The Doctor Gets a Visitor III

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 1 -- Boy Toy

Monday morning Jason was lying against me. Before I could wake Jason up, Beau came bouncing in, "Incoming, if you aren't out of the bed in one minute, I'll have to go the bathroom all over you."

Both Jason and I jumped out of bed. Beau stripped the bed linens from the hide a bed, and remade it and then did the same thing to my bed. He had just finished making my bed, when Jason and I came out of the shower. He picket up the laundry basket and said, "You two old men better move." He dashed out the door.

Jason got dressed and came back in and said, "Come on Dad, I mean Doctor Dad."

I pulled Jason close and said, "Jason son, you can call me whatever your want. I love you."

He jumped in my arms and said, "Thanks, I needed that." He gave me a big kiss, and we walked down the stairs hand in hand.

Everyone was coming in and Beau brought me my coffee and then gave Linda and Eric their coffee and then started serving breakfast. Everyone ate and cleaned their own dishes. Beau put the sheets in the dryer and said, "Aunt Linda, if you need the dryer, just take the sheets out and put them in the basket and I'll fold them tonight."

Jeff took me aside and said, "Dad, at lunch time, please go to the bank and get the paperwork to set up an investment account and an education fund account for Jason. Dad, I have the feeling that something bad is going to happen today. I just hope it's not any of our guys."

As we were leaving, Beau said, "Aunt Linda, I think you are going to enjoy lunch with Aunt Rea. She is really a nice lady."

At lunch, I did as I was told and got a duplicate set of forms for Beau, but I didn't know what name to have put on them, since Beau Benson wasn't his legal name.

As Jeff was getting ready to leave Music Class, Ann approached him and said, "Jeff, I need you to play the organ this weekend, since we are taking Bobby and Kim to see the University of Chicago, and go to the Art Museum and the Natural History Museum. We won't be back until late Sunday afternoon."

"I guess I can handle that, since at least I have some time to prepare." Jeff answered.

Everyone was having a good day until Jeff went to the President's office. Mitzie greeted him and said, "Jeff, there is a Gretchen Hines in your office to visit with you."

Jeff walked in and said, "Good afternoon Gretchen, I understand that you have something you wish to visit about."

"Mr. Wilson, I don't think you are going to like this." Gretchen said.

"Can the Mr. Wilson bit, and call me Jeff, then lay whatever you have on me. I don't want you to hold anything back." Jeff said, as he sat down and turned on the tape recorder.

"In Psych class on Thursday, just as Dr. Jenkins was getting ready to start, someone delivered a letter. Dr. Jenkins read it to the class. It was the letter from President Campbell, saying that there had been a rape on campus. It went on to say, that sexual abuse of any kind would not be tolerated, whether it be physical or verbal."

Gretchen took a breath and then said, "The letter said that if any student experiences any unsolicited advances, they should call you, and that his secretary would schedule an appointment for them to meet with you."

"After that, Dr. Jenkins started to attack everyone. `I'll bet the girl or guy who was raped was probably asking for it. Imagine, expecting a person who probably isn't even 20 to be able to help anyone. I'm guessing this Wilson guy is the President's boy toy."

"Gretchen, please stop for a moment. I'm going to see if the President is available." Jeff went and got the President. "Sir, this Gretchen Hines. She has brought me a problem that I am not capable of resolving. Gretchen, I am going to play the tape of what you have already told me, so you don't have to repeat the story. Is that okay?"

Gretchen agreed and Jeff played the tape. The President showed no emotion. When the tape finished, President Campbell stood as said, "Gretchen, thank you for bringing this problem to Jeff. We'll get working on it."

The President shook hands with Gretchen and Jeff hugged her and thanked her for coming.

Jeff shut the door and the President started. "I can't believe he would stoop that low. We need to get to the bottom of this."

"Sir, I really don't think that Gretchen made this up. She was so hesitant about telling me what happened." Jeff reassured him.

President Campbell paced back and forth and stopped and asked, "Jeff, what class do you have at 10:00 tomorrow.

"I have counseling with Dr. O'Connor." Jeff answered.

"What do you have before?" Dr. Campbell asked.

"Spanish with Senora Cortez and we have a test tomorrow." Jeff answered.

The President sat down and thought. "Jeff, here's what we are going to do. I want you to go Dr. Jenkins' classroom tomorrow. I will send someone with a message for him, telling him that I have some important things to discuss with him. I want you to go into the class and find someone who can confirm or dispute what Gretchen told us."

"I don't doubt what Gretchen said, but if we confronted Phil with that alone, he could be very nasty. After you talk to the class, come back here. I'll stall him until you get here. I'll talk to Rog O'Connor, tell him you are doing some special work for me."

"Now it's time for you to get out of here. You are working overtime again."

Dr. Campbell laughed.

Jeff looked at the President and said, "I'll see you tomorrow, sir. I have to go pick the guys for a 5:30 meeting."

When Mrs. Tillison got home, Anita and Rea were waiting. The first stop was the carpet store. "We'd like to see Mr. Davidson please."

The owner came out, "Hello Luke, I need some immediate help. I have two houses on Cleveland Street that need new carpet. I'd like the carpet to be installed by Thursday, especially the three bedroom house at 701. I guess Friday noon would be fine for the other house at 703. It is a four bedroom house. The family rooms are fine for now. In the smaller house I would like something with a slight hint of blue and gray. How about getting some samples?"

Mr. Davidson came back with three samples and explained each. Everyone agreed on a choice and then Mrs. T. said, "In the larger house, we want something in a pale beige that will be durable, because there will be two nine year olds living there. I have the feeling that they will be having lots of friends in."

Mr. Davidson came back with the samples and Mrs. T. said, "This is exactly what I had in mind. What do you think ladies?"

Anita said, "Grams, I think you have made two wise choices and the two houses will be very comfortable but different." Anita answered.

"Luke, the guys are going to be removing the old carpet tonight. Do you want them to remove the tack strips?" Mrs. T. asked.

"No, tell them to leave them. They might save us a lot of time. What kind of pads do want?" he asked.

"Luke you decide. You know a lot more about padding than I do. Just make sure it is comfortable and yet durable. Now are there going to be any problems. I want you to let me know by tomorrow if there are." Mrs. T. said as they left.

"Anita, let's go the Lucas Appliance Shop." Mrs. T. directed. They walked in and an older gentleman was standing there,

"Hey Petey, good to see you." Mrs. Tillison said, as she hugged him.

"Thanks Aggie. I needed that. Now, how can I help you?" he asked.

"We're remodeling the two properties at 701 and 703 Cleveland. I want all the appliances replaced and the old ones hauled away." Mrs. T. said.

"In 701, I want stainless steel appliances, but the washer and dryer can be white, since they are in a different area but I do want metal hoses on the washer. In 703, I want white appliances. I want a good quality in both houses, and I want the old appliances removed by tomorrow. Can you handle that?" Mrs. T. asked.

"Yep, I'll have someone there between 10:30 and 11:00 tomorrow." Mr. Lucas assured her.

"Petey, why haven't we seen you in church, lately?" Mrs. T. asked.

"Ever since Marilyn died, I find that the church brings back too many old memories and I feel uncomfortable sitting alone." Mr. Lucas answered.

"You know this is not what Marilyn would have wanted. Why don't you come to the second service, and you can sit with Gracie Baxter, Cora and me. The second service is very different from the first service you and Marilyn attended. We'll see you Sunday, Petey." Mrs. T. said, as she hugged him.

When they got to the car, Rea said, "Mr. Lucas seems like a nice gentleman but he sure doesn't talk very much."

Mrs. Tillison laughed and said, "Rea, Pete will usually talk your ear off if you just say hello. I think he is feeling the loss of his wife about a year ago. Anita, let's hit the Home Depot."

They went to the paint department and Mrs. T. handed each of the ladies a swatch of the carpet and said, "Find a paint color that will go with these."

Rea came back and asked, "How about this color for the Edmond house?"

"That's great." Mrs. T. answered.

Anita came back and asked, "How about this for Chip's house?"

"That's perfect. Now, let's get the paint," as she approached the salesman, "Hey aren't you Johnnie King?"

"Yes, Mrs. Tillison, how can I help you?" the young man asked.

"We'd like a gallon of this color, and a gallon of the blue/gray tint paint. Please mark the mixture you used, and Tyler Knight will be back to get more of each color." Mrs. Tillison said.

"I know Tyler. If he's doing this project, you'll have a first rate job." Johnnie said.

"That's nice to hear, Johnnie." Mrs. T said. They paid and left, and Anita dropped them at the house. Adam and Aaron were getting ready to leave.

"Guys, you are going to be helping at the houses, right?" Mrs. T. asked.

"Yes Ma'am. We're going to meet Bran and Bruce for something to eat first." Adam said.

"Good, please take these paint and carpet samples to the houses. The blue gray materials go in Reg and Jill's house, and the beiges go in Mitchell's house. Tell the guys to leave the tack strips in place. One last thing, neither of you two guys has class tomorrow morning, right?"

"Yes ma'am, we don't have class until 1:00." Aaron answered.

"Guys, I would like for you two guys to be at the houses by nine. The carpet people will be there to measure at 9:00 and they will be coming to pick up the old appliance about 10:30." Mrs. T. said.

"Can do." the guys answered.

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Editor's Notes:

Well, This seems to be an interesting start to a new section of the story, or is it a new book? We have some intrigue occurring at Jeff's school, and I have a feeling that Mrs. T has something in mind for Pete.

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