The Doctor Gets a Visitor III

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the Author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 18 -- The Physicals

Monday morning was an exercise day. The five of us were exercising. Beau left to fix breakfast. We all ate and went to get ready for the day.

Everyone's day went without any major catastrophes. Tommy had come straight home and started dinner. When the rest of us arrived, the discussions began.

Jeff started, "Adam and Aaron took a big load off me today when they said they would compile everyone's list of songs and categories. Mrs. T. challenged the class to see who could come up with the most entries and categories. I asked the class to submit at least half of their lists by Friday. It will be interesting to see who has done what."

Tommy asked, "D. Dad is it okay if I go out for the baseball team? Coach Winston says I have to have a physical, if I try out."

"Yes and when do you need the exam done by?" I asked.

"Practice starts next Monday." Tommy answered.

"Then why don't you stop by the office on your way home tomorrow. I'll tell Lash that you are coming." I answered.

As we were finishing eating, Beau said, "Dad, we probably need to see a dentist. It has been almost three years since I've seen one."

Jeff spoke up, "I need to have my teeth cleaned. It's been almost nine months."

I turned to Jason and asked, "How about you, son?"

"D. Dad, I can't even remember the last time I went to the dentist." Jason answered.

Before I could ask, Tommy said, "It has been over a year since my teeth were cleaned. We never found a new dentist after Dr. Bill Walker retired."

"Let me make a call." I said, as I went to the phone. I dialed. "Hi, Will, this is Jack Wilson. I know that you are an orthodontist, but do you happen to know any young dentists who aren't overwhelmed with business yet? My four guys need to have their teeth cleaned and checked. ...Yeah, I met his wife. ... Hey thanks. I'll call him tomorrow. Tell Doug and Derek we said hi."

I had just hung up when Drew and Kenny came in. "D. Dad, we need a copy of our physicals for school, so we can play baseball."

Before I could answer David, Sammy and Bobby T. came in. "Uncle Jack, we need a physical so we can play baseball." David pleaded.

"Guys, sit down and let me make a call." I went to the phone and dialed.

"Hi, this is Doctor Wilson; may I speak to your father please? ... Hey Coach Winston, this is Jack Wilson. I have six 16 year old young men sitting here in my kitchen asking for physicals. ... I'll tell you what. Lash and I will come to school on Wednesday afternoon and all the guys have to do is show up with $20.00 to pay for the blood work and a parental consent letter. We'll plan to start the exams at 1:00. ...We'll leave the scheduling up to you and Paul. ... Okay, see you on Wednesday."

I turned to the assembled guys and said, "I'll see you all and I mean all, on Wednesday afternoon."

Drew hugged me and said, "D. Dad, you've been taking lessons from Jeff and Beau."

Beau jumped up and said, "I'm leaving if you are going to insult me."

Denny walked in just then and said, "Is this the meeting for the gorilla society or what?"

Beau said, "You mean Apes Anonymous don't you? Come on Denny, we have work to do." The two guys disappeared and the 16 year olds except for Tommy left.

Jeff was sitting studying and Tommy had gone to his room when the doorbell rang and Chip, Reg, and Jill walked in. Chip jumped on Jeff and Reg asked, "Is Beau available?"

"Chip, go get Beau. He's upstairs in the study, and then you can go bug Jason and Davey in the family room.

Beau came down and said, "You rang, master?"

"Yes General, Reg and Jill want to talk with you." I laughed.

"What's up?" Beau asked.

Reg started, "We want to know what you want us to do with the rest of the things in the garage. There is no way we can put anything else in the house.

Goodwill has taken all of the things you had marked for them, and the other things for the church thrift shop have been delivered, but the garage is still rather full."

Beau thought for a minute and then said, "Here's what we'll do. We'll have a garage sale, the weekend after next. That way I can go through the things one more time this weekend. I'll have the guys and Gigi come to your house that Friday so Denny and I can handle the garage sale. Why don't you coordinate with the Edmonds? I'll put an ad in the Wednesday paper."

"In the meantime, I'll try to come up with some prices for the better pieces. Oh, by the way, anything we make on the garage sale, goes into an education fund for the Chipper."

Jill got up and gave Beau a big hug and kiss and said, "You are too much, General Beauregard."

"Commander Chip, I need you to take your parents home and put them to bed. They have been working too hard." Beau said.

Chip jumped up in Beau's arms and said, "Yes sir, General." He kissed him and then gave Jeff and me a kiss and the Weavers left.

Beau went back upstairs. The doorbell rang, I answered and Mr. Crosby was standing there with a young boy. "Is Beau here?" Neal asked.

"Come on in Neal; let me get Beau for you." I said, as I went to get Beau. He and Denny were working on the computer.

Beau looked up and said, "We're getting ready to blindside Jeff. Is something wrong?"

"No Beau, nothing's wrong but Mr. Crosby has a little boy with him downstairs and would like to talk to you." I assured him.

The guys shut off the computer and followed me downstairs.

Beau went to Mr. Crosby and said, "Good to see you again sir. Did you find some more money for me?"

"No, I actually came to ask a favor of you. My wife and I have entered a bridge tournament this weekend, and the babysitter we had lined up called tonight and canceled because of a death in the family. The Sanders recommended that we talk to you. We would need you on Friday and Saturday nights at 5:00 until about 12:30."

"Well who will I be taking care of?" Beau asked.

"This is our four year old son, Trey. He has 16 goldfish and a Doberman Pincher named nanny." Mr. Crosby said.

Beau started to say something but Neal said, "Beau, Mr. Sanders said you would claim you didn't have the proper training and he also said that you were probably better qualified that 95% of the people who have had the training."

Beau looked at me and I shrugged, "Remember, I am confined to the house this weekend, because Tommy is going to be sitting with Doug and Derek."

Beau asked, "The dog won't bite me, will it?"

"Not unless you hurt Trey." Mr. Crosby assured him.

"Okay, I'll do it." Beau said.

"Great, now do know of someone else who might be available to sit those two nights. Our friends the Hobbs are entered in the same tournament." Neal asked.

Denny is available."

Denny said, "Mr. Crosby, if I would be available, who would I be setting for?"

"The Hobbs have a six year daughter and a four year old son." Neal answered.

"Let me call my parents and get their permission." Denny said.

Denny left and came back and said, "I can do it, but shouldn't we talk to the Hobbs first?"

Neal and Denny made a call and when they came back Denny asked, "D. Dad, you are going to be available aren't you?"

"Yep Studly, I'll be here all weekend." I answered.

Beau handed Mr. Crosby a list of information that he wanted available on Friday night. The Crosby's left.

Lori came and said, "The chauffeur for Dennis Johnson has arrived."

Denny looked at her and said, "She ain't no chauffeur. She is more like a guardian angel." The two Johnsons left.

Beau came and sat beside me and asked, "Dad, is something wrong with us. Everyone wants our bodies?"

"Beau, what are you talking about?" I asked a little concerned.

"Dad, I think about everyone wants us to solve their problems for them. The five of us have hardly anytime to ourselves. Sometimes I am surprised that you even recognize Jeff, he keeps going like a buzz saw."

Beau stopped and said, "I guess the other three of us are just as bad, aren't we?" He gave me a big kiss said, "I'm going to bed,"

Jeff grabbed Beau and said, "This is all your fault, you know. If you hadn't revealed your story, you could be still in the home or worse. Now what I need to tell you is that the entire music appreciation class is out to get you and Denny for showing them up. They are determined that two 13 year olds are not going to win the competition."

Beau laughed, "You just laid down the gauntlet. Too bad I have four little men that I have to take care of, like you, Dad, Jason and Tommy or Denny or I would win hands down."

Jeff pulled him to the floor and said, "Take that back, Jason and Tommy aren't so little."

"Oh, so you've been checking them out?" Beau said, as he ran up the stairs.

Jeff leaned back against me and said, "The monster has struck again. Let's go to bed."

We locked up and went upstairs. I went to check on the three guys. They were all in bed. I took a quick shower but when I crawled into bed Jeff was already gone.

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Editor's note:

Once again the family shows itself to be well above average. As Olivia Newton John might say, "Let's All Get Physicals."

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