The Doctor Gets a Visitor III

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the Author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 16 - The Blow Up

Friday morning everyone was up early. The guys loaded Ginny's van with the people's luggage. We were eating breakfast when everyone started to come to say goody bye. First Mitch arrived with the twins, Chip and Denny. Gigi arrived with Spencer and Mrs. T. and Ben and Josh arrived and Davey came in the back door. We had a big send off for the Peoria people.

There were tears in a lot of people's eyes as they left. The group broke up and we went our separate ways. My day was going well and I even placed an advertisement for a young associate to join my practice at Jeff's insistence, so I could take some time off.

Jeff had a relatively quiet day and went home and started dinner. I stopped and picked up the guys. Tommy was just leaving for his baby sitting job when we arrived. We had a very quiet dinner and Beau and Jason did the dinner dishes and then went and changed the bed linens and started the laundry.

The guys came and asked if they could invite Denny and Davey over. They made the calls and Beau asked Jeff to go pick up Denny, and Davey came in the back door. The guys just disappeared downstairs. From time to time I could hear them in the laundry room.

The phone rang and it was for Beau. He came up and answered it. "This is Beau Benson ... Oh hi Mr. Sanders what can I do for you? ... You what? I have not had the baby sitting course, and I never had the CPR training. ...But that's different sir. Gigi is there. ... Let me check with Doctor Dad and make sure he is going to be home."

Beau turned to me and said, "Dad. you will be home tomorrow night, if I need you if I baby-sit won't you? This is Mr. Sanders and they want me to sit the twins tomorrow night. Is that okay?"

"Beau, its fine, and yes, I'll be here, since Tommy will be sitting also." I assured him.

Beau went back to the phone and made the arrangements. He had just hung up when the doorbell rang. Beau answered, "Hi Mr. Cross, come on in. What can we do for you? Did I do something wrong?"

"No Beau, I understand that you are going to be sitting with the Sanders' twins, and Denny's parents tell me he is here. May I talk to him, please?"

Beau went and got Denny. Mr. Cross asked, "Denny, we would like you to sit with Eddie tomorrow night. Beau is going to be busy at the Sanders' house."

Beau looked at Denny and said, "Just say yes, but you'd better check with your parents first. Tell them that D. Dad and Jeff are going to here, if something should happen."

Denny called his parents and came back and said, "I can sit, if you can take me home. Lori will drop me off."

"That's great; we'll see you at 6:00 and have a pizza and a salad for you and Eddie to eat." Mr. Cross said, as he left.

Jeff said, "There's some gooey dessert in the refrigerator if you would like some. Get the other guys. It goes good with milk."

The guys took off. We could hear them laughing in the kitchen. The doorbell rang. It was the Johnsons. "We came to pick up our son. He seems to spend more time here than at home."

We took them to the kitchen. The guys looked up and said hi. "You want some of this yummy gooey dessert?" Jason asked.

Beau said, "It may be gooey, but Jeff even managed to make it healthy too."

"No thank you, guys. We just came to take our wayward son home." Maria said.

"I'm sorry, but he can't go yet. We haven't finished the laundry and we have to stop Davey from making us all go bankrupt in Monopoly. Jeff will bring him home at 10:29:30. Besides, we have to have some fun tonight since we are both going to be babysitting tomorrow night."

The Johnsons looked at me and I shrugged. They left. It was about 10:15 when Colin came to the back door and said, "I've come to pick up my son. He was supposed to be home by 10:00."

I looked at Colin and said, "He's been too busy beating everybody at Monopoly." We walked down stairs just as Davey yelled, "Finally everyone is bankrupt."

"Just wait until next time." Beau said, as he looked up. "Hi Mr. Montgomery, I think your son cheats."

"I do not. I was just lucky tonight." Davey looked at the clock and said, "I'm sorry Dad, I guess I just got carried away."

The guys cleaned the area and the Montgomery's left and Jeff took Denny home. Beau and Jason finished the laundry and took it upstairs and said they were going to bed.

Jeff and I went upstairs and sat on the sofa. Jeff laid his head on my lap and opened my fly and took out my penis and began to stimulate it. When it was fully engorged he took it in his mouth and applied the milking machine mode and just completely drained me. He looked up at me and said, "I needed that; now go take a shower and I'll go wait for Tommy."

Jeff left and I did as I was told. I crawled into bed and was reading. It was shortly after midnight when the two guys came up the stairs. Jeff opened the door said, "Tommy would like to visit with us. He has something to tell us."

Tommy told us about what happened with Uncle Lyle at the Amana Colonies, and then while he was here. The guys were sitting on the bed as we talked. I looked at Tommy and said, "Do you feel bad about what happened to you?"

"No Dad, what bothers me more than anything is that its like Uncle Lyle is paying me to let him do these things to me, and he keeps giving me things I don't deserve."

"Tommy, stop right there. Uncle Lyle wants you to have them." Jeff stopped and continued, "I have no idea how old Uncle Lyle is, but I'm betting he looks at you as the son or grandson he has never had. He wants to make sure you are able to enjoy your life and make something of it."

Jeff stood and pulled Tommy close and hugged him, "Thomas, just continue to be the same caring individual you have been."

I climbed out of bed and hugged him and said, "Jeff is right. Now go to bed. Things will look different after a good night's sleep."

I had forgotten that I was naked and as Tommy was leaving he said, "I love you Jeff and Dad, and I think you are beautiful, all of you."

Jeff looked at me. He walked by me and flipped my penis like it was a pendulum and said, "Yep, all of you is beautiful."

He took a shower and came out and crawled into bed. I crawled on top of him and said, "My turn." I lubricated his penis and straddled him and began to impale myself.

Jeff flipped me over and said, "We need to do this right. He finished entering me and then just held still and leaned down and gave me the most wonderful kiss. He began to move and when he lost control I climaxed also. We were both covered in semen.

Jeff crawled out of bed and got some warm wash clothes to clean up the mess we had made and we were gone for the night.

We were awakened on Saturday morning by three guys dressed in sweat suits, Beau pulled the covers off of us and said, "Come on, we're going for a run. It's almost 60 degrees."

Jeff climbed out of bed and Tommy handed me a cup of coffee and said, "Come on Dad, this should get you jump started."

The three guys left and we got ready for a morning run. We ran for about a mile at a leisurely pace and turned around. Jeff, Beau and Tommy took off like they were going to a fire, while Jason and I took our time. Jason looked up at me and said "Those three are going to wear each other out.

We got back to the house and Beau said, "All of the rest of you go take a shower. You smell." He quickly started cooking."

The four of us did as directed and when we came back, he put our breakfasts in front of us. He took off and showered and changed and came back and ate. He announced, "This is a deep cleaning day. We have to clear out the dust."

Jeff said, "Dad, Jason and I have to take the Edmonds guys and buy them a computer."

Beau said, "Cleaning will be a whole lot easier than convincing them that they need a computer."

Jeff called the Edmonds and talked to Mitch. "Hey man, you and the twins get ready to roll. We have some errands to do. We'll be there is twenty minutes."

Jeff and I took both cars. Jason was riding with me. When we got to the Edmonds house, they were dressed and ready to go. Mitch rode with Jeff and I had three nine year olds with me. Jeff drove us to an electronics store and the first thing he bought was a complete X-Box setup with a couple of games and a TV.

Then we moved to the computers, and Jeff had the salesperson helping him with everything we would need. When we checked out, the bill was $2449.43. Jeff paid the bill and led us back to the Edmonds house and Jeff asked, "Mrs. Edmonds, where would you like the computer and game room to be located?"

"Why don't you put it in the family room, and then maybe someone will go down there."

Jeff and I went and got the computer stand, and Mitch and Jeff put it together while the rest of us got the other things from the cars and brought them in. Mitch asked, "Why are we doing this?"

Jeff said, "This is where your Mother wants it to be." Jeff quickly put the systems together and since the Edmonds already had cable, with a hook up in the basement it went together very nicely.

Jeff announced, "Okay guys, you are in business. The computer is all set to go and the X-Box seems to be working just fine. We're leaving?"

Mitch grabbed Jeff and said, "Not so fast. Why did you put all of these things in here, and we don't know how to operate them?"

Jeff held Mitch and said, "Because Aunt Rea said I was to do so, that way she wouldn't have to listen to you complain about it. I'll tell you what; Jason and I will come back after we go home for lunch, and we'll show you how to get them to work. We have to go now and check on Beau and Tommy."

We left and when we walked into the house, there was a sign saying no shoes allowed. There were pieces of paper with our names on them. We went into the kitchen and Beau said, "It's about time, we were beginning to think you were in an accident. Now sit down. Lunch is ready."

He served us a sandwich and salad. Tommy said, "He has been like a cat stalking a mouse all morning. You'd better buy some latex gloves so you don't leave fingerprints anywhere."

"Tommy, be nice. I'm just nervous about my first babysitting job. I have never done it before, and there will be two 5 year old boys."

Jeff started to laugh, "Then what have you been doing at Gigi's house lately? Have you been just sitting around making sure that Denny and Gigi are taking care of the four guys?"

"Jeff, that's different. There is always someone else there with us, in case something goes wrong."

Tommy went over and put his arms around Beau and said, "My son, if anyone can handle it, you can."

Beau looked at Tommy and said, "I'm not your son. You will never have a son. No woman would ever let you near her body."

Tommy stiffened and left the kitchen. Jason stood up and went to Beau and slapped him on the back and said, "Now you've done it. You said things that hurt Tommy when all he was trying to do was to let you know that you could handle the twins tonight. If you are going to act like this, I'm not sure I want you to be my brother. You need to think about what you are saying."

Beau looked at Jason and went white and left the table. He ran upstairs. I looked at Jeff and Jason and said, "You guys go help the Edmonds learn how to use their new toys. I'll do the dishes and get the guys squared away.

Jeff and Jason left. I went upstairs and the two guys were on Tommy's bed. Beau was pleading with Tommy to forgive him. Tommy pulled him close and said, "I'll forgive you, but you need to think about what you say to people, and I want to know what happened to you."

Beau looked at me, and I said, "Tommy needs to know an abbreviated version. I'll go do the dishes, and when you two guys kiss and make up and can tear yourselves apart, maybe we can go do some grocery shopping."

The guys finally came down and we went to the Target Store. Beau and Tommy both got a cart. They were planning the meals for the week as they went. They had filled both carts and when we went to check out, Beau insisted that we go to Joey's lane. When we started to the put the items on the belt, Joey looked up and said, "Tommy, do you belong to these people?"

Beau said, "Yes he belongs to us, and don't try to overcharge us, or I'll get you fired. We'll check off every item when we unload the groceries."

Joey was scanning everything and Beau was watching. All of a sudden he said, "Stop right there. That is the wrong price. The price on the special sign said $1.98 and not $4.54."

Joey called for help and Beau was correct. Joey said, "I'm sorry sir. I just do what this machine tells me to do."

Beau said, "Don't worry about it, Joey. It's not your fault." Beau left and went to the courtesy desk and was chewing out the manager who was on duty. Tommy and I took the carts to find him. The poor manager was beside himself.

He said, "I know sir, that should never have happened. Thank you for bringing the problem to our attention."

Beau wasn't finished and added, "I suggest that you get better control of what is being fed to your computers. The cashiers can't be expected to know when something is wrong, since there are always long lines to check out. Maybe we should call the corporate office and let them know what is happening in this store."

Beau walked away and we went to the car. Tommy said, "I think you just made a very bad enemy in there."

Beau said, "I don't care, but I bet we get treated with kid gloves when we come here the next time."

We went home and Beau said, "Dad, go do whatever Doctors do when they are alone. I need to talk to Tommy. I'll tell him the abridged version of what happened to make me like I am."

I did as I was told, and was dozing in my recliner when I was awakened by Beau shaking me. "Dad, Tommy is shaking, and I can't get him to stop."

I jumped up and went to see what was happening. Tommy was indeed shaking. I took him into the bathroom and he threw up everything that was in his stomach. He fell back against me and said, "I thought I had it bad. Now I know what bad is. My two brothers have been through hell. I guess I need to learn to be more patient with them."

"Tommy, they have had it bad, but they still need to learn to control themselves and respect other people. I want you to go to your room while I talk with Beau. Tommy left and I went to Beau and said, "Sit down. We need to talk."

Beau sat down and I pulled a chair beside him and started. "Clayton Custer, you have had a hard time, but that doesn't give you the right to denigrate others whether they need it or not. You can handle things diplomatically and get better results. Beau, you have to accept who you are, and what happened to you and move on. You just happen to be more intelligent than the average bear, but that still doesn't give you the right to hurt other people."

Beau looked at me and broke down, "Dad, I'm so sorry." He fell back against me and was really crying.

Jeff and Jason walked in and Jason got all concerned. "Beau, are you okay? Did someone hurt you?"

"No Jason. Dad just whupped me bad. See the marks on my butt." Beau laughed.

Jason attacked him and said, "Dad would never do that, but I bet he said some things to you that you didn't like very much."

Jason turned to me and asked, "D. Dad, Larry and Lenny want me to spend the night so we can play the new games, and send some emails. They still aren't quite sure how to do it. Please, may I? Mrs. Edmonds said it was fine with them and Mitch said he would have me home in time for church."

"Okay, but I need five kisses first." Jason jumped on my lap and held my face and gave me five kisses. He jumped down went and got a small overnight bag and came back.

"Okay, I'm ready to go." Jason said. "Beau, I thought you were going to go baby-sit. You look awful. Go get cleaned up so Timmy and Benji don't think you are a slob."

I stopped anymore conversation and said, "Come on Mr. Powers, your taxi is ready to roll."

We left and Jeff went and got the two guys and said, "I know something is going on and I want to know what it is, and now."

Beau answered, "Tommy wanted to know what happened to me and Jason, and I told him and he went into shock. I guess my mouth has been out of control all afternoon, because Dad just pounded me into the ground so hard I am surprised. I can walk."

Jeff held up his hand and said, "Beau, you need to control your emotions; otherwise you are not going to get along with anyone, and you will find yourself isolated. Now, both of you come here and give me a hug and then get ready to go to your jobs tonight."

The two guys left for their jobs and Jeff was sitting at the kitchen table with his head in his hands. When I walked in, Jeff was starting to sob. I sat down and put my arms around him and asked, "What's wrong, son?"

"Have I created three monsters or what?" he asked.

"Jeff, the guys are just learning who they are and are trying to adjust to their new lifestyle. They have come a long way, but it isn't going to be a straight road. Think about it, before there were five other people to divert their attention, and now it's just the five of us. You have to admit it is going to be very different for all of us."

Jeff leaned back against me and said, "I'm sorry Dad."

"Jeff, you have nothing to be sorry for. We just need to help the guys through this detour. And no matter what rough times occur, we have to let the guys know we love them. All three of the guys will be just fine.

It seemed so funny to be alone. He took me to the piano room and started to play. For some reason, I felt compelled to play along with him. He stopped playing and said, "Dad, why don't you start playing something and I'll join in?"

"Jeff, I need to see the music to play." I assured him.

"No you don't. Just picture a song in your mind, and let your fingers do the work. I started to play and he joined me. It began to sound much better. We had been playing for about 45 minutes, when all of a sudden someone was clapping.

Jeff looked up and said, "Tommy, what are you doing here and who are these handsome young men with you?"

Tommy said, "This is Derek and this is Doug. These are my Dad and my brother Jeff." The two boys came and shook our hands.

"Mr. and Mrs. Nichols gave me permission to bring the boys with me, to get my backpack. The guys want to know if they can borrow your tape of Peter Pan."

Jeff said, "Yep, I'll go get it for you, while you get your backpack."

I was talking to Doug and Derek and found out that they were seven and eight. Jeff came back with two tapes and handed them to the guys. "I thought you might like to watch Rikki Tikki Tavi too. It's like a little boy like you."

Tommy said, "Okay guys, time to go, so we can take Spot for a run."

The boys said goodnight and Jeff walked them to the door and hugged them. Jeff and I were sitting on the sofa reading. He laid his head down on my lap and we were listening to jazz on the classical music station. At 11:45, Beau came in and started laughing. "Well if it isn't Beauty and the Beast."

Jeff jumped up and said, "Who are you calling a beast?"

"Well, it isn't Dad." Beau laughed,

Jeff grabbed Beau and put him on the floor and sat on him. "Take that back you bully."

"Well I'd rather be a bully than a beast who is also an ogre." Beau laughed.

"For that you shall pay." Jeff said and he took Beau's slacks and briefs off him. "From now on, you are not permitted to wear any garments below the waist so everyone can laugh at you."

"You mean drool don't you?" Beau challenged.

Tommy was standing there watching and asked, "Did I miss something?

"Yeah! I told Jeff he was a beast and he attacked me to show what an ogre he was too." Beau pouted.

Jeff helped Beau up and he put his briefs back on and sat down next to me. Jeff asked, "So how was your first babysitting job?"

"Heck if I had known it would be this easy I'd have started sooner. I got paid $50.00 for doing nothing. How about you, Tommy?" Beau asked.

The guys were wonderful. They liked D. Dad and Jeff and they loved Rikki Tikki Tavi. They didn't have a chance to watch Peter Pan. I told them to keep it until later. They really enjoyed listening to you two play the piano." Tommy said.

"Wait a minute; you brought your children here? Did the parents know?" Beau asked.

"Yes and yes. I came to get my book bag so I could study while the guys were sleeping." Tommy answered.

Beau had maneuvered behind Jeff. He quickly pulled Jeff's jean and briefs off of him and started to laugh. "Look everyone, even Jason is better endowed than the ogre beast."

Beau ran to the stairs and called back, "I got you, you mean ogre beast. Good night Dad, I have to take a shower since the ogre beast had my tender body all over the dirty carpet."

Jeff and I locked up and got ready for bed. I left to check on the two guys. I went to Beau's room but he wasn't there. I looked in Tommy's room and they were cuddled together.

Beau looked up and said, "Don't worry Dad. Nothing is going to happen. Tommy is just protecting me from the ogre beast."

I kissed them both and went back and crawled into bed without my briefs and pulled Jeff to me and kissed him. He just held me and said, "I love you, Dad."

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Well, at least the blow up didn't take the house off its foundation.

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