The Doctor Gets a Visitor III

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chap 12 -- Rea Leaves

I was awakened by a very excited Jason, "D. Dad, we got an email from Grandma Ginny, Uncle Lyle and Aunt Evelyn. They are excited that Aunt Rea is going to be home today."

I climbed out of bed and went into the bathroom, and he followed me and kept talking and telling me the news. He wasn't fazed when I shed by briefs and went into the shower. I got dressed and joined the others at the kitchen table. We had just started eating when Rea came in.

She said, "I just came to say goodbye to all you wonderful people." She hugged and kissed the guys and shook Eric and my hands. "I need to hurry and say goodbye to the Weavers and the Edmonds and hopefully the Baxter's and the Knights. I'll see you soon. Jeff, check to see when spring break is for everyone, and let me know. Here is my address, phone number and email address. Thanks for everything. Linda, I'll see you and the gals at 10:00."

Everyone went their separated ways, as was becoming normal. After lunch, Mrs. T. and Jeff had the class singing YMCA, The Hokey Pokey and The Funky Chicken. Nothing exciting happened at work, and Jeff picked up Beau and took him to the bank and they got the safe deposit box.

Randy Carmichael got the stocks and bonds appraised, and all of a sudden Beau would have two more million dollars, plus more in his accounts. On the way home, Beau said, "So what good is all that money going to do me? Now, let's make sure the guys are okay."

Everyone arrived back at the house about the same time. Linda had put a pot roast in the crock-pot, and we were soon eating. Jason was so excited that Larry and Lenny were in Mrs. Tomlinson's class. He announced, "We need to get them to walk to Gigi's house with us, so they can be in the fourth grade homework club. Oh, by the way, Tommy, Chrissie gave me a letter for you. I'll get it for you after dinner."

We finished eating and the guys were clearing the table and doing the dishes while Eric, Linda and I were visiting. The doorbell rang and I answered and Nancy came in. "Are and Linda and Eric here?" I took her to the kitchen, and she said, "Eric and Linda, I have some exciting news for you. The closing on the house is set for Friday at 3:00. After that, it's yours."

The guys were all listening to the conversation and Mickey asked, "Does that mean we are moving out of D. Dad's house, on Friday?"

Linda held up her hand and said, "Guys, we are going to ask Tyler and his crew to paint the entire house, before we move in, and then I want the cleaning crew to make sure everything is spotless when we move in."

Beau spoke up and said, "Aunt Nancy, Uncle Josh and Uncle Ben are going to be looking for a house. Let me call them, and then if you have a map of the Fremont area, we can plot some points and show you where we want to live."

Beau called Tyler and told him, "Aunt Linda and Uncle Eric want to talk to you, and I mean now, so get your bottom over here now." He hung up and called Josh and Ben and said, "Jason and I are meeting with Aunt Nancy here at D. Dad's, and we are going to tell her where we want to live, so you'd better get here to protect your interests."

Nancy went and got a map. Beau, Mickey and Jason plotted where all their friends lived, as well as our house. Josh, Ben, and Mrs. T. arrived and the guys announced, "Aunt Nancy, this is the area we want to live in."

Nancy looked at the location and said, "That area is very pricey and the houses don't turn over very fast."

Beau shrugged his shoulders and said, "Uncle Josh, I guess you won't need to adopt me. We have to be close to our friends."

Poor Nancy had no idea what was going on. She said, "Beau, let me do some checking to see what might be available."

Before anyone else could say anything Tyler and Kevin came in and said, "Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Beau said you needed to talk me."

"Yes Tyler, I was hoping that you and your crew could paint our house for us next week." Linda said.

"We can do that, but the guys get $10.00 per hour, and I bet we can finish ahead of schedule and do a better job than the so called professional painters, but we will only be working at night, unless I can get the college guys to help. I'll make the arrangements and let you know." Tyler said.

Eric interceded and said, "Tyler, do whatever you have to do to get it done by Thursday, and we'll have the moving company deliver our furniture on Friday. That way, we have all weekend to get settled."

Linda said, "Beau, you are in charge of the cleaning crew that Thursday night. Sammy, you round up some of your friends and shampoo the carpets on Saturday."

"Oh that reminds me, Beau. Remember it was your idea for you to be the first case study for the Psych and Counseling classes." Jeff said. "Let's go call Mitch and see if he can pick you up at 9:30 and bring you to the campus. I'll tell him that I will meet you at his classroom. Then we can call Denny's Mother, and see if she could come a half hour early to help Denny if he needs any help since she will be coming at 10:00 for Gigi's therapy. We'll get you back in plenty of time for your session with Dr. Jeanne."

They made the calls and everything was arranged. They had just come back and sat down and started to get busy when Jason came in, "Jeff, I forgot how to send an email. Would you please show me how to do it, again?"

The five of us went to the study/bedroom for the lesson. Jason and Beau wrote a long email to Grandma Ginny, Uncle Lyle and Aunt Evelyn. They had Jeff write something, then they conned Tommy into writing a short note, and then they coerced me into writing a couple of comments too. By the time the note was finished, it was almost two pages long.

Jason and Beau disappeared and Tommy was reading the note that he had received from his Mother. He started to sob, and he handed the note to Jeff and me. His mother apologized for even thinking that Tommy had done the things his father had said he did. She said she had no problem if Tommy had his name changed and was adopted by me. She closed by saying, "Tommy, no matter what you decide to do, you will always be my son, and I love you as do your sisters."

Both Jeff and I had tears in our eyes. The tension was relieved with the return of Jason and Beau. They each handed me a large manila envelope. Jason said, "We finally got through all of the cards and notes D. Dad. Will you please put this in the bank for us, tomorrow?"

Beau said, "Put the money into our Education Fund Accounts please. Now we have to do the hard task, especially Jason. He has to write a gazillion thank you notes."

Jeff said, "I'll tell you what, guys. We'll go print up a Thank You note on the computer, and that will save a bunch of time and maybe Tommy and I can even help you address the envelopes. I'll bet we can get them knocked out in two nights, if we try."

Linda got up and motioned for Beau to follow her. They left and Beau came back and retrieved his envelope and left. Jeff and Jason went to design the note. Beau returned, after a half hour and handed me his envelope back again and went to find Jeff and Jason.

Finally everyone had gone to bed, except for Jeff, who was sitting in the bedroom studying and making notes. I just sat beside him and read. When he finished, we went to take a shower. Jeff closed and locked the door. We took a long wonderful shower and when we were finished, Jeff pulled me close and kissed me tenderly, and then whispered, "Daddy, I have been a bad boy. I haven't taken any man vitamins for so long. Please take care of the problem."

He turned and bent over and put his hands on the wall. I slowly started to penetrate him, and I could tell he was having some pain. He kept pushing back, until I was fully inside him. When he was ready, he started to move and I reciprocated. I leaned forward and kissed him and said, "I would rather do this face to face my dear sweet boy."

"I know Dad, but there are just too many people around right now so we have to take what we can get." Jeff said.

Jeff began to erupt and I followed. When I pulled out he turned to me and said, "Dad, it will be so nice to have some private time again sometime. I love you.

We got out and Jeff made sure the shower was spotless. We crawled into bed naked, and were both almost instantly asleep.

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Editor's Notes:

Has anyone besides me noticed that a lot of these chapters seem to end with people going to bed?

Slowly but surely people are moving out of the house, leaving Jack and Jeff with fewer people hanging around to interrupt their love making.

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