The Doctor Gets Visitor III

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 3 -- Trip to Oakland

The next morning, a very somber Beau brought my coffee and announced, "Twenty minutes until breakfast. You two get a quick shower."

Jason and I got into the shower. Jason looked at me and said, "I guess I have a lot of money don't I?"

"Yes Jason, you have a nice sum of money, but you should probably never tell your friends about it, though." I advised him.

"Don't worry Doctor Dad. I won't. I don't want them to start treating me different." Jason said, as he got out and started to brush his teeth. He left to get dressed. He came back and was trying to get his hair to lay down. "Help, Doctor Dad, I can't get my hair to stay in place."

I sprayed his hair and brushed it. He looked at himself in the mirror and said, "Thanks, D Dad." He left and I followed him. Jeff and Beau were dishing up breakfast. I noticed Beau was having only milk and toast.

Beau looked at Linda and said, "Thanks for filling in for me again, Aunt Linda? Here is a tentative schedule for you and Denny, until I get back."

Jeff said, "I have a note for Denny to pass to Spence, after school."

Beau and I left and the entourage was waiting when we got to Mrs. Tillison's house. Mrs. T. asked, "Beau. Is it okay with you if Josh and I tell Norm and Rea what happened to you?"

"Do what ever you have to do, but I don't want any sympathy." Beau answered.

"Jack, you and Beau lead us today." Mrs. T. said, as we departed. Beau didn't talk at all. He led us to an older section of town to a large house, and a smaller building next door that said Custer Bar and Grill. We had no more than got out, when a police car pulled up.

The policeman exited his car and asked, "How may I help you people? I notice that you are from out of town and I am the Chief of Police here. My name is Tim Ryder." The young man said, as he shook everyone's hand.

"Chief Ryder, I was going to call you and ask for your help." Mrs. Tillison said, as she turned to Beau and said, "This young man is the sole owner of these two properties, and we came to see if there was anything worth salvaging." She turned to Beau and asked, "Beau, do you know anyone who might have a key to one or both of the buildings?"

"Aunt Lydia Olsen who lives next door used to have a key to the house."
Beau answered, as he pointed to the house next door.

We went to the door and Beau rang the bell and when a little gray haired lady answered, Beau asked, "Aunt Lydia, do you remember me?"

"Clay, I can't believe how you have grown. It seems like more than a year and a half since I've seen you. You have developed in to stunning handsome young man. You look just like your Granddaddy Milburn." She grabbed Beau and kissed him and he returned the kiss.

"Now what can I do for you?" asked Mrs. Olson.

"We were wondering if you have a key to the house and the grill?" Beau inquired.

"I think I have a key to the house, but I have never had a key to the grill. Let me check." Mrs. Olson said as she left. She came back and handed Beau a key and said, "I think I found the key to the house."

Beau said "Thank you." and introduced the rest of us. When he got to the Chief, Mrs. Olson laughed and said, "I've know Tipper since he was born. How's Joey? "

"She's getting fairly large, but everything seems to be normal. Our sons are due in about a month." the Chief answered.

Mrs. T asked. "Lydia, would you like to join us at the houses?"

Mrs. Olson answered, "I would love to, but this is my morning to open the Swedish Heritage Museum. I'll see you later in the day, I hope. Clay, I can't get over how you've grown." Mrs. Olson sighed.

"Aunt Lydia, would you please call me Beau instead, of that other name that I hate so much?" Beau pleaded.

"Can do, Beau." Mrs. Olson laughed.

We went to the house and the door opened and the Chief led us in. "Beau, do you know where there might be a key to the grill?" Mrs. T. asked.

Beau went to a key rack and handed her a key. "Everyone, let's check the other building first since it is a lot smaller." We walked in, and the rest made a quick walk through and Mrs. T. came back and handed me some cash and said, "This was only in two drawers so there is probably a lot more."

She said, "Jack, you are the money person." She turned to Beau and said, "We are going to look around one more time and see what's here." The other five left and I stayed with Beau.

The others went through the house and Mrs. T. returned. She asked, "Beau, why don't you give the furniture in this house to Chip and his parents?"

Beau thought and said, "Okay, but the sleigh bedroom set is not to go into their house and I never want it anywhere near Chip." he said adamantly.

Josh asked, "Beau, why is there so much alcohol all over the place? Did your father have a drinking problem?"

"No Uncle Josh, he started to have big poker parties right after my mother died. He would get the players all liquored up, and then clean them out. They provided a source for men using my body, I'm sure." Beau answered.

"Beau, did your parent's have a wall safe in the house?" Mrs. T. asked.

"It's right there behind that picture." Beau said as he pointed.

"You don't know the combination per chance?" Mrs. T. asked.

Beau shook his head no and I interjected, "Let's try and see if what worked for Jason will work here. What is you birth date?"

Beau looked at me and said, "September 5. 1993."

I went to the safe and tried those numbers, and sure enough, it opened on the first try. "Bingo!" I said, as I started to take everything out of the wall and handed everything to Rea, Norm and Mrs. T.

Mrs. T. handed everything Norm and Rea and told them to go through them. She looked at Beau and asked? "Beau, did your parent's have an office in the house?"

Beau pointed to a door at the back of the living room. "Chief and Josh, come on. Let's go and see what mysteries we find there."

I looked at Beau and asked, "Are there any bags I can put this money in?"

Beau pointed to a small closet and I came back with a backpack and stuck the money in it, and Mrs. T. came back with a bunch of documents and bank books and said, "Let's head to the bank and get Beau's money. I found the safe deposit box keys, and the necessary documents to support Beau's claim to any and all the money."

Chief Rider led the convoy to the bank. We were met by a very pompous man who introduced himself as the Vice President. "What can I do for you?" he sneered.

Grams stood and said, "I'm Mrs. Agatha Tillison, and we would like to have access to safe deposit box 137." Mr. Davidson left and the chief went with him, and he came back with the signature cards." He announced that the only two names on the card are Clayton Custer II and Rhonda Custer."

"Since they have both moved to a better place, and their beneficiary is here and would like to have access to the box." She said as she pointed to Beau."

"How do I know that's the case?" Mr. Davidson snarled.

Beau leaned over and whispered in my ear, "He is one of the men who used to visit my room."

I got up and put a finger his face. "Okay, Mr. Big Shot. I want you to look at that young man. He says that you used his body for your own satisfaction a number of times. His name is Clayton Custer III, so unless you want to go jail, right now, you, Chief Ryder and I, are going to go get that safe deposit box, and bring it in here. Just so you know, we have Clayton's birth certificate, and a copy of his parents' wills. Now let's go!"

We retrieved the safe deposit box and Mrs. Tillison handed me some more money, and then gave the papers to Rea and Norm. When the box was empty, Mrs. T. handed him the phone. Call the President, and tell him he is needed in here on an urgent matter now!" If he's not here in five minutes, you will be leaving for jail."

Mr. Davidson called and a blustery fat man with a cigar came in. "So what's the problem?" he bellowed.

"Oh shut up Mr. Christianson." Mrs. Tillison said, "Now sit down. Beau do you know this man?"

"Yes ma'am." Beau answered. "He came to my room a lot. He would come in with his smelly guitar about once every two weeks. How could I forget that awful smell?"

Mr. Christianson was beginning to look a little peaked. He sat down and Mrs. Tillison grabbed his cigar, threw it into the trash can and then moved the trash can to the far corner of the room. When she sat down, she handed Mr. Christianson the phone and said, "Call whoever is in charge out there and get him or her in here, now."

Mr. Christianson placed the call and said, Have Jacobs get in here and now."

When he hung up, Mrs. T. disconnected the hand set and put it in her purse. A young man came in and Mrs. T. looked at Beau. Beau shook his head no.

"Mr. Jacobs, I am Agatha Tillison. We would very much appreciate it if you could research your records to find all of the accounts in the last name of Custer and bring us a list of those accounts in the next 15 minutes."

Mr. Jacobs looked at Mr. Christianson, who just nodded yes. He left and Mrs. T. asked, "Chief Ryder, do you know any good real estate agents?"

"My wife and I went through Tex, when we bought our house. He seems like a straight shooter." Tip answered.

"Please call him, and see if he can meet us at the house in a half an hour." Mrs. T. asked.

She pulled out her cell phone and made a call, "Mr. Everett, I want you and three of your men in Oakland at 204 Fourth St., now!"

Mr. Jacobs returned and said, "I found six accounts with the name Custer. There is an account in the name Clayton Custer I, one in the name of Clayton Custer II, a savings account for Clayton Custer III. There is also a college fund account for Clayton Custer III. I found an account in the name of Rhonda Custer, and then the business account for the Custer Bar and Grill."

He handed the list to Mrs. T. She handed it to me and said, "Mr. Jacobs, I want to close all these accounts, and I want a separate cashier's check for each account, identifying which account the money came from. I want the checks made out to Clayton Custer III. Now, do you have any question because you only have ten minutes before I close the bank."

Mr. Jacobs left and Mrs. T. said, "Tip, if you and your wife have any money in this bank, I recommend that you get it out, immediately." She picked up her cell phone and made another call.

"I'd like to speak with Judge Stanley, please. Tell him that Agatha Tillison is calling."

"Howdy Arnie, we're coming to Tecumseh this afternoon. Do you have time to meet with us? ... Okay, we'll see you at the court house at 1:30. Thanks for seeing us."

She clicked off and made another call. "I'd like to speak with Mr. Markle. Tell him it is Agatha Tillison"

"Hey Hal, its Aggie Tillison ... I'm here in Oakland at their bank. I think there are some major problems here, that you might want to have your examiners look into ... The President and Vice President are being charged with using an under age boy for sexual purposes, but I would rather hang them out to dry on charges of fraud and embezzlement, to save the young man any further agony ... I'll tell the Chief of police to hold them, pending your findings. ... Thanks Hal."

Tip and Mr. Jacobs returned, and Mr. Jacobs handed Mrs. T. six checks and six statements. She handed them to Beau and he turned and gave them to me. I just put them into the backpack.

"Mr. Jacobs, you are going to be in charge of the bank, the rest of day. Mr. Christianson and Mr. Davidson have a very important meeting, if anyone asks. Now, where is the nearest exit, so they will not be observed leaving the building?" Mrs. T. asked.

Mr. Jacobs took us to a side door. Chief Ryder handcuffed them together and left to get his cruiser. The Chief departed with the two bank men in the back seat. The rest of us strolled out through the bank, like nothing had happened. Mrs. T. said, "Mr. Jacobs, I think it would be best if you pretended that nothing out of the ordinary had happened. If anyone asks, just tell them that Mr. Christianson and Mr. Davidson had business to attend to, and won't be back until much later."

As we were exiting, we were met by a very pregnant young woman. She looked at Mrs. Tillison and said, "Mrs. Tillison, I was Joann Rider. I am now Joey Ryder. I exchanged the "i" for a "y" and now look at me. Is Tip here?"

"No, he had to take care of some business. Why don't you go ahead close your accounts? Tip will explain later." Mrs. T. laughed.

We went back to Beau's houses, and Chief Ryder was standing there with five gentlemen. Tip said, "This is Tex Sorenson"

Everyone shook his hand. Beau looked at him and said, "Your name isn't Tex. Your name is Sven and you have a lovely wife and two young sons. I met you at a birthday party a couple of years ago.

"We still have the two buckaroos; Tex catches people's attention more than Sven, especially when I wear my cowboy boots and hat." Tex laughed.

Mrs. T. introduced Mr. Everett and his men, and we all started to go into the house. Beau stopped and froze. He looked at me and said, "I can't go back into that house. I'm sure I am going to get sick. Can we take a walk?"

"Mrs. T., Beau and I are going for a walk." We hadn't gone far when Beau stopped and threw up. When he collected himself, we continued. He threw up two more time before we could get back to the cars.

I put him in my car and went into the house and said, "Mrs. Tillison, I am taking Beau out of here, now. This place is making him physically ill. If I don't get him out of here now, I am afraid he might runaway, or worse. If you need me, I'll be in my office and if I need to sign something send me a fax. We're leaving"

Everyone stood, looking at me, but I just left.

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Editor's Notes:

Poor Beau. It must have been really difficult for him to deal with all that. I'm so glad that Jack is there for him, and Jeff is there too. Beau is loved and no one will ever hurt him again, I hope.

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