The Doctor Gets a Visitor Book III

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the Author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 19 -- Brad Arrives

The next morning I was awakened by Jeff. "Dad, I'm sorry I went out so fast last night. I think I've been running on empty. Why don't you stay in bed while we exercise this morning?"

I climbed out of bed and put on some sweat clothes and we dived bombed the other three guys. Tommy and Beau got up immediately but Jason said, "Go away, you're bothering me."

The four of us went to the basement and started to exercise and were soon joined by Jason.

The day went smoothly for everyone and by 7:00 everyone had assembled, when Norm arrived. Beau had done his homework. He handed everyone a piece of paper and said, "Uncle Norm, here's what we want. Tommy wants to be adopted by Doctor Dad and have his name changed to Thomas J. Wilson."

"Jason wants to Uncle Ben to be his guardian, and have his name changed to Jason Powers Jameson. I want to be adopted by Uncle Josh have my name legally changed to Beau Benjamin Benson."

"That sounds simple enough." Norm said, "Does anyone have any questions?"

Jason stood and asked, "If everyone else is being adopted, why shouldn't I be adopted too?"

Ben said, "Jason son, we have to think about your Grandma Ginny, and remember that we are equals in all of this, and besides it doesn't matter who is adopted and who isn't. What matters is that we all love each other, no matter what our status is."

Norm asked, "Now how soon do you want this to happen?"

"Yesterday." said Beau. "Uncle Norm, please make it happen before the first of June, when Jason and I move in with Dad Josh and Granddad Ben."

Norm said, "I'll start working on it, right away. I'm sure that we can make it happen within six weeks."

Beau hugged him and escorted him to the door. As Beau opened the door and Mrs. Rose was coming up the sidewalk with a good looking young man,. Beau said, "Mrs. Rose, you have been out collecting another good gentleman. Does he have a name?"

"Beau, I can't get this dude to talk to me. Maybe you and Jeff can help me." Mrs. Rose said.

Beau brought them in and said, "Dad, Mrs. Rose needs a stiff drink. Jeff, get your tape recorder, and come with me. You, whatever your name is, come with us."

The young man followed them upstairs; Beau and Jeff kept talking, as if nothing was different. When they got to my bedroom, they sat on the sofa. Beau said, "I'm Beau, and that creep there is Jeff. Do you have a name?"

The young man said, "My name is Brad."

"So your name is just Brad. That must drive your teachers bonkers, especially if they have a seating arrangement by last names." Beau laughed.

Brad said, "You are weird. I have a last name. It's West."

"Well for heaven's sake, Brad West, I am so pleased to see that your vocal cords are working. Now, we want to know the entire story of why you are running around with my girl friend, Mrs. Rose."

Poor Brad was so confused. "I ran away from home when my father caught me holding my cousin in my bed, last night. He started yelling at us and calling us all sorts of names. We hadn't done anything. I was holding Hal because I had just chewed him out for being so dumb. He had had intercourse with a bimbo at school, and hadn't used any protection."

"When he walked in on us, I was holding Hal close and my Father started calling us all kinds of names. Hal ran home, and I decided I had to get away from the bigot." Brad said, with tears in his eyes.

"So were you naked?" Beau asked.

"Are you kidding? My father would have had a stroke if we were naked. We both had pajamas on." Brad answered.

"So, tell us about your Father." Beau said.

"Ever since my mother died last year, he has been like a watch dog. I haven't been permitted to do anything but to go to school, come home, eat, do the dishes and go to my room. There has never been any show of affection. I think he blames me for my mother's death. He has been going to an ultra conservative church, run by Dr. James. He came home shouting that I was going to hell, because I wasn't a believer."

Jeff said, "I think we have enough information. Let's go talk to Mrs. Rose."

"Wait, does your Dad have a name, where do you live, and does he have a phone?" Beau asked.

Poor Brad was overwhelmed and said, "My father's name is Alexander West. He is an architect, and he lives at 722 E. Colorado Blvd and his phone number is 767-8223."

Jeff turned off the tape recorder, and they came down the stairs. Denny was waiting for Beau, and when he saw Brad, he said, "Hey Brad, let me show you the neat family room downstairs." How does Denny know Brad's name?

"I'll be down in a few minutes, guys. I need to talk to Mrs. Rose." Beau said, as he turned back to us.

"Mrs. Rose, the tape will tell you the story. Why don't you get in touch with Mr. West, and tell him his son has been captured by a group of wild men but he can come claim him on Thursday night, since everyone is going to be gone tomorrow night and I'm taking care of the world's children. Now I have to go make Master Brad's life miserable." Beau said, as he left.

Mrs. Rose shook her head and said, "I can't believe that young man. I have a feeling he is already working on a solution, but poor Brad will be traumatized before Beau gets done."

Mrs. Rose left and the guys came up and they were in the kitchen laughing. Jeff and I went to see what was going on. Beau was using the phone "Hey Chris, I got this punk here that needs a ride to school tomorrow. Do you know the creep? His name is Brad West. ... He's spending a couple of nights here. ... Okay, I'll have him at your door in the morning. Thanks."

Jason said, "Look at his eyes, they're purple."

"They are not they're violet." retorted Denny.

Tommy said, "They're navy blue. No one has eyes that look like that. He's got to be wearing contacts."

Poor Brad was dazed. "Okay men, it's time to get ready for bed. Come on Denny, I'll run you home." Jeff said.

"Wait, I forgot to tell you. We are set for our dental appointments, a week from Saturday. Dr. Carver and his wife are going to open their office just for us. Beau, I want you to schedule everyone. Each appointment is approximately 45 minutes, and I want to be the last appointment of the day, so I can take care of the bill."

"Anything else your royal highness?" Beau asked.

"Not now, slaves. Now go get your showers. You smell." I laughed.

"Jason and Tommy, you two use our shower, and Brad and I will use Doctor Dad's shower. Tommy, which room are you going to sleep in?"

"I'll sleep in your bed, and you and Brad can sleep in my room." Tommy said.

"Fair enough. Thanks. Come on, let's go so D. Dad and Jeff can shower before they are too old to walk." Beau said, as they left.

When the guys got to the bathroom, Beau started undressing and putting his clothes in the dirty clothes hamper. Brad was just standing there. Beau was naked and he turned to Brad and said, "Cut the modesty. I've seen more penises than you ever will. Now get with it."

Brad slowly undressed and when he took off his boxer shorts, he turned so Beau wouldn't see him. "Brad, don't be such a prude. Get in the shower now, before I call Jeff to help me lift you in."

The two guys shampooed and conditioned their hair and were just stepping out of the shower when Jason came in. "You two just getting out? What were you doing? Taking care of your physical needs? Brad, lean down here and let me look at your eyes."

Brad leaned down and Jason looked at his eyes and said, "Your eyes are definitely purple. Now let me check your hair to see if your dye it. No one has white hair like this. It looks like it was spray painted."

Jeff and I walked in to the bathroom. Dad and Jeff, come here and look at Brad's eyes. What color are they?"

Jeff looked and said "Violet."

I looked at them and said, "I think it probably depends on what Brad wears. They probably change colors."

"Dad, looked at his hair. No one has hair that color. He has to dye it doesn't he?" Jason asked.

I looked at Brad and said, "Unless he dyes his entire body, I would say it was its natural color."

Jason looked at Brad critically and said, "I guess you are right, even the hair around his penis is the same color." Jason turned, and left.

Brad was as red as a beet. Jeff hugged him and said, "If you are going to be around here very much, you had better get used to it and learn to laugh at everything." Jeff leaned down and kissed Brad on the lips and said, "Now, maybe you two should get some briefs on."

Jason came in and said, "Here, put these on your little pretzel sticks or they are going to get cold." He handed them each a pair of Beau's bikini briefs. "Hurry up, I want to see which one of you looks the best."

The two guys pulled on the briefs and Jason started to laugh. "You both look like you should still be in diapers."

Tommy was standing there laughing, "Jason, I thought you were going to get us a new tube of tooth paste."

"Oh yeah." Jason said, as he got a new tube of tooth paste, and he and Tommy left.

The two thirteen year olds brushed their teeth and left. Jeff and I took our showers and went to say goodnight to the guys. When we hugged and kissed Brad, he started to cry. Beau looked at us, and said, "Dad and Jeff, I'll take care of it."

We went back to the bedroom and crawled into bed Jeff said, "Dad, please make love to me."

I lubricated us, and slowly started to enter him, but he kept pulling me forward until I was completely inside him. I began to slowly move back and forth and we exploded simultaneously. He wouldn't let me pull out of him; but just held me. Finally, I just slipped out and got a warm cloth and wiped us off. Jeff held me close and was gone. I followed shortly.

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