The Doctor Gets a Visitor Book III

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the Author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 22 -- A Bucket of Worms

Friday morning Tommy came in to get us up. "Dad, Jeff, Beau is all upset. He's worried about Brad and fretting. Give him a sedative or something to calm him down. He's afraid he screwed up."

Jeff and I took a quick shower and got ready for the day. When we got downstairs, Jason said, "Dad, put Beau in a cage. He moaned all night and has been bouncing around since 5:00. I'll never make it through the day."

"Dad, please, may I call Mr. West and Brad to see of they are okay?" Beau pleaded.

"Yes, but be gentle." I answered.

Beau dialed, "Good morning Mr. West. This is Beau; please forgive me for being so rude, last night. Is Brad okay? ... May I talk to him, please? ... Hey Bradley, you okay man? ... Cool, ask your father if we can pick you up at 9:00 tomorrow morning so you can help me get ready for the garage sale. Why don't you call Hal, and see if he can come too? ... See you tomorrow about 9:00 when we pick you up."

Beau finally settled down and asked, "Jeff, you are going to pick me up and take me to the Crosby's this afternoon aren't you? I have to be there at five."

"Yes Beau, I can do that, but what are you going to do about all of the guys?" Jeff asked.

"Everyone disappears early on Friday since there is no homework and Spencer and Denny can take care of who is there." Beau answered. "Jeff, give this to Adam, and tell him that Denny and I did our best."

We left for the day. Jeff had delivered Beau to the Crosby's and gone home and started dinner and I picked up Jason and Davey. Jason asked, "Dad, may I have the twins and Davey over since Tommy is going to be gone. We can sleep in his bed?"

"That's fine with me, but you need to ask their parents" I answered.

He made the calls and everyone would be arriving at 7:00. When the guests arrived, the four nine year olds disappeared downstairs. Jeff and I were sitting, reading when the doorbell rang. Jeff answered, "Hi Mr. West is something wrong?"

"Yes Jeff, everything is wrong. I've been a bad father for Brad, and accused him of some terrible things, and my sister isn't speaking to me because of how I treated Hal. I want to take Danny out of that home and adopt him, if I can."

"Stop right there, Mr. West. Don't even think of taking Danny into your home right now. You need to learn to be a good father to Brad, before you take on any more responsibilities." Jeff said.

"It's all Beau's fault. Where is he anyway?" Alex asked.

"Beau is babysitting and if he heard you were even thinking about adopting Danny, he would come unglued. He has become very attached to Brad, and I don't mean in a sexual way. Please just learn to love Brad for the wonderful young man he is." I said.

"But what's going to happen to Danny?" Alex asked.

"Let's not worry about Danny, yet. We have no idea about him, but I have the feeling that he will eventually come up landing on his feet." Jeff said.

Alex looked at the clock and said, "I have to go pick up Brad and Hal. They are at a party. I wish Beau was here, so I could thank him for kicking me in the butt."

Alex had just left when the nine year olds came up and asked if they could have a snack before they got ready for bed. Jeff fixed the guys each a hot fudge sundae. The guys did the dishes and started the dishwasher and Jason came in and asked, "D. Dad, can we take a shower in your bathroom please?"

"Yes, but it better be clean when you finish, or Jeff and Beau will have pieces of your bottoms." I answered.

About fifteen minutes later, Jason called, "Dad and Jeff, come tuck us in please."

We went to Tommy's room, and they had changed the bed clothes so they would be sleeping on the long side of the bed. Jeff and I kissed all four of them goodnight and got a kiss in return.

Jeff and I were sitting, waiting for Beau to come in. He popped in a little after midnight. Why are you waiting up for me? I am capable of locking up the house, you know?"

Jeff began, "Beau, you created a bucket of worms. Brad's dad is talking about adopting Danny."

"Oh no! He can't. What if Danny and Brad don't like each other, and besides we need to know if Mr. West can be a good father to Brad, first. I'm going to bed. I'm tired." Beau said, as he went to his room.

On Saturday morning Beau came in and woke us. "Dad, there are four nine year old monsters downstairs fixing breakfast. The bad part is, that they are all dressed only in their briefs."

The three of us dressed and went downstairs. The guys saw us and left as soon as they had served me my coffee, and juice to the Jeff and Beau. They dressed and came back and finished the breakfast of waffles with chicken gravy. We were eating when the phone rang, Jason answered, "Oh hi Uncle Greg ... Jeff's here."

Jason handed the phone to Jeff. "This is Jeff. ... Hi Dr. Thompson what can I do for you? ... You want what? ... Sir, I can't sing and there isn't time to get everyone together, and Tommy is baby sitting until tomorrow evening. ... Okay, I'll tell Beau he is singing tomorrow. He won't be very happy. ... I'll see you tomorrow Dr. T."

Jeff came back to the table and said, "Beau, you are the special music for tomorrow in church."

"No way, when am I going to practice for it? I'm feeling very ill. Dad, I have a severe headache and I think I have a fever," Beau said.

Jason looked at Beau and said, "Oh Beau, knock it off. You'll knock the congregation's socks off."

"Okay I'll do it, but we're going to have a dinner party tomorrow night and I get to invite the people, and I will do the cooking. Next weekend you have to take us out of this two bit town so everyone isn't working all the time." Beau said defiantly.

The five guys were doing the dishes when Chris came and said, "Have dirty clothes and am ready to go to work."

The twins said, "Beau, just go. We can finish the clean up detail."

"Jeff, would you drive us? We have to pick up Mickey, Denny, Hal and Brad." Beau asked.

"We won't all fit. Let's go get Mickey first and then Brad since we don't know where Hal lives." Jeff said.

The guys left and picked up Mickey and then Brad. "Okay where does Hal live?" Beau asked.

"Right around the corner on Chestnut Street." Brad said. Brad directed them to the house which was right across the street from the Edmonds house.

"Okay guys, let's disembark while Jeff goes and gets Denny." Beau said.

The four guys went to Hal's house and then walked over to Chip's house. They knocked and Chip answered the door. He jumped in Beau arms and Said, "General, are all these men going to be Lieutenants too? How do you know Hal? Did you know he has two neat sisters?"

"Cub, these are my slaves for today. We're going to get ready for the garage sale. Can you open the garage door for us, please?" Beau asked.

The garage door opened and the guys started going through the boxes. Hal opened a box and said, "Look at this statue. I bet its worth some money, since there's a name etched on the bottom."

Beau looked at it and said, "Jeff, please call Grams and see if she can come over and bring Adam with her."

Jeff called and Adam and Aaron came tooling in with Mrs. T. in Aaron's truck. Beau said, "Grams, I think both Adam and I had some art work of value in our old houses. Do you know any art dealers who would be interested in taking it off our hands? There is no way we can get what it's worth at a garage sale."

Mrs. T. looked around both garages and said, "Beau and Adam, let me make some calls. I agree that there is quite a bit of good art work here, but I don't have any idea what it might be worth."

Adam and Aaron left with Mrs. T. and Beau started. "Jeff, go get Mitchell. Tell him we are taking him to lunch but we need him to drive. Come on Hal; let's go talk to your parents. The rest of you go with Brad and tell his Dad that we are kidnapping him and that they are expected at Doctor Dad's house at 5:00 tomorrow night. Tell him we'll have his lazy son home before dark."

Hal took Beau to his house and introduced him to his sisters and Mother. Beau charmed the three ladies and Beau said, The reason I am a here is to tell you that we are kidnapping your son for lunch and to ask you to dinner tomorrow night at Doctor Dad's house."

Mrs. Daniels said, "Beau, thanks for asking us, but the girls and I are going to a ladies only shower for the girls' cousin Sara. Will, why don't you and Hal go, it sounds like fun?"

"What can we bring?" Mr. Daniels asked.

"Bring lots of money. We're going to play strip poker. We have the food covered. See you tomorrow at 5:00."

Beau and Hal walked back to the rest of the guys who were standing with Mr. West. Mr. West asked, "What's the party for and why are we coming?"

Beau said, "Mr. West, its going to be an all guy party. Bring lots of money because we're going to play strip poker. I cheat so make sure you wear clean underwear. You and Brad are expected at 5:00. Perhaps you two could car pool with Hal and his Dad since Hal's Mother and sisters are going to a shower. See you tomorrow, and we'll have your wimpy son home by five."

Poor Mister West had no idea what hit him. "Okay men, you three ride with Mitch and we will ride with the boss. We'll all meet at the Madison's for lunch." Beau ordered.

The eight of them walked in and Mr. Madison asked, "Are we having a good looking men's convention in town?"

Beau looked at him and said, "You mean Wall Flowers Anonymous don't you? Is it okay if we put those two tables together? I'm paying the bill for my slaves here. They can have whatever they want as long as it doesn't cost more than a $1.00." He put down a $50.00 bill and said, "I'll have a glass of water and a toothpick. I haven't had my fiber today."

Mrs. Madison set a glass of water and a tooth pick in front of Beau and he said, "Mrs. Madison, I really would like a Reuben sandwich with a glass of your raspberry ice tea and a piece of your wonderful apple raisin pie."

She went around the table and all eight guys had the same thing. "I can't believe you guys. Your minds must all work the same."

Beau said, "Mrs. M., they don't have minds. They are all robots and do what I say."

The food was served quickly and Beau went to Mrs. Madison and handed her another $20.00 and said. "I think you need this to cover the food and the tip. Thank you for the outstanding service and food."

Beau looked around and said, "Jeff, I think I have food poisoning. I won't be able to sing tomorrow."

"Beau, that can't be. You just ate." Jeff said.

"I think it was the waffles with chicken gravy the guys fixed for breakfast this morning."

"I don't believe you. You and your excuses, next thing you'll be saying you have the mumps or something." Mrs. Madison, may I have check please?"

She looked at him and said, "It has already been paid, Jeff. What are you singing tomorrow Beau?"

"They probably won't tell me until 8:25 tomorrow morning, and then I'll probably be so scared that I'll wind up going to the bathroom in my clothes because I'm so nervous and sick."

Everyone laughed and Mitch took Brad and Hal home and Jeff delivered the other three. When Beau came in he asked, "Dad may I make some phone calls please?"

The first call was to Josh. "Dad Josh, this is Beau. We're having a guy party tomorrow night. Can you and Granddad Ben come?"

"Beau, we won't be able to come. Mother wants to have a family meeting about something. I tried to get you and Jason invited, but she said that the time wasn't right for you two to be involved yet."

"Well could you arrange for Danny Pike to be allowed to come to D. Dad's house? Jeff will pick him up about 4:30. Is that okay? ... Thanks Dad J." Beau said, as he hung up and dialed another number.

"I would like to speak with Sheriff Dan Crawford, please." Beau said.

"This is Deputy Crawford. How may I help you?"

"This is General Beauregard Benson. Your presence is requested at the Doctor Jack Wilson residence tomorrow evening between 4:59 and 5:01. There will be one or two people here that you know. Bring lots of money and wear clean briefs since we're going to be playing strip poker after dinner."

"Sounds intriguing. Can I bring anything?" Deputy Crawford asked.

"Nope, just bring your smiling face." Beau said as he hung up. He turned to Jeff and said, "Okay Jeff, we need to go shopping since Dad is confined to quarters."

Before the guys could leave, Tommy arrived with Derek and Doug. "Dad, I won't be home tomorrow night until about 9:00. The Nichols called and said they wanted to go to a show tomorrow afternoon."

Doug said, "You know what, Doctor Wilson, Grandma stopped over this morning to check on us, but when she found out that Tommy was sitting for us, she was more worried about Betsy than us."

"Tommy even made her wear gloves so she wouldn't smudge Betsy. She invited us to dinner tonight." Derek said.

"I'm glad you're here, Tommy. You have to sing in church tomorrow, since I'm going to be ill." Beau said.

"No can do. It takes the guys four hours to get dressed on the weekend, and besides I have no idea how long we'll be staying at the Wilkins tonight, I guess you will just have to croak your way through the songs." Tommy said, and he and the two guys left.

Beau looked at the clock and said, "Oh no, I'm running out of time. I have to go get dressed to go take care of the Sanders' boys."

He went and changed and handed Jeff a list of things he wanted from the store and asked, "Have you decided what I will be croaking my way through in the morning?"

"Here are the words. Let's go run through it quickly." Jeff said as he led Beau to the music room.

The two guys left and Jeff came back with the groceries that Beau asked for and he had picked up some Chinese food for dinner. Jason set the table and we ate. Jeff and Jason were doing the dishes when the phone rang. "This is Doctor Wilson. How may I help you? ... Hi Davey, are your parents there? ... Hi Mickey, are you sure the Montgomerys said it was all right if Jason spent the night? ... I'll have Jason pack his clothes for church. He'll be there shortly. Enjoy the rest of Swiss Family Robinson."

I turned to Jason and said, "Go pack a bag with clothes for church. The Montgomerys will take you to church, but you will spend the afternoon here at home tomorrow."

"Thanks Dad. I'll be good for Mickey." Jason said, as he left to pack. He came back.

Jeff said, "Let me check what you packed." Jeff went through everything and said, "So, you are going to wear sport shoes to church and you are going to brush your teeth with your fingers?"

Jason left and came back with his loafers and tooth brush and put them in baggies and Jason left after kissing both of us.

Jeff and I sat in the living room reading until 9:00 when Jeff said, "Dad, let's go take a bath. I don't think anyone will be coming in now. Beau has his key and will lock up. We need a Jacuzzi or hot tub."

He led me upstairs. We got undressed and he had filled the tub and added bath salts. I climbed in and Jeff climbed in and sat between my legs. I reached him and my hands found their way to his penis. After a little manipulation, he spewed his essence in the tub. He fell back against me.

Jeff and I changed positions and he made sure all of my sexual tensions were relieved and all those little creatures were swimming in the tub. We stood and took a shower to rinse off. Jeff left and came back with our pajama bottoms saying, "I think we had better wear these tonight. I have a feeling that Beau will be sleeping with us."

It was a little after 12:00 when Beau came in. He made sure the doors were locked and that all the lights were turned out. He knocked quietly on our door and he opened the door and I motioned for him to come in. Jeff had cuddled against me like he was asleep."

Beau whispered, "Dad, I have these red bumps on my chest. I won't be able to sing tomorrow." He pulled up his shirt and pointed to his nipples.

Jeff who had been watching, reached up and twisted the nipples and said, "Tweak them each a couple of times and you'll be fine."

Beau reached down and kissed me and said, "Goodnight Dad." He turned and started to walk away. He turned back and jumped on Jeff and gave him a kiss and said, "Goodnight wimpy boss."

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