Incest Tales 15

By DannyR  (MM/t, oral, anal, incest)

Copyright 2009.  All rights reserved.

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DISCLAIMER:  Some folks apparently have trouble distinguishing between fantasy and reality.  This story is a fantasy.  It didn't happen.  Never will.  And anyone who attempts to do in real life all or any of the things depicted in the story needs to be hanged, then drawn and quartered, and then turned over to the cops for the harshest penalties the law allows. After that, well, hopefully everything Law and Order and the news say is true about child molesters in prison, is really true.  Now that we're clear on what's what, and what's not, read on.


Special Note:  Ron's World posted the original copyrighted "The Velvet Rope"—a M/g story—at Mr. Double's Palisade on November 12, 2001.  In some recent email between us, he commented that he wished there was a M/t version of the story.  As the saying goes, be careful what you wish for.  Here it is...and with his permission, a lot of the story is still his. He can be reached at ronsworld4200 AT hotmail DOT com.


Chapter One - The Seduction

Standing naked in the hallway, stroking my cock, I listened in the dark to the sounds of my 13 year old son fucking himself with the dildo I had conveniently left lying about. He was trying to be quiet, but I could distinctly hear his moaning little pants as he neared his climax. The wet sucking sound of the dildo sliding in and out of his little cunt increased in tempo, as did the speed of my hand jacking my rock hard prick. I heard Tommy's breath hitch in his throat and a familiar moaning sob. I imagined his sexy little body convulsing and cumming, as I knew he was doing at that moment. I knew it wouldn't be long until I saw it for real.

I had been planning this for months. Tommy's mom was nowhere to be found. Which was fine with me. The bitch had run off with some guy from her job...a fucking boy toy about eight or nine years younger.  Christ, was he in for a fucking surprise when she got bored with his cock, like she had with mine.  Or so she said when she made a point of telling me why she was leaving. He's better in bed, more considerate, young and sleek and smooth and muscled, not middle aged with a hairy beer belly, heaving over her, just interested in getting his rocks off and not doing anything for her. Okay, maybe that part is true, since I was only fucking her when I absolutely had to have my cock in a hole, instead of my fist. But if I'm fucking interested in what I'm plowing, instead of just needing to get my nut, there's nothing about my meat that is boring.  I'm fucking long and fat and uncut, and damn but I cum a lot. And not just once.

Of course, part of it may have been my refusing to let her get her tubes tied, or use birth control, or get myself neutered like some dog in the pound, or hell, even use a rubber.  NOT fucking likely.  So maybe it was the three boys, Tommy (13), Terry (7) and Tony (2). And the fact that I wanted more kids. We live in a rather large house on several acres of land in an unincorporated area just outside of town. Our nearest neighbor is far enough away that there is plenty of privacy. I jealously guard my privacy, using distance and strategically placed landscaping to shield my "castle" from prying eyes. I am the undisputed lord of my castle, as my boys well know.

Several months ago I had inadvertently left a porn DVD in the player in the downstairs recreation room. This is my favorite place to fantasize and jack off after the boys have gone to bed.  I click on the big...*fucking* big...screen TV; kick back in my recliner, pull out my meat, and go to town.

Tommy and Terry are not supposed to watch TV when they get home from school, especially since it's part of Tommy's "chores" to watch over his kid brothers.  A job he isn't entirely pleased about, but then he knows better than to argue with me.  I let them watch some after dinner if their homework is done.  Not that Terry has much at his age.  But Terry has his toys and is kind of a loner anyway, and he just heads off to his room.  One day I got home a little bit early, and I was greeted by a wide-eyed and particularly guilty looking son named Tommy...who quickly blurted something about remembering an assignment he'd forgotten, and *he* headed up to his room, too.

I knew something was up and I figured he had watched some TV without permission. I went into the rec room and put my hand on the TV to see if it was hot, a dead giveaway that Tommy had been watching before I got home. Sure enough, it was. I also put my hand on the DVD player, and it, too, was a bit too warm.  Besides being on. I punched the eject button and got a shock of the "holy fuck I can't believe I fucking did that" variety.  The DVD his dumb fuck daddy had left for him to find wasn't the ordinary stuff I kept in the locked cabinet across the room.  The big-boobed, hairy pussy (sometimes shaved pussy) babes getting their holes royally used by a bunch of young, big dicked studs. Bad enough if it had been one of those, but this one was from the locked box inside the locked cabinet.  A two hour compilation DVD of just about every kind of sex two men, well, to be more precise, two males could engage in.

As I walked over to the cabinet, unlocked it, put the DVD back in its case and back in the box, then locked everything, I had to wonder just how far he'd gotten.  The early parts are just men fucking and sucking, some three ways, some bondage.  But about a third of the way through, the...ah...bottoms start getting younger than their tops.  Eventually, a LOT younger.  I remembered that I'd stopped it at a scene of a hairless boy with a big dildo in his boy cunt, writhing and jacking and finally spurting big blobs of his boy which I had immediately shot even bigger blobs of man cream.

I was so surprised, I wasn't sure what to do. I decided to think about it for a while before I made a decision about whether, or rather, how to confront him. I turned on the regular TV to watch something, anything, trying to distract myself from the revelation that my oldest boy  had been watching a porno video. And not just any video. A fucking *queer* video.  Tommy is no dummy.  He had to know that the only reason for watching a fuck flick is to jack and cum.  So he now knows his very own daddy jacks off to men...and boys...having sex together. Damn, damn, damn.

Tommy usually makes dinner, so after a while he yelled down the stairs that our meal was ready. I went upstairs and sat across from him, with Terry between us.  Tony was spending the night with his gramma, the bitch's mom...who is actually pretty damned nice, and helps out as best she can, especially with my littlest one. As we were eating our spaghetti with the cracked black pepper pasta that we all like so much, the three of us had our usual dinnertime conversation. Tommy seemed to relax.  I don't think he really figured his secret was safe, but I do think he figured I was just going to let it slide.  Experience has taught him, and taught him well, that when I'm he would expect me to be from finding out he'd not only been breaking my rules about TV, but had been watching fucking porn as well....I act immediately.  I don't wait, drag out the suspense, torture the boys with wondering when that other shoe is gonna drop.

And as I ate, and paid enough attention to carry on my end of the conversation, I was looking at Tommy in a new light.

Tommy is a little dreamboat. Long, softly curling blond hair, big blue eyes, peaches and cream complexion, a smooth chest with tiny, pointy nips, and legs that went on and on. He gets most of his coloring from his mother. Tess gave him the hair and skin tone, but Tommy's blue eyes are mirrors of my own. My hair is black as sin and my complexion darker than his.

Our evening went the usual way:  dinner, dishes, homework, and a little TV. I went upstairs and tucked Terry in; a while later I sent Tommy off to bed at the usual time, still distracted by my dilemma. After a couple of hours of staring at the TV and again not really seeing it, I went upstairs and checked to make sure Tommy and Terry were sleeping. They were, so I was clear for my usual nocturnal diversions. I had been without a woman for longer than usual, but I had an active fantasy and masturbation life.

Without really thinking about it, I did the lock-it-up procedure in reverse, and put the same DVD back in.  I pulled off my shirt, settled in my recliner, and unzipped my fly, pulling out my cock. It didn't take long for me to become rock hard and I realized I had been semi-aroused all evening. It had been spinning around in the back of my mind without me really being aware. I turned it on.  Fuck. It was that dildo scene. I stroked myself while watching the boy fucking his own cunt on the screen, then the next scene with two boys doing a hot 69, the older teen, 15, 16, whatever, bringing the nine or ten year old to a body twitching dry cum, and then he face fucked the kid until you could see him shuddering with his dick down the boy's throat, and then a close-up of the boy's mouth, full of the teen's seed.  The older, grey haired man at the side of a bed, with a young boy, limp cocked, on his back, head over the edge while the man deep fucked his mouth and throat.

And suddenly the realization came to the front of my brain.  My son had been avidly watching the same scenes not too long before. I discovered this aroused me tremendously. I wished he was in the room right then watching with me, watching me stroke myself to climax. Jesus. I'd never thought of my oldest son in a sexual way before. Yeah, sure, I was watching and getting off on fuck films with boys his age and goddamned way younger sucking man cock and eating men's asses, and getting royally fucked by men.  Sure I fantasized it was me fucking those boys.  But I'd never inserted Tommy into the mix, as a participant or observer.  But suddenly the thought of him watching his old man jack, while the two of us were watching this obscene video, and watching each other, got me almost to the brink.  It was then I heard the faint squeak on the stairs. I didn't turn my head, but I knew he was there and that he could see what I was doing.

My son, my son, my goddamned gorgeous son was watching his hairy daddy get off on kid fucking!  I started cumming, jets spurting into the air and falling hot on my chest. As I lay there panting and moaning softly, I heard his soft tread retreating on the stairs.

I have a habit of falling into sexual obsessions. That night my oldest son became the object of my obsession. I set about a deliberate plan of seduction, preparing him for my penetration. Of course, my nightly masturbation sessions continued, and he never missed one. I left the porn cabinet unlocked; left the inner box unlocked. I added sex toys and lubricants to my inventory. Eventually, I put in a hidden video camera so I could see what my little slut in training was up to when I wasn't home. Those DVDs I only watched behind a locked bedroom door, so Tommy wouldn't know I was watching him. It wasn't long before I was jacking off to the sight of my little boy sitting in the recliner, legs spread wide, stroking his nicely thick boy meat and jerking his hips when he came. After a while he started to experiment with the sex toys and lubricants. This was fine with me. I didn't want to have to hold back the first time I fucked him. I was working myself into such a state waiting for him to be ready. I knew I wouldn't be able to control myself the first time I got my fat cock in that tight young pussy. I like a robust fuck, hell, I like goddamned hot, rough fucks, as my son was soon to discover. The signs were pointing to his becoming an insatiable bitch in heat, just like his mother still was...just not with me, since my interests had...deviated...from her shaved cunt.  Tommy was my kind of sex partner. Or would be when I got through with him.

I spent hours fantasizing about how I would take him the first time. My work began to suffer a bit, but that's okay, because I own my own construction company. My best friend and employee, Bill, noticed something was up, but he figured I'd tell him about it when I was ready. We always shared our sexual adventures and often our sex partners. Yeah, I guess I forgot to mention that I fucked around on the bitch, too, before she left.

So, this brings us back to me standing naked in the hallway jacking off listening to my son cum. After his exertions I heard him sigh, and then the sounds and movements you'd expect of any teen boy getting a fat dildo out of his boy cunt, the sound of the nightstand drawer opening and closing as he hid the fuck tool, most likely planning to get up and clean it later, but for now, in my mind's eye I could see him pull the covers up, and snuggle into them. I crept down the hall to my room. I wanted to give him enough time to fall asleep. I jerked myself to climax, knowing if I went in theree with my cock this hard I would not be able to control myself. Since I didn't want to scare him, well, not too much, just this once I wanted to start slow. After I had him broken in the way I wanted, this would not be the case. He would learn to take my cock how I wanted, when I wanted. He was nothing if not obedient...or rather, he would be that way.  Soon.

I had timed my assault for Saturday night. It wouldn't do to fuck my little boy all night and expect him to go to school the next day. It was time to go. I gathered my supplies, which I had carefully planned. The velvet ropes were blood red. I liked the idea of fucking him while he was tied up.

I made my way down the hall, still naked. My cock was beginning to stir again. I heard Tommy softly snoring and knew he was deeply asleep.  So were little Terry and even littler Tony.  A discreet and appropriate dose of sleeping meds and they were both out.  No interference from that quarter. Tommy was, as usual, hard to rouse; difficult enough when it was ordinary sleep, worse when he was sated from his own dildo fucking.  The difficulty was areat advantage in my present endeavor. I slipped into his room and turned on the small lamp on his night stand. Tommy was laying on his back. I took the velvet ropes out and gently tied his arms to the rungs at the head of his brass bed. I sat beside him and slowly began unbuttoning his pajama top. I got to the third button before he sleepily opened his eyes.

"Daddy? What's going on?" Tommy looked around him, groggy and still half asleep. When his eyes finally focused on my rampant cock he quickly snapped awake and tried to sit up, only to find his hands bound over his head.

"Daddy? What are you doing?"

"You know what I'm doing, angel. Shhhhhh."

By that time I had his top unbuttoned and I pulled it open to reveal his satiny smooth chest.  And those two pointy tits, kind of like miniature chocolate kisses, though here they were a dark pink. I couldn't resist leaning my head down to suck one in into my mouth. Tommy gasped and squirmed a little, but my first victory was the way his nipple quickly stiffened under my tongue. As I was licking and sucking one boy tit, I reached over and squeezed the other between thumb and forefinger. That nipple soon became erect also.

Raising my head, I looked into my son's face. Tommy's mouth was open in shock, his breathing uneven, but he didn't seem frightened. His eyes kept straying to my erect cock before snapping back to my face. I had thought of gagging him to keep him from from trying to talk me out of this, if he wasn't cooperative.  The kid said nothing.  His eyes had that wide glazed look of a deer blinded by the headlights of an oncoming car, just before getting hit and hit hard.

Since his hands were bound I couldn't get his top off, but that was ok. he was sexy half dressed. My hands skimmed down his torso to the waist band of his pajama bottoms. Tommy's eyes widened when I began to pull off his bottoms.

"Daddy, no! Stop!" He started to squirm in earnest, trying to get away from me. Standing at the foot of the bed, I removed his bottoms, leaving him naked from the waist down. I pulled him so his arms were fully extended to the length of the restraints. I firmly grasped his legs and spread his knees wide to each side of him, leaving him lewdly exposed and so very, very, very *deliciously* vulnerable.

"Daddy, please no!"

"You don't tell me `no,' boy.  You know that."

My hands were holding his legs open, exposing his pretty little package. Nice.  Hot. No way to see his teen cunt until I lifted his legs and curled him back on himself. Tommy continued to protest, but I figured I knew a way to shut him up. I leaned down to get a closer look at his boy cock.  Uncut like his daddy's.  Fat.  Surrounded by a dusting of fine, almost invisible blond hairs.  I'd seen him naked from time to time, so I knew his balls had dropped. I breathed on his prick and fondled his loose balls in their still hairless sack.  That wasn't enough to stop the squirming, but his struggles stilled a bit when I distracted him by slicking my tongue up his balls and up his cock, causing it to flop onto his tummy, pointing toward his outie belly button.  It twitched and elongated.  Was my hot teen son thinking about what his daddy had just done?  Visualizing the men on the DVD who had sucked the pricks of boys his age, and younger even?

I'd never thought about sucking dick.  Yeah, I'd had plenty of cocksuckers, both genders, swing on my meat, but had never tried it myself. I realized I was going to.  HAD to. I dropped to my knees, looked up the long slender sleek length of his beautiful boy body, caught his eyes, told him sternly to keep his knees up, his feet on the bed, his legs spread wide. His eyes widened but he nodded obediently.

I took both his balls in my mouth, swirling my tongue around, tugging gently.  My son whimpered. I let them fall and worked my way up until I licked the oozing tip of his stiff meat.  A fine cock.  Maybe five inches.  Damn, but if I'd known how sweet a boy's precum could taste I'd have been doing this shit years ago.  Then I took his hard teen dick in my mouth and Tommy moaned.  Fuck, yeah, there'd been a lot of wasted time here without boy dick in my mouth.

I kept on licking and nipping and sucking his prick, and he held his legs out wide and perfectly still, except when he gave an involuntary lurch and they wobbled. I stopped sucking, holding his knob end tightly in my lips, straight up from his crotch.  I looked up at him, found him looking back, all that shock and awe in his wide, wide, eyes, watching his daddy do him.

I slipped two fingers of my right hand inside of his cunt and found him burning hot and his cunt walls still slick from the dildo lube.  I slipped my fingers in farther, curling them to find his little button, and stroked it while I resumed my very first boy suck.  Tommy gasped and moaned, "Daddy." The sexiest sound I'd ever heard. I glanced up and saw his arching his back, his eyes closed, totally lost. He was now bucking to the rhythm of my sucking mouth, thrusting his dick into it, fucking as close to my throat as he could get, begging for it.

"Daddy, daddy," he gasped as he neared his climax. I could feel his cunt contracting around my fingers every time I sucked him. Tommy jerked and moaned, straining against his bonds. He was close to cumming, but I wanted to feel those tremors with my cock deep inside him. It was time for me to have what I wanted.

I let go of his cock, took my fingers out of his young pussy.  Scooted him further up on the bed.  Knelt between his still spread legs.  Fuck but my son looked like such a hot slut laying there, hands tied, gasping and whimper.  I raised his legs so they over my arms.  Rubbed the tip of my cock against his slimy, lubed hole and said, "Daddy's going to fuck you now, baby. Fuck you good and hard."

"Yes, Daddy, please, please."

He was desperate to cum, pushing against my cock, trying to draw me inside him, probably praying that I'd at least jack him once my dick was balls deep.  Not a chance.

Grabbing his hips, I buried myself to the hilt with one long stroke. He was tight, but he took me fine, grinding his butt against me asking for more. A perfect little fuck slut, just like his mother had been all those years ago. I gave him what he wanted, fucking him hard. He exploded on the third thrust, spraying cum all the way up to his still hard nips, clamping and releasing his cunt muscles around my shoving meat.  And he was still begging his daddy to fuck him harder.  I looked down to where our bodies were joined, slowly pulling out of him, my cock hard as diamonds, coated with lube and my son's cunt juices. And then I shoved back in, harder than any previous stroke.  Hell, it felt like it was harder than any in-stroke I'd ever done before in any pussy.

"You're so fucking hot, you're gonna make Daddy come."

Tommy met my thrusts, his cunt still squeezing with convulsions from his climax. I felt the first jets of cum erupt from my cock as I experienced the most intense orgasm of my life. I pumped him full of my foaming seed, pulling out at the end so the last few jets spewed on his stomach and his suddenly hard again boy dong.

"You've got a hungry little cunt, don't you, baby? You're gonna take all I have to give and beg for more like a good little fuck slut, aren't you?"

Tommy said nothing. He was gasping for air. I stood up from the bed and moved to hold my dripping cock near his face.

"Open your mouth."

Tommy obediently opened his mouth and I squeezed the last few drops of my cum onto his tongue. I looked into his eyes, glazed with lust and I knew I had him. He would do whatever I wanted. What I wanted at that moment was for him to suck me hard again. I bumped my cock against his lips and ordered him to lick me clean. I softly instructed him on how to suck my cock as I slowly fucked his beautiful mouth. Seeing his pretty full lips wrapped around me as my cock slid in and out of his mouth made me hard again in record time. I reached up and released his hands and taught him how to stroke and squeeze my balls while he was giving me head. He was a good student.  Oh, yes, my precious oldest son was such an eager, perfect, slutty pussy boy.

I ordered him up on his hands and knees so I could take him from behind. I almost coated my cock with lubricant first. But then I remembered. There was both the remainder of his dildo lube and my cum up inside his pussy.  Good enough.  I was planning on using him well that night and he was going to get sore in the not too distant future.  Not my problem.  Hell, it enhanced my lust knowing he was helpless.  Yeah, he wasn't tied up any more, but it wasn't like his slender, almost delicate frame could overpower me.  I could do with him what the fuck I wanted, and what the fuck I wanted was a good rough fuck of his kid cunt. I positioned myself and thrust into him.

I gripped his waist tightly as I fucked him, again looking down with pleasure at where our bodies were joined. Hottest damn thing in the world to see his cunt dripping the white foaming evidence of my complete possession of him.     I began to mutter obscenities at him, letting him know he was mine to breed when, as and how I fucking liked.  Tommy was moaning and pushing back against me like a bitch in heat. He seemed tighter from this angle, like a hot silken glove.  I fucked him harder, faster, the sound of my huge hairy balls slapping against him music to my fucking ears.

"You like that don't you, baby? You're Daddy's little slut now, aren't you!"

"Daddy, it feels so good. I can't stand it."

That was my cue to fuck him a bit harder to bring his cum on. I soon felt his cunt grabbing my cock like a vise. He was cumming again, screaming and moaning. Thank goodness the neighbors were too far away to hear how my oldest son was being well fucked and was expressing full throated appreciation of daddy's dick in his pussy. Noisy little slut.

I was about to cum again myself. I pulled out of Tommy, and moved around the bed so I was in front of hi. I grabbed him by the back of the head, guiding his mouth to my cock. I shoved my cock deep into his mouth and shot a big load of cum down his throat.

"Suck and swallow, baby. Suck me dry."

Tommy tried his best and managed to swallow most of it. I sat back on my heels, not having much room on his small bed. Tommy collapsed onto the bed, a beautiful cum stained mess. We stayed like that for a few moments catching our breath while I surveyed my handiwork. I was well pleased with the outcome.

After a while I scooped him up and carried him down the hall to my room and dropped my boy slut on my bed.

"You sleep in here from now on," I told him, going to the bathroom for a warm washcloth. I came back and cleaned the cum off him, not being able to resist kissing him and licking my cum off his mouth.

I turned off the light and lay down beside him, pulling him to me in the dark.

"Daddy," he sighed, "that was wonderful."

"Yeah, it was pretty good. It'll be better after I've taught you a few things."

"Okay, Daddy."

Chapter Two - Training

I woke the next morning to a raging hard on and Tommy learned the next lesson. When Daddy's cock is hard, it's his job to service it. I had him suck me off in the shower and then I taught him to jack off with the shower massage. He really liked that part.

After breakfast I took Terry next door to visit his best friend, so they could watch Saturday morning cartoons together and play.  Thus leaving me with fuck time with my oldest.  We went down to the rec room. I had used this room as a sex play pen in the past. When the boys were staying over with relatives—thank God for two sets of grandparents who cared, and were always willing to give daddy "a break" or "some alone time"—I used my time wisely. I belonged to a couple of sex groups on the Net and used them to arrange group sex parties. I had a favorite configuration for the room, discovered through trial and error. It's hard to have group sex on a bed, so I liked to pull the futon off the couch and lay it on the floor. I would then pile pillows up on the frame. This made it really easy to kneel behind a woman and fuck her doggie style, my favorite. The woman puts her upper body on the couch, so there is no strain on his arms. You can fuck for hours like this.  Just what I had in mind.

I arranged the room the way I wanted and Tommy and I spent the day in training. I gave him instruction on the finer points of giving head. He learned that Daddy likes it when he runs his tongue around the underside of the head of his cock. He learned how hard to suck, how to jack me with his hand while he's sucking me, and how I like my balls handled.

Soon I had him kneeling over the sofa and I was fucking him from behind. After a while I tied his hands behind his back, which made Tommy hotter than a pistol.  He fucking loved it. While my cock was sliding in and out of his tight little cunt, I reached for the bottle of lubricant and dripped some on one of my favorite toys.  It's a dildo that looks like a series of progressively larger balls stuck together. You start by inserting the smallest ball, slowly progressing the larger ones and in the process opening up the anus wider and wider.

He whined when I pulled my dick out of his hole, begging me to put it back in.  Instead, I watched as his pinkish-purple, slightly bruised ass lips slowly contracted.  I waited a moment, then inserted he smallest ball, which is larger than my finger. Tommy tried to raise up, to crane his neck back to see what I was doing.  I roughly pushed him flat onto the couch again, his head turned to his left, right cheek on the sofa.  I shoved it in a little farther, making him gasp. I could see from his face that this was exciting him.  I slowly fucked him up the ass, soon reaching the ball that was the same diameter as his Daddy's dick, and then I shoved hard and deep and two more dildo balls went in, opening his cunt wider than ever before, fuck, probably wider than he wanted or thought he could handle.  But he wasn't in charge.  Daddy was.

With a firm grip on the handle, I pushed the last two balls in.  My teen boy cunt wailed. I held it there for a long moment, then eased the dildo fuck stick out, watching his pussy lips slide open and close again over the balls.  Another brief pause, then a hard shove all the way in.  I realized that none of the boy fucking vids had a scene like this, knew that some way some how, regardless of whether Tommy was actually willing or not, I was going to film him getting royally dildo-fucked.  Like now.  But with other dildos, too.

I was fucking that balled dildo in and out of his pussy like a goddamned piston and he began whimpering, and whining, and shaking and pleading and suddenly he was spurting boy cream against the cock, without me touching his hot young prick.  And before he could come down off his cum high, I yanked the dildo stick out of his pussy, and shoved my long fat hard cock in to take its place.  Christ but he took it like a champ.  My Tommy is a born fuck slut. He gets it from both of the gene pools that made him.

I nudged myself to the hilt in his ass and begun to stroke in and out, my balls slapping against his hot wet cunt when I heard someone coming down the stairs. I didn't really have to wonder who it was, since there's only one other person who has keys to my house.  That, and the fact I'd invited him over at this time, which kind of surprised the fuck out of him from his tone of voice, knowing two of the kids were gone, but that Tommy was still there.  Oh, yeah, this was going to be good. It didn't seem possible, but my prick got harder at the thought of my best friend Bill "catching" me fucking my son up the ass.

You see, Bill has a thing for young boys.  I caught him perving a kid when we were in the ballpark toilet taking a piss between innings.  When I did a WTF on him as we went back to my van, having decided that under the circumstances we didn't really want to watch the rest of the game, he told me in an embarrassed, hushed tone, that although he'd never had any boy cunt, he thought about it a lot.  Even jacked to the mental fantasies.  And the vids he bought. In his eagerness to confess all to his best friend, let out the steam that had been building up for however the fuck long, he even let slip where he got his videotapes and DVDs.

It definitely wasn't my scene at that point, and I did the bit about not being judgmental, warning him to be careful, wouldn't affect our friendship, was he really sure he wanted to continue fucking around with women like we used to, or having group sex with a variety of men and women joining in, blah, blah, blah.  He was so goddamned grateful for my reaction.

Of course, I didn't let on to him later that I'd bought some of those tapes and DVDs.  In fact, the one that started everything with Tommy was the first one I bought and jacked to.  We just...didn't talking about boy fucking.  Him because in all probability he didn't want to risk rocking the boat of our friendship, in and out of fuck scenes.  Me because I just didn't want anyone to know, not even my best friend, that I was turned on as much by those vids as he was.  Maybe more so, since I wound up actually acting on them.

But ever since I started obsessing about fucking Tommy, I knew the next logical step was to get him involved in group sex, which I was also obsessed with. I would have to be very discreet, of course, seeing as he is underage. It would have to be someone I trusted. It would have to be Bill, since who else did I know he got off on young boy pussy?  What made it all the hotter as I planned Bill's Saturday surprise was that I suspected he had been lusting after Tommy anyway, so fucking Tommy group style was going to happen, sooner or later. Looks like it was going to be sooner.

Bill was clomping down the stairs and I was quivering inside in anticipation. Tommy froze, but there wasn't much he could do. He was trapped between me and the couch, his hands were tied behind his back, and he had my cock up his ass.

"What the fuck, Ron! What are you doing?"

"What does it look like, Bill? I'm fucking my son up the ass."

Bill came over for a closer look. He stood there for a minute avidly watching my cock slowly sucking in and out of Tommy's ass. He knelt next to me and reached under my balls to finger Tommy's boy cunt, grunting in satisfaction to find it hot and wet. His fingertips gently stroked the daddy meat fucking the boy who was practically a nephew to him.

"Mind if I join in?" he asked me.

"What do you think? Haven't we always shared?" I replied.

"Well, this is your son, Ron."

"Daddy, no. I don't want to, Daddy!"

Tommy wasn't going for it.

"Bill, this is my son, but he's also a hot underage piece of ass, just like you told me you liked it.  Only now it's for real, and not a mind fuck while you jack. This is my little fuck slut in training and he will do what I say."


I yanked my meat out of his hole.  Reared back.  Slapped his slender white butt hard...four times. My hand left bright pink spots on his pale flesh.  "Don't tell me no, Tommy. You know you never tell me no. You're going to take Bill's cock because I tell you to. You will fuck who I tell you to, and there are going to be men besides Bill who will use you. Now shut up and do what I say."

Tommy's protest seemed half hearted anyway. He wasn't crying and his cunt was still eagerly working my meat when I started fucking him again. Bill was undressed by that point. He sat on the couch and lifted Tommy up so his mouth was able to reach his cock. He started sucking Bill off without further complaint.

I was still sliding my cock in and out of his ass, excited beyond belief at the sight of his lips wrapped around Bill's cock. Bill and I like to watch each other fuck.

"Yeah, suck him off baby, just like Daddy taught you."

"Damn, Ron, you got a hot one on your hands. Hurry up and finish, I can't wait to feel his cunt wrapped around my cock."

The thought of watching Bill bury his cock in my son was enough to send me over the edge. I shot a load of cum deep in Tommy's ass.

I pulled out and Bill quickly came around to kneel behind Tommy. I fingered his cunt, helping Bill guide his cock inside. I rubbed his juices on the shaft of Bill's cock as he slowly thrust inside him. Bill grabbed Tommy's bound hands and pulled his back so he could get deeper inside him. That's when he moaned, "Oh, yeah Ron, you got a good little slut on your hands. He's taking me good. C'mon, squeeze my cock harder, slut."

I kept my fingers on Tommy's hard cock while Bill was fucking him.  I reached between Bill's legs, something I'd never done before, feeling his balls, feeling his slick wet meat slide in and out of my son's pussy.  Pulling back, my fingers sliding up his hairy ass crack, pausing to rub Bill's clamped tight pucker.  Felt it give way, slid my index finger into his raunchy smelling hole.  Found his prostate.  Bill gasped.  Still fingering Bill's hole, I started jacking Tommy's oversized boy-clit.  It was fantastic. I felt a renewed gush of wetness over my fingers, so I knew that, despite his protests, Tommy was totally hot for all this.

"Oh, yeah, keep rubbing his boy-clit, Ron. He's gonna cum, we're going to make his cum."

Bill fucked him harder, gasping, "You're cumming you little devil, I can feel it."

Tommy screamed, "Yes, yes, ohhhhhh yes."

Bill shot a huge load of cum inside him. It flowed out of his cunt and down the backs of his legs and onto Bill's thickly hairy pubes.  Bill pulled out and lay back, panting. I untied Tommy's hands and motioned him to turn around.

"Lick Bill clean and suck him hard again while I go wash up."

I went and jumped in the shower to wash off my cock after its anal adventure. When I got back to the rec room Bill was laying back in the recliner with Tommy on top fucking him.

When I came into the room he looked up at me and gave me a beautiful smile. One fuck slut, coming right up. Mission accomplished.

My cock quickly hardened.  I realized what I either hadn't known or hadn't been willing to admit before:  that during all those group sex scenes we'd done together, in my rec room and elsewhere, it was the sight of the dicks plunging in and out of the various female holes, not the women, that had really been a turnon for me.  Especially watching Bill's cock in one hole while I fucked another.

Only, I had no hole.  No boy cunt to fuck because there sure as hell weren't any others around.  Except....

I wiped my hands off.  Picked up my cell.  Dialed.  Waited impatiently.  "Jane, hi.  Ron.  Look, sorry to break things up, but would you mind sending Terry back.  I need him over here."  Flipped it shut.

I looked up to see Tommy's upper body twisted around so he could look at me.  Bill's torso had moved, too, so he could see me around Tommy.  Their eyes were wide.  More fucking shock and awe.  Well-fucking-deserved.

Tommy grinned and turned away, starting to fuck himself more vigorously on Bill's dick.  I could see his right arm moving more rapidly as he jerked his teen meat.

We heard the kitchen door slam.  The young voice calling, "Daddy?"

My voice saying, "Down here, honey.  We're all down here.  C'mon."

Footsteps on the stairs.  Little boy footsteps.  Three hard cocks.  One fucking teen boy pussy.  Two being jacked.  Three heads turned, twisted to watch the doorway.

And then he was there, his little mouth open.  Three sighs heard throughout the land.  Fresh boy pussy at hand.