The Doctor Gets a Visitor III

By E Wall

(Copyrighted by the Author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 23 Laryngitis Attack

The next thing I remembered was Beau shaking me and handing me a cup of coffee croaking like a frog, "Dad, I have laryngitis. I can't sing."

"Don't tell me. Tell Jeff, since I can't sing either. He'll have to have Drew or someone else to sing." I answered.

"Jeff." croaked Beau. "Did you hear Dad? Now get out of bed, and find someone to sing." Beau yanked the covers off of Jeff and yelled in a clear voice. "Oh no, pajamas! I must be hallucinating." He yanked the covers off of me and exposed my pajamas.

"What's going on? Are you two becoming celibate? You're probably covering up your chastity belts." He lifted the band of Jeff pajamas and said, "No chastity belts. So what's the reason for the pajamas?"

Jeff laughed and said, "We figured you would be crawling into bed with us so we wanted to be ready."

"It was nice to have some private time. I've already changed my sheets. Now you heard Dad. Go find someone else to sing. I have laryngitis and having hallucinations and I am in a state of shock." Beau said, as he fell on the bed.

Jeff jumped out of bed and picked Beau up and said, "We're going to take a shower and then we need to get dressed."

"Put me down. I've already had a shower, besides you are dressed in those ridiculous pajamas. I think you should wear them to church and everyone would be laughing so hard that they won't know when I mess up." Beau said as he dashed away.

Beau brought me another cup of coffee and the paper, and said, "Here you go old man. Enjoy your vacation. Don't forget to be at the church by 10:45 to get a seat."

The two guys left, and I was surprised when they came at 9:45. Beau started to complain. "Jeff, I told you I would screw it up."

"Beau, you did everything just right. Adam was having a hard time following where we were going. We should have practiced with him. I'm sure the second service will go just fine." Jeff tried to assure him.

Beau was working getting his things together. He didn't say anything to Jeff or me. I could tell his mind was working overtime. At 10:00 he went to the phone and dialed.

"Is Chief O'Brien available? This is Beau Benson. ... Oh sorry Chief, I didn't recognize your voice, you sounded like a 25 year old stud. ... The reason for this call is to let you know that your presence is requested at 5:00 this afternoon for a drink and dinner. We need you to make an even dozen. I'm sure that you will know some of the people. ... Cool, see you then."

Beau was busy setting the dining room table when Jeff said, "Beau, we need to go."

"I'm busy. I can't go." Beau said, as he came back. "Dad, you can't go to church looking like that. You need a hair styling." He left and came back and fixed my hair and straightened my tie.

"Beau, that's enough." Jeff said. We climbed into my car and drove to the church. I went into the sanctuary and was soon joined by a myriad of boys and young men. Jeff and Beau went to the waiting area where they met Adam. Beau came in and sat in the choir loft and Jeff and Adam started to play the entering music, and then when it was time, they played the processional.

During the announcements, Father Gilbert said, "Mr. and Mrs. Milton and Joanne Davis invite all of your to come next Sunday afternoon at 2:00 to a 50th anniversary renewal. The vows will be here at the church, with no reception."

When it was time for Beau to sing, Father Gilbert said, "I have changed the order of the service today, because Mr. Benson's song is so powerful and should lead our new members like a beacon."

Beau stood and sang Here I Am Lord. It was absolutely outstanding. After his solo, the 35 new members were welcomed into the church. At the end of the service, Father Gilbert said, "Ladies and gentlemen, please stand as Mr. Benson sings The Lord's Prayer."

Everyone stood as Beau sang. The recessional began, and all sorts of people were waiting to talk to Jeff, Adam and Beau. I was waiting with the guys when Mitch came and asked, "Doctor Dad, would it be okay if we took Jason to a movie in Omaha. The twins, Davey, Spencer and Grant's two brothers will be going with us. We thought we would leave at 1:00, so the guys can go to a 2:30 movie and then catch an early dinner at the Red Lobster. Hopefully Kyle is working."

"What happened to the other three musketeers?" Beau asked.

"Toby has to go to a family meeting at Grams, Bobby is grounded for talking back to his parents, and Teddy and Sammy have to stay home and finish unpacking their rooms." Spencer said.

"Mitchell, Jason may go, but if he gives you any trouble, you have my permission to whack his bottom hard." I answered.

Chip came running up and said, "Beau, Mommy and Daddy are taking me, Eddie and the Sander's twins to see Pinocchio this afternoon. I have never been to a real movie." Chip was almost jumping up and down.

Beau pulled out his wallet and said, "Chip, I want you to buy everyone a small drink and get one big bucket of popcorn. If any of you have to go to the bathroom, your Daddy has to go with you."

Reg said, "Beau, we can do that, you know."

"Did I say you couldn't? I'm doing it because the Cub is my special buddy." Beau said.

A lady and gentleman in a wheel chair were waiting, and Jeff asked, "Did you want to talk to us?"

"Yes, we would like to speak with you and Mr. Benson, Mr. Wilson." The lady said.

"My name is Jeff, and I assume that you mean Beau here. How can we help you?" Jeff asked.

"Jeff and Beau, you heard Father Gilbert say that we would be having our 50th wedding anniversary renewal service next Sunday. We know it is Palm Sunday, but we would like Beau to sing and you to play the organ." Mrs. Davis said.

"What do you have in mind, Mr. and Mrs. Davis?" Jeff asked.

Mr. Davis pulled out a slate and started to write. We would like Beau to sing Sunrise Sunset, Secret Love and I Love You Truly, and close the service with The Lord's Prayer. Jeff, you can choose the processional and recessional music."

Mrs. Davis said, "There won't be any attendants, so maybe Beau could escort us to the altar area and when we recess. We don't want to have a rehearsal, because it's too difficult for Milt to go out."

Beau said, "We will do the best we can Mr. and Mrs. Davis."

Mr. Davis wrote on the slate, "I'm sure it will be wonderful."

Both guys hugged the two Davises and Jeff helped them out. Beau turned to Denny, Mickey and Chris and said, "Okay guys, enjoy your lunch with your families and then get to my house as soon as possible. There is a lot of work to do to get ready for our soup dinner."

We went home and had a sandwich. Jeff handed Jason his cash card and said, "We're going to call Kyle, and see if he is working and I want you to pay for dinner;"

Jeff picked up the phone and dialed. "Hey Kyle, this is Jeff Wilson. If you are working today, give us a call back."

The phone rang and Jeff answered. "Hey Kyle, thanks for calling back. Mitch is bringing a bunch of people including Spencer, Jason and Davey for dinner this evening. They should be at the restaurant about 5:00. I think there will be eleven in the party. ... Great. Thanks so much, make sure they have a good time as usual."

We ate our sandwiches and Beau was working, frantically cooking, when Mitch came in with Grant, his two brothers, and Grant's two brothers, Ethan and Elliot, Spencer and two very pretty young ladies, Beth Anne and Barbee Lang. Davey came in the back door. Jason went to get his money and Mitch introduced us to the young ladies. Jeff took Spencer aside and handed him a bill and said, "I want you to give this to Kyle, for his tip, and Jason has my card to pay the bill for the food."

Everyone left and the thirteen year olds started to arrive. They went to kitchen and started to help Beau with dinner. The house was starting to smell good, but neither Jeff nor I were permitted to go into the kitchen.

Jeff left and picked up Danny at the Teenage Home. As they arrived back, the Daniels and Wests were arriving. Beau brought the guys from the kitchen to meet the guys. He was making the introductions when the doorbell rang, and Chief O'Brien followed by a good looking guy came in. After he hugged the Chief, he stuck out his hand said, "I presume you are Sheriff Dan Crawford. I'm General Beauregard Benson. Welcome to Doctor Wilson's humble abode. Let me introduce you."

"Gentlemen, I would like to introduce Sheriff Daniel Crawford." Beau said.

Will Daniels looked at him and said, "Dan, I didn't know you had been promoted."

"Will, I haven't been promoted. How are you doing Alex? I haven't seen you for a while. Chief, you look a little different from when I saw you the other day in your uniform. General, I know one of those two is Doctor Wilson. They look so much alike that I can't tell the difference."

"I've never met Doctor Wilson, but saw him one time when I stopped in his office to talk to Lash. Lash and Paul had invited me to a party, and I needed to get directions to their house." Deputy Crawford said.

Beau said, "The good looking one here, is Doctor Wilson and the bossy one here, is his son Jeff."

Dan shook our hands and then turned to the guys and said, "Howdy cousins Hal and Brad. I think you are Chris Bressler, if I am correct. You were babysitting my two nieces last Saturday, when I took my sister to dinner and movie to get her out of the house. Danny, how are you? I didn't expect to see you here. General, I guess you will have to introduce the other two studs."

Beau introduced Mickey and Denny and said, "Sheriff, Jeff and I need to talk to you for a minute."

The three of them went into the piano room and Beau said, "Mr. Crawford, do you realize that you just told us you were gay. I know that Jeff, Doctor Dad and I picked up on it, but I'm not sure about Mickey and Chris. Unless you don't care, then I suggest you think about what you are saying."

Dan looked at Jeff who said, "Beau is right, sir. I know that Mr. Daniels and Hal know Lash and so does Denny. We have no problem with you being gay or not. It is the person that you are that is important, and how you treated Danny with respect, that makes it so we don't want you to make a mess of your life."

Beau walked into the living room and said, "The sheriff needs a tall stiff drink, as do the rest of these gentlemen." He took off and Denny came in with a plate of vegetables and a plate of fruit and said, "Beau says that this should hold you until dinner."

Denny disappeared and at precisely 6:00, Mickey came and announced, "The mess hall is open; please find your seats."

The other guys were all standing behind their places and Mickey directed us to our chairs. Chief O'Brien said, "Beau, I thought you said there were only going to be a dozen people here. I count thirteen."

"Sir, I just wanted to make sure you could count, and I guess I forgot to say baker's dozen. Jeff honey, would you please ask the blessing?"

Jeff said the blessing and then Mickey started serving the wine and the other six guys came in carrying little loaves of rye bread which had been hollowed out and filled with cream of mushroom soup. Beau said, "I'm sorry we don't have any bowls but Doctor Dad has gambled all of our dishes away. I had to borrow the utensils from Goodwill." Everyone started to eat and bread was disappearing.

Beau got up and said, "Okay slaves, clear the table. The bread bowls disappeared and the guys brought in two big bowls of spinach salad with mandarin oranges and walnuts and hot rolls. Then they returned, carrying plates with a large helping of lasagna.

Beau sat down and said, "I hope you enjoy the laxsanna."

"What do you mean?" asked Danny.

"Well, I had to put ex lax, no doze and flea powder in the mixture." Beau said as he started to eat.

"What's the flea powder for?" asked Chief O'Brien.

"When you have to fix dinner on a tight budget, you sometimes have to use dog meat, you surely don't want fleas running around inside your stomach." Beau said, without smiling.

Everyone else started to laugh and Mr. Daniels asked, "Beau, then what are these yellow and green things in this laxsanna?"

"We have to get you old people to eat healthy food somehow, so I put some zucchini and summer squash in, to make sure you got your daily allotment of vegetables." Beau answered.

Everyone was eating when the front door opened and Chip came in with Reg and Jill. Chip crawled on Jeff's lap and asked, "What are you eating?"

"Laxsanna with dog meat." Beau said.

Chip jumped down and crawled on Beau's lap and asked, "Could I have a taste?"

Beau gave him a taste and Chip said, "That's good. Now here is the rest of the money from the snacks, that I didn't use."

Beau said, "Take it home, and put it in you piggy bank."

"I don't have a piggy bank." Chip said.

Beau whispered in his Chip's ear and they started to laugh. Chip kissed Beau, and the Weaver's left.

Beau said, "D. Dad, take the old men into the living room, and get them boozed up so they won't realize what a disaster the dessert is."

The guys cleared the table and cleaned the kitchen, and Danny came in and said, "Gentlemen, your presence is requested in the dinning room."

The table was set, and Beau and Chris came in with flaming deserts. "Here you go gentlemen. We're having baked Antarctica."

Beau sliced the dessert and Deputy Crawford asked, "Why is called Baked Antarctica instead of Baked Alaska?"

"Alaska didn't have enough snow, so I had to have it flown in from Antarctica." Beau answered.

Everyone was eating their dessert when Jason and Spencer and the twins came running in. "Jeff, get ready for a mad hornet."

Mitchell came storming in, "What are you trying to do? Make me look like a poor kid? What will Barbee think of me?

Beau said, "She must not have been too upset, since you have lipstick on your cheek."

Mitch turned red and said, "That does it. I'm not talking to any of you people again. I'll talk to you tomorrow. You are all from another planet."

We were getting up from the table when Mrs. T. came in with the Hendrixs, Josh, Barry and Ben. Jeff made the introductions and Mrs. T. said, "Jack honey, we need very stiff drinks."

Everyone visited for a while, and Mr. West and Deputy Crawford went into the kitchen and were visiting with the young guys as they cleaned the kitchen. When they came into the living room, Beau said, "Sheriff, can you drop Danny back to the home? Chief O'Brien, will you drop Mickey and Denny off?"

The dinner guests were all departing, and Mr. West said, "Beau, you have a very devious mind."

"Wait until you get the bill for tonight's dog meat and Baked Antarctica." Beau laughed, as he hugged him.

The dinner guests left and Mrs. T. said, "I need another stiff drink."

I gave her another drink and said, "I gather something is happening. It doesn't have anything to do with Kenny and Drew does it?"

"Not exactly, but they have been implicated." said Mrs. Hendrix.

Beau asked, "Do you need me here? I have the feeling that something is very wrong, and that it has nothing to do with me."

Mrs. Tillison said, "Beau, sit down. You are about to become an integral part of the problem."

"Jack, we need you to go check on Mandy. I fixed her two drinks and put sleeping powder in them. She is asleep in my guest bedroom, and Jane is sitting with her, and Drew is there to assist her if there is a problem. Then we need you to do DNA tests on the twins and Barry, to determine if they are his offspring." Mrs. Tillison said, as she turned to Beau.

"Beau, we need your permission to have the girls join your homework club at Mrs. Baxter's house. It's too late to call tonight." Mrs. T. said.

Mr. Hendrix said, "Tomorrow is critical, since Barry, Mrs. Hendrix and I will be taking Mandy to a treatment center in O'Neill to help her realize she has some major problems, and learns how to control them."

Beau said, "I'll call Gigi and Spencer in the morning and tell them what is happening. We'll see how it goes tomorrow and then we can decide to go from there. Now if you don't need me anymore, I need to finish cleaning the kitchen. It has been a long day."

Mrs. Hendrix said, "Beau, you were absolutely brilliant this morning. I had the feeling that you were singing from your heart."

Beau said, "Thank you ma'am. I guess it was because I had to go to the bathroom so bad that it came out fairly good."

Beau kissed the two ladies and hugged the men and left.

I went to check on Amanda and when I got home Jeff was waiting for me. "Dad, what in the world is going on? Why is everyone so upset with Aunt Amanda?"

Fortunately Tommy came in and said, "I'm sorry I am so late, but the Nichols were delayed by an accident on the Interstate. I'm going to bed. It has been a long weekend. The Nichols paid me $250.00."

Jeff and I took a quick shower and cuddled. "Dad, what is going on that has everyone so upset? Jeff asked.

"Jeff, I have no idea, but I'm sure that we will find out the details before too long." I said and I pulled him close to me. We were soon off in dreamland.

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Editor's Notes:

Here we have a classy understated cliff hanger. What in the world is going on? This is very interesting. I must admit that I am very puzzled as to what will happen next.

Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher