The Doctor Gets a Visitor III

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the Author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 21 -- Taming Mr. West

On Thursday morning, we were awakened by four young guys. "Okay, you two old men, Get out of bed now. We're going for a run." Before Jeff and I could dress, Beau came back and said, "Cancel the run. We're exercising since it's trying to snow. We'll meet you in the basement." Everyone was assembled when Jeff and I got there.

Tommy quit early to get breakfast started. When the rest of us came up, breakfast was ready and we started to eat. The doorbell rang and Beau said, "Oh no, what's wrong?"

Beau answered the door and came back and said, "D. Dad, Mr. Will Daniels and his son Hal are here to see you."

"Jack, we need your help. Hal did something he should not have done and needs a blood test." Mr. Daniels stopped and asked, "Brad, what are you doing here?"

"I've been staying with Doctor Dad since I ran away from home after Dad went into his tirade about me holding Hal. Please don't tell him where I am. He's supposed to come here tonight and maybe I'll go home with him, but if his attitude doesn't change, I'll try to get Doctor Dad to adopt me."

Jason interjected, "Mr. Daniels, is Hal the person that let the head in his pants do the thinking for him instead of the one on his shoulders?"

Both Jeff and I said, "Jason, that's enough!"

"Jason, you put it very well. Hal realizes that he made a very unwise decision. Let's hope he's learned his lesson."

"Let me get dressed and we can go to the office and check Hal right away so he can get to school."

The guys cleaned the kitchen and got ready, and by 7:45 the house was empty.

When I arrived home with Jason, Beau and Davey, Jeff was working with Chris and Mickey and had them playing at the same time. Tommy and Brad were fixing chili for dinner and Beau and Jason started to help.

Chris and Mickey left, and Jeff came into the kitchen and said, "Those dudes make life fun. They are willing to try almost anything."

We sat down and had just started to eat, when Jason said, "Holy Moly, this chili sure has a bite."

"Don't blame me." Tommy said. "Brad fixed the chili."

Brad said, "You need to make sure you get some rice and cheese at the same time to tone it down."

Everyone was eating and Beau started. "Here's what we're going to do when Brad's father gets here." He outlined what everyone should do.

Everyone helped with the dishes and Mrs. T. arrived with Josh and Ben followed by Denny. At 7:00 o'clock, Mrs. Rose arrived with a gentleman. Beau greeted Mrs. Rose with a hug and a kiss. He turned to the man and said, "I am Beau Benson. I assume you are Mr. Alexander West, one of the chosen few that are going to save this country from ruin, since you are a follower of the illustrious Reverend James."

"Well, he was our minister until some old battle axe and her young loud mouthed protégé got him fired at the college." Mr. West grumbled.

"Well Mr. West, I would like for you to meet the old battle axe, Mrs. Agatha Tillison, and the loud mouth protégé, Mr. Jeffrey Wilson, Dr. Wilson's son. Now Mr. West, I want you to go with Dad Josh, to the Homeless Home for Teenagers so you can see what might have happened to Brad if Mrs. Rose hadn't brought him here. Dad Josh, if Danny Pike is still there, he would be a good person for Mr. West to meet."

"Jeff, you had better go along, so Danny isn't intimidated. D. Dad, why don't you go too? Danny knows you from when you did his physical."

The adults all went to the home. We went to the conference room and Josh put out an all call, "Will Danny P. please come to the conference room?"

Danny knocked on the door and Jeff went to the door and brought him in and introduced him.

Danny said, "The last time you and Mrs. T. were here together, you got that creepy director fired. You're not getting ready to fire Dr. B. are you?"

"Danny, we're not going to get Uncle Josh fired. Mrs. T. wouldn't fire her own son. The reason we're here is that Beau recommended that Mr. West should hear the story of why you are here."

"You mean the kid you yanked out of here? Why didn't he tell Mr. West his story? Danny asked.

"Danny, what happened to Beau has nothing to do with Mr. West's problem. Beau must think yours would be better for Mr. West to hear."

"Okay, but since there're ladies present, should I make it a PG story or do you want the XX version?" Danny asked.

Mrs. T. spoke up, "We want to hear the XX version, please. You probably won't be telling us anything that we haven't already heard before."

Danny shrugged his shoulders and started, "It all began one day after school when a friend and I were messing around in the basement of my house. We started to masturbate each other when all of a sudden my parents came down the steps for something and saw what was happening. They started yelling at us, calling us the worst names I have ever heard."

"My friend got out of there as fast as he could. My Dad yelled at me and told me as far as he was concerned that I was dead and that I had fifteen minutes to get out of the house before he had me arrested for trespassing."

"I packed my backpack and took what little money I had and left and hitch hiked here to Fremont. I mostly slept outside or wherever I could. I started to sell my body for money, so I could eat. I had been doing it for about three months and then it started to get cold, and one day I had gone without food for two days."

"I went up to the nice looking gentleman and told him I would let him use my body any way he wanted, if he would give me some money for food."

"He told me to follow him and we climbed into his van and went to his apartment. He had me take a shower while he fixed us something to eat. He had given me a robe to wear. When we finished eating and had cleaned up he said he had to run an errand. When he came back, he had some new clothes for me and told me to get dressed."

"When I was dressed, he sat down with me and wanted to know why I was selling my body. I told him what had happened and he asked for my parent's phone number and I gave it to him. He made a call and when he told them he had their son with him, my mother told him she didn't have any children and hung up."

"He sat on the sofa and told me, Danny, my name is Dan Crawford. I am a deputy sheriff for the county. There is no way I can keep you here with me without people talking. I work all sorts of shifts and sometimes have to be away for several days at a time. Let's go to bed and I'll see what I can come up with tomorrow."

"I went to his guest room and he went to his bedroom. The next morning while we were eating breakfast, he told me he was taking me to Home for Homeless Teenagers. When I arrived, I was met by that awful man that Jeff and Mrs. T. got rid of."

"He called me into his office and asked me why I was here. I told him my story and he stood and dropped his pants and said, `Well perhaps you can take care of this.'"

"I can sir, but I think I have contracted the AIDS virus. He quickly dressed and never bothered me again." Danny stopped.

"Well, do you have AIDS?" asked Mrs. Rose.

"I don't think so, ma'am. Doctor Wilson and that crazy Mr. Lasher took my blood. Doctor Wilson said my results were fine, but that I needed to be rechecked in six months."

Jeff stood and said "Danny, Beau was right. You were the perfect person to talk to. Thank you for being so open."

Danny got up and hugged Jeff and said, "I can hardly wait until next Thursday. I think that Deputy Dan will be here too. He wants to meet you."

Danny left and Mr. West asked if he could use a bathroom. Josh showed him where to go and when he came out he was shaking. I went to him and asked, "Alex, are you okay?"

"No Jack, I am so afraid I've lost my son, because of my bigoted attitude. Can we go back to your house, so I can talk to Brad, if Beau will let me?"

We went back to the house and Beau was waiting for us. "Beau, may I speak to Brad, please?" asked Mr. West.

"Not yet sir. I have a contract here for you to sign. If you don't live up to it, we'll get Mrs. Rose to yank him away from you so fast your head is spinning and then we'll get her to bring your wonderful son here to live with Doctor Dad, permanently."

Mr. West was shaking and looked at the paper and signed it. Then Beau said, "Grams please notarize it." She did, and Beau said, Jeff, "Go make five copies while I get the guys."

Jeff arrived back at the same time as the guys. Beau handed Brad a copy of the agreement that Mr. West had signed. "Studly, if your father doesn't live up to this agreement, then call us and we'll come and get you and bring you back here where we all already love you."

Brad went and got the suitcase that Beau had helped him pack. As the West's were leaving Beau said, "Uncle Alex, please let Brad be the neat teenager he is, and love him."

Mrs. Rose said, "Beau, are you sure you don't want to be a social worker when you finish college?

"No way. I'm going to be a circus clown. Social work takes too much out of you. D. Dad, I'm going to bed. I'm drained."

Everyone finally left and Jeff and I had just gotten into bed when there was a knock on the door.

"Come in Beau." Jeff called out.

Beau came in and it was apparent that he had been crying. "Beau, what's the matter, son?" I asked.

"Dad and Jeff, was I too brutal with Mr. West? Is Brad going to be okay with his father? I'm so afraid I screwed up." Beau sobbed.

"Beau, you came on strong, but I think it was exactly what Brad's Dad needed." I assured him

We both hugged him and he left. Jeff turned to me and said, "Dad, what's going to happen next?"

"I don't know. Let's just go to sleep. It has been a taxing day." I said as I hugged him.

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Editor's Notes:

This is one of the more heart wrenching chapters to date. My heart went out to Danny as well as to Brad. What is it with religious fanatics anyway?

It's nice to see that at least some of them can learn their lesson.

Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher