The Doctor Gets a Visitor II

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter - 40 Mama Margalita's

The next morning I got up to go to the bathroom. Jeff wasn't in bed and I didn't hear any noises. I walked into the lounge, and Beau and Jeff were dressed and were sitting beside each other, reading. Without looking up Beau said, "Good morning dirty old man. I went to grab him, but he eluded me.

The phone rang and Jeff answered. "Hi Grams ... Beau and I are both dressed. Dad is standing here, and Jason is still asleep ... Okay I'll tell Beau to light a fire under them ... We'll see you in thirty minutes."

Beau went to get Jason but stopped and looked back and said, "I'm going to get the matches."

I looked at Jeff and shook my head. I had just gotten into the shower, when Jason came in and said, "Move over." We took a quick shower together, and Jason went to get dressed and came out of his room. I dressed quickly, and went into the lounge where Jeff was trying to get Jason's hair to cooperate. Jeff took Jason into the bathroom and did something.

When they came out, Jeff said, "Good as new. Let's put it in gear."

When we got to Mrs. T.'s suite, the door was opened but Beau knocked and said a falsetto, "Little Grams, let me come in."

"No, No, not by the hair on your chinney chin chin. You four handsome studs get in here, and get ready to eat."

We walked in and Beau helped Mrs. T. get seated and the guys sat on either side of Jeff. There was a large glass of orange juice sitting at each place. One of the waiters took our drink orders, and served the coffee and milk. Another young man brought a steaming cart and started to serve us each a large omelet with home fries and toast.

Everyone started to eat, and Beau spoke up and said, "I'm allergic to ham and cheese."

"Then why are you eating?" asked Josh.

"This is the first time in a week that Jeff has let us out of our cage and besides, if I don't eat, Grams will whup me." Beau sobbed.

Everyone, was laughing, even the waiters.

We were just about finished when Jeff looked at Mrs. T. and said, "Grams, I think you are about to tell us what you think we should do. I can tell by the look in your eyes."

"I was thinking we should go look at the things in Jason's house, to see if there is anything in the house that Jason wants to keep, and then we can ship them back to Fremont. Jason honey, do you know the Park's number?"

"Yes." Jason answered, as he went to the phone and dialed. "Hi Aunt Jackie, Grams would like to talk to you." He handed the phone to Mrs. T.

"Would it be alright with you if we did some looking around, this morning, since we have some time, to see what things Jason might want?" Mrs. T. asked.

"Okay, we'll be there in 25 minutes." Mrs. Tillison said, as she signed the check and handed each of the servers a $20.00 bill. They quickly cleared the table and everything disappeared. We went to our rooms and got our jackets and ties and outer garments.

We drove to the Black's house, and were met by Mr. Parks who said, "We're having a lazy morning. Here is the key, and we'll see you at the church."

We went into the house, and Jeff noticed that the message light was blinking so he played the message. There were two messages. The first message was from the insurance agent, and the second message was from a Daryl Evans who said, "I represent the trucking company whose truck was involved in Mr. and Mrs. Black's accident. I can be reached at the Peoria Hotel. I am in room 407."

We started to laugh, because we were in rooms 403 and 405. Jeff called the insurance agent first, and then called Mr. Evans and he picked up immediately. "This is Jeff Wilson. We're at the Black house now, if you would like to come over? We'll be here for about an hour. Jason, his grandfather, and his guardian are here with us.

"Okay, see you." Jeff said, as he hung up. Jeff turned to us and said that was the attorney for the trucking company that was involved in Jason's mother and stepfather's deaths. He wants to make a settlement, as soon as possible."

We started to walk through the house and looked at the cabinets and the furniture. Jason found a picture of his Daddy and mother, that he wanted to keep and said, "I want to take this with me."

Mrs. Tillison asked, "Jason, did your parents have a safe?"

"Yes, it's behind the mirror there, and I think the combination is my birth date 09 06 98." Jason answered.

Mrs. Tillison opened the safe and handed the contents to Ben, and said, "Here Ben, you may need these, before you leave Peoria."

Jason finally said, "Grams, I don't know right now what I need or want. I can't make any more decisions right now. I'm only nine, and I'm out of decisions. Doctor Dad and Jeff have taken care of all my needs."

Mrs. Tillison looked at him and said, "I think we need to get to the church, even though the lawyer isn't here yet, and we can address the problems later."

We were getting into our cars to leave, when a car pulled up. A well dressed man got out and said, "I'm Daryl Evans. I'm sorry I'm late, but I got lost twice."

Jeff said, "We're on our way to church, so any discussions will have to wait until later, now."

"What church are you going to?" Mr. Evans asked.

"The Episcopal church." said Jason. "Come on Jeff, we have to go get Grandma Ginny."

The guys left, and the rest of us caravanned to the church, with the Parks leading the way. We were seated in the second row, and we were joined by Andrea Cleary. Mrs. Tillison and Mrs. Parks left for a short time and the guys came in with Mrs. Powers and sat in the front row."

Father Franklin had a nice service, and when he got to the closing, he said, "Today ladies and gentlemen, we have a special treat for you. Mr. Jeff Wilson, Mr. Beau Benson and Mr. Jason Powers, accompanied on the piano by Mrs. Agatha Tillison, will sing the Lord's Prayer."

The three guys looked at each other and escorted Mrs. T. to the altar area. They started and there was a stunned silence in the church when they finished. The recessional began, but Jeff declined the invitation to go with them.

The guys and Mrs. T. were coming back to join us, when Mr. Blackwell, Mrs. Thomas and several other of the home residents descended on them. The guys got more hugs and Mr. Blackwell said, "I sure hope you guys can stop by the home once more, before you leave this afternoon."

"We'll try sir." said Jason.

Mr. Parks said, "I took the liberty of reserving a table for us at 12:45 a small restaurant. The owner and chef do an excellent job."

"You're joining us, aren't you, Mr. Evans?" Mrs. Tillison asked.

We caravanned to a small restaurant that had a table reserved for us. There were 12 seats. The guys helped the ladies get seated, and when we were all seated, a lady came and said, "I'm Marge, I'll be trying to take care of your needs today. Our specials today are... and she rattled them off."

"Ms. Marge, if you were going to bring your family and friends here, what would you recommend to them?" Beau asked.

"Well signore, I think Mario's chicken cacciatore is the best there is. His special sauce adds a nice flavor. He serves it on a bed of pasta with fresh steamed green beans with a little white sauce. I also recommend the minestrone soup, for starters, and a nice fresh fruit plate with a nice honey and lemon sauce. Then if you are still hungry, he has some wonderful fattening desserts."

She started with Mrs. Tillison who said, "I'll have what you recommended, plus I'd like some nice white wine for the adults." All the other adults followed and she got to Beau he said, "I'll also have what you recommended but I'd like two bottles of wine for us young guys, and we don't want any of those virgin wines."

Marge started to laugh and said. "Okay, I can handle that. Two bottles of sparkling milk coming up."

The service started immediately. It was like we were royalty. The soup was outstanding, and the sauce on the fruit was special. Nobody left a thing. When the main course came, they also brought small bowls of spaghetti for everyone. Beau said, "Ms. Marge, we didn't order spaghetti."

"Honey, we serve spaghetti with all our meals. Would you rather have a red sauce?" Marge asked.

"No, I just thought we had gotten it by mistake." Beau answered.

Everyone was eating and visiting, and when were just about finished, Mrs. T. asked, "Marge, would you ask Mario to come out, so we can pay our respects for the wonderful food, please?"

Marge turned to one of the young assistants and said something and in no time a good looking young man about 35 came out, and asked, "What's wrong Mama?"

"Nothing is wrong, son. These people wanted to talk to you about the food." Marge said.

"Mario, the cacciatore sauce was heavenly." Mrs. T. said.

"Don't blame me for that. No one touches the cacciatore sauce, but Mama." Mario said.

"Well, the minestrone soup was some of the best I have ever eaten, and that includes in Italy." Mrs. T. said.

Mario pointed to his mother and said, "Ma'am you picked the only two things on the menu that I am not responsible for. If Mama's not here, we don't serve chicken cacciatore or minestrone soup."

"Mario, the entire meal was wonderful. Thank you." Mrs. T. said.

"Grandma Margalita, your nose is going to be so long, that you won't be able to blow it." Jason said.

"I didn't say anything that wasn't true." she said.

"Yes, but you implied it, and you didn't tell the whole truth, either." Jason said.

She leaned down and kissed Jason on the cheek. Jason jumped out of his chair and said, "If you are going to kiss me, let's do it right." He pulled her face down to his and kissed her on the lips.

Just as he was kissing her, three young boys came bursting into the restaurant. They suddenly stopped and one of them asked, "Jason, why are you kissing our Grandma?"

"Because she's the prettiest lady in the restaurant." Jason answered.

"Yeh, but she belongs to us." one of the guys said.

Jason reached up and gave her another kiss, and the last young man asked, "Jason, are you moving back here?"

"No, I live a little over two hours away with Doctor Dad and Jeff." Jason answered.

One of the guys said, "Dad, come on. Mother is waiting in the van with the twins and we don't want to be late."

Mario left to get his coat. Margalita handed each of the guys a $10.00 bill and said, "You guys get a drink and some popcorn, and remember the rule."

"Yes Grandma, if one of us has to go to the bathroom, we all go. Mommy and Daddy will tell us that at least twice more, before we get to the movie." They kissed her as Mario came out of the kitchen.

"See you Tuesday Mama." Mario said, as he kissed his mother.

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Editor's Notes:

A very nice chapter in deed. We got to meet some more very nice people and we learn still more about what a wonderful little guy Jason is. It was sad that his mommy decided to leave him somewhere instead of telling him good-bye, but still, it might have been for the best, after all.

Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher