The Doctor Gets a Visitor III

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the Author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 10 The Edmonds Arrive

On Saturday morning, Beau had us out of bed by 6:15. He was already dressed and had our breakfasts waiting for us, when Jeff, Jason, Tommy, Sammy and I arrived. Davey arrived, and the guys left and Beau did the dishes.

I took Beau to the Edmond house and Beau carefully washed and waxed the kitchen floor, on his hands and knees.

When he finished, I took him home so he could take a shower. Mickey, Teddy and Chris were waiting. They collected some additional cleaning supplies. We dropped the other three off, and Jill had arrived with Chip and then Greg brought Toby, Spencer and Bobby. Maria arrived with Denny. Beau told them he would see them shortly after we were finished at the bank."

Beau had his packet of papers with him that Tommy had found. We entered the bank and were greeted by Randy. Tex came in with a nice looking couple, a little older than me. Beau took charge and said, "Good to see you Tex Sven Sorenson, as he shook his hand. These good looking people must be the Swensons. My name is Beau, but for today, the papers will have another name. Are these two good looking studs your sons?"

Everyone was captivated by Beau, but once the introductions were finished, the house closing took almost no time at all. Tex and the Swensons were leaving as Beau was talking to the two young guys. Beau said, "You guys take care of Aunt Lydia who lives next door for me, please. She is the nicest lady."

Beau turned to Tex and asked, "Why did you come the whole way here to close on the properties?"

Tex laughed and said, "My Dad didn't trust Mr. Christianson and Mr. Davidson so he withdrew all of our accounts from the Oakland bank, and transferred them here. Uncle Nils and Aunt Ingrid did the same thing."

They left and Beau said, "Mr. Carmichael, I would like you to put that money into my long term investment account, and I have some documents I would like you to evaluate and determine their value." He handed the folder of papers to Randy who had a look of disbelief on his face.

"Beau, you have just handed me a gold mine. Since today is Saturday, why don't you put these in your safe deposit box, if they will fit, and then you can come in early next week and we'll find out the value?" Randy said.

Beau hugged Randy and did as he was told and when he returned, he said, "D. Dad, we need to go make sure the guys are cleaning the house correctly."

I took Beau home, and he changed clothes again. I delivered him to the house and he said "D. Dad, it would be nice if you brought us some lunch and then maybe you should check with Uncle Ben and Uncle Josh to see if they need anything."

I left and went to the Tillison's and found out I was useless, since they had six lovely young ladies assisting them. I left and decided to do something different for lunch and went to a Chinese restaurant and ordered take out for twelve.

I walked in with the food and the guys descended on it. Beau asked, "What kind of food is this? How are you supposed to eat it? There aren't any forks or spoons."

Denny said, "Beau, relax. We'll show you what to do." He started filling his plate as did the rest of the guys, except for Chip and Beau. They finally got a plate and dished up and took a pair of chop sticks and Jill and I did the same.

Chip soon started to eat like a professional, so Beau joined in but said, "No wonder the people from the orient are so trim. They have to work hard for their food."

The trash was collected, and the area was cleaned to Beau's satisfaction and they went to start going through the boxes in Chip's garage and had just finished, when Jane arrived with her shopping contingent of Anita, Linda, Maria, Amy and Mrs. Franklin. The guys helped them take the groceries in and put them away as the ladies looked around both houses.

At 2:00, the caravan from Nebraska City arrived, and the guys started to unload the van. They had put the furniture in last, so it was placed where Mrs. Edmonds directed. By 5:30, the van was emptied, and Jeff announced, "Everyone, go get cleaned up, and dinner will be served at Grams house at 6:30. Anyone who isn't there on time will be on our deep black list."

At 6:25, everyone had assembled with the parents. Even Ruthie's parents were there. The young ladies were dressed in jeans, with red and white checkered aprons. They helped everyone get seated and then brought Italian bread with seasoning and a big tossed salad with vinaigrette dressing for everyone. They then served everyone a big plate of pasta and put two large containers of sauce. One was red with meatballs and the other was white with shrimp and scallops to be passed.

Adam, Aaron, Bran and Bruce were busy serving everyone their drinks and wine.

Throughout dinner, the Edmonds kept thanking everyone profusely for what they had done, and said they really didn't deserve such royal treatment. Beau finally stepped in and said, "Mr. and Mrs. Edmonds, let me assure that these wonderful people must have thought you did. You'd better get ready to keep expecting the unexpected when you are around these people. I think it is in the water here in Fremont." Everyone started to laugh.

When everyone had finished, the young people all got up and helped do the dishes and Jeff took Chris, Mickey and Georgia to their babysitting jobs. When he returned, he got Rea, Larry, Lenny, Davey and Jason and they left.

They stopped and got the twins' hair styled and then went to Target and got them some nice clothes for the next couple of days, and then they made a stop at the shoe store. This time Rea paid all of the bills.

They stopped at our house and Jeff had the four guys practice the songs for the service. The twins were naturals and caught on without too much instruction.

When they returned to the Tillison house, the Edmond twins were so excited that they were almost bouncing up and down as they told their parents everything that had happened.

Beau announced, "We're having a party at our house for anyone who is 16. Jeff and I are going to stop and get some beer, gin and snacks. The 16 year olds took off for our house, with Jason, Davey and me following them. Jeff, Beau and Denny went to get the snacks.

They came in, carrying some soft drinks and snack trays with chips. Beau yelled, "Denny and I are coming down with the beer and snacks." They guys went down the steps and Beau handed them a can of birch beer and a can of root beer, Denny handed them a can of ginger ale, and a loaf of bread. Beau looked at them and said, "I didn't say what kind of beer, gin and snacks, did I?" He started to back away when Jeff and Denny brought them the soft drinks and snacks.

By eleven o'clock, everything was back to normal and I was waiting for Mickey. He finally came and said, "Doctor Dad, remind me not to baby sit for infants again."

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