The Doctor Gets a Visitor II

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 42 -- Back in Fremont

I woke Jason up, and Jeff woke Beau. We landed safely, and our bags were unloaded. We shook Mr. Evans' hand and loaded our bags into our cars. Mrs. Tillison said, "I'll see everyone at my house shortly, so we can make plans for the week."

"When we pulled up to the house, the guys jumped out and carried Gram's and Rea's bags into the house. "Where would you like us to take the bags?'" Jeff asked.

Mrs. Tillison gave the directions, and the guys went to deposit the bags and made some phone calls. Jason came tumbling down the stairs and said, "Aunt Rea, your bedroom is as big as Doctor Dad and Jeff's."

Adam and Aaron fixed us some soup, and a sandwich with a fruit salad. We were eating when the phone rang.

Drew answered, "Yes Uncle Ben. He is eating." He handed the phone to Jason.

"Hi Granddad ... You decide. I don't need anything ...Okay, I love you. Tell grandma Ginny, I'll call her tomorrow night." Jason handed the phone to Josh, "Granddad wants to talk to you."

Josh walked into the dining room. He came back and hung up."

Mitchell came in and asked, "Okay Mrs. T., why am I here?"

"What took you so long?" Mrs. Tillison asked.

"I was on my bicycle." Mitchell answered.

"We'll talk about that later. Josh, you take the young guys to Jack's house. They need to get ready for bed. Mitch, you drive me and Rea and Jeff, you and your Dad follow us. Let's go."

We drove to a nice house on Cleveland Street. We got out and went in and were soon joined by Jill, Reg and Chip. Tyler, Kevin, Mark and Matt followed right behind. We walked through the house. It was a nice size and the kitchen was open to the dinning room and the living room areas. There was a bath and a half on the first floor with a small study.

The upstairs had a nice sized master bedroom with a full bathroom. There were two small bedrooms that shared a bathroom with a tub and a shower. The basement had a walkout patio off the family room. There was a laundry room with a washer and dryer. There was a single car garage under the den.

"Reg, Jill and Chip, do you think you could live comfortably here?" Mrs. Tillison asked.

"It would be like a castle, after the trailer, but there is no way we can afford it right now." Jill answered.

"How much are you paying for the trailer now?" Mrs. Tillison asked.

"$350.00 a month plus utilities." Reg answered.

"The rent on the house will be $375.00 per month but you have to pay the utilities, and I'm betting they will be less than they were in the trailer. When Reg gets his degree, and gets a good job, we'll renegotiate the payments." Mrs. T. said.

Jill had tears in her eyes, "But Mrs. Tillison, we don't have any furniture to put in the house."

We'll worry about that later. Now, would you like to cook on gas or electric?" Mrs. T. asked.

"I've never cooked on anything but electric." Jill answered.

"Are there any colors that you especially like or don't like?" Mrs. T. asked.

"Anything but green." answered Reg.

"Okay people, let's move next door." Mrs. T. said.

The second house was larger with four nice sized bedrooms and a large finished basement. "Mitchell, do you think you and your parents and the twins could live comfortably here?" Mrs. T. asked.

"This house is larger than any house we have ever lived in. There is no way my parents can afford it." Mitch answered.

"That's not your problem, is it Mitch? Now what colors do your parents like and does your mother cook on gas or electric?" Mrs. Tillison asked.

"Mrs. Tillison, I have no idea what colors they would like, and my mother cooks on an electric stove."

Mrs. Tillison turned to Tyler and started. "Tyler, here's what I want. I want you to be the foreman of this motley crew. I'll pay you $17.00 an hour and all your crew will get $14.00 an hour. Tomorrow morning first thing, I want you to order a large trash container to be delivered tomorrow. Then tomorrow night, I want you to take out the old carpets in both houses except for the family rooms. They need to be cleaned but we can take care of that later."

"How many of you guys are in?" Mrs. T. asked.

Matt, Mark, Kevin, Tyler and Mitch raised their hands. Reg said, "I'll have to check with Billy to see what he has scheduled for tomorrow night. It looks like the Bressler project is going to be delayed, so I am sure that at least I will be here."

Mrs. T. thought for a minute and said, "I'll see if I can line up Adam and Aaron and Bran and Bruce also. If you finish taking out the carpet, you could start painting the ceilings and taping, until I choose the colors for the wall and carpets. The only structural changes will be to put a plain door between the second and third bedroom in this house."

"Kevin, I want you to check with Mr. Rider and see if we can rent a large moving van to take to Nebraska City, so we get the furniture out of Adam's house and bring it back for Mitchell's family." Mrs. T said, as she turned to Jeff, "Jeff, did I miss anything?"

"Not that I can think of, but you are going to get Aunt Anita involved, aren't you? If I think of anything else, we can talk about it tomorrow." Jeff answered.

"Good point, Jeff. Rea, you're going to be having lunch with Anita tomorrow. Ask her to be at the house about 2:30 so we can do some power shopping." Mrs. T. said. "Does anyone have any questions about what is going to happen?"

Everyone shook their heads no, except Chip, who asked, "Grams, you mean we are going to be living in that house over there?"

"Yes Chip, and you can move in whenever your Mommy and Daddy want to." Grams answered.

Chip turned to Mitchell and asked, "You and your Mommy, Daddy and brothers are going to be living here right?"

"I guess so." Mitchell answered.

"How old are your brothers?" Chip asked.

"They're nine." Mitchell said.

"Oh no, two more bossy nine year olds, like Jason and Davey." Chip said.

"Chip, I really think you will like them. They are two of the happiest people I know." Mitch assured him.

"Do they like to swim?" Chip asked.

"Yes." Mitch answered.

"Do they like to ride bikes?" Chip asked.

"Chip, I don't think they know how to ride a bicycle. They have never had one." Mitch answered,

Chip looked disappointed but asked, "Mr. Mitch, are your Mommy and Daddy mean, and do they yell at the boys?"

"No, Chip, I think you will like my parents. They will treat you like they were your grandparents." Mitchell answered.

"Good, since I don't have any grandparents." Chip stated. "Okay everyone, let's get out of here, I'm tired." Chip turned back to Mitch and asked, "Mr. Mitchell, since you will be living next door, and you are old enough to be an uncle, can I call you Uncle Mitchell?"

"Anytime, cowboy, I would like that," Mitch answered.

Chip took a flying leap and Mitch caught him. Chip grabbed Mitch's face and said, "Okay Buckaroo, get ready." He gave Mitch a big kiss. Mitch started to get tears in his eyes, and Chip was concerned and asked, "Uncle Mitch, I didn't hurt you, did I?"

"Mr. Buckaroo, you didn't hurt me. I was just remembering how my brothers used to attack me, before I moved here." Mitch sighed.

"Uncle Mitch, what are your brother's names?" Chip asked.

"Leonard and Lawrence." Mitch answered.

"You don't call them that do you? They sound like old men's names?" Chip asked.

"No, we call them Larry and Lenny." Mitch said, as he teared up again.

Chip said, "Good, now put me down, so I can say goodnight to everyone else." Chip kissed and hugged everyone until he got to Mark and he shook his hand and said, "Good night Mr. Bressler.

Mark reacted immediately and picked Chip up and asked, "How come everyone else got a hug and kiss and all I got was a hand shake?"

"Mommy and Daddy said, `Because you are a teacher and might be my teacher someday, I need to be respectful.'" Chip answered.

Mark said, "We'll worry about that when and if it happens." Mark kissed and hugged Chip who reciprocated with a big kiss.

"You sure are a good kisser, Chip." Mark said, as he set Chip down.

Before Chip could say anything, Matt picked Chip up and kissed him and Chip did his patented kiss, holding Matt's face. Matt said, "We'll take him. How much do you want for him?"

Chip looked concerned and asked, "Mommy, Daddy, you're not going to sell me are you?"

Reg said, "Chipper, we're not going to sell you. No one could afford to pay enough for you, and we wouldn't know what to do without you."

Chip grabbed Matt's face and said, "See, I told you. They probably want at least $100.00 for me."

"Guess you're right, Chip." Matt said, as he kissed Chip again before he put him down.

Mrs. Tillison asked, "Chip, do you know how much $100.00 is?"

"Yes, I think so." Chip answered. "You take five $5.00 bills and you put them in a pile and then you do that three more times and when you put it all together you $100.00. Right, Uncle Jeff?"

"You're absolutely correct, Cub." Jeff answered, as he looked at Reg.

The guys and the Weavers left and Mitchell started to look around and all of a sudden he said, "Mrs. Tillison, there is no way my parents can afford this house. I'll call them in the morning and tell them to forget about moving here."

Jeff surprised Mitchell and took him down, and was sitting on Mitchell's stomach and said, "Okay Dad, depants him, for arguing with Grams." Mitch really started to resist.

"Jeff and Doctor Wilson, please don't do this." pleaded Mitchell.

"Dad, I think we have a problem here," Jeff said, as he felt down the front of Mitchell's slacks. I think the Dude is going commando. Mitchell, I wouldn't think that you were a person who would do that?"

"I haven't had time to do my laundry since you all drug me to Mrs. Tillison's to help take care of Adam. I don't have a lot of clothes like some people."

Jeff looked at Mitch and kissed him on the lips, and said, "Now, if you promise to be a good boy, I'll let you up."

Mitch said, "I promise." Jeff helped Mitch up.

"Ladies, we're taking cry boy home and get him some threads. Aunt Rea, you take Grams home."

We were met at door by Beau. "Jeff, Jason is crying, because he is afraid that you and Doctor Dad are going to leave him too."

Beau, you take cry boy Mitch here to our bedroom, and you two take a shower together. Make sure he washes his hair. It looks a little greasy to me. Dad and I'll go take care of Jason, and then I'll get Mitchell some clothes."

Beau and Mitch went upstairs and Beau shed his clothes quickly, and was standing there waiting for Mitch to follow suit. Beau looked at Mitch and said, "Mitch, I have seen more male penises up close than you, so don't be concerned about me seeing your little snake."

Mitch finally got naked and Beau didn't even make a comment. Beau guided him into the shower and they started to talk. Jeff went and got Jason and said, "Okay ping pong ball, what's wrong?"

"I was afraid you and Doctor Dad were going to leave me too." Jason sobbed.

"Jason, we would never leave you." Jeff said, as he leaned down to give Jason a kiss. "Whoa, you forgot to brush your teeth. Now go brush, so you can get to sleep."

Jason went into the bathroom where Beau and Mitchell were talking. Jason asked, "Beau, who are you talking to?"

Jason looked in the shower and said, "Oh hi Mitch. Mitchell you need a hair cut and styling. You are starting to look like a girl."

Jeff walked in just then and asked, "What's going on? Is there a convention here or what?"

"Jeff, looked at Mitch's hair. He needs a haircut, bad." Jason said.

"And Jeff, you know what else? Mitchell used bath soap to wash his hair and didn't use any conditioner." Beau complained.

Jeff tapped Jason on the bottom and said, "You get your teeth brushed and get in Dad's bed." He turned to the other two and said, "Beau, you shampoo Cry Boy's hair, and make sure you condition it, and then get out of here, so I get him back to Grams'."

The two guys came out of the bathroom and Jeff said, "Dad, go get your shower while get some clothes for Mitchell. Beau had gone and put on some briefs and came back.

Jeff threw Mitch a pair of bikini briefs which he put on. Mitch turned and said, "I can't wear these."

"Why not?" asked Jason. "That's what big guys wear. You look almost as good in them as Jeff does."

I walked naked into the shower as Jeff was throwing clothes to Mitch. They folded them and Jeff gave him a suitcase to put them in and the two guys left.

I put on some boxers and climbed into bed with Beau and Jason and they were soon sound asleep.

On the way to the Tillison house, Mitch asked, "Beau has had something really bad happen to him hasn't he?"

"Yes, but I and not going to tell you anymore. Both of the guys have. Just be careful with them, Mitch. I'm sure they will tell what happened to them when they get to know you, and feel like they can trust you."

When they walked in Mrs. T. and Rea were talking. Mrs. T. said, "I see you must have gotten some thread Mitch."

"Yes, but I lost all of my dignity. I was forced into the shower by a 13 year old and then a nine year old told me I needed a haircut, because I was starting to look like a girl. That didn't end it. Beau complained because I washed my hair with bath soap, instead of shampoo. Jeff told Beau to shampoo and condition my hair."

"Here's the kicker. Jeff threw me a pair of these skimpy briefs, and when I complained, Jason said that these were the kind of briefs that big guys wore. He said I looked good in them, but Jeff looked better." Mitch said.

"Mitch, do you remember who you are talking to?" Jeff asked.

Mitch looked around and went white. "I'm sorry ladies, but I have been so overwhelmed by what has been happening the last couple of hours."

Mrs. T looked at Mitch and asked, "Well, was Jason's assessment correct?"

"How would I know? Jeff was the only person that I didn't see undressed. He was too busy telling people what to do and throwing clothes at me." Mitch answered.

"Should we try and check now?" Rea asked.

"Not unless you ladies want to have a heart attack." Jeff answered, as he got up to leave. "Besides, we don't want to make poor Mitchell feel any worse than he already does."

Everyone was laughing as Drew came down the stairs. "What's so funny?" he asked.

"We were laughing at you, because it's your job to take Cry Boy and his suitcase up to his room to put his clothes away. Then it's your responsibility to make sure that he wears them." Jeff said.

"Do you want me to dress him too?" Drew asked.

"Do what you have to do." Jeff said as he hugged Drew. He then hugged Mitch and the two ladies.

I woke up about midnight and saw the light in the study and Jeff wasn't in bed. I walked in and Jeff was studying. I went to him and said, "Come on Jeff, it's time for bed."

He got up and crawled into the boys' bed and said, "Let's sleep in here so you can hold me."

I crawled into the bed and held Jeff who gave me a tender kiss and said, "I'm exhausted."

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Editor's Notes:

What a roller coaster ride, I believe this is the last chapter of book II. Don't worry, there is still a lot more to come. Book III is coming soon.

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