The Doctor Gets a Visitor III

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the Author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 20 -- The Best Endowed

The next morning we were awakened by two thirteen year olds. Beau sat my coffee down and Brad put Jeff's juice down. Beau flipped back the covers and said, "See I told you they were beautiful. Maybe someday we'll look as good as they do."

"Okay men, get ready to be ground into the ground in ten minutes, Tommy and Jason are almost ready to go."

We got dressed and went to the workout room. Beau said, "We only have time for a short work out this morning, so let's go."

After 15 minutes, Beau said, "Okay, the rest of you get your showers and get tweaked for the day and Brad and I will start breakfast."

When we came down to eat, the two guys left and Beau said, "You all save us a waffle please."

The two of them came back and Brad was complaining. "Beau, I can't wear jeans, and these shoes. My father would blow a gasket if he knew."

"So let him. Everyone wears jeans, but I can't help with those dorky shoes: your feet are too big to fit in my shoes."

Jason said, "Just tell everyone you are recovering from smoke inhalation if anyone asks why you were gone for two days."

"But there hasn't been any smoke." Brad said.

Jason got up and got a match and lit it and blew the smoke at Brad and said, "Yes there has."

Brad started to cough and laugh at the same time. "I'll just tell everyone my mind is a little confused."

Beau said, "You can say that again. Now, here is my book bag. Get your coat and I'll deliver you to Chris' house."

The two of them left and the rest of started to clean up. When Beau came back, we were all ready to leave.

Everyone's morning went fine and I had a quick lunch and Lash and I went to the high school and started doing physicals. We finished at about 5:15 and wrapped everything up and Lash took the blood samples to the lab. Everyone had been in good health except one senior who had an asthma problem.

Jeff had picked up Brad and taken him to Gary to get his hair styled and then taken him to get a pair of sport shoes. When we got home, Tommy had fixed us Sloppy Joe sandwiches with home fries and a big tossed salad.

As we were eating, Beau asked, "So Dad, how many high students did you and Lash suck blood from today?"

"I think there were thirty two students plus Mr. Winston and Mr. Murphy." I answered.

"So which high student was the best endowed sexually?" Beau asked.

"Beau, I can't answer that question because of doctor patient confidentiality." I answered.

"Okay, we'll play a game of yes and no." said Beau.

"Do I know the person who was best endowed?" Beau asked.

"Yes." I answered.

"Have I swum against him at Grams house?" Beau asked.

"Yes." I answered.

Jason spoke up and said, "I already knew that Kenny had the biggest penis of all the 16 year olds. Heck he looks almost as good as Jeff, Mitch and Tyler."

Jeff spoke up, "So you guys talk about other people's sexual equipment, huh?"

"No, it's just a personal observation to make sure I am on track to being a real man." Jason said without blinking.

Tommy started to laugh.

"What did I say that was so funny?" Jason asked.

"I was just thinking about what Uncle Lyle said. He says, 'It's not how big that is important but how you use what you have.'"

Jason looked at him and said, "So what does that mean?"

Jeff spoke up and said, "It's like it's not how big your mouth is but what you say with it." Jeff turned to the guys and asked, "So how was your day, Brad?"

"It was fine, but I have so much homework. It's like the teachers gave three weeks of work in the two days I was gone. My cousin threw a fit when I told him that Beau thought he should find out if the girl he had intercourse with was on the pill or if she had any communicable diseases. He came up to me at the end of the day almost crying and asked what he should do, and I told him to talk to his parents and ask for their help."

Tommy realized this was not something that Jason needed to hear, and said, "Brad, Jason was right. You are going to drive the girls bananas when you get to school with that great head of hair and royal blue eyes."

Beau spoke up, "Yeh, your violet eyes are going to turn some guys' heads too."

Jason interjected, "Even with your purple eyes, they're all going to laugh when they see your little snake."

"Guys, that enough, you're embarrassing Brad." I said.

Beau said, "Okay, come on guys, we need to clean up, since Tommy did the cooking. The three old timers have to get ready to go to their class at the church."

The guys were doing the dishes when Davey came in. Beau looked at him and asked, "Do your parents know you are here?"

"Jeff said I could come over, and you would take care of me while my parents were at the meeting at the church."

"Okay are there any other bodies I don't know about?" Beau asked.

Eddie arrived and asked, "Is Chip here yet? I'll see you after the meeting Dad."

Chip arrived with the twins and Beau asked, "Is everyone here? Where are the Sanders twins?"

Denny spoke up and said, "Their parents are already members of the church."

"Okay, everybody under the age of ten, downstairs, No fighting or yelling. Denny and I will make dessert while Brad does his homework."

The guys all shed their shoes and went downstairs. Beau fixed a sponge cake and thawed some strawberries. Denny kept an eye on the young men downstairs, while Brad did his homework.

"Break time Brad. Denny get the guys for dessert." Beau directed.

Everyone sat around the table and had a piece of strawberry shortcake with cool whip. Denny did the dishes while Beau took the two five year olds to our bathroom and gave them a bath. Davey took Lenny to the hall shower and Jason took Larry to the guy's shower. They guys all assembled in my bed. The six young guys were dressed in briefs and Beau had on sweatpants and a sweat shirt.

Down stairs, Denny was sitting with Brad while he did his homework. We all walked in at one time and asked where everyone was.

Denny said, "Oh Beau has the guys up in Doctor Dad's bed. They are dressed in their briefs."

Everyone trooped up the stairs. There were six young guys in bed with Eddie and Chip on either side of Beau while he was reading to them. Chip looked at us as put his finger to his mouth until Beau finished the chapter. He looked at Beau and said, "That's page 9 and 2 so it is 92 right? Okay guys, I guess we need to get dressed."

Beau said, "They have all had their showers and have on clean underwear."

Jason said, "I guess we need to go get me some more underwear or I'll run out."

Everyone left and Jason went to bed and Beau came down and said, "Thomas, you take Master West and get your showers, I've laid out clothes for Brad in your room. Dad and Jeff, I'm going to bed. I'm exhausted."

The three guys left and Jeff and I locked up. I went to check on the guys. Jason was already asleep. I hugged Tommy and went to check on the other two guys. Both Beau and Brad were asleep with Beau holding Brad.

I went back to our bedroom and Jeff was getting the shower ready. I crawled in with him and he held me and said, "Dad, I have no idea what to expect tomorrow night. I'm afraid Beau will be out of control with Brad's father. I don't know Mr. West, but I feel sorry for him. Beau is like a protective Mother Hen."

"Jeff, let's just wait and see, but I'm betting Beau has Mr. West tamed in no time. We just need to be there to support Beau." I hugged him.

We crawled into bed and it was a hug and kiss and I think we both left this world.

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Editor's notes:

Well, I certainly hope all will go well when Brad is reunited with his father. I have my doubts, though.

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