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DISCLAIMER: The following story is FICTIONAL.

It contains descriptions of sexual activities between a boy and a man. If you are not over 18 years of age, or if you find this type of story offensive, or viewing this material is illegal where you are, then please DO NOT READ IT!

My name is Jack, I'm 4 foot 7 have brown hair, blue eyes and 120lbs, and this is my diary stores. I hope you like them.

Dear diary:

Jan 6th 1998

Today is my birthday and I turned 10 today. I don't feel any older but, what I got from my Dad was kind of strange! He got my 10 pairs of thong underwear and he told me that for now on I would have to wear them for now on. I always do what my dad tells me to do. He knows a lot of things.

Ever since my Mother went off with the paper boy..I should say man, he has been the only person there for me. She has been gone for about 5 years I don't really care. She was never that nice and after that, dad has be great and he even stop drinking. I do feel sad for him because he no longer goes out, he just stays home after work, watches T.V and works out in the basement were we have a small like gym.

Anyway, I asked him why I should only wear thongs and he told me, the only real men wear them. I'm wearing the green one and it makes my dick hard. I like how it goes between my ass cheeks and touches my hole too. Can't wait to wear them to school tomorrow.

Jan 7th 1998

Last night was one of the hottest nights of my left. I had a bad dream last night (you would think at ten that they would not scare you but, they do.) so, I went to my Dads bed. Dad does not mind me sleeping with him. He says that I keep him warm. Anyway, I get into his bed, I see that he is naked and I have never seen him that way! He looked so hot.

He is 26 years old, stands at about 6 foot 2 and 210lbs. He has a six pack and is smooth ext. his dick were his hair is cut short. I never knew men did that. I hoped into bed with my P.J's on (it is Jan. in Toronto so it is cold) and went to sleep. In the middle of the night something was pocking my bum so, I undid the covers to find that my Dads dick was hard and had some white stuff coming out of it. It looked so big and it looked nothing like mine at all.

He had no foreskin on his dick too. I wanted to take a look at it but, I had to make sure my Dad was a sleep so, I gave him a kiss on the cheek and he did not weak. I crawled between his legs and took a good look at it. I put his Big dick in my hand and moved it up and down. It felt hot and my stomach had butterflies in it. Some more of the white stuff came out of his dick hole so, I took a closer look. It did not smell like piss kind of like my Dads room in the morning. I got some on my noise so, I took it off with my finger and tried it. It was sweet but kind of bitter. I liked it and like it more knowing it was my Dads. I got to carried away playing with my Dads Dick that he shoot more of it on my hand. I got so scared, I had to do something. I licked it all up and went to Bed.

The next day I asked Dad how he slept and he told me he had a really good dream. I wonder if he knew I was the person helping out in the dream? I went to school and on my way I saw Bobby. He just turned 13 and was hot too. At 5'6 and 150lbs and worked out too. Blond hair and blues eyes. As well he knew a lot about sex, he told me were babies came from. I asked him what that white stuff is and what happens to people that eats it. He told me it was sperm and that some people do eat it after it shootouts out and that nothing happens. Then he asked why. I told him that some boys in class were talking about it and they did not know any more then I did. I though that he would know.

After school when I got home Dad was in the basement working out. All he had on was his yellow thong and his body was wet. I got hard looking at him. He saw me and asked me to come down. He asked me to show him my thong I was wearing. I did not want to because he would see my dick hard. I did not pull my jeans down. So he did and when he saw my hard dick he asked me why? I told him I did not know and he said I was lying. He told me he knew why I had a hard on because I was looking at his moistened body. He garbed my cock (that what he called it) and played with it.

He said to me: "how do u like it when a man is playing with your cock, that's what you did to me last night...right boy?"

I said: "no I did not"

But he kept talking.

"Where did my cum go? Did you eat it? Let me cheek your mouth."

So he put his big tongue in my mouth and it maybe harder.

Then he said: "I can tasted it in your mouth boy!" "And did you like it."

I had no choice but to tell him.

I stared to cry: "Yes I did but, I though you would be mad if you found all that cum on you and I never seen you hard before I...I..I just wanted to look at it, that's all."

"I'm happy your not lying to me any more because that all I wanted to know."

He then said: "Did you like Daddy's cock? Do you want to look at it again? And "Wow you look so hot in your thong, you make me hard."

I told him a think he looks hot and I wanted to look at it again. He put my face into he growen and I could smell his mask and if may me harder. He then told me to pull his thong down and put his cock in my mouth. He told me it would make him feel great. I did it and it was great. I sucked on it. It felt great sucking his cock. He told me I was a great cock sucker and that he wanted me to have done it last night. He pulled my face right up to is pubic hair. I was choking but that did not bother him. He fucked my face until he shot it in the back of my throat. This was better then last night. He then kissed me, I opened my mouth and he put his tongue in there. He told me he wanted to taste some of his own cum. Before I went up stairs he told me to wear his thong and he was going to wear mine because that would make him harder and want to fuck me even more to night. I wonder how he will fuck me...I guess I will have to find out to night.