The Doctor Gets a Visitor III

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the Author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 15 -- The Smith's Move Out

Friday afternoon, Linda and Eric closed on the house. Drew, Kenny, Adam, Aaron and Mitch started the prepping of the walls and repainted all of the ceilings.

Cathy Cornell brought Tommy home, and we had a nice dinner. She went into the piano room and came out and announced, "I have the results of the test."

Jeff and I went to join her, since Tommy had to leave for a babysitting job. Beau tagged along with us. Tommy has an IQ of about 135 and is a wonderful young man. Now, I really need to get home. Thank you for the very nice dinner."

On Saturday, Mitch and Grant worked on the upstairs of the Smith's house and had it all painted before they quit.

Jeff received a call from Chris who said, "Cheryl and her attendants are on their way to Mrs. Baxter's and she would like you to be there."

Jeff met them there. Cheryl was going to wear her Grandmother's gown, which needed a few alterations. Cheryl laid out four pieces of fabric and Jeff matched them to the attendants and said, "I don't have anything to say. This should be some wedding."

Monday and Tuesday, people were all over at the Smith's house, painting. On Wednesday night, the guys shampooed the carpet. On Thursday night the young guys cleaned the house from top to bottom. On Friday, the movers brought their things from Minneapolis.

The Smith's spent all day Saturday getting settled, and on Sunday afternoon, they took their things from our house. Everyone was helping the three guys move their things. Beau and Jason moved their things into the bedroom with the twin beds, and Tommy took Sammy's old room with the queen sized bed. The guys cleaned all of the bathrooms and stripped all of the beds and started the laundry. Jeff fixed us dinner, and it was very quiet.

That night when we went to bed, we didn't quite know how to act, since there was no one sleeping in the study. I had Jeff feed me his sperm, and we went to sleep joined together all through the night.

The next morning, we were back to into a routine, and everyone perked up Jeff took Beau, I took Jason and Davey and Rog picked up Tommy. The days seemed to fly by, and Spring break was upon us. The guys scrubbed the house from top to bottom, and Jeff borrowed Josh's van and Jeff left with Denny, Beau, Jason and Dave and picked up Mitch and the twins and they drove straight though to Peoria, as the three drivers each took turns driving.

When they arrived, Denny, Beau, Jason and Davey stayed with the Parker's. Jeff, Tommy, Mitch and the twins were staying with Rea. They spent Saturday sight seeing, and then on Sunday, they met at Rea's house. When they left, Jeff was driving Ginny's van with Ginny, Davey and Jason.

Tommy was driving Josh's car with Mr. Blackwell, Aunt Evelyn, Beau and Denny. Mitch was driving Rea's station wagon with the twins. They drove in a caravan to the Amana Colonies in Iowa, where they checked into a motel.

The three ladies had a suite. Jeff and Mitch and shared an adjoining room with Larry and Lenny. Beau and Denny were sharing a room suite with Davey and Jason. Tommy and Mr. Blackwell had their own room.

After dinner, everyone went to get ready for bed. It had been a long couple of days, and there was still the drive tomorrow. Everyone settled down. However, in Tommy's room, Mr. Blackwell pulled Tommy close to him and put his hand inside Tommy's briefs. "Tommy," he whispered, "Would you please get naked for me? I won't do anything."

Tommy shed his briefs and Mr. Blackwell used his hand to bring Tommy to climax. When Tommy relaxed, Uncle Lyle pulled Tommy against him and said, "You are so beautiful."

Tommy turned to him and tried to reciprocate, but Mr. Blackwell said, "I'm an eunuch, because I had testicular cancer and I don't want you to see how ugly I am." Tommy pulled him close and kissed him.

The next morning the group got up and had a late breakfast and arrived at our house about 1:00. Ginny and Aunt Rea were staying in the bedroom downstairs. Aunt Evelyn was staying in Jason and Beau's room, and Tommy and Mr. Blackwell were sharing Tommy's room and Jason and Beau had moved back into the study."

The first excitement came on Tuesday, when Rea took Mitch to the court house and signed the Volvo over to him and he got his license. Before they left the court house, Mitch collapsed and Rea thought that she was going to have to call 911.

He revived, but he was still in no condition to drive home so Rea drove him to the house and called Jeff and had him bring her home.

On Wednesday the guys had to go back to school, so when I got home, the four visitors were waiting for me. I took them to the Madison's for lunch, and then drove them around town. When we got home, Mr. Blackwell said, "We're going to bushwhack young Tommy when he gets home tonight. We're going to go get him a car."

When Tommy came in, Uncle Lyle said, "We have to go take care of some business. D. Dad is going to drive us. We drove to the Toyota dealership and Uncle Lyle walked in and said, "I want to speak with Mr. Lowe, please. He is expecting us."

The rude salesman got Mr. Lowe without any backtalk. "I'm Lyle Blackwell, and I think you know Doctor Wilson. I understand that your mother in law's used car is for sale, and I would like to buy it for Thomas here."

Mr. Lowe said, "Yes, but she wants to approve the prospective new owner. She is very protective of her baby. I'll call her and then I'll bring it to the front of the showroom."

Mr. Lowe had no more than pulled the car up, when a very nice looking lady met us. "Mom, this is Doctor Wilson and his foster son Tommy, and Mr. Blackwell. They are interested in your car for Tommy."

Mrs. Larkins stepped into Tommy's face and said, "Betsy doesn't like any smoking or drinking, and she can't stand to be dirty, either on the inside or outside. She likes to have her oil changed every three thousand miles."

She looked at Tommy and pointed at him. "Do you think you could meet these requirements?"

"Ma'am, if I could afford Betsy, I would be glad to meet all of your requirements. You could even come visit her if you wanted."

Mrs. Larkins said, "Mack, sell Betsy to him at a good price, and get his address." She turned and left.

Tommy left the showroom with the car, and Mr. Blackwell rode with him. They drove to the court house and completed all of the paperwork and paid all of the fees and got his license plates. Tommy pulled the car into the garage and put the plates on and dusted Betsy to make sure she was clean. He hugged Uncle Lyle like there was no tomorrow.

Grandma Ginny, Aunt Evelyn and Rea had gone to Gigi's house to visit, and they brought Jason, Davey, and Beau home. Jeff had come home and fixed everyone a nice dinner. When everyone was ready, we ate. The guys did the dishes as the rest of us had an after dinner drink. Mrs. T. arrived and said, "I understand that you are leaving on Friday, so we need to have a party tomorrow night at my house. Everyone be at my house at 5:30 and don't any of you try to help."

We talked for a while and everyone was tired and went to their bedrooms. The next morning Jeff had fixed a nice breakfast and we went about our day.

The guests spent the day with Mrs. T. but were home before we were. Aunt Evelyn loved listening to Chris's and Mickey's lessons. When they were over, we took off for Mrs. Tillison's. She had Adam, Aaron, Bran and Bruce dressed in gondolier outfits. They served us a simple but elegant meal. Beau and Denny made sure Aunt Evelyn had everything she needed. Jason and Davey did the same for Grandma Ginny, and Mitch and the twins made sure that Rea had everything she needed.

Tommy and Uncle Lyle took care of each other.

When we departed, the Edmonds boys all hugged and kissed everyone and thanked them for coming.

When we arrived back at the house, Jeff and I were asked by Rea if she could meet with us. We went into the piano room. She handed Jeff a check for $2500.00 and said, "I want you to take Mitch, Larry and Lenny and buy them a complete computer set up and get it hooked up to the network. If I gave the check to Mitch, he would tear it up. He is still giving me static about the money and the car."

Jeff said, "Mitch is a very proud person, as you know. He doesn't accept people trying to help him, gracefully. We'll get him his computer, even if I have to depants him in public." We all laughed and went back to join the others.

Aunt Evelyn asked to speak to us. Back to the piano room we went. She asked, "Is there anything Beau needs at all? He tells me he is fine you are providing him all he needs and more."

"Aunt Evelyn, Beau is fine. He's just learning to be able to trust people again. You are probably aware that he had some not so nice things happen to him." Jeff said.

Aunt Evelyn said, "Yes, I know but he won't talk to me about it. He says that it is all in the past now, and nothing can be done to undo what happened. I'm a little worried about how he might respond when he moves in with Josh and Ben. He seems so happy here."

I interjected, "Beau will be fine there. He has already mandated where he wants to live, and will not live. He will learn to love and trust Josh and Ben as much as he does us. He has already made it known that he and Jason are a set."

I don't know if Aunt Rea told you how intelligent Beau is. He has an IQ of about 160. If you didn't know it you would think that he was just another young teenager who is struggling to survive. You do realize that neither Beau nor Denny are getting paid for taking care of the young people at Gigi's house. Money just isn't one of his priorities.

"Well, what can I do for him then? I want to do something special for him. I've become very fond of him as well as all of the other young men I have met here."

Jeff said, "Aunt Evelyn, just being a good friend and listener is probably the best thing you can do for Beau."

Aunt Evelyn got up and kissed both Jeff and I and said, "Thank you for sharing with me. I think you are both remarkable young men.'

We went back to the living room and you guessed it. Grandma Ginny wanted to visit. Ginny said, "Jack and Jeff, I just wanted to thank you for what you are doing for Jason. I think this is the happiest I have seen him since his father died."

"He idolizes both of you, as well as Beau. I just hope that they can learn to love and trust Josh and Ben as much, when they move in with them. Jason told me he knew that both of you would be here for him if he needed anything."

"I want you both to come and let me give you a kiss to say thank you." She hugged and kissed us both.

Jeff and I followed her back to the living room where she announced that she was going to bed. Rea and Ginny went to their room after they said good night to the guys. Beau helped Aunt Evelyn up the stairs and he and Jason went to bed.

Uncle Lyle reached in his pocket and pulled out something and said, "Tommy, I have something for you, and I don't want any back talk."

He handed Tommy a check, and said, "I want you to use this wisely, so you don't have to be working more than two nights a week and never on Sunday."

Tommy was starting to cry, "You have already done too much. I don't deserve this."

Jeff said, "Thomas, you do deserve it and if you don't accept Uncle Lyle's money and conditions, then Dad and I will do the same. Now be a good boy and say thank you, properly. Dad and I are going to bed."

Tommy and Uncle Lyle followed us up the stairs. Jeff and I and went right to bed, Jeff was out and I just lay there thinking about our guests and how much my four boys meant to them.

In Tommy's room, Tommy was naked as usual. Uncle Lyle had Tommy on his back and was touching him all over. He whispered, "I want to do something special for you, since this is my last night here."

He kissed Tommy all over and then took Tommy's penis in his mouth and went to work. All of a sudden Tommy said, "I'm ready to erupt, pull off."

Mr. Blackwell sucked even harder and Tommy released his essence in Uncle Lyle's mouth. Uncle Lye finally let Tommy's deflated penis fall from his mouth. "Tommy, you taste so wonderful. It is so wonderful to be with someone who doesn't smoke or drink. I wish I was 65 years younger.

Tommy turned to Uncle Lyle and kissed him and pushed his tongue into Lyle's mouth, Uncle Lyle responded and finally Tommy pulled away and said, "Uncle Lyle, I love you, and I want to see all of you, so I'm going to take your shorts off."

When he got the shorts off he revealed a formidable sexual tool, and Tommy said, "This must have been lethal." as he started to kiss Uncle Lyle's penis.

Uncle Lyle pulled Tommy up to his face and said, "Size doesn't count. It's how you use what you have and, how you make your partner feel. Now it's time to go to sleep, but the next time we are together, I want you to make love to me and put your wonderful penis in me so I can enjoy it."

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