The Doctor Gets a Visitor II

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 41 -- The Attempted Con Job

"Margalita, we have a couple of business items to discuss. Is it okay with you if we sit here until we've finished?" Mrs. T. asked.

"Of course, I can't leave until the kitchen crew has everything cleaned and shut down anyway. It will be about an hour" Mama Margalita answered.

"Now, Mr. Evans, you have something to put on the table. What is it?" Mrs. Tillison asked.

Mr. Evans pulled a check from his pocket and said, "I have here a check for one million dollars for Jason Powers, for the loss of his mother and step father."

Beau interjected and asked, "Mr. Evans, I noticed that you didn't say insurance settlement, so this is like an out of court settlement, right?"

"Yes." Mr. Evans answered.

"Ms. Cleary, if Jason accepts the offer from Mr. Evans, then he will have to pay federal and state income taxes, right?" Beau asked.

"Yes." She answered.

"So Mr. Evans, you and your client are saying that Jason's mother and step father's lives were worth only $300,000.00 each?" Beau turned to Jeff and Mrs. T. and said, "I smell something wrong, here. Please don't let them deny Jason what he should get. They're trying to cover up something very bad here."

Jeff took the offensive and said, "Mr. Evans sir, I take it you are working for the trucking company that was responsible for Jason's mother and step father's deaths."

"Yes." said Mr. Evans.

"Well, are you representing the company, or the owner?" Jeff asked.

"Actually, I represent both trucking company and the owner." Mr. Evans answered.

"Well, which one made this offer, the owner or the company?" Jeff asked.

"I'm here on behalf of the owner." Mr. Evans answered. He was looking less sure of himself.

"Grams, if Mr. Evans is from Omaha, it logically follows that the trucking company and the owner, live in the Omaha area. Do you have any thoughts on it?" Jeff asked.

"The only trucking company in Omaha, that is large enough to make such a settlement, is the White Trucking Company, and I know the owner Mr. Oliver White." Mrs. T. answered.

Jeff and I were watching Mr. Evans, who was becoming very pale. I was ready to move toward him if he went down. Mrs. Tillison thought for a short time and then said, "Mr. Daryl Evans, get a pen and paper. This is not like the Ollie White I know, so there must be something very wrong here. Mr. Evans, you call Mr. White, and tell him that we want at least five million dollars after taxes and expenses are paid."

"We want the check delivered to my house tomorrow night, at 5:30. Tell him that Aggie Tillison is involved, and will use all the resources she has available to find out what the real story is," She went to hand him her cell phone, but Mr. Evans shook his head and pulled out his own phone.

Mr. Evans excused himself and went into the foyer. He came back and handed his phone to Mrs. Tillison and said, "Mr. White would like to talk to you."

"Hi Ollie ... Don't blame me. It was Beau and Jeff who realized that something big was wrong ... Okay, we want a cashier's check, delivered by Mr. Evans at 5:30 tomorrow night. I'll have all the appropriate people there ... Why don't you and Fannie join us, and we can have a dinner party at the club? I'll make sure there are some people there that you know or need to know ...Talk to you then."

She handed the phone back to Mr. Evans, who got his final instructions and then hung up. "Remember Mr. Evans, I want you at my house by 5:30 tomorrow night"

"How am I supposed to get to Omaha and back here to Peoria by then?" Mr. Evans asked.

"Mr. Evans, you can go with us to Fremont. The driver said it would take about two hours and fifteen minutes to get home. We have room for 12." Jason said.

"Okay, if I go to Fremont with you, how am I going to get to Omaha and back by 5:30 tomorrow?" Mr. Evans asked.

Beau spoke up and said, "If you walk, you can easily get to Omaha and back. When we went to Omaha hall last weekend, it took us about an hour to get home to Fremont. I think it is about 50 miles. Grams, isn't the plane going back to Omaha, tonight?"

"Yep. I bet you two guys can con the crew into taking Mr. Evans back to Omaha." she said.

"You mean I spent all this time and money to come to Peoria, when I could have gone to Fremont to have my bottom kicked?" Mr. Evans asked.

"If you had gone to Fremont, these people wouldn't have been there. Now, stop complaining and look at it positively. You had a chance to hear the guys sing so brilliantly, and had a fabulous meal here at Mama Margalita's." Ginny said. She looked at him and said; "Besides, you'll get a free ride home."

Mrs. Tillison said, "Andrea, why don't you go back with us. You can stay at my house. I assume that you have no one at home to worry about."

"I live alone. My husband died five years ago, and my dog had to be put to sleep about six weeks ago. It sounds like fun, but what if Ben needs some legal help while he's here?" Andrea answered.

"Rea, your partner, Jim Britton, is my attorney, and I'm sure he can help Ben. I'm sure that Mrs. Tillison has a fax machine available if there is anything that needs your attention." Mr. Parks said. "You know, people are becoming concerned because all you do is work anymore."

"I guess I could use the time off." Ms. Cleary said.

"Rea, I just realized who you were. When we were in law school, your name was Rea Cunningham, right?" Mr. Evans asked.

"I was wondering when you realized, Dare. You will also know Mrs. Tillison's lawyer. He was also in our law class." Andrea said.

"Who's that?" Mr. Evans asked.

"Norm Burns." she answered.

"So, I've been bushwhacked by my classmates?" he asked.

"Honey, you've been bushwhacked good, but not by lawyers. You were done in by the three boys here, and their Grams." laughed Margalita.

Mrs. Parks said, "Ben, you get your things from the hotel and you can stay with us as long as you like. That way you won't have to be driving back and forth to the house."

"Yes, and you can use my car while you're here." said Andrea. "Jackie can bring it back to me when I return."

Mr. Evans said, "You can use my return trip ticket, when you come home, since I'm catching a free ride home."

Jeff said, "Okay, the guys and I are going to take Grandma Ginny back to the home, and get the residents to sing with us. The rest of you go get our things at the hotel. Dad, my things are all packed except for my tooth brush and toiletries."

Beau added, "Doctor Dad, Jason and my things are already packed except for our toothbrushes, and don't forget our backpacks."

The guys gave Mama Margalita a big hug and took off with Ginny. The rest of us got ready to leave and we said our goodbyes to Margalita.

Mama Margalita said, "Those three young men are something else. They don't miss much."

Mrs. T. hugged Margalita and said, "You don't even know the half of it."

"Rea, I'll call Patty and make an appointment for the first Monday you are back." Margalita said.

"Fine, see you then." Andrea said.

"Don't do anything I wouldn't do." said Margalita.

"That gives me a lot of latitude, Mrs. DeAngelo." Andrea laughed.

"Just have a good time Ms. Cleary." Margalita answered.

We went to our cars and Andrea said, "I'll meet you at the home, shortly."

The Parks said, "We'll go directly to the home and meet you there."

Mr. Evans said, "I'm lost. I have no idea how to get to the hotel."

I spoke up and said, "I'll go with you, since we are staying at the same hotel." We followed Josh who was driving the other car to the hotel. We all walked to the elevator together and went to the fourth floor. When Mr. Evans realized that we were right next door, he started to laugh and said, "So you were the people that had the wonderful smelling food this morning?"

We all went into the rooms and came out at the same time. I was struggling with three backpacks, my briefcase and two suitcases. The guys had carried most of it in. Everyone realized my predicament and helped me. We went to the desk and Mrs. Tillison said, "I would like to pay the bill for room 403 and 405. Are the mini bar charges and the food on it?"

"Yes ma'am." said a young man. She handed him a card, and he ran it through the machine and it cleared and he said, "Thank you ma'am."

"Room 407, leaving." said Mr. Evans, as he handed the young man a card. The young man looked up and said, "Sir, I will need to some sort of photo identification." Daryl pulled out his driver's license and the young man entered some data.

"Sign here please." he said, as he handed the receipt to Daryl.

We left and I rode with him to the home. We went in and the guys had all of the residents singing. Jeff looked at us, but a signal was passed to continue for a while. Beau said, "Ladies and gentlemen, we hope you have enjoyed our time together. We sure have enjoyed being here with you. But we really need to get back to Fremont, but before we go, Jeff will sing his favorite song for you."

Before Jeff could start, Mr. Blackwell stood and said, "Not so fast. We need Mrs. Tillison to accompany you, as you three guys sing The Lord's Prayer like you did in church this morning, before Jeff sings his favorite song."

Mrs. Tillison went to the piano and the three guys sang. Again, everyone had tears in their eyes. After an appropriate amount of time, Beau said, "Now here is Jeff and his renowned song."

Jeff sang I Bought me a Bird and everyone was laughing. The guys got ready to leave, and hugged everyone. Mr. Blackwell latched on to Jeff and Ms. Thomas took control of Beau, and Jason was with his Grandmother.

"Jeff, I think that you are gay, and that your partner is your father. Before you get upset, I'm gay, and I've outlived three partners. When I lost the last one, I moved into this home, and have spent my time trying to help the rest of the residents become computer literate." He squeezed Jeff and said, "I hope I haven't offended you."

"Sir, I am not offended at all. Dad and I try very hard to not make it apparent. How did you pick up on us?" Jeff asked.

"It's just the way that you seem to pass messages back and forth without talking. After 60+ years if being gay, you can detect the signs." Mr. Blackwell said.

"Sir, can I call you something other than Mr. Blackwell?" asked Jeff.

"My name is Lyle. Why don't you call me Uncle Lyle, since I'm old enough to be your great grandfather." Mr. Blackwell answered.

"Okay Uncle Lyle." Jeff said, as he kissed Mr. Blackwell on the lips.

"Thank you Jeff. I needed that."

Meanwhile Beau was working his charm on Ms. Taylor. He kissed her and said, "Aunt Evelyn, you be good. I'll be checking on you."

Jason had been talking with his Grandmother. "Grandma, if you need anything, you call me, or Granddad Ben. I'm going to miss you. I love you."

She held him and said, "Jason honey, I love you so much, but you will be much better off with your Granddad, Jeff, Beau and Doctor Wilson." Jason held her face and gave her the biggest kiss."

Jeff left for a minute and came back and said, "Uncle Ben, you owe the home a phone book." Jeff hugged Mr. Blackwell again, and we departed for the General Aviation area of the airport. The crew was waiting on us and took our suitcases and the steward took us on board.

After we got airborne, the steward went to the guys and asked what they would like. Jason said, "I'd like some of that beer that comes from brown cows please."

"Sorry sir, I didn't put any brown beer onboard today. I don't have much demand for milk on these flights. All I have is some cream for coffee."

Jason said, "I'd like some apple juice please."

Beau said, "Me too."

The steward delivered their drinks with some cookies and crackers. He then took everyone else's orders.

Jeff got up and took the bag of mail to the guys and told them to open them and then write the amount on the card. After the guys had done four or five cards, Jason came over and said, "Jeff, I don't want to do this right now. I'm too sad. Doctor Dad, may I sit on you lap? I feel so alone."

Jeff got up and said, "You sit beside Dad. You're too heavy to sit on his lap for long."

Jason sat down beside me, and said, "Doctor Dad, everyone I have loved, except for Grandma Ginny, has died. You and Jeff won't leave me will you?"

""No Jason, we'll be here for you." I answered, and he relaxed against me and went to sleep. I looked at Jeff and Jeff was holding Beau and both guys were asleep until we got ready to land.

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Editor's Notes:

That was a very interesting chapter. I wonder what kind of shenanigans Mr. Evans was trying to pull? I'm very glad that Jeff and Beau saw what he was trying, but I still need to know more. Jason's grandma Ginny is really cool. Isn't she?

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