head. He doesn't fear a spanking. He fears being banished back to his mother's, and being cut off from this masculine sexual paradise.

Kevin pets his brother's ten year old cock. "I'll let you poke me in my butt." He whispers. "And I won't tell dad that you did!"

This works. "OK!"

Gideon nods triumphantly. "Come on, boys. This way to Gideon Peake's fuckateria. I know you're going to like it." As the boys scamper for the stairs, he yells, "Wait a second! Come here, Kevin!"

Kevin scampers to Gideon. He giggles as his brother strips off his boxers. He watches them flutter to the counter, landing atop Gideon's books.

"Climb on board, little boys," Gideon purrs.

Gideon lofts Seth and Kevin. His palms cup both kids' smooth buttocks. As he totes them up the stairs, his index finger pierces Kevin's ring. The eleven year old yelps, because Gideon's finger is rough from weightlifting and way thicker than Seth's. Neither boy can see it, but Kevin's cry makes a dollop of precum stain Gideon's rancid jockstrap. As he adjusts, Kevin sighs with pleasure and Gideon's finger worms deeper. Gideon, smirking because he, too, has listened to his father's speech about not doing anything to Seth until after Keith's read the boy the traditional family pornographic fairy tale, strokes another finger against Seth's tight pucker. It feels like velvet and squirms like a nervous puppy. The ten year old gazes up at his stud brother with a mixed expression of worry and wonder.

In his room, Gideon releases both boys.

"Now watch this. You're going to see some primo meat!"

"We've seen it!" Kevin stamps his foot impatiently.

A snotty teenaged showoff is a sexy teenaged showoff. Gideon shucks his shirt. He squeezes his pectorals together. He clenches both arms, showing off biceps and triceps. Both youngsters gaze at Gideon's powerful physique. Neither boy can escape from the immense power Gideon's bulge has over them. They might look at some pose, but their eyes always slink back to that masculine mystery throbbing beneath his shorts and jockstrap.

"You like?"

Seth and Kevin nod their heads.

"I know. Come here. Take 'em off, boys. Just my shorts. I want to play in my jock."

"I get the front!" Seth cries.

"No, I get the front!"

The boys tussle. Gideon watches them with folded arms and a condescending look. Finally he puts an end to it. "All right, Seth. You get my back!"

Kevin sticks his tongue out. Seth gulps at it. Gideon has to separate the kissing boys. But he also takes a quick suck on Kevin's drooling tongue.

Seth grabs the back of Gideon's shorts. Say! Feeling up a teen's hard ass isn't so bad. His fingers dig and knead Gideon's cheeks. Hmm. Maybe the sweat Seth often sees trickling over Gideon's ass would taste good. Like Pepsi.

Kevin kneels at his brother's feet, staring right at the obscenity bulging in his face, his tongue lolling from his slack lips.

"One! Two! Heave!" Gideon orders.

Both boys lower their brother's shorts. Gideon's cock spills free of the pouch, thrusting crazily off to one side. Seth scampers round to the front. Both boys stare in awe at the thick line of cocksnot descending from the tip.

"Heh heh," snickers Gideon, folding his arms across his chest. "Like what you see, kids?"

Both Seth and Kevin nod vigorously.

Gideon struts to his dresser. He kicks his legs apart and bends over. Though he appears to be rummaging through his bottom drawer, he actually wants both of these snot nosed little kids to admire his tiny pucker. See that, guys? Tight as a gnat's ass! Daddy's got to fight to get his prong up there. I'm not a slut like you brats!

"Hey Kevin ..." Gideon corrects himself. "No. Seth."


"Lick my butthole."

Seth and Kevin exchange looks. Then Seth waddles forward on his knees and plants himself behind Gideon's smoking' hot teenbutt. He whines, "Can't I just kiss your cheeks?"

"Fuck that kiddie shit." Gideon reaches behind him and pulls his buttocks open. His furrow is tight. The pucker is so small it's barely visible. "Lick. My. Hole."

Seth sucks in a deep breath and buries his face in his brother's ass. It's not easy finding Gideon's butthole. His tongue seeks blindly in that furrow, swiping up and down. Gideon gasps and his eyes glitter. Only that hint of down, frosting Gideon's teencunt, alerts Seth that his target is near. His tongue laps at Gideon's hole like a dog after water. Gideon sighs. Another drop of precum falls. The fact that Keith has forbidden this makes it so much hotter.

"Lick it," Gideon croons. "Lick it good."

Sure, Gideon's been fucked. If you're one of Keith Peake's sons, you're gonna have daddycock bloating your butthole sometime in your life. But Gideon doesn't get fucked that often. This makes it impossible for Seth to shove his tongue up inside. Though the ten year old tries. From the moment his brother's butt came to rest on the tyke's cheeks, Seth felt the desire to taste Gideon's buttery insides. The lack of penetration doesn't matter to Gideon. The pleasure of a young kid doing something forbidden to his hole does. He grinds his muscular butt on the ten year old's face, moving the tyke's tongue around on his sensitive ring.

"Like it?" he croons. "Does it taste good?"

Seth's "Uh-huh!' is muffled by Gideon's butt.

Kevin, fondling his spiked dick as he watches his younger brother service his older, cries, "I want my jockstrap!"

"Here it is." Gideon's hand closes on it but he doesn't stand. His eyes narrow to slits. "Oh, yeah, Seth, munch that butt! Aw, fuck boy, you're a natural!"

Suddenly Seth belches loudly into Gideon's butt. Both boys topple, laughing their heads off. Gideon stands and turns. His eyes feast on Seth's face, smeared with teensweat and boy spit. A small jockstrap dangles from Gideon's hand. The jockstrap is old and in its heyday saw much use. You can still see hints of Gideon's prepubescent cock and balls, imprisoned forever in the loosened mesh pouch. It's clean, though it's a bit musty from many years in Gideon's drawers.

Gideon, enjoying the feeling of saliva between his buttcheeks, struts to Kevin. He dangles the jock before his brother's eyes. "You want this?"

"Yeah!" Kevin's eyes are wide with joy.

"What did you promise to do?"

Kevin whirls and bends over. Once again his wrists fold and he whines like a puppy begging for a bone. "Oh, please, fuck me, Gideon!"

Grinning, Gideon slaps Kevin's ass. "Not just yet. Hey Seth! Front and center."

Seth, not knowing exactly what Gideon means, drops to his knees in front of the butch teen stud. Glancing at Kevin, he too takes up the wrist-folded begging posture. He even pants, sticking out his tongue.

Gideon's lips curl in a sneer. "Take off my jock, Seth!"

Seth pulls the olive-drab garment down reverently. He gasps when Gideon's cock slaps against that fearsomely flat belly. A strand of his brother's precum whips across his cheek. Gideon kicks his jock away, sneering down at Seth. Seth has eyes only for Gideon's giant balls.

"Come here, Kevin. Good. Now. Both you boys. Kiss my cock!"

Seth says, "Uh, how do I --"

Kevin says brightly, "Like this!" He nuzzles the side of Gideon's fat teenshaft, just behind the head, with a loose-lipped motion. Gideon's cock is too fat for the tyke to take in the whole thing. Kevin begins slobbering on the steely teen rod.

Seth looks to Gideon for confirmation. "Like that?"

"Fucking right like that," Gideon sighs.

More shyly, Seth follows suit. His lips gape. Slobber gushes down his chin. He shudders when his lips touch Gideon's pulsating rod. Wow. Seth's so excited his eyes cross. The funky smell of Gideon's crotch, bathed in sweat and testosterone and precum and teenspunk, almost makes Seth pass out.

Wow. Men smell good down there!

Gideon stares down at the two boys worshipping his equipment. His fists bunch and the veins stand out on his skin. Yeah. This is primo. A hot workout. Quick ride home. Two of his slut brothers, eager for action. His cock bounces, disgorging a foot-long strand of precum.

"Keep hold of it!" he barks. "Do it right!"

Kevin and Seth's fingers intertwine at the furry base of Gideon's cock. They hold the shaft level as they slobber up and down its length. Kevin, of course, is the first to go after the precum drooling from the tip, scarfing it up. Boys can't be expected to grow up right without a diet rich in protein and testosterone. Seth loves the idea, and when another worm of the substance starts to snake free of Gideon's cock he's there with parted lips and waggling tongue. Seth is greedy. He lays his tongue on the underside of Gideon's cockhead, slurping up the next batch as it emerges. The sneering sixteen year old and the worshipful ten year old lock eyes.

"You like it?"

Seth nods.

Gideon, smirking, nods to himself. Sure. Why not plunder Seth's tender pucker? Why should Chase be the only one to go after cherry, prepubescent boys? Fuck his Dad. If Seth wants cock needs cock, based on the look in his eyes why shouldn't a stud like Gideon provide it? His chest swells. Still, Gideon isn't dumb. Does he really have the balls to risk Keith Peake's wrath? Keith rules this house. Gideon concludes, reluctantly, that no, not today, he doesn't have the 'nads to bend his ten year old kid brother over his bed and fuck him till jism runs like snot from the tyke's nose.

But who knows how big Gideon's balls will be tomorrow?

"All right, Kevin, stand up. No, not you, Seth, keep licking me."

Kevin stands.

"Hand me your jockstrap, Kevin," says Gideon. He takes the jock, separates the straps and the pouch and the waistband. "OK. Now step into it. Yep, that's right. Now the other foot. Christ, Seth, you keep doing that I'm gonna blow the back of your head off!"

Seth, grasping Gideon's cock behind the head, looks up from his slobbering. Precum and spit cascade down his chin, neck, and chest. "Why?"

"'Cause you're gonna make me cum, you hot little squirt!"

Kevin stamps his feet. "Pull my jockstrap up!"

Gideon draws the white fabric up.

The moment the pouch clasps Kevin's little boy dick, a terrific feeling surges up. Wow. Awesome. He feels like a god. A boy god! No, that's not it. This must be what it feels like to be his Dad. To go around all day long, this intimate fabric clutching his cock and balls, lifting them up, making them bulge. Showing them off to the other boys. Best of all, Kevin's butt is still naked! Why, dressed like this, Kevin feels like running down to the Harrison Pool, leaping in the water, swimming like mad, showing off his hot boy globes to strange men. He giggles. He could bend over the toilets in the dressing room bathrooms, letting a hot man -- like Landon, or some other dude -- fuck him while he leaks into his pouch. Kevin knows that because he's wearing this magic jockstrap he's going to leak just like Gideon from now on. Sympathy is how magic works.

"Let's get the party started, boys," Gideon growls. He seizes Seth, trying to pull his younger brother's tender lips down his fat cock. His cockhead lodges in the kid's mouth. Seth gurgles and bubbles of saliva grow and burst between his lips and Gideon's cock. "So, Kevin. What do you owe me?" Listening to his kid brother gag, Gideon's balls leap. If only Gideon had to pee, he'd mark this ten year old as his own personal bitch.

"My butt!" Kevin cries. He flings himself on hands and knees onto Gideon's bed. He wiggles his ass. The straps frame it perfectly. His pucker's visible just where strap and pouch join.

"Good kid." Gideon pulls away from Seth, who glares up at him. "Sorry." He bends down and smooches his precum off his brother's lips. "Ask me nice and I might teach you how to do that right."

"You almost choked me!"

Gideon runs a finger over Seth's lips. "Don't worry. It'll be easier next time. Or maybe, honey-boy," he croons, "I could do you in your butthole." It's not three minutes since he rejected flouting Keith's law but still he can't shake the image of his fat shaft prying open Seth's iris.

"You'll split me open!" Seth stares at the giant cock bobbing in his face. "And Dad'll kill me!"

"Buttholes stretch, Seth. Buttholes stretch. And Dad doesn't have to know. Remember that." Gideon struts to the bed, grinning down at Kevin's lithe body. "No, no. Not like that." He flips his brother over. Kevin giggles as he lands on his back. He bounces until Gideon climbs on the bed. Kevin lifts his legs and Gideon props them on his shoulder. Gideon leans forward, pressing his drooling cockhead into Kevin's raw socket. "Gonna fuck you dry, Kevin!"

"No!" Kevin hollers, feeling the pressure increase on his butthole. "You're too big! Daddy told you to always use lube!"

Gideon ignores him. He drops a big gob of spit on his cockhead, works it in, and lines up. "Here I come!" he jabs forward.

Once again, Kevin's swollen butthole resists him. Kevin's fists hammer ineffectively at Gideon's chest.

"Oh, all right. Dammit, Seth. Fetch my lube."

"The what?" The baffled ten year old stares at his two sweaty brothers. He's more than a little concerned by the resentful look on Kevin's face. Maybe he should try to help Kevin, not Gideon.

Then he takes a whiff. Gideon's musk makes Seth dizzy. Gideon's got pubes. Balls. Muscles. Fuck Kevin. Seth wants a man.

"The big bottle. Bottom drawer of my nightstand. That's it!"

Gideon uncaps it and carelessly pours a line of lube down his shaft. Since it's still assaulting Kevin's sphincter, it cascades forward and slimes the hole. Kevin relaxes and begins giggling, toes curling, as the slimy fluid gushes between his cheeks onto the bed.

"Catch!" Gideon tosses the bottle back to Seth. "Now come here and watch close!"

"I've seen Kevin get fucked before," says Seth. But he pads over to the bed and climbs aboard, playing with his dick.

Gideon sneers down at Kevin. "Daddy's home."

"No he's not --"

"I'm your Daddy!" Gideon growls. He pushes forward.

Kevin's sphincter irises wide. The boy groans as Gideon's cock bludgeons its way in.

"Who's your Daddy?" Gideon barks, stuffing more and more incestuous teen cock into the squirming kid beneath him. "Huh? Who's your Daddy? Tell me, Kevin. Am I your Daddy?"

"Yeah," Kevin says slowly, eyes rolling up as inch after inch fills him with that delicious feeling all good boys crave. "You're my Daddy."

There's no rest for the wicked, or the slim boy absorbing the wicked teen's battering ram. Stomach muscles rippling, Gideon drives on, until his trim pubic bush scours Kevin's tender buttcheeks.

"Sweet!" Gideon cries. "You ready for Daddy to molest you, little boy?"

Head thrashing side to side, Kevin cries, "Fuck me, Daddy!"

Gideon starts rabbitfucking right away. Kevin's moans reverberate off the wall. They probably heard him down in the trailer park. The fifth grader's eyes roll like loose marbles in his sockets and his tiny dick fights to raise a respectable tent in the pouch. Gideon's lemon-sized nuts bang off his young brother's sweet cheeks.

Seth -- who, crouching beside Kevin on the bed, can see everything -- shivers as he watches Gideon's withdrawing cock pull a shiny funnel of assflesh back with it. He squeals like a little girl when his stud brother brutally stuffs Kevin full with teenmeat. Seth swears he can feel a phantom cock molesting his own guts.

"Hey Seth," Gideon grunts, churning like a thoroughbred racing towards the final stretch.

"Huh?" Seth stares at the lewd juncture of brother with brother.

"Stand up. Lean against the wall. Put your butt in my face."

What a great idea. Seth leaps to comply. Soon he's chortling happily as Gideon's tongue does forbidden things to his tiny cherry. The slug-like organ lashes Seth's sphincter. Seth's back arches naturally, allowing Gideon to get deep between his tiny round cheeks. Seth's sphincter, though, resists Gideon's insistent attempts to pierce the gates of his virginity. Maybe Seth knows he's destined for his daddy and wants to preserve his first penetration for that special time. Maybe Gideon's just too wrapped up in plowing Kevin's tight hole to put much effort into piercing Seth. Or maybe there's some god probably Dionysus who makes sure the commandments of man/boy lust remain unviolated.

Gideon begins grunting, "Here it comes, boy, here it comes here it comes oh god, Kevin, take my motherfucking load!"

Yard-long streamers of teenspunk burst in Kevin's bowels. The buttfucked boy jerks, afraid the force might tear him off his brother's bed and send him crashing through the wall. Kevin giggles. That'd put him in the back yard, and Kevin knows Wolfsbane will come running, his doggie cock red and growing.

"Shit! Take it boy!"

A lake of cum grows in Kevin's rectum. Still, the stud teen jets, writhing and howling. Seth, turns around, stares slack jawed at Gideon's lewd antics.

Gideon collapses onto Kevin. "Whew. I needed that. Damn, you kids make me hot!"

Kevin cries, "Get off me! You're killing me!"

Gideon waggles his eyebrows at Seth. "Come on. Lay down. I'll fuck you right."

Seth races from the room, slams the door to his own, and furiously diddles his tiny dick until he squeals with delight.


Keith, as he pulls into his driveway, counts the cars present. Chase is still out selling. Or is he? Maybe he's down in the trailer park, stuffing his teenage prong down some snub-nosed tyke's mouth. Blood flows to Keith's cock and he grins. That kid Tyler. Wow. Pretty lips. Way too young, but still. Damn. A man can picture the kid hollering "Take it out! Take it out! It's too big, mister, take it out!"

Gideon's home. Keith, smacking his lips, recalls the sixteen year old's sweet tang. It's hell trying to get Gideon to bend over. This last year Keith's almost had to wrestle Gideon into submission. He admires his son's attitude. Still, sixteen year old sons bend over for daddy. Maybe Keith ought to --

Keith parks his truck. Crotch bulging, he struts into the house, leaving a plume of musk in his wake. It's been a long, hard day at Young Suds Car Wash. That kid Adam. Keith should've plugged him good, rammed that slim teenaged butt harder and harder until Adam begged for mercy. Keith, of course, wouldn't have shown Adam mercy. You can't be a sleek skateboarding kid and strut around with shorts riding too low then expect mercy from a pedophile. You're simply asking to get blasted into a whole new world.

But Keith hadn't got it on with sweet young Adam. Today had been a day for cranky old farts to show up and complain. Both Keith and his teen workers hate days like today.

But, like a gift, there's a reminder of why Keith lives for his family. Keith plucks Kevin's boxers off the counter and takes a deep whiff. Sweet, sweaty boy. Keith's cock strains to burst out of his sweat-dripping jockpouch.

"He's waiting for you, Dad. He heard you pull up."

Gideon, stark naked and hard, his erection gleaming with lube, leans against the doorway to the media room. Behind him, Keith sees Tristan crouching on Keith's big recliner. The tights Tristan wears to dance practice are bunched around his thighs but his sweet ass is raised high. The black-haired fourteen year old rolls his ass. Keith winks at him.

"Hurry up, dad," says Gideon, fisting his fat cock. "He needs it!"

"Did you bring the mail in?"

Gideon shakes his head. "I had other things on my mind." Slowly and sensuously, Gideon pumps his hips at his father. "Check him out, Dad. He's got a surprise for you."

"Finish off with your brother, then get some steaks on the grill."

Gideon throws Keith a salute. "Yes, sir." He struts back into the media room. "Turn around! I wanna blow job!"

"But I want you to fuck my ass!" Tristan whines.

"Christ, Tristan, Wolfsbane's left you loose and sloppy!"

Tristan giggles. "He's got a big knot."

Keith starts unbuttoning his fly as he descends the stairs to his bedroom.

Every Daddy should come home to a sight like this. Sweet Kevin reclines on one elbow on their bed. His left leg rests on the still-unmade bedsheets. The right is pulled to him, knee pointing at the ceiling. Keith can almost see Kevin's tight boyhole buried between glossy buttcheeks. Daddy's heaven lies in there.

His eyes shift north, away from those buttcheeks he loves plowing, and he sees the old fabric. So that's why he can't see the hardon Kevin always sprouts whenever Keith enters a room.

"Is that Gideon's old jockstrap?" Keith shorts drop. He kicks out of his shoes.

Kevin giggles. "Yeah. We traded."

Keith shirt arcs like a comet to the floor. He flexes for his boy, watching Kevin's eyes roam over his body. "What did you have to do to get it?"

"Me and --" Kevin catches himself. "I had to suck his cock. Then he buttfucked me. Hard."

"He didn't break you, did he, because if he did I'll --"

Kevin shakes his head. To illustrate he's OK, he spreads his legs. Kevin's pucker has been puffy and red ever since that night Keith finally put his cock to him. It gleams like a tiny cherry Lifesaver just spit from some kid's mouth. "See?" The hole burps, leaving a trail of white snot on the inside of Kevin's buttcheek. "Dammit I was trying not to lose any!"

Keith crawls onto the bed. He kneels between his son's spread legs. Gently he nuzzles the skin on the inside of his boy's thighs. He travels north along the inside of the raised leg until the rough fabric of Gideon's jockpouch -- no, it's Kevin's jockpouch -- abrades Keith's lips. Then he travels south down the other leg, watching goose pimples spawn. Kevin squirms and purrs. The boy clamps his hands to his Dad's head, trying to draw Keith back towards his boycrotch.

But not now. The boy's satiny skin -- so smooth over the nascent muscles burgeoning beneath -- obsesses Keith. For many long minutes Keith's tongue draws lewd designs on his son's flesh, designs no father is expected to paint but which every father should. When Keith's nose passes close to Kevin's crevice he smells the hot scent of fresh teen jism, and his mouth waters.

Keith leans back, mimicking his son's posture. For a few moments, father and son stare at each other. Keith's big cock has escaped his jock and stretches across his body. The head drips precum while his thick pubic thatch spills out of the pouch. Slivers of manball tempt the supple boy. Kevin's eyes -- just like all boys' eyes will, if given the chance -- fixate on his Dad's gigantic erection. His small hands paw at his pouch, stroking his boy dick through the mesh. For a few moments the only sound both hear is the noise of squeaking leather as Gideon pounds Tristan.

"You know you never wash a jock." Keith's foot moves over and he strokes his son's pouch.

"I know you don't," says Kevin, remembering huffing Keith's jock this morning. And many other mornings. "But this one --" he shifts his hips forward, tempting his Dad with his bulging pouch "-- smelled cleaned when Gideon gave it to me." He giggles. "Well, it's dirty now." He blushes. "Gideon shoots lots!"

"Well, you keep taking his cock up your butt. You're going to become a big man, like him. I can tell." Keith looks at Kevin's stiffie, trembling in the pouch. "Gideon wore that when I got him to start lifting weights." Keith's head tilts towards his weight bench. Keith's cock surges with the memory and a rivulet of precum oozes down his shaft. "And he had a big load of my cum up his tight little butt."


"Really. I think he had it on every time I fucked him." Keith grins. "They started complaining."


"His gym teachers. He didn't wash it either, and you know teachers. They're picky about the smell. So I had to make him wash it." Gideon's funk, even as a young teen, is the only one that could challenge Keith's supremacy.

"I'm never going to wash it! I want it to smell like yours!" Kevin shivers, remembering how he'd run to the bathroom this morning with Keith's jockstrap draped across his face. "When do you think it'll start smelling?"

"It might take a while. You're still a boy. A pretty, pretty boy who turns your daddy on a lot. After you've had lots of sex, your glands start to make scent. To turn other boys on. And even women, if you decide to have sons too. It'll start to smell really nice when you start leaking precum. You know, when I fuck you. Right now, I'd say you're too young for that."

Kevin pouts. "I want to be a man, Dad!" He pumps his hips like Gideon, thrusting his slim, inconsequential boy dick higher.

"Well, first you got to be a boy. A sweet, sexy little boy. Like all boys, if you want to be a man, you got to get fucked by a man. Now," Keith croons, "come over here. Be a good boy. Let Daddy molest you."

Keith leans back on both elbows as Kevin scurries over. The boy crawls up his dad's body, grinning as Keith's wiry body hair tantalizes that lustrous skin. Keith extends his tongue, waggling it in front of the boy. Kevin dives for it, sucking it into his mouth. Father's and son's lips touch. The big man's nipples stiffen. Kevin's stiffie throbs against his Dad's hairy belly. Keith's hand swipes down Kevin's back, momentarily cupping a buttcheek then moving on to his son's furrow. Because any Dad worth his salt is constantly thinking about his son's sweet asshole.

Keith grins. Yep. Kevin's been fucked. His kid's hole is swampy and sticky with jism. Keith feels it bubble. He swipes a strand and dangles it. Gideon's jism is so thick with sperm. Millions and billions of Gideon's sons are thrashing wildly in that strand. Keith wipes it in his armpit. Then he stabs his finger inside Kevin's boycunt. His son shudders with delight.

"Suck on Daddy's nipples, boy," Keith murmurs.

No kissing his way south. Kevin drops, his lips nuzzling the fur on his Dad's chest and finding the stiff pink tower. He chews. Gasping, Keith stiffens. Kevin licks his way across Keith's hard pectorals to the other and chews on that. Keith's massive cock dribbles precum onto his thigh.

"Yeah, boy, do your Daddy!"

Without asking for permission -- 'cause the kid is a certified addict -- Kevin scurries down his Dad's body. He takes a big whiff of his Dad's cum-, sweat- and piss-stained jockpouch. His brain whirls as if stabbed by poppers. Kevin's tongue slithers across the straining pouch, his little nose flared as he snuffles up the rich aroma. The oversexed boy roams from side to side, giggling when Keith's pubic thatch tickles his nose. Kevin paints long lines of saliva down his father's shaft, going all the way to the tip to fetch a droplet of precum. As he smacks his lips, enjoying his snack, he grins as he sees his Dad's eyes blazing at him from behind that cockshaft. In a flash he's back between Keith's legs, breathing in the lung-searing miasma of sweat and ballmusk that all young boys crave.

Keith stares down at his son, his gaze fixated on those sweet globes framed by the familiar straps. They rise and fall beguilingly as Kevin works at him.

"I gotta have me some of what you got," Keith growls.

Kevin squawks with delight as Keith flips him over. Stretched on his back, the boy watches his father crouch above him. Bathed in the fierce intensity of Keith's lust, he shivers. Keith pecks his son on the lips then whirls around so father and son are mouth to cock. Sweet Kevin's head lifts and again he laves Keith's bulging pouch. Keith sniffs Kevin's pouch, seeking hints of Gideon's nascent sexuality but finding only the reality of Kevin's burgeoning lust. Keith wonders how long it will take before Kevin's cock is as big as Gideon's. Big as his own. Man, that would look hot, to see a footlong kid dick thrusting from the side of this jockpouch. Smooth. Hairless. But a foot long. Impossible, maybe. Who knows? When boys start absorbing their father's testosterone through their rectums, magic happens. Cocks grow fucking enormous.

As for right now, Keith will simply enjoy the scent of Kevin's crotch. It's heaven. There's the sweet scent of fresh boy sweat, and the spicy tang of piss, and the hint of chlorine, but bubbling between Kevin's thighs is the potent odor of Gideon's leaking cum. This draws Keith away from the pouch and between Kevin's hairless thighs. He lifts Kevin's legs. Because Kevin's new jockstrap is a little too big, the juncture of straps and pouch hides the tender asshole. With his tongue, Keith moves the jock. He sighs. There it is. A gooey crater, oozing spunk.

"Fuck, Kevin, you're hot!"

Keith dives in.

Kevin's toes wiggle. "Oh, daddy, that feels nice!" His dad's jock muffles the sound.

Drinking Gideon's cum from Kevin's fresh butt is like slurping up a bowl of melted ice cream. A big bowl. Keith's tongue pierces Kevin's loose ring and laps up the teen's babysauce. Keith can't possibly get at it all. It seems like Kevin's colon is bloated with a yard-long sausage of Gideon's cum. Keith tries. Kevin squirms and squeals with delight.

"Oh, Daddy, that feels good!"

Sitting up, Keith licks trickles of Gideon's spooge off his lips. There's a slightly glazed, maybe even insane look, haunting his eyes.

"You like Daddy's cock?" Keith growls.

Kevin, laving his father's jock and cock with his tongue, is far too busy to respond.

"Kevin," Keith growls, eyes smoldering at the eleven year old, "you make your Daddy hot!"

Keith grabs his boy and flips him round. He straddles his slut son. Keith seizes his cock and aims it at Kevin's shiny lips.

"Don't hurt me, Daddy!"

Jacking his cock, Keith snarls, "Have a little taste, boy."

One massive drop of precum falls. As Kevin smacks his lips, enjoying the taste, Keith jabs the head of his cock between his son's lips. They stretch and stretch --

"Lick Daddy's cock, son! Lick it!"

Kevin does more than merely lick it. He suckles at the oozing precum, sure, but he also tries to slip his lips completely around it. Poor kid. He can't get much more than half that giant thing in. Keith admires his son's determination. Maybe, someday, when Kevin's a bit bigger, he might be the first Peake kid to suck his Dad's cock all the way to the base. Keith sure as fuck intends to try.

"Daddy," Kevin whines, "I'm --"

"Horny, yeah, you're a horny little boy, aren't you?" Keith sneers down at his kid. He fumbles for the Vaseline. Keith lifts Kevin's legs, easing the boy's jockstrap forward to reveal that insatiable boycunt. Keith coats the ring. Gideon's leaking juice beads on the Vaseline. Keith's simply being dutiful. Kevin's sloppy ass could take a fist, and Keith's own cockshaft is slimy with grease.

The Vaseline skitters across the room. "Daddy's gonna fuck you, boy!" Keith folds his boy double and lines up. His son's sphincter squirms on his cockhead. It feels so good Keith's eyes almost cross. "Daddy's gonna fuck your slut butt hard!"

Keith slices in. Kevin chortles. Gouts of dsplaced jism bluster around Keith's cock as it plunges into Kevin's young butt.

"Sorry, Daddy!" Kevin giggles. "I'm all slimy!"

Ropes of spooge hang in obscene arcs from Keith's pouch. The big muscular daddy relentlessly impales his tender son, not stopping until his pouch rams Kevin's upturned butt. With a lewd noise a huge gout of jism blasts from Kevin's butthole, soaking Keith's jock and leaving a wet patch on the sheets that'll forever mark this moment when dad and son engaged in the world's most delicious sin.

"Sorry, Dad," Kevin giggles.

Keith, still fully embedded, bends down and kisses his son. "You're one sexy boy, son."

Kevin's hands swirl on his Dad's chest. "And you're one sexy man, Daddy!"

Keith withdraws, then rams home. Hard and brutal, the way a man should fuck a boy. Kevin goes slack from pleasure. His feet windmill as his father assaults his young anus.

Churning away, Keith snarls, "Damn, boy, you're still tight up there. Christ, Kevin, I thought you'd be loose as a two dollar whore!"

Kevin feels jism displaced from his butthole crawling across his crotch. He realizes it's soaking Gideon's old jock. Yeah! That means it'll smell of his big brother ... and his Dad! "Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me Daddy!"

Father and son grind away in incestuous pleasure.

Keith, wrapped up in slamfucking Kevin's sweet hole, isn't consciously aware of what calls his attention to the sliding glass doors. Nevertheless he turns. A blast of heat races up his spine, and he grins.

Poor Seth leans against the glass, staring forlornly as his big, muscled father buttfucks Kevin.

Keith winks at the ten year old, then rises up on hands and knees, high enough to expose Kevin's crevice and that sloppy boyhole overstuffed with daddycock. Keith pounds away, showing off. Luck's with him. His balls spill from his jock, flopping beautifully as he longcocks his son.

"Can I fuck Seth?" Kevin grunts, his eyes tightly shut.

Keith nuzzles his son's neck. "You want to molest your little brother?"

"Yeah. Him or someone!" Kevin palms his jockpouch, bulging with hard boydick, slimy with teenspooge. "I wanna use my dickie, Daddy!"

Keith begins thinking of all sorts of lewd scenarios. Kevin fucking Aaron. Kevin fucking Tristan. Kevin fucking Gideon. Heh. Keith doubts the arrogant stud would put up with it. But cum really begins boiling when Keith imagines Kevin buttfucking Chase's bitch-boy, that luscious-lipped white trash kid Tyler. Groaning, he sheathes his cock, straining to keep from juicing.

"Shoot it up me, Daddy!" Kevin begs.

Chest heaving, Keith says, "Quiet, Kevin!" He wants to ride his boy some more and that begging is going to make him nut.

He hears a squeaky, rubbing sound, and looks over his shoulder to see Seth polishing the glass door in order to see better.

Eventually, the urgent need to cum dies down, and Keith resumes his pounding. Though at a slower pace. He watches Kevin's asslips curl on his meat as it withdraws from the fifth grader's cumsloppy butthole. Watches his son's little dick strain to burst through the jock. Not big enough. Not powerful enough. That can't happen until Kevin is blessed with the sweetness of puberty, and Keith fervently hopes that time is still a few years away. He likes buttfucking a slim, eager, immature, hairless son.

But, even if Kevin's puberty starts tomorrow, there's always Seth.

Yeah, Keith realizes. I could screw a ten year old.

Keith has always gone after the pubescent boys. Maybe they can't shoot the first time Keith slides his boyfucker into their sweet holes, but you can sense their incipient sexuality. It's fun playing in that arena. But Keith realizes he's crossed a line with Kevin. Kevin, at eleven, was south of the age line Keith had always drawn. Keith's glad he's done it. Buttfucking a prepubescent boy is the hottest thing he's ever done. And that scene up in the attic with Tyler had been -- well, it spackled Keith's dreams with lewd fantasies. Sex education in fourth grade. First grade male anatomy class. Teaching Cub Scouts the right way to milk a man. How to exercise so to have a tempting butt. He grins. He'd love to show those lads a thing or two.

Keith yanks his cock free of his squirming boy. Keith flips Kevin onto his stomach, pulls Kevin's hips high, and slices back in. The muscular dad rides his squirming boy hard, snorting and panting like a stallion. This is the way man/boy sex must be. Big burly man on top, taking his pleasure, while the simpering kid absorbs those titanic thrusts, squirming, howling, begging for more.

"Here it comes! Here it comes! Here it comes!" Keith throws his head back. "Fucking hell, Kevin, you're making your Daddy cum!"

Keith juices, flooding Kevin's colon with incestuous daddy seed.

"Give it to me, Daddy!" Kevin cries, feeling the sun-warm burst of energy you only get when your father breeds you.

"I'm seeding you, son! Daddy's seeding you!" Roaring, thrashing, juicing, Keith does what he does best. He fires pint after pint of cum, filling his son's rectum, overwhelming the remnants of Gideon's juice. Yeah. Kevin's ass belongs to Keith.

Keith collapses on his son's back as his cock softens in his milky gravy.

"Daddy! I can't breathe!"

Laughing, Keith rolls off. "Tuck my cock back in, son."

Kevin tucks his Dad's wonderful toy back into the sperm-drenched jockpouch. He nestles against his Dad, listening to Keith's racing heart. Keith's arm pulls his sexy son firmly against his body. Kevin small palms toy with Keith's limp meat.

"Are you trying to make me horny again?"

"I don't need to make Daddy horny. You're always horny." Kevin grins adoringly at Keith. "That's why I love you, Daddy!"