The Doctor Gets a Visitor III

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the Author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 17 -- The Recital

The next morning we were awakened by two men bearing coffee and orange juice. "Tommy you'd better go get the chainsaw that is hanging in the garage. I think there are a couple of trees growing in here." Beau flipped the covers off of us and he and Tommy left.

Jeff and I showered and he went down on his knees and took me in his mouth. I lost control completely and he consumed all I had to give. He got up and kissed me and I tasted the treat I had given him, then he pushed me away when I tried to reciprocate. We dressed for church and went down stairs. The guys weren't there and Jeff went to look for them. He came back and said, "I don't know where they are. Let me go check and see if Tommy's car is here."

Before he could go look, the guys came in from the garage. "Where were you two ding dongs?" Jeff asked.

"We were shoveling the snow because we couldn't get the snow blower to work right." Tommy answered.

"Okay you two, go get your shower and get dressed for church, while Jeff and I fix some grub." I said.

The two guys took off and came back. We had just finished eating when Jason came in, "Why are you eating so late? I am going to go change for church."

Everyone assembled and we all drove to church in my car. The five of us sat in the second pew and we were soon joined by a bunch of others and Beau and Tommy moved back a pew so there would be room for everyone. Even so, Chip sat on my lap. Jeff looked at the bulletin and pointed to a new member's class on Wednesday night. I read it and shook my head yes.

We made it through the service and Father Gilbert said, "This morning The Lord's Prayer will be played on the organ by Mr. Adam Ammons and Mr. Jeff Wilson."

Jeff was stunned and he and Adam went to the organ, Adam began to play, and Jeff joined in thereby making it sound like the organ was singing. They finished and they started to play the recessional. No one was leaving; they were all standing there listening to the organ music. The guys shut down the organ and were besieged by people.

Jeff finally broke away and said, "Guys, let's go home and have a quiet day for a change. The guys shrugged and we left. The guys pitched in and lunch was ready in no time. We had just finished eating when the calls started to come in. The first call was Davey. Jeff answered and said, "Davey, we are all confined to the house today. Why don't you come over? I'll see if Larry and Lenny can come to."

Jeff called the Edmonds and Mitch said that he would drop the twins off. Jeff hung up and Denny called.

"Denny, Beau has been confined to the house for the day. Why don't you come over here and we'll see if we can get Chris and Mickey to come over too."

Jeff handed the phone to Beau. He made the calls and people started to arrive. The eight guys were all downstairs. Tommy asked if he could use the computer. Jeff grabbed him and said, "Studly, you can do what ever you want while you are here, as long as you aren't invading anyone's privacy."

Jeff was sitting on the floor of the living room working when the doorbell rang. I answered it and it was the Nichols. "Howdy Doug and Derek. I see you brought your parents with you. Come on in. How can I help you? Did something happen last night while Tommy was at your house?"

"Jack, nothing happened except our boys fell in love with him and that's why we are here. Next weekend is our tenth wedding anniversary and we would like Tommy to stay the entire weekend with the boys." Mr. Nichols said.

"Jeff, go get Tommy and let the Nichols talk to him about this. It's his decision." I said.

As Jeff was getting Tommy, Jason came flying into the room. "Dad." He stopped when he realized that we had company. "Hi Doug and Derek, you want to come join us in the family room? Dad, can I take a bag of baby carrots down for us to munch on while we watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?"

"Yes Jason. What are the 13 year olds doing? They're playing that dumb Risk game and yelling at each other." he answered.

Doug and Derek looked at their parents and got a yes nod and took off with Jason.

Jeff and Tommy came down the stairs and Tommy stopped and asked, "Is something wrong? Where are the guys?"

Mr. Nichols pulled Tommy close and said, "Tommy, nothing is wrong and the boys have been kidnapped by your brother."

"Which one, Jason or Beau?" Tommy asked.

"Jason came and whisked them away." laughed Mrs. Nichols. "Tommy, the reason we're here is to see if you could sit for us next weekend. The boys think you are the greatest. We are celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary and would like to go to Kansas City for the weekend. We don't want to tie down the parents for the entire weekend and this way we wouldn't have to put Spot in the kennel. You are the first baby sitter that he hasn't growled at when they arrived. He didn't even bark."

Mr. Nichols said, "We'll pay you $150.00 for the weekend."

Tommy looked at me and I said, "Tommy, It's your decision. I'll be available if you need me."

Tommy said, "I'll do it if it is okay if I take the guys to church with me on Sunday, since I want to become a member after attending the training on Wednesday evening."

"That fine with us." Mrs. Nichols said. "Just make sure they behave like gentlemen."

Beau came in and said, "Hi, I'm Beau, and you have to be Doug and Derek's parents. It's no wonder that they are such handsome guys. They couldn't be anything else with beautiful parents like you. He shook there hands and asked, "Dad, may I make some popcorn and take it and some lemonade downstairs for us? We finished the carrots and I promise we'll clean us any mess."

"Yes Beau, that's fine." I answered.

The doorbell rang and Beau answered it and it was the Weavers. Chip jumped into Beau's arms. Beau said, "The guys are downstairs; why don't you go on down and I'll be there in a minute."

Chip took off his shoes and away he went. Beau introduced Jill and Reg and went to make the popcorn. Reg said, "The reasons we came are, number one, we assume everyone is going to the class on Wednesday night, and were wondering if Chip could stay with Beau and Jason. Then we were hoping that you would keep Chip for us this weekend while we got away on Friday night to celebrate all the wonderful things that have happened to us since you took over our lives. We'll be back in time for the new member presentation on Sunday."

Jeff looked at me and said "Yes and yes, the guys will make sure that he is well taken care of."

The doorbell rang again; it was Mitch and his parents. Jeff made the introductions. Mitch said, "We wanted to ask if it was okay if we went to the new member's class on Wednesday and to see if the twins could stay here with Jason and Beau since they are too young."

Jeff said "Yes and yes."

Mrs. Nichols said, "The boys said that you two played the piano last night like it was angels singing just like the two guys at the church this morning on the organ."

Tommy and Mitch started to laugh. "Sorry ma'am, but they weren't angels, and Jeff was one of the two wimps that played the organ. Now you Wilson boys go do your thing like you were doing last night when the boys and I caught you by surprise."

We went into the piano room and started to play, and all of the young guy's from downstairs had come up and were sitting on the floor. Jeff had everyone singing as we played.

When we stopped, we had been joined by a few more people. Josh, Ben and Mrs. T, were standing there and Josh said, "We need to borrow Beau and Jason. Nancy has a house that she thinks meets Beau's requirements. We need to be there in 15 minutes."

Beau and Jason went and got their shoes and coats and they departed. Chip crawled up on my lap and asked. "Are you sure you don't mind me staying here next weekend?"

"Nope, you can stay as long as you can put up with us.

He kissed me and then crawled unto Jeff's lap and kissed him.

"Thanks Cub, I needed that. I wonder where the Tiger is at." Jeff asked.

Spencer got up and said, "I'm right here Boss, Now I need a kiss too."

Tyler said, "I just wanted to make sure we were going to the class on Wednesday. I guess it will only be me, since Spencer is too young and Kevin and Gigi are already members."

"You bet your boots farm boy. You can even come and go with us." Jeff said.

Spencer hugged both Jeff and me and they left. The Weavers and Edmonds left and the Nichols stood to go. The boys went downstairs and retrieved their shoes and said, "No one wears shoes in this house. It helps to keep the carpets clean."

"Tommy, we'll talk to you before this weekend but plan to be at our house at 5:00 on Friday evening." Mr. Nichols said.

Jeff took the other guys home and Tommy started to fix dinner. Since we didn't know who would be home when he fixed tacos so that everybody could eat when they were ready.

Meanwhile, Nancy was showing Ben and Josh a house on Dakota Circle. The guys took their shoes off when they went in and were very polite to the owners. Mrs. Alberts showed them around the house. There were five bedrooms upstairs and one downstairs. The kitchen had state of the art appliances and counter tops. The house was open and airy. They went to the finished basement that led to patio and in the back yard was a large in ground pool. The two boys were sold.

The people reassembled upstairs and Beau asked. "Why are you moving?

Mr. Alberts answered, "I've been offered a better job in Des Moines, and since that is where we grew up, we would like to go back, plus our daughter Lisa will be going to Iowa State in Ames."

Beau asked, "So, when will the house be available, what price are you asking and how much do the utilities run each month?"

Mr. Alberts said, "We plan to move at the end of May after Lisa is graduated from high school. We were thinking we should ask for $325,000.00 for it since we plan to leave the appliances, and the carpeting is almost brand new. The utilities run about $300.00 per month."

Beau asked, "How much are the property taxes and how much does it cost to maintain the pool."

"The taxes run about $2700.00 per year. As for the pool, I hired a company to take care of it and they charged $250.00 a month. If you could take care of it yourselves it would probably run about $200.00 for the season."

Beau thought and said, "Now, I am going to give you something to think about. I want you to consider some items, because we want to know what you will accept today, if we would decide to buy. Remember that Aunt Nancy should get a fee of $1500.00 for handling the paper work which we would split but we would save a lot of money by not getting a real estate company involved. We would split any closing fees, and here is the best part. Mrs. Alberts wouldn't have to have the house spic and span all of the time and need to disappear when agents brought possible buyers through. You would be able to buy a house in Des Moines without rushing, since you would have time to find what you wanted. We would want to be able to move in by the first of June. Now, what is your best offer?"

Mr. and Mrs. Alberts and Lisa conferred. Mr. Alberts came back and said, "If we can sign the paperwork today, we will sell it to you for $300.000."

Ben, Josh, Mrs. T. Beau and Jason conferred and Ben said, "We'll take it. Here is a check for $25,000.00 money and the rest will be paid at closing, with the stipulation that we can move in on or before June 1."

Nancy wrote up the paperwork and everyone signed. The guys hugged the Alberts and when they came home, it was like the two boys were on a drug high.

Tommy sat everyone down and served them tacos while the guys described the house and what Beau had done. Mrs. Tillison said, "Beau didn't skip a beat." He back sided the Alberts like a snake slithering through the grass."

Beau spoke up and said, "We need to get Uncle Norm moving on our adoption and name changes, so they are completed before we move."

Jeff got up and dialed. "This is Jeff; may I speak to Uncle Norm please? ... Uncle Norm, this is Jeff. Beau wants to speak with you."

He handed the phone to Beau. Beau said, "Uncle Norm, we need to get the adoptions and name changes done as soon as possible, so that when Jason and I move in with Dad Josh and Granddad Ben, the first of June it will be like we've been like that for a long time and no one will know the difference."

Beau turned to us and said, "Uncle Norm wants to meet here at 7:00 on Tuesday to go over the details. Can everyone be here?"

Everyone nodded yes. "Uncle Norm, everyone will be here. Thanks for sharing your time and sorry to bother you."

Beau started to clear the table and said, "D. Dad take these adults into the living room and get them a drink while Jason and I clean up the mess that pretty boy Tommy made while he was cooking." He walked behind Tommy and hugged him and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

We went into the living room and Mrs. Tillison said, "I can't believe Beau. He pushed all the right buttons today. I just can't imagine what he is going to be when he matures. I am sure that he is going to have a business of his own that does something unique."

Jason and Beau came in and said, "D. Dad, we're going to go take a shower in your room, and watch a show. We're exhausted."

The guys hugged everyone and left. Mrs. T., Josh and Ben left, and Tommy was sitting there and asked, "Doctor Dad are you going to adopt me and then I can changed my name to Wilson?"

"Tommy is that what want and are you sure?" Jeff asked.

"Please, I love you both, and feel so much closer to both of you than I ever did with my father. I love my Mother and sisters, and that won't change even if I am your son and brother. It would be a relationship like Jeff has with his three brothers, Sammy, Mickey and Teddy. And then we are all going to still have Beau and Jason to love, with all of their friends."

Jeff and I were sitting on either side of him and Jeff said, "I would love to have you for a brother."

I added, "And I already consider you my son."

Tommy started to cry. Beau had been standing on the steps and said, "Okay Thomas Wilson, get your butt up here. Jason and I need to be tucked in. That means you two old timers too."

We locked up and went and said goodnight to all three guys. They all demonstrated how much they cared for us. Jeff and I got ready for bed, and I think we both went out before the count of three.

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Editor's Note:

Tommy is a real sweetheart. Anyone worth their salt would simply love to have Tommy as their son.