The Doctor Gets a Visitor III

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 4 -- The Rest of Beau's Story

As we were leaving the limits of Oakland, Beau looked at me and said, "Doctor Dad, I need to tell you some things I've never told to anyone else. Please don't hate me, but I have to tell someone, and if I tell Jeff or Grams they both try to take on even more. That house and grill brought back some really bad memories."

"Beau, you can tell me whatever you want, and I promise I won't ever hate you." I assured him.

Beau said, "I don't really know where to start, so I'll begin with the Grill. My mother used to do the cooking there, and she would always fix our lunches and dinners there while she cooked for the other people. When she got sick and died, my so called father, hired a young man to be the cook. At first, I thought he was real cool. But that would change."

Beau resumed, "I had a growth spurt and every time I went into the Grill, the male clients would start touching my body. I didn't like what was happening, so I started going in the back door to avoid the other people. At first Shawn would just feed me, but then he started to get weird. He'd sit beside me and put his hand on my legs, sometimes my stomach, and even my bottom."

"When I would ask him to stop, he would just say, he was just checking to make sure I was getting enough to eat." Beau looked like he was going to cry, but he continued, "Well anyway, I just kept eating in the kitchen until one night when Shawn scared me to death." He pulled me to him and held me between his legs. Now remember, I was just about 12 at this point. He opened my jeans and started to play with my penis. He put his hand into the back of my briefs and started feeling my bottom and then he started to put a finger into my opening."

"I started to cry. Please take it out, it hurts too much. He did and said, `Well a little virgin, we'll have to work on that.' Well, I refused to go back to the grill to eat, so either Shawn or that other man would bring me my food to the house. That man would take the dirty dishes back to the grill the next morning."

That man insisted that I serve snacks at his poker parties. The men were constantly touching me, and there was one man who was the worst. I heard him say that he was a teacher, and was from out of town. One night the teacher pulled me on his lap and placed my hand into his open fly. He made sure I felt his penis and it started to grow. He shut his fly and led me to the bathroom."

"He shut and locked the door and stood me on the closed cover of the toilet and took my clothes off. He played with my body and then lowered his slacks. He took my hand and put it on his penis and then he made me start moving my hand up and down, He said, `Now, kiss it.' I just looked at him and then he held his penis against my lips and held my nose closed with two fingers. When I opened my mouth to breathe, he shoved his penis it into my mouth."

"He just held it there, and instructed me on what he wanted me to do. It didn't take long and he started to release a liquid into my mouth. I started to gag because I was sure he was urinating in my mouth. I started to throw up and he hurriedly left me there throwing up."

"After that, I told that man I was never coming down to another of his drunken parties. I almost never ventured out of my room at night, and then you know what happened the night of my twelfth birthday."

I looked at him and asked, "Beau, is there more?"

"Yes." he answered.

"Let's stop and grab a bite to eat, and take it back to the house and eat, since there isn't anyone there." We stopped at the Madison's and got two ham salad sandwiches to go.

Typical of Beau, he asked, "D. Dad, can we get two dozen cookies to go, just in case the guys didn't get a snack made this morning?"

We took our food and went back to the house. He got us a glass of milk and sat right beside me and started again, "Well you know what happened the night of 12th birthday. The next morning that man came in and used my body again. I was totally devastated. At lunch time, Shawn brought my food and helped me get cleaned up and put some salve on my bottom."

"That night I had my first client. It was all business, but the next morning that man came back and used my body with abandon. At lunch, Shawn took care of my body again. This routine continued for about two weeks, with that man using my body in the morning, Shawn consoling me at lunch time, and then I would have clients during the evening."

"One night, the teacher man made his first visit. He was very gentle and all he wanted me to do was to relieve him with my mouth, and then he lay and caressed my body."

"It was approximately three days later when Shawn brought my lunch and got undressed. He made sure I ate, but then he asked if I was ready for his manhood. His penis was aroused, and it had to be the biggest penis that I ever saw."

"He crawled on top of me and began to insert it into my anal opening. I passed out, and when I came to, he was gone. When he brought my evening meal, he helped me get cleaned up. He never did anything to me in the evening, and I soon realized that if he brought my food late, that meant he was going to use my body anyway he wanted."

"The teacher man was becoming a very regular client. He would come at least once a week and usually twice. He was the highlight of my days , because sometimes he would just hold me and talk."

One day Shawn came a little later than usual. He smelled of alcohol. He handed me lunch, and as I ate, he got naked. I finished my tray and put it on the dresser and he pulled me on top of him. He told me to squat over his penis and he guided it into my anal opening."

"The head of his penis slipped in and he jammed the rest it of the way into me. It hurt like always, but then he did something new. He pulled my face to his and kissed me. He forced his tongue into my mouth. I started to fight him and he held me tighter. I bit his tongue and started to dig my nails into his face. I dug so deep that blood began to escape."

"When he realized that he was bleeding, he became violent. He threw me on the bed and slammed his fist into my face. He yelled, `I'll show you, whore.' He then used my body more brutally than I could remember. He finished and stormed out of the room."

"I curled up and began to cry. It wasn't long until that man came bounding in. When he saw me, he took me into the bathroom and bathed me in the tub. I didn't have any visitors that night, and I never saw Shawn again."

"The next morning, that man came in. He used my body but he was very gentle. The days began to get ho hum again. That man would bring my meals and he continued to gently use my body to release his needs each morning."

"The teacher began coming more regular and staying longer. The night before the fateful day, he came. He told me he was going to buy me from my father, and then we could live together forever. He told me he loved me and then used my body. He left and said he would be right back."

"Well he didn't come back, and I went to sleep. The next morning I was awakened by that man. He was naked but seemed different. He lay down on the bed and pulled me close. `You know that teacher fellow Philip; he tried to buy you from me for $50,000.00. I told him that you meant much more to me than his money.'"

"That man started to kiss me all over my body. He began to suck on my nipples and then worked his way down to my penis. He put it into his mouth and began to work it like a milking machine. I couldn't help myself; I flooded his mouth with my semen."

"He pulled off my penis and yelled, `I knew you loved me.' He kissed me on the mouth and deposited some of my semen in my mouth. He then laid down on the bed on his back and pulled me on top of him. `I want you to show me how much you love me. Shove that big tool in me.'"

"I maneuvered away from him, and said, "How can I do that when I hate you so much and don't want to soil my body. I spit at him. He jumped out of the bed and raised his fist. He must have had second thoughts. He yelled that he was leaving, and said `You are nothing but a slut. You are going to pay for this, big time." He slammed and locked the door like usual, and left."

"I just laid down on the bed. That man didn't even bring me any food that day. It was early when the three drunken men came in and you know the rest of the story."

Beau looked at the clock and said, "We need to get going, it's already 12:45." He cleaned the dishes and I dropped him off and got to the office right at 1:00.

Lash met me and said,, "Pushing the clock aren't you Doc?" as he took my coat and handed me smock and stethoscope.

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Editor's Notes:

Well, that was a lot for poor Beau to have to talk about, wasn't it? He is indeed one very special guy, to be able to love anyone after suffering all that crap.

Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher