The Doctor Get a Visitor III

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the Author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 27 -- Tyler and Kevin

On Friday, it was a normal exercise morning. After breakfast, Jeff delivered Beau to Chip's house.

Beau put signs in both yards saying that the merchandise has already been sold. A little after eight a lady stopped and said, "It looks like the Weaver's and Cooper's struck again."

"What do you mean ma'am?" Beau asked.

"They are notorious for going in and overwhelming the sellers with a pittance of what they could get. How much did they give you?" the lady asked.

"Why don't you come in and tell us what you would have given us for the items?" Beau said.

The lady looked around the Weaver's garage and said, "I would have probably given you between $18,000.00 and $20,000.00 for everything in the garage."

Beau said, "Denny, I am going to take this lady next door and show what was for sale there. If you get done labeling before I get back, come over to the other garage and we'll label those things.

When the lady saw the things in the Edmonds garage, she said, "I probably would have given you about $22,000.00 for everything."

Just then the guys came in and started to put labels on the artwork pieces. Beau asked Chip to come to them. "Chip; do you know how much you got for the things in your garage?"

"Mommy said it was for $25,000.00 when she had me sign the back this morning. I know there were a lot of zeroes." Chip answered.

"Thanks Cub, you can go help the guys. Has any one checked to see if Mrs. Johnson needs anything?" Beau asked.

"I just checked and she said she was fine." Chip answered.

"Well ma'am, Chip told you what we got for the things in the other garage and that didn't include the artwork. We got $30,000.00 for the things in this garage minus the art work so I guess I didn't do too badly for the guys." Beau said.

The lady handed Beau her card and said, "My name Marge Love. If you are ever looking for a job come see me. I can't believe that you could get that much from the Weavers and Coopers. I also think there are some valuable art work pieces here?"

"We have a gallery owner from Omaha who is going to use his gallery to hold an auction. He is going to do the advertising and conduct the auction. That's why we are labeling all the pieces." Beau said.

"People like that usually get a 5% commission on each piece they sell." Mrs. Love said.

"That why we have a limit of $50,000 from each collection. The rest will be clear." Beau said. "Now ma'am, if you will excuse me I need to help the guys so we can be finished before Mr. Carstairs' people get here at 10:00."

Mrs. Love looked at Denny and asked, "You're Denny Johnson aren't you? I know your Mother. We play bridge together sometimes."

"Chip, take Mrs. Love in to talk to Aunt Maria while we finish up." Beau said.

Chip did as he was told and the two ladies visited.

The art people came and took their things and neither Denny nor Beau would let them take anything wasn't check on the inventory sheet. They finished at 11:50 and the guys fixed soup and sandwiches and then the four little guys helped set table and dishes.

At precisely 1:00 the people came with Mr. Weaver and Mr. Cooper for the other items. When the garages were cleared, the young guys went into rest and Denny and Beau were frantically cleaning the garages out. Maria had made some cookies and made everyone have a snack when they finished the garages.

Jeff had a routine day until he got to his office after music and Dylan was waiting. Jeff looked at Mitzi and she shrugged her shoulders. Jeff went in and asked, "Dylan is there a problem that I can help you with?"

Dylan looked at Jeff and said, "Jeff, I'm so confused. I just want to take Danny and love him like a brother and make everything okay. What can I do? Can I buy him things? Can I get my parents to adopt him?"

"Dylan stop right there. I really don't you very well yet and sure don't know your parents. One thing that I do feel certain of though is that Danny is going to come out of this situation standing tall. Now, how about you going with us to church on Sunday and I'll spring Danny and we can have lunch before Beau and I have to be involved in a wedding renewal."

Jeff gave him the particulars and Dylan left. Jeff went and talked to Mitzi and asked, "What do you know about Dylan?"

"Jeff, I never met him until today." Mitzi said.

"Is President Campbell in? I think I'm in trouble." Jeff asked.

"Sir, Jeff would like to talk to you." Mitzi turned to Jeff and said, "He says you are to go right on in."

Jeff knocked and went in. "Sir, what do you know about Dylan Morrison?"

"Jeff, I know very little except that we receive a tuition check each semester from his grandparents I think. He has never had any problems that I know of. He just seems like a loner. Let's pull up his records."

They moved to the computer and Jeff looked at Dylan's record said, "Sir, this doesn't seem like the same person I have been talking to yesterday and today. Something doesn't seem right. I guess I'll have to work on it over the weekend. Thanks for your time sir."

"Anytime, Jeff." President Campbell assured him.

Jeff left the office and went by Chip's house and the guys were just finishing cleaning the two garages. Jeff went and said, "Aunt Maria, I'll take over if you want to go."

"Why would I want to go anywhere? I am being treated like a queen. All I've been permitted to do was sit and read. Someone should be in here in a few minutes to make sure I'm okay and don't need anything." Mrs. Johnson said.

Chip came in and asked, "Aunt Maria, do you need anything? Would you like some tea or anything?"

"Chipper, I'm fine but Jeff and I might need a kiss." she answered.

Chip gave them a kiss on the lips and left.

Everyone started to arrive for the boys. When Jill and Reg came in the garage was clean and ready for the car. Jeff said, "I guess you'll need to think about some tools and lawn care items."

Jill said, "What do you mean? We have more than we will ever need in the family room. We took them out of the garage earlier."

Chip started to get excited. "Daddy can we put everything in the garage and I can play in the family room when I have people here?"

Jeff gathered the guys and Tommy was fixing dinner when we all arrived home. As we were eating, Jason asked, "Dad, may I please ask the guys over to spend the night?"

"I don't care but where are you going to sleep?" I asked.

"Tommy, can we sleep in your bed again and you can use my bed just for tonight please?" Jason pleaded.

Beau said, "No way. He snores and will probably be bothering me all night."

Tommy said, "I was going to tell you no but since our brother is being so nasty, I'll do it."

Beau put his head on the table and moaned. Jason jumped up and made two calls and came back and announced, "Everyone will be here at 7:00."

The dishes were done very quickly and Tommy dropped Beau at his sitting job. The nine year olds arrived and they disappeared downstairs. Jeff and I were reading when Tyler and Kevin came in."

It was apparent that they were both uncomfortable. Jeff and I kept trying to visit but neither of the seemed very open. Finally Jeff said, "Guys, let's cut the chase. It's apparent that something is bothering you."

Just then Jason came in and asked, "Dad, my I make some popcorn and take it downstairs with some lemonade. Hi Uncle Tyler and Uncle Kevin. You don't look very happy. Dad, I'll bring you four beers and then I promise not to interrupt again."

Jason brought each of us a beer and a glass and left.

Tyler started. "This is all about my problem. Kevin has given himself totally to me but I can't bring myself to let him make love to me. I'm so afraid that people will think less of me as a man."

Jeff started to laugh. "So you don't think that Dad and I are men and besides who needs to know except you two? If you want to check, I'll show you who is a man. Now get your butt over here and we're going to wrestle."

Tyler went to the middle of the room and Jeff took the down position. In no time at all, Jeff was sitting on Tyler in a pinned position. Now do I have to undress you to prove my point?"

"No, I'll be good." pouted Tyler.

They had just gotten up when four nine year olds came in and Jason asked, "Dad, may we take a shower in your bathroom. Yeah, I know, we'll clean it better than it is now."

I shook my head yes and the guys left.

Jeff said, "Tyler, if you are going to have a meaningful relationship, you must be able to take as well as give. When Kevin enters you the first time it is going to hurt like Hades, but give it a chance."

"Kevin, just go slow and let Tyler guide the tempo." I continued, "I don't care how often you are penetrated there is always some discomfort but just get yourselves well prepared beforehand. If you totally commit yourselves to each other, then you must remain faithful to each other or else you will need to use protection and it won't be the same."

Fortunately Jason called down, "Dad and Jeff, we're ready to be tucked in."

Jeff and I tucked guys in and when we came back down, Tyler and Kevin had put the glasses in the dishwasher and the containers in the recycle bin. They hugged us and Tyler apologized. "I'm sorry I dumped my problems on you. Thanks for talking to us."

I put my arm around him and said, "Anytime you want to talk just stop by."

Tyler and Kevin both tears in their eyes as Jeff hugged them at the door.

Jeff turned to me and said, "Let's go to bed."

We went upstairs and checked on the four guys. They were asleep holding each other. Jeff and I took a quick shower and got ready for bed. Jeff climbed on top of me and said, "Dad, I'm going to make love to you tonight."

He prepared both of us but was very gentle when he entered me. When I was totally relaxed, he began to move and I couldn't control myself and the volcano erupted. Jeff let go and filled me.

We took another quick shower and checked the bed and crawled in. Jeff pushed back against my front side with my penis at his anal cavity. I was becoming engorged again and he pushed back on me. We just lay there.

We heard the doors downstairs opening and then we heard two sets of foot steps on the stairs. Neither of the guys stopped tonight. They just went to Beau and Jason's room.

I started moving in and out of Jeff. He flipped over and said, "If we are going to do this. He flipped over and pulled me down into a big wonderful kiss, I lost control and we both emptied ourselves, I extracted myself and cleaned up and needless to say we were gone.

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I wonder what is going on with Dylan?

Of course, Beau is doing what he does best, making things better for everyone around him. Keep reading this wonderful story. There are some fantastic things to come.

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