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DISCLAIMER: The following story is FICTIONAL.

It contains descriptions of sexual activities between a boy and a man. If you are not over 18 years of age, or if you find this type of story offensive, or viewing this material is illegal where you are, then please DO NOT READ IT!

My name is Jack, I'm 4 foot 7 have brown hair, blue eyes and 120lbs, and this is my dairy stores. I hope you like them.

Dear diary:

Jan 7th 1998

Daddy never did come up stairs to fuck me! He got a call from work and had to go. He did not come home until late in the night.

As I was walking to school I was thinking about how would a boy get fucked. I know at school the boys in my class would talk about how girls get fucked in there pussy but a boy, I would not know how that would work. As I kept on walking I ran into Bobby. Once again I lied to him so I could ask him how I boy could get fucked up the ass. I told him the boys in class were talking about it. He told me that a guy would get fucked up his ass hole. I said to him "would it not hurt" and he said "yes but, anyway guy that likes to get fucked would like it." That was kind of cool I thought. I hoped I like it. Before we got to school he asked me if I wanted to come over to his house after school. I told him I could but, I would have to go to computer club after school and then I could come over. After that I went to my classes.

After computer club I went to his house. I rang the doorbell and when the door open it was his older brother Tom. Tom was only wearing boxer shorts. He was very hot to look at. He was about 5'8 brown short hair and eyes. We were about 150bls (thin build). I could make out the line out of his cock from his boxers and it looked really big! I got a hard on from looking at it. I was wearing jogging paints and I think he could see me get hard. He told me to come in and smiled at me. He took me to his room and Bobby was sitting at the computer and to my surprised he was sitting in the chair with only his white tight briefs on. Once again I could make out his cock and some of his pubic hair from his underwear. I then asked why both of them were in their underwear and they told me it was hot in the house and when their mother is not home that is what they like to wear, I was now hard. Then Tom came behind me asked me if I wanted to wear just my wear. I said I was fine (I did not want them to see my hard on too.) He was really close to me and I could feel his dick touching my ass too. He was still behind me when he asked me about what I asked Bobby about and is for I could say anything he said "A boy my age should not know anything about stuff like that." I said, " I do know about stuff like that." He kept on going on! "Then you must think about it?" Once again I said "NO" Then he reached around me and garbed my crotch and I was very hard. Then he said "If your not thinking about it why are you hard for!" I could not think what to say and the next thing I knew I my jogging paints were on the floor. He then saw my dads green thong on me and said "little boy like u should not be wearing a thong." He looked at it for a moment and then saw the dry cum on it; he bent down licked and sniffed it too.

He came back up and started to talk "That thong your wearing has cum on it and it is really mushy and at your age, you should not smell like that or be able to cum." I was kind of scared and I did not want them to know I was having sex with my Dad. Then he ask his it was my Dad and if I stole them from him. Now I was pissed off, horny and hard like a rock. I could not think so I said, "I do not steel from any one." Oh my God I though, now they know that I had sex with him. At this point Bobby was looking at me and Tom began to grab my crouch. The then said "So your Dad gave them to you hmmm! I think he gave them to you yesterday because I can smell his musky on it." He was now right against my ass and back. I could tell he was really hard (I loved it). He then whispered into my ear "are you having sex with him!) And then licked my ear. He then kept on going "has he fucked you!" He then bent down pull my thong stinging out of my ass, pulled them apart and licked my ass hole. It felt great having his tongue up my ass hole. He licked it for about and min and came back up and said "It tastes like a cherry to me and just like Bobbies when I fucked him." I could not believe that him and Bobby were having sex. He then went on "I will not pop it because I think your Dad should but, after he has popped it I want to fuck it." He then turned my face and he French kisses me. As I was kissing Tom, Bobby came behind me and started to lick my boy pussy. This gave me shivers up my back.

We stooped kissing and I took of my clothing. Tom then started to kiss my body and Bobby was licking my boy pussy but then I felt something strange in my boy pussy and it was Bobby finger in my boy pussy. It made me really had and Tom was now sucking my boy cock. Bobby was finger fucking me. I love the feeling of having his teen finger in my boypussy. After some time Bobby stops and went over to Tom and they started to French kiss. They dropped to the floor and they took off each other's underwear. Then Tom started to smell Bobby's crouch and said he like the smell of it when he did not wash for a few days and that he loved teen musk. He then sucked his brother dick. Bobby was about 7inch and Tom was about 8inch. They were both cut with nice around heads. After some time I was really horny and I wanted in, so I bent down and started to suck on Bobbie's cock. I sucked and sucked and suck. I love it and you could tell that he did not bath in a few days. The then garbed my head and started to fuck my face. He was going really fast and I stared to choke and this made him go-fast but he stopped because he wants to fuck his brother. He got his brother on his hands and knees. Then pulled Bobbie's ass cheeks apart and started to lick his teen pussy.

He then told me to help him like Bobby's ass. So I did it tasted musky and bitter. Then Tom said that is how a teen boy pussy tastes like. He then started to lick it with me and are two tongues touched and that was hot too. Both are tongues went in ass far as they could in his ass. At some point Tom but his finger in Bobby's hole and I licked it as he finger fucked it. I then put my finger in there too. Then Bobby moved his ass back and forth so he could fuck him self. Tom said he was ready for a good fuck. He told me that I should of first. So he sucked my cock to get it wet and then I put it up Bobby's boy pussy. He was really tight and it was hot in there. I started to fuck him and he was good. I fucked he slow at first and then I started to fuck him fast and then faster. He was holding on to my cock my ass hole. I think I only fucked for about a min before I cum it in ass hole. Now I did not really cum but that is what it felt like. Now it was Toms turn.

He was not as nice I was about fucking him. He just pushed his cock up Bobbie's ass and started to fuck him hard and fast. Bobby asked him to stop but that made him goes faster and when bobby cried he went even faster. He did slow to tell me to get my thong and wacko off Bobby as he fuck him and when he was going to cum to let all the cum go on the thong cup. So I started to wacko off Bobby and Tom started to fuck Bobby hard again. Then Bobby `s cock started to get hard and I could feel it pulsate and then he cum right into my thong. I was moaning loud and I would have not been shocked if the neighbors hear him. Right after that Tom call me and bring the thong over and I did. He pulled out of Bobby's ass and he cum in the same spot as Bobby did in my thong. He then brought the thong to my face and told me to open my moth and I did. He shoved the thong in my mouth and I could taste both of there cum. I loved the tasted of it; it was bitter and sweet at the same time. He them rubbed my thong around my face and him and Bobby lick off the cum that was now on my face. I French kissed both and we shared each other's cum. I loved it.

I saw the clock and I knew I was late to be home so I told them I have to go. I did not want my Dad to be made when I got home. So I put my Dad's wet cum stained thong and clothing and ran home. As I ran I thought about how my Dad was going to pop my boy pussy cherry.