The Doctor Gets a Visitor Book III

By E Walk

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Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 14 -- Dinner at the Restaurant

Nothing happened on Wednesday until Ned went to Jeff's office. They sat down and Jeff said, "I see you only need 6 credits to get your degree in June. Since I am moderating both of the classes that you were enrolled in, let's get you reinstated in them. I want you to go take care of that now, and be in Psych class tomorrow at 10:00 and don't be late."

When Ned left, Dr. Cornell came into Jeff's office and said, "I'm here to do the testing that Beau told me I was to do."

Jeff was as meticulous as Beau had been, and when he finished, he handed the test to Dr. Cornell. She took it and said, "Tell Beau, I'll get the results for him, later tonight."

Jeff came home and we had time to talk alone before Tommy came in. Jeff asked, "How did you get home?"

Tommy said, "Drew dropped me off. If you don't need me, I'm going to go do my homework. Call me if I can help with anything."

At 5:15, Jeff went and picked up Beau, Denny, Davey and Jason. Mitch was picking up the twins. After dinner, Jeff called Mrs. T. to check and see who would be going to dinner at the Fowler's restaurant. Jeff called the restaurant and told them there would be sixteen for Thursday night dinner.

Just as Jeff finished the calls, the doorbell rang. It was Cathy Cornell. "Jack, I'd like to talk with you, Jeff and Beau."

Jeff was standing right there, so I went and got Beau and we went into the dining room and sat down. Dr. Cornell said, "People, it's time to level with everyone. Beau, your IQ is around 160 and Jeff, yours is around 150. Now, both of you need to accept the fact that you are very bright young men, and stop beating yourselves up, especially you, Beau."

Beau spoke up and said, "I have no idea what an IQ of 150 or 160 means. Perhaps you can help me."

"Beau, what it means is that both of you young men, are in the top of 1% of all people, as far as your intelligence is concerned. What you do with that ability is up to you. You both have so much potential. Jeff is already finding his niche at the college; but Beau, it's up to you to take advantage of all the gifts given to you. I already know that you worry about others, but you have to remember to take care of yourself too."

Cathy stood up to leave and both guys hugged her as she was leaving.

Beau said, "We need to get Tommy and Jason tested. They are very intelligent too."

Jeff said, "Jason has an IQ in the mid 130's but I have no idea about Tommy."

Beau looked at him and said, "It's your job to take care of getting Tommy tested ASAP."

We locked up and went to bed. On Thursday, everything was normal and Jeff went to meet with the two classes. He sent the Counseling class to the Teenagers Home. He was getting ready to leave with the Psych class when he realized that Ned was missing. He was getting ready to send Mitch to find Ned when Ned came rushing in, out of breath.

"I'm sorry I'm late, but Karen and I overslept." Ned said.

The class caravanned to the home. The children recognized Jeff, and did as he asked. They sat down, as did the Psych class members, and Jeff started, "We are going to have a choir. Everyone has to participate, and there are no exceptions. I want all of the young people to line up, and then I want the college students to line up behind them and that includes Dr. Cornell and Dr. Jameson."

He pulled out his guitar and they sang several age appropriate songs. When they finished, Jeff said, "That's it for choir practice, today. We'll continue next Thursday. Now, I am going to assign the young people to the college students who will each have two young people."

Jeff made the assignments and said, "I have to go to the other home for choir practice now. See you all next week."

Jeff left and had a great time with the older girls and guys and their mentors. They were beginning to sound quite good. After practice, he went to talk to Mrs. Tillison.

After his afternoon class, he went to work and President Campbell called him into his office. "Jeff, are you going to be having guest presenters every week?"

"No sir. As you know, the classes will be discussing Beau's case next week. The rest of the people I have in mind will probably take only about half the class, then the classes can discuss them. I'll just play it by ear and schedule the next presenter as needed. The next presenter is going to be Spencer, and then I thought I would have Jason come in, since his case is so very different from Beau's or Spencer's. Then I would like to pull in Mitch and maybe Ned and Karen. If I still have time, I would like to invite Denny and Drew."

"I really think this is so much more of educational value than text books or technical studies. I think the student's will be getting a full training experience, especially when they go to the homes. It already means so much to the older youth. Today was the first day for the younger children, and I expect to get some flack."

Dr. Campbell raised his hand and said, "Jeff, I think you are doing a fantastic job. I agree that everyone will benefit by what you are doing. Now here is the stipend for Beau and tell him that I think he is great young man. Oh, by the way, I wouldn't miss next week's discussion on Tuesday for anything."

Jeff went to his office and called Dr. Cornell. "Beau directed me to get Tommy tested. Can you do it tomorrow after 3:30? ... I'll have him in your office, and then you can bring him home and have dinner with us."

Before we left for the restaurant, Jeff handed the stipend envelope to Beau and said, "President Campbell gave this to me to give to you, and he thinks you are something else."

Beau opened the envelope and there was a check $200.00. Beau looked at it and said, "Why is everyone trying to give me money, when I don't need any money?"

We left for the Gas Lamp Restaurant for dinner. All sixteen of us arrived at the same time. Mrs. Fowler showed us to a little alcove. Roger and another young man were to be our servers, and the menu was already set. We started with a fresh fruit capote followed by a nice home made chicken and noodle soup, with rolls and a house salad. The entrée was chicken in a wine sauce on rice, with raisins and fresh asparagus.

By the time we finished the food and drinks, there was no room for dessert. Jeff stood and hugged Rog and his assistant and said, "Everything was perfect. Now would you give me the tab?"

"There is no tab?" Rog said.

Jeff grabbed Roger and said, "That was not the agreement. Now here is $200.00 for half of the food, and here is $50.00 for you and Rich to share."

Everyone got up and thanked Rog and the Fowlers, as we left. We got home and Mitch was sitting with Linda and Eric. When we walked in Mitch took Jeff and me to the dinning room.

"You SOB you have me tied in knots. First you hit me with what happened to Beau, and now you assign me those seven year old twins at the home. Why are you trying to make me like you, and have to take care of everyone?"

It was apparent that Mitch was really angry, but Jeff went and sat down beside him and put his arms around Mitch and said, "Mitch, you and your family have just gone through some very difficult times. You just take care of your worries, without taking on the problems of others. There are many injustices happening out there, and we can't take care of them all. Beau is going to be just fine, and probably better than either of us."

"As for the twins at the home, I have never met them. Just don't become too attached to them, because your family has some major adjustments to make. Remember Lenny and Larry have already been deprived of so many things. So don't go trying to solve everyone's problems. Take care of yourself and your family, and worry about others later."

Mitch was getting ready to leave when Ned and Karen arrived. Ned said, "We've patched things up. We want to get married as soon as possible we can adopt the two little guys you assigned at the home."

Jeff held up his hand and said, "Stop right there. You two have too many issues to resolve between yourselves. If you would take two young people, right now, you would never be able to get to know each other."

"When and if you get married, then enjoy each other. In the meantime, just act like a big brother and sister to the young guys. They may not even let someone as young as you become their parents."

Karen and Ned thought for a short time and said, "Thanks Jeff." and left. Mitch hugged Jeff and me and left.

Jeff locked up and led me to the bedroom. We both just fell into the bed.

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Here we go again, Bed time. What a surprise. I never would have expected a chapter of this story to end with everyone going to bed.

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