The Gets a Visitor III

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the Author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 13 -- Beau's Presentation

Tuesday morning, everyone was awakened by Beau at 5:30, and the five of us went to the work out room. When we finished, Tommy and I were bushed.

The three young guys went and showered and dressed, while Jeff started breakfast and I had two cups of coffee. The guys came down and took over breakfast, while Jeff and I got ready for the day.

The five of us had already started to eat when everyone else arrived. Jeff and Beau fixed their plates. The six guys did the dishes and everyone went their separate ways.

At 9:45, Jeff left and met Beau and Mitch and said, "Let's escort Mitch to his Psych class. I want to see who his new instructor is?"

Mitch was confused, because there were so many people in the room. Jeff and Beau sat on the side. Dr. Cornell and Dr. O'Connor went to the front of the combined classes. At 10:00, Dr. Cornell said, "From now on the Psych 201 class, and the Counseling 120 class, will be combined." She introduced Dr. O'Connor.

Dr. O'Connor took over and said, "Neither one of us will be teaching the combined class, however. We will be here to monitor what is happening. Now, let me introduce the person who will be leading the course from here on. Mr. Jeff Wilson is in charge, and will be telling you the requirements for the course."

Jeff came forward and said, "My fellow students, I regret to inform you that I am the most incorrigible person on earth to please. Now, here are the requirements for this new course." He outlined them and then added, "I would like the Psych class to sit on the right side of the room and the Counseling people to sit on the left. That way there will be no confusion as to where your comments are coming from."

The classes separated and Jeff said, "The first guest presenter is Beau Benson. He will be telling you what happened to him. It will be worth your time to listen to him. When he finishes, I will be asking you to make your comments on what you heard, based on which class you are in. I think this might lead to some very interesting discussions. Now, here is Beau."

Beau came up and sat on the desk and asked, "Which version am I telling?"

Jeff answered, "Give them the XX version, since they need to know what they are going to be up against."

Beau began his story and when he got to the part about the three men using him at the same time, Mitch turned white and left. Jeff stood and said, "There will be a five minute bathroom break."

Beau and Jeff went and found Mitch sitting in the bathroom sobbing. He looked up and saw who was there and said, "Beau, I feel so sorry for you. I knew you were special, but I had no idea."

Beau held Mitch's face and said, "Sweet Pea, you ain't heard the rest of the story. Now, you need to pull yourself together and get back to the classroom."

Everyone including Dr. O'Connor, Dr. Cornell and President Campbell were seated, when Jeff and Beau came back. Beau began, "I'm going to tell you all some things that even Jeff doesn't know. So hold onto your socks. He told them what he had told me on the way back from Oakland. When he finished, he held up a picture of Dr. Phillip Jenkins.

Beau said, "I see it is already noon, so I guess I need to close, but this is the man who tried to buy me for $50,000.00."

There were several hands that went up. The first person asked "Beau, are you okay, physically?"

"Yeah, Jeff's father and Lash poked and prodded and took so much blood that I'm surprised I can even move. I've had a colonoscopy, and no I don't have AIDS."

The next question was from a young woman who asked, "Beau, what are you doing about your education?"

Beau said, "Dr. Cornell evaluated me, and they are having me home schooled, so I can catch up to my peers. I think I must be so weak, that Jeff won't even tell me how well I did. By the way, Dr. Cornell, I want you to give one of those tests to Jeff. Why don't you schedule it for 3:30 at his office?"

"I want to know the results since he won't tell me mine?" Beau moved on, "Hey Grant, do you have a question?"

"No Beau, I just want to tell you that my parents bought your house in Oakland, if your real names start with C. C. Aunt Lydia said you were a real sweetheart."

Jeff stepped in and said, "Class is over. We will discuss what we heard, next Tuesday. I'll meet all of you here on Thursday, before we go the two separate homes."

Beau stood and everyone applauded. Mitch took Beau to Gigi's. When Beau got out, Mitch hugged him. "What's that for?" Beau asked.

Mitch said, "I thought maybe you might need that. I knew you were special but had no idea how special." He hugged Beau again and left.

Everyone's afternoon was going fine until Mitzie announced, "Jeff, you have a Karen Green, here to see you."

Jeff went and met the young woman. She had a bruised face, and everything she had tried to do didn't cover it up. Jeff escorted her into the office and asked, "Karen, how can I help you and who beat you like that?"

Karen sighed deeply and said, "My fiancé started to slap me last night, when I kept talking about you and what you were doing for the college." I didn't even know you, but had seen you on campus with some of my friends. They were all raving about what you were doing in their classes."

"Last night, Ned went berserk when I was talking about you, and started to tell me that I was nothing but a whore and he was more of a man than you were, and then Ned raped me."

Jeff interjected, "Karen, tell me about Ned."

"Ned should be graduating this spring, but he had some bad experiences and dropped out of college, and is working in the college exercise room at the gym. His name is Ned Williams."

Jeff stood up and said, "Karen, let me see what I can do. In the meantime, stay away from Ned. Make sure you make him come back to you." Jeff walked out with Karen and said, "Karen, I can't promise any miracles, but I'll try to make things right."

Adam was sitting and waiting for Jeff. Jeff tossed Adam the keys to the organ and said, "Go practice until I can get there."

Jeff went to his car and grabbed a gym bag and went to the gym. He got dressed and asked who Ned was. The attendant pointed him out. Jeff went to Ned and said, "Sir, could you spot for me? I'm not real sure of myself. Jeff started to lift, and when he got to two hundred pounds. He did ten reps easily and then put the weight in the cradle and sat up.

Ned asked, "Why did you stop? You look like you could do another fifty easy?"

Jeff said, "I could have done another 100 without a problem. I understand that you don't like me very much, and raped Karen last night, and beat her. By the way, my name is Jeff Wilson."

Ned stared to clench his fists, and Jeff took him and put him on the mat and sat on him and immobilized him. "Okay, Mr. Williams, why don't you like me?"

Ned said, "You have everything going for you, and I have nothing, now that Karen has left me. I would be graduating in May, if it weren't for that Dr. James, who started to berate me, and I just got up and left. Then I went to Psych 201 and Professor Jenkins said he needed to talk to me after class. He got up and closed and locked the door and then sat down. He put his arm around me and started to feel my genitals."

"I was so freaked I didn't know what to do. He opened my jeans and took out my penis and started to message it. When he started to kiss it and take it into his mouth, I came to my senses and smacked him in his the stomach. I immediately went to the Dean of Admissions and withdrew."

Jeff got off Ned and pulled him up and said, "You Dummy, why didn't you

come and see me? The two creeps who bothered you are both gone. Now all we need to figure out what to do. Come see me in my office in the Administrative Building tomorrow at 2:30."

Jeff showered and left and stopped by to visit with Adam for a few minutes, and then went to pick up Mitch. They went to the Reynolds's bicycle shop. Jeff said, "Mr. Reynolds, I understand that you have the best deals in town on bicycles. We want to purchase two more bicycles for nine years olds and we will need helmets. Oh, by the way I'm Jeff Wilson, and this is Mitch Edmonds."

Mr. Reynolds looked at them and said, "So, you are the infamous Jeff that everyone talks about? How soon do you want them?"

Jeff without thinking, said, "Yesterday would be soon enough."

Mr. Reynolds stated laughing and said, "If you two guys can help me put them together, I can deliver them tonight, when I close."

The three of them assembled the bikes and Jeff picked out adjustable helmets and paid the bill. Jeff dropped Mitch off and came home.

We had just finished dinner and the guys were doing the dishes when Mitch and the twins came in. Larry and Lenny started to help the guys and were telling Jason about their bikes. One of the twins said, "It's too bad that we have never ridden a bicycle before."

Jason said, "You two will be riding like pros, in ten minutes when Beau, Jeff and Mitch get through with you. Then we can all go riding together."

Lenny said, "Uncle Jeff, can you help us call Ms. Cleary so we can thank her?"

Jeff went to the phone and dialed. Rea answered and Jeff said, "Aunt Rea, its Jeff. ... We have spring break in three weeks, and it coincides with the local schools. ... You what? ... Okay, I'll figure out a way to make it happen. Now I have two young men who want to talk to you. Love you, and say hello to everyone."

Jeff handed the phone to one of the twins and they started to thank Rea and when he finished he handed it to his twin brother who talked for a couple of minutes and then he handed the phone to Mitch. He talked and thanked Rea again, and hung up.

The Edmonds left and we locked up and went upstairs.

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Editor's Notes:

Didn't I tell you? This is the end of a chapter, and what happens, they go to bed. Well, now everyone knows who the teacher was that tried to buy Beau.

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