The Doctor Gets a Visitor III

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 2 -- The Toy Boy

Jeff picked up Beau, Jason and Davey and took them home. Beau, Jason and Jeff quickly changed clothes and were the last to arrive. Mrs. Tillison introduced the guys to Mr. White. They were very proper in their greetings.

Mr. White asked, "Do we need all these people here. This matter is for Jason and his guardian, and the company."

Beau looked at Mr. White and said, "Mr. White, I am Jason's foster brother, Jeff is his foster brother, Ms. Clancy is his lawyer from Illinois, Mr. Burns is his lawyer, here in Fremont, and Doctor Dad is his guardian, and foster father. Uncle Josh is the housemate of Jason's grandfather who stayed in Peoria to take care of business. We were all there, except for Uncle Norm when Mr. Evans attempted to buy off Jason, for nothing. Now, let's cut to the chase and get on to the business at hand."

Mr. White looked a little shell shocked, but said, "The Company is offering to settle for ten million dollars, if we can settle tonight."

"And?" Beau asked.

"After all taxes have been paid and Mrs. Tillison has been reimbursed for all funeral costs, including the plane charter to Peoria and back, Jason will receive a little over six million dollars. Now Jason, if you and your guardian will sign." Mr. White said as he handed the paper to Jason to sign.

Jason handed it me. Beau said, "Doctor Dad, why don't you have Uncle Norm and Aunt Rea review the document first, to make sure everything is legal."

I handed the papers to Norm and he and Rea reviewed them. They conferred and Norm said, "Jason, we agree that it would be best if you signed this settlement. You probably could get more if we went to court, but that could be a long and tiring experience. If you and Doctor Wilson invest the money, you will be much further ahead, and you will make more than enough to pay for college."

"Should I sign in cursive or manuscript?" Jason asked.

"Better use cursive." I advised.

Jason painstakingly signed his name and handed me the agreement and I signed it. I handed it back to Mr. White.

Mr. White handed Jason a check, and Jason handed it to me. Young man, you are a very lucky boy." He told Jason.

Beau looked at Mr. White and stood. "You think Jason is lucky because you handed him a check. Well Mr. White, Jason's father was killed by an enemy missile five years ago. Then his grandfather was killed by a runaway train. His grandmother was injured in the same accident, and will be incapacitated and confined to a wheel chair for the rest of her life. Then, one of your trucks killed Jason's mother and step father, and you think he is lucky?"

"Mr. While, it's just fortunate that Jason has a wonderful support system like Doctor Dad, Jeff, Grams Tillison, Uncle Josh, Uncle Ben, Uncle Norm and Aunt Rea to look after him. I'm taking Jason out of here. He doesn't need to hear anymore of your drivel. You are very insensitive indeed."

The two guys left. Mr. White was a little unsettled, as he explained what had happened. He finished by saying, "If you had chosen to take legal action, the company would have had to declare bankruptcy. I feel like I need to apologize to those two young men."

"So, you got your insurance problems resolved, and the trucks are back on the road?" Mrs. T. asked.

"As of about 2:00 this afternoon, and the office will have an entirely different look when we open for business tomorrow. There will be some people looking for new jobs tomorrow." added Mr. White.

Before anyone could say anything, there was a knock on the door.

"Come in." Mrs. Tillison called.

Beau walked in and said, "Mr. White, I apologize for blasting you so harshly, but you really do need to be more sensitive to people's feelings." Beau came back to Jeff and said, "Boss, the guys want you downstairs to watch them playing pool."

Jeff left and Beau turned to Josh and said, "Uncle Josh, take Mr. White, Mr. Evans and Aunt Rea and fix them a good stiff drink, or whatever it is that you adults drink."

Everyone left and Beau shut the door. "Why is Jeff in such a deep funk? Grams, did something happen at school today?"

"No, he was fine when I left him at 2:15." Mrs. T. said, and I just shrugged my shoulders. Beau said, "Then we know whatever happened was in the other job. I'll see if I can get it out of him at the club."

"Speaking of club, we should be going." Mrs. T. announced.

Beau retrieved the guys and we departed for the club. As we were walking in, we met Gigi and Spencer. Beau helped Gigi to the party room and helped her find her seat. Jeff just stood around.

Jason went and stood next to Mitch and asked, "Where is Mitch? I thought he was going to be working tonight?"

Chip, who was standing next Jason, started in on Mitch. "This sort of looks like Uncle Mitch, but his hair is way too nice. Mitch looked like his hair had been cut with a bowl on it and you can see this man's ears."

Mitch reached down and grabbed the two guys, one in each arm and said, "I'm sorry sirs, but I'm going to have to ask you to leave, for picking on the help."

"I'm sorry Uncle Mitch. I won't pick on you anymore." Chip said, as he kissed Mitch. Chip looked at Mitch and said, "You know you really are beautiful."

"I'm not beautiful." Mitch argued.

"Yes you are." Chip said, as he squirmed down. Jason poked Mitch in the chest and said, "If Chip says you are beautiful, then you are beautiful and don't you forget it." He punched Mitch again and darted away.

Beau went to Mitch and they started talking. They left and came back shortly. They high fived and the people started to arrive. Beau and Jason helped everyone find their assigned seats. When everyone had arrived and they were seated, Beau went to Mrs. T. and saluted. "Grams. All present and accounted for ma'am."

"Thank you General Beauregard, would you please say the blessing?" Mrs. T. responded.

Beau was caught cold, but he went to his seat and took Chip and Jason's hands and asked everyone to join hands and began. "Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for allowing this opportunity to get together and meet new friends, especially those from Peoria and Omaha. Please help those of us who are dealing with issues without asking your help. Help us to learn to that you have a way to make everything turn out as you planned. Now finally, we ask that you bless this food and help it to strengthen us, so we can face whatever is in the future. In your name we pray. Amen."

The five servers started to bring the appetizers. I noticed that Mitch was serving Beau with tears in his eyes. Mitch watched, and as soon as the last people were finished, the appetizers dishes were taken away and the soup and salads were served. When people finished, Mitch announced that the buffet was ready.

Beau stood and said, "Here's the drill. All the ladies over 17 will be escorted though the line. The studs over 20 will follow and then the one 18 year old and five year old will go next. The ladies from Venus will go next followed by the men from Mars."

The ladies were all escorted and then Jeff and Chip approached the line. Beau made sure that they went into different lines. As Jeff reached the chicken a server brought more chicken and put it in the chafing dish on Jeff's line. Beau rushed up with a clean plate and said, "Wait a minute, sir. I saw that chicken first." He put the two biggest pieces on his plate.

Jeff snapped to, and said, "I wasn't going to take it anyway, because I don't want to get fat."

"Grams, Jeff just called me fat. Make him be nice to me." Beau sobbed.

Dina said, "Jeff, you had better check his bra to make sure he's not taking the table linens."

Jeff pulled Beau's sweater and shirt back and said, "Heck, he's not even wearing a training bra." Drew spoke up and said, "You'd better check his underwear to make sure he isn't hiding anything down there."

Jeff pulled Beau slacks and briefs and shook his head, "I don't see anything down there except for a small inch worm."

"Oh yeah, let's see what you have that you are so proud of?" Beau said, as he pulled Jeff's pants out and looked and then took a magnifying glass out of pocket and looked again. He turned to the tables and looked like he was going to cry and asked, "Aunt Linda and Uncle Eric, are you sure that Jeff is a boy? I can't find anything down here."

Everyone was laughing and Jeff grabbed Beau and turned him upside down and shook him. "See he doesn't even rattle."

Jeff put Beau down and Beau pushed Jeff out the door and announced, "We have some issues to address. We'll be back, shortly. Enjoy your food."

Beau took Jeff out and I would find out later read him a real riot act. Jeff returned about ten minutes later with Jeff looking much better, Beau came in huffing and puffing, "I got there just in time. The aliens had just put the real Jeff into a desensitizing chamber, but I yanked him out and threw the clone they had substituted in instead and then pushed the blast off button and now they're gone. Now, Jeff and I are going to eat."

They fixed plates of food, and were returning to the table. Jeff said, "I'm sorry, people. I guess I haven't been much fun."

Chip looked at him and said, "You sure haven't been a bouncing ball. You've been like a glob of clay and the only time you moved was when Beau told you to."

I was watching Beau, and he was starting to shake. I started to get up but he mouthed, I'm okay." The two guys came back to the table and sat. They both picked at their food.

Jeff looked at me and whispered, "I'm so embarrassed. I can't remember ever doing something like this before."

"Forget whatever it was, for now. We can talk about it later. A lot of people are concerned about you, especially Beau. I'm afraid that he is about to go into melt down. I really don't want to take him to that town tomorrow, but I guess it is necessary. I'm afraid that he might bolt and run away." I answered.

Dessert was served and when the guys finished, Jeff, Beau, Spencer, Jason and Chip began to circulate and visit. I was amazed at how mature the four youngest seemed to be.

Mrs. T. handed Beau five envelopes and whispered something. Beau made a big production of it. He called each of the servers by there given name and handed them each an envelope. When he got to Mitch he said, "I don't want any lip from you, Edmonds. You are suspended for two weeks, and he handed him an envelope and dashed away."

Greg spoke up, and said, "Jeff, the reason we were late was that I had a call from Dad Gilbert, it seems he had a special request that you provide the music for Sunday, so I cancelled everything that was scheduled. I already know that you are playing the organ for Anne."

Jeff sparked and said, "Let me guess. Bishop Lancaster is coming, right?"

"Yes." Greg answered.

"Okay, that means that everyone here under the age of 17 will be at choir practice at the church on Thursday at 7:00. There will be no excused absences."

"Now, does anyone have any ideas about what we should sing?" Jeff asked.

Aunt Cora spoke up and said, "Jeff honey, why don't you sing a spiritual and a traditional hymn and then maybe something more contemporary and the young guys could do something age appropriate."

"Good thinking Aunt Cora, I'll work on it." Jeff said.

"Grams, if we sing, can we have another swim party on Sunday after? We promise to clean up." said Toby.

"Why not?" Mrs. T. said.

The young people all cheered.

At 8:30, Beau announced, "Jeff, it's after several people's bedtimes and I know that there is one college student who hasn't studied for his Spanish test tomorrow. What are you going to do about it?"

"I'm going to go get Gigi's car for her, and pull it up front, and then I'm going to take anyone with a name that starts with Chi or Jas home." Jeff answered.

Drew and Jeff left to pull the cars around. Beau got Gigi's coat and Kenny helped Aunt Cora and they escorted them to the waiting vehicles. Jeff came in and collected Chip and Jason.

Beau and Mrs. T. were talking to everyone as they were leaving and Beau had something funny to say to everyone and they left laughing. After everyone else was gone, Beau and I walked Mrs. T. to Josh's waiting van. As Mrs. T. was getting into the van, she said, "We'll be at your house in 10 minutes. I have to know what happened to Jeff, that was so terrible."

Beau hung up our coats and Jeff was sitting in the living room studying. He looked up and said, "I figured I might as well be in place, when Grams arrives. I know she is going to want to know what happened."

He had no more said that when Mrs. T., Rea and Josh arrived. Mrs. T. didn't waste any time. "Jeff, I want to know and I want to know now, just exactly what had you so upset."

Jeff told us what had transpired. When he finished, Beau leaned back against me and started laughing, "Jeff, that is the dumbest thing I could imagine. First, you'll probably get the creep fired and kicked off the campus by three. Now here's the funniest part. After what I saw tonight, you can't be President Campbell's boy toy. The creep should have said toy boy." Beau started laughing again.

"What's the difference?" asked Mrs. T.

"Listen boy toy. Now listen toy boy." Beau laughed.

All of a sudden, Jeff started to laugh harder than I had ever seen him laugh. The rest of us almost simultaneously realized the difference and started laugh.

All of a sudden Jason was standing on the stairs asking, "What's so funny. I can't sleep."

Beau got up and said, ""Jason, buddy, let's go to bed. We were just telling toy boy how silly he was.

Beau started up the stairs and announced. "I'm not feeling well, so I guess I won't be going to Oakland tomorrow."

The five of us in the living room said, in unison, "You're going to Oakland tomorrow."

He glared back at us and went upstairs. The rest of us agreed that we would meet at Mrs. T's house at 7:30. Jeff and I locked up, and went to the bedroom. I got ready for bed, but Jeff was sitting on the sofa studying. I was almost asleep when Jeff crawled into bed and hugged me. "Thank you Dad. I love you."

He was gone. Finally, I fell asleep, but I was awakened by the sound of sobbing. Jeff was asleep, so I went into the guys' room. Beau was laying there crying. I pulled him to me and held him. He settled down and said, "Doctor Dad, I'm so afraid of what might happen tomorrow. Suppose we run into one of the men who used my body?"

I pulled him tight, and whispered, "Beau, I will not let anyone hurt you, even if I have to go the bathroom with you. I won't let you out of my sight."

"You promise?" he asked.

"I promise. Now, go get into our bed, and I'll bring Jason." I said, as I picked Jason up and took him to the bed and he rolled against Jeff who held and cuddled him, and Beau crawled in so he was next to me. Beau turned to me and kissed me and said, "Thanks Dad." He then kissed me on the lips.

"Anytime, son. I love you." That was enough for him and he was out like a light and I finally fell back to sleep."

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