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This story is a work of complete fiction and along the lines of upper balcony, for those who liked it, K?

Deano and Little Ty

Jeez, my mom was going out with my aunt for the day and wanted me to go over with her and visit with my cousins, whom I hadn't seen in about 6 years and all I remembered of them was they were skinny and noisy. Shit.

I had taken an interest in other boys recently, like watching them change at the pool, and would jerk off after, a new sport I'd learned from the internet.

I had just turned 14 and had my hair spiked and ears pierced with rings, that kinda thing and my cousins were 10 months apart, so must be about 11 and 12 now. More than likely boring and not old enough to do anything with. Boy was I wrong...

I was packing a pretty good weapon these days, that is according to what I read on the internet, and especially for my age, almost 7 ", average thickness and the bump in my foreskin was from my tapered knob, a `helmet' head as they were called, as the flair at the shaft was wider than the shaft. Not curved, perfectly straight shaft.

There that's the stats. Oh, ya, I didn't like hairs around my cock so I shaved it in the shape of and upside down triangle pointing to my shaft, and yes, I had rings pierced - two on my foreskin and three down the side of my ballsac.

I bought some clamp-on rings that you don't have to be pierced for, just squeeze on because my mom wouldn't let me have anything else pierced than my ears, so these were for my nipples and bellybutton for when I went out and she never checked my dick, naturally.

My mom didn't know about all this ring shit but it fit the image with my spiked hair and my worn, tight cut offs, which she frowned on, but then, I'm a little spoiled. So at the last minute I clamped rings on my nipples and one on my bellybutton, put a bunch of extra rings in my pocket then put on my tank top and took off my underwear so my bare ass would show through the holes which she didn't notice. There, ready for some fun maybe, anything or at least something to cut the boredom.

So off I go, attitude and all, which was suddenly dulled a bit by the $20 bill she slipped me. Okay.

I was quite surprised when I saw my cousins, but then it had been 6 years, as Tyler was now a little taller than me, quite thin and goddam gorgeous! Spiked blond hair too, baby blue eyes, full lips just like a lot of the poster boys you see. The beginnings of a nice snake down his pant leg. Nice. And he's my cousin? Wow! Thanks so far mom!

Our moms headed out and said they would be back at dinner time, conscious of the fact I wouldn't' want to stay any longer than necessary.

Dean was quite the opposite, 10 months younger, average height for his age, a good build, green eyes that had a mischievous sparkle, and was quite active, jostling around and grabbing at the small lump in his shorts.

Well this has some hope, may not turn out so bad after all. I may not have any close friends, but sure got some interesting cousins I hope I can get `close` to. Kissing cousins? Lol

Our moms left and we played on the Playstation a bit and Tyler was quite quiet and stared through me with those baby blue eyes whereas Dean was quite active, fidgeting, staring at my crotch a lot as he pulled on his. Hmmm...

Finally, I was sitting between them at the computer and Tyler was leaned on a bit, his shoulder against mine, leg pressed against mine, which was a-okay with me.

Dean was against me too, but had his arm resting on my leg, He slid it over and put his elbow against my bulge, "oops" he said mockingly, "sorry, oh..." he nudged it again then looked down and then reached over and squeezed it, "wow, you bring your baseball with you?" and giggled as he squeezed it a couple more times, "it feels big, Tyler's gotta big one now too!"

Tyler blushed slightly then in his quiet voice said, "Deano, you shouldn't talk about that, Matt isn't interested". Wanta bet? Whew.

I shrugged nonchalantly, as if it didn't matter but hoping to hear more.

"Well you are bigger than Alex and Reggie and they are older too, 13" He pulled on his crotch, "I'm getting bigger now too. Wanna feel it Matt?" Suddenly I was interested to see where this was going.

I shrugged again and pinched it, it wasn't too bad for 11 year old and he grinned proudly when I said, "Not bad!" and he added, "And it's only a semi, not a full stiffy". Wow I don't remember this kind of a conversation when I was 11.

It didn't seem to bother Tyler who quietly said, "I like your ear rings, they're cool."

"Ya, thanks, would you like a pair?"

"What? Don't you have to pierce them?

"Nope, they just clamp on"

"Do they hurt?" Dean asked.


"Cool! Wow! Let's do it!" they both chimed in and Dean became quite agitated, Tyler a little cooler, and I put them on both of them and they looked in the mirror admiring themselves.

"Cool!" Tyler said, "A lotta guys have them on their bods too"

"Ya, I do too"

Both of them looked at me in surprise and I grinned and proudly pulled off my shirt and they were wide eyed as they played with them.

They were excited as they asked me if I had more and were ecstatic when I clamped them on, and I loved putting them on Tyler's nipples and I got a close-up of his `snake' when I did his navel.

They paraded in front of the mirror, showing them off and playing with them.

Deano grabbed his crotch, "I've got a stiffy from these, cool eh?"

Tyler said, "I've seen pics of guy's dicks with them on their foreskins, I wonder if it hurts when they jack off?" Woops, where did that come from?

"Really?" Deano asked seriously as he continued to pull on his crotch, then looked at me, "can you put one on mine?"

"Sure" I replied and he quickly stripped his shorts off and stood in front of me pulling the foreskin of his thin, 4 " slightly curved boner, not bad for 11, completely unabashed as Tyler looked on, unphased by his naked brother's boner.

He had about " of skin, so I stretched it out an clamped it on and he pranced around looking at himself in the mirror pulling the skin back and forth, watching the ring slide over his damp knob.

"Are you gonna get one Ty?" he asked his bro.

I thought he would never ask.

Tyler grinned and nodded, then stood up and dropped his shorts, not the least bit shy either and moved in front of me, his 6" thick semi pointing straight at me, a few blond hairs of bush, and big balls. The skin didn't quite cover his large knob so the piss slit just showed. Verrry nice...

Dean immediately moved over and grabbed it and pulled back so the skin rolled off the rest of the damp knob, "Hee, hee, you got a semi. What do you think, Matt? Big, I like the feel of it, hope mine is that big soon!"

I smiled back and grabbed it, the first time I ever held anyone else's, and it felt good and I could feel it harden as I clamped the ring on it. Wow was this unexpected fun!

They paraded around in front of the mirror, admiring my all their rings, playing with theirs and each other's, their boners waving unabashed.

"Are you gonna put some on Matty?" Deano asked curiously.

"I already have some"

"Wow! Can we see them?" he asked almost apologetically as he slowly stoked his skinny dick with his thumb and forefinger, his eyes anxiously cast down at my `bulge'.

I can' t believe I was shy no more, and nodded and stood up and before I could do it Deano rushed up and started undoing my shorts and pulled them down and my semi flipped straight out.

"Wow! You got a semi too and your dick is fucking huge!" Dean exclaimed as he wrapped his hand around it, then ran his fingers over my bush, "and your hairs are shaped like an upside down triangle. Here Ty, feel this"

He didn't hesitate and in his quiet way took it in his hand and rolled the skin back, "you've got two!" and then with his other hand pulled gently on the bag rings, "and three on you nut sac. Decent"

He leaned down a little closer and said, "Are they pierced?"

I nodded, "Ya, mom will never see them, the others I have to take of `cause she would give me shit".

Deano was playing with my balls, and between the two of them going at it I was really hard.

Ty and me were standing beside each other and Deano grabbed both our boners and slowly stroked us, "Yours is bigger than Ty's, longer and thicker, I hope his gets as big, I like the feel of it bigger" then he felt our balls, "your balls are bigger too, bet they got a lotta juice in them. When I jack off Ty, he shoots out a big puddle and one time he squirted up on his stomach. All the guys thought that was cool!"

Did I just hear him right? Wow!

He started pulling on his as he continued stroking me, "Can we whack you off and see how much you can shoot, and then you can do us if you want to see, if you want if that is. I can't shoot myself yet, but love to cum"

"Deano, that's not polite to ask your cousin that, he may not want to" Ty chimed in, trying to be polite, although I could see he was real interested as he squeezed his stiff dick.

I nodded, trying not to show how excited I was, "no that's okay, it sounds like fun. My mom said I should get to know you better and this is a good way to get to know every bit of you!"

We all laughed and Deano said "Let's get on the bed, that's where we usually do it, unless that is when it's with the other guys, and then we're all on the floor"

Whoa, this is getting too much!

I climbed on the bed, laid back with my feet slightly spread and hands behind my head as they went to work on me. I never in my wildest dreams did I ever think this could happen to me!

Ty rolled my balls in his hand, squeezing and tugging lightly as he ran his other fingers down between my legs till he reached my butthole and softly ran a finger around it, then slowly pushes the tip in and I flinched at first tightening up, then he smiled warmly with those baby blue eyes and I relaxed and felt it slip in.

Meanwhile, Deano was squeezing my cock hard as he traced his finger around my `designer' bush, then he grabbed my throbbing shaft with both his little hands and squeezed harder, his head tilted, a serious and determined look on his face as he chewed on his bottom lip.

Shit! Was I ecstatic! I never felt anything like this in my life, lying here with my eyes closed, they sure were experienced. It's a good thing though, that I am a slow cummer, because this feeling was totally awesome, my body being racked with incredible rushes!

Deano suddenly stopped and held my cock up and I felt his rough tongue drag across my tender swollen knob and I flinched, opened my eyes and snapped my head up as he laughed deviously, "Ty does that every time I do it to him, but he knows I'm gonna do this next" and he held my skin back and stretched his lips over my knob down below the flair and sucked!

Holy... Shit...! This was blowing my mind besides my cock!

He sucked a few times, his tongue flicking the tip, then pulled off and wiped his lips, "You taste great! You're too big and thick for me to go down further, so I'll turn you over to Ty, he's a really good cocksucker".

He's 11? This seemed like a kinda production, the way they were working!

He bent it over to Ty who took hold and started stroking it, "Here you go Tybo, it's bigger than the other guys', you'll enjoy it" and he watched his brother proudly as he started jerking his own `needle' and slid his other hand down between my legs and inserted his finger in my butthole right down to the knuckle and it did feel good now as he worked it in and out.

Ty's lips slid down the taper of my knob and over the flair and he clamped on my throbbing shaft and started sliding down, his rough tongue and the ribbed roof of his mouth scraping the tender flair.

OMG, I think I was becoming delirious...

I could feel his lips hit my pubes and Deano was ecstatic, "Shit! You took the whole thing! That's huge! Wait till I tell the others!"

Tybo flattened his palm on my W and grabbed the base of my shaft between his thumb and forefinger and held it upright as he slid back up then down all the way again. Sucking hard.

Man oh man, I was building up a humungous load as Deano pumped my hole faster.

Deano giggled, "Oh by the way, Bro can't talk because his mouth is full" titter, titter, "Let us know when you are ready to squirt, I wanna see how far you can shoot"

Gawd, he was starting to sound like some kind of a movie producer.

Okay, it was starting. I was used to jacking myself off so this was new to me, crazy awesome! I could feel the load really building up now and I grabbed the sheet hard with both hands and groaned softly, straightening my legs and digging my heels down, tossing my head side to side.

It w getting closer and closer as Ty slid up and kept sucking my knob as he frantically pumped my vibrating shaft and Deano rolled and tugged my balls, fingering me faster.

That's it, I raised my head, gritting my teeth and quickly said, "Gonna cummmm..." and dropped my head back, and arched my hips and gasped loudly, "aahhhh... AAAA... AGGGH ... Auu... UUHHHHHHHH... UHUHUH!!!" and let my first load fire and I could feel it hit my chest.

I bucked again and it was so intense I could hear them in the distance, " Wow! Holy fuck it hit his tits! Here's another one! Keep pumping! I gotta taste it!" and I felt Deano put his head on my stomach and I gave a final small quirt and collapsed down, totally exhausted, breathing hard.

I slowly caught my breath, opened my eyes and raised my head. Deano's grinning face was just inches in front of mine, fresh cum on it, dripping off his chin, some on his tongue that was sticking out, "tase dis, it freshy made..," he mumbled, leaning in as I opened my mouth and he stuck his tongue in it and I sucked it off, then he sucked on mine a couple times and pulled off giggling, "I really like you"

Jeez, my first tongues suck! He moved his head and I saw Tybo squeezing the dregs up my wilting shaft, forcing them out my foreskin and a stringer was stretching down and he put his tongue out and caught it as Deano giggled, then he put his lips over my tender skin and sucked out the remainder then pulled it back exposing my shiny tender knob and licked it off with his rough tongue and I rose up quickly and grabbed his head and Deano fell over holding his stomach and laughing loudly.

"Ty does the same when I lick his too! But he comes back for more!

"Okay now, let's do Tybo, I love eating his cum too"

I looked down at the sticky mess on my chest and then at Deano's face, and he smiled, "we like to wear it till it dries to show off the size of your loads. Of course I can't shoot yet. So I like to have a face paint"

Shit, they are almost organized, like some kind of a club. Can`t wait to see the members of the members. LOL

Ty laid back this time and Deano and I knelt on opposite sides and Deano held up Ty's thick boner and pointed it to me, so I took it and slowly stroked it, squeezing hard. It felt different than mine, not as long but fatter and I did it a few times, then held the skin back and licked it and he flinched like I did as Deano said he would.

I slid my lips over his knob and I loved it. It scraped the roof of my mouth and slid along my tongue till I felt his curly bush on my lips and fought the urge to gag. All the way!

"You took the whole thing first time!" Deano exclaimed all excited. "Fucking decent!"

I rolled his squishy balls and pushed a finger in his butt and it slipped in easily and I could feel him clamp on it and kept tightening and loosening as I worked it back and forth, then I did 2 and he moaned as they went in and he tightened harder too.

He was obviously enjoying and was used to his cock being sucked, his balls being fondled and fingers fucking his ass. Wow and he's only 12!

Deano had knelt, straddling his bro's head and Ty was sucking his skinny boner! Double dicking!

Ty started to squirm and moan and Dean moved off as Ty groaned louder," uuuhhhh... uuHHH...UUUUUHHHH..." and his hips bounced, then he dug his heels in, arched his hips slightly off the bed and put his hand on my head and remained perfectly still as his throbbing cock suddenly pulsed, "AAAGGHHUUUUHHHHAAAAGG!!!", and pumped 4 -5 streams of fresh hot boycum each time across my tongue and hit the back of my throat! Wow!

I swallowed and pulled off, some still remaining on my tongue and stuck it out, smiling and Deano piped up, "Don't swallow that, I like the taste of his cum" and moved over and grabbed my head and put his lips over my tongue and sucked on it, then moved his tongue around inside my mouth and I sucked on his tongue! I can't believe I did that and loved it too! Oh well, I sure am learning a lot from my cousins

"Oh", he said coyly, I love your tongue as much as your humongous cock" and giggled as he stretched his skin, "and now I want you to enjoy my itty bitty dicky..." and pulled it down with his thumb several times flipping it up. He jumped on the bad as Ty got off, laid back and rolled back on his shoulders and held his legs up beside his ears, and grinned at me, "I want you to do me"

I looked at him curiously, and Ty chuckled, "the little horndog likes to be pumped up before he gets jacked off, so lick your finger, start with one and work his butt like he did to you"

Okay. I did it and could feel his little muscle pulsing as I worked back and forth, then he asked for 2 and he squirmed a bit at first then relaxed as I did him, moaning away, "aahhh..yaaass... k, now suck meee..."

I pulled the long skin back on his 5" needle and licked the damp knob and his head rose up and he grabbed my head, "AACCCHHH!!!", then I slid my lips over it and he released my head as I bottomed on it, my lips on his smooth pubs and sucked hard. I was getting good at cocksucking, happily too.

Ty swung over Dean's head, his soft cock dangling in front of Dean who took it in his mouth, and he turned and looked down at me chuckling, " the little horndog also likes sucking my soft cack and also likes sucking one while he's getting blown" Whoa...

A few minutes went by and he turned again, "I think he's getting ready to cum, you wanna start jerking him now"

Yep, this is a real production. His knob was swollen and red when I pulled off and grabbed the thin rigid shaft between my thumb and 2 fingers and started to jerk it. His balls were fairly big in the tight ballsac and he started to squirm and moan.

Ty moved off and Dean raised his head, eyes closed, gritting his teeth, then grunted in staggered bursts, "uh... uhh... uuhhhh... uuuuuUUHH.." then threw his head back down, dug his heels in and started to buck his hips. "aggg.. aaaggggg.." then rose up and bent over, still gasping, "aaaa... aahh... ahhh... "then threw himself back down, straightened out his body completely stiff and shuddered as I felt his rigid digit pulse about dozen timed in my fingers and a small streamer of thin liquid shot up about 3" followed by about a dozen dribbles.

I knew he would be excited so I held it on my tongue.

"You just squirted Deano!" his brother exclaimed excitedly.

He lazily opened his eyes, then suddenly rose up and looked at his leaking dick, "Fuck! Wow, I wanna taste that Matt, did you get save some on your tongue?"

I couldn't very well talk or I would swallow it, so I mumbled, nodded and stuck out my tongue. We both leaned together and he closed his lips on my tongue and sucked, then as before, he stuck his tongue into my mouth and I sucked it. I liked doing it as much as he did. We both grabbed each other's heads and actually kissed for a half a minute or so. Ya.

We broke and he looked down at his softening dick and noticed little stinger stretching down, and said to Ty, "Quick, get my IPad, I wanna show Shane!"

He handed it to him and looked at me, "Get ready to squeeze the rest out, I want him to see it".

He hit the speed dial and put it on speakerphone and punched the cam on and a few seconds later a high voice like his came on, "Waddup bro?" and I leaned over and looked. There were actually three naked boys standing, the one in the middle holding the pad had long black hair, turned up nose, really cute, skinny with a long foreskin on his 5 " boner . Another boy with short shaggy brown hair was standing slightly behind him with his chin resting on Shane's shoulder and was twisting his 5" thick boner and the boy on the other side with a blond ponytail was taller than Shane and had his 6" skinny boner pressed against Shane's naked hip.

"Oh you got Ricky with you and who's the other dude with the tail? He cool?"

`Ya. Oh ya, I know what you mean, sure he is, he's Slick", and he nodded slowly and winked, "Yeah, way cool. I was just getting to know him, Shane says he want us to show him a few things, you know, tricks" and he reached down and Slick flinched as Shane pinched his knob.

"CooI! Hey, I just squirted bro! Fuckin' big time too! Look..." and he handed me the pad and I turned it on his soft dick and he squeezed up the shaft and pushed the last bit out his skin and caught it with his finger and I followed it up and he looked at the pad and grinned then caught it on his tongue, swallowed and licked his lips.

"Wow!" Shane exclaimed, "Cool! Who helped you, Tybo?"

"Nope, my cousin Matt, who I haven't seen in 5-6 years, he'14 now" and he waved the pad over, so I passed it and he turned it on me, "This is Matt, the ring man! And he zoomed in on my ear, then down to my nipples, "neat, eh? But here's more, and zoomed in on my navel"

I could see Shane in the small corner and he was getting wide eyed, "and now the best part" and moved on to pubes.

"Awsome! Fuck that`s so cool! Did you help him?"

"No but he says I can when it needs a trim"

"Hope I can help, I`d love to feel them."
"Well, I'm about to blow your mind or your balls!"

He moved back and then down to show my whole soft dick, the zoomed in, and the three of them leaned in closer to the pad and their jaws dropped, "Fuck look at the size and It's got rings!" "Super cock!" "Too much!"

Tybo joined us and rolled my skin back to show the rings, then pulled on my bag ones. Then flopped it around and Deano giggled and the three joined him.

"Did you get to play with it?"

"Play with it, fuck I sucked on it, but it was so big, Tybo had a go at it and bottomed! Nearly choked on it, then we jerked him off and fuck, it was like a cannon! Cum all over my face and his chest. Shit man!

"Holy shit, you're making me horny thinking a about it" and he looked down and Slick was rolling the skin down and up and slowly stroking it, while his cut 6 incher waved and Ricky was now rubbing his bone against the other hip of Shane's.

Slick pulled back his pony tail, "So you guys, like suck each other's cocks?" and Deano nodded then bent over, lifted my soft dick, peeled the skin back, stuffed it in his mouth and gave it a few sucks, then pulled off and wiped his lips, rubbed his stomach and grinned, "fresh meat, nothing like it!"

Always the joker and we all laughed, and Slick grinned, "Well these guys can't squirt so they asked me if they could do me so I agreed and I wasn't sure if sucking was okay, but it sounds like added fun, maybe I'll let them and I'll try it too, they seem to know all the moves"

"Cool! We'll watch, we're all cummed out, have to recharge for next round". Whoa! There's more to come I ask myself?

They set the IPad on the table and jumped on the bed and had Slick sit with his legs spread and Ricky knelt between them, bent down and started sucking his cock...